by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

October 2019, LD Wilson Consultants, Inc.


            There are four compounds of calcium that are very important for health.  Calcium is the structural element and needed for the health of the bones, nervous system, muscular system, immune system and more.

All four of the following calcium compounds are needed.  They work together and are particularly needed to build strong bones and teeth. 

These forms of calcium are not easy to obtain from the diet.  However, they are even more difficult to obtain from nutritional supplements. 

The actual chemical formula of these compounds is complex, so we will just abbreviate them, as shown below.  This is an important article for everyone.  Here are the four compounds and where to get them.




            This is found in the greatest amount in organically grown carrots, both cooked and raw.  It is the reason we suggest carrot juice daily and why we suggest eating cooked carrots every day.  Ideally, have a small carrot with each meal.

            This compound is also found in large quantity in roasted sesame tahini.  We suggest eating one tablespoon of roasted sesame tahini each day.




            This calcium compound is a mixture of calcium with magnesium.  It is found in plain goat yogurt.  A good brand in America is Redwood Hill Farm.

            In order to get enough of this form of calcium, adults need to eat about 8 ounces of plain goat yogurt per week.  Spread this out, rather than eating all of it in one or two sittings.  In other words, have a small amount each day or every other day.

            This form of calcium is also found in some of the preferred cooked vegetables.  Particularly good are cauliflower and brocollini. These are an important source of calcium, although few discuss books or websites mention them.  The quantity is not great, but this compound is difficult to find in other foods.




            This is an unusual compound of calcium.  It is found in sardines and in blue corn chips.  The corn chips do not need to be prepared with lime or cal. 

To get enough of this form of calcium, adults need to eat 3 or 4 cans of sardines each week.  Adults also need to eat about 8 average-sized blue corn chips with each meal or three times daily.  We know that some people do not like blue corn chips.  However, if you look around, some of them are not greasy and not too salty.  In the USA, Xochitl brand of blue corn chips are not greasy.  Garden of Eatin brand makes blue corn chips with no salt added.




            This is also a rather unusual compound of calcium, and needed for the bones and teeth.  It is primarily found in blue corn chips.  This is one reason we recommend them so highly.  To get enough of it, adults need to eat at least 6 -8 average sized blue corn chips three times daily.




            Roasted almond butter, particularly if it is made from organically grown almonds, contains a little of all four of the important calcium compounds.  We know this product is costly, but we believe the cost will come down in the future.  In warmer climates, one may be able to grow your own almonds.



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