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What Is Charging?

The Two Ways To Charge



Spinning The Energy Centers

Inductive Battery Charging

Direction Of Spin

Positive And Negative Direct Charging

Reversed Spin Damages The Batteries

Feeling The Charging

The Feeling

Men And Women


Mainly Felt When Unhealthy

Outward Effects

Health Effects

Mental Effects

Emotional Effects




Positive Direct Charging Activities:

The Pulling Down Exercise

Intense Prayer

Negative Direct Charging Activities:

Listening To Loud Music

Sexual Intercourse, Including Rape

Intense Sports Events







Ether (also spelled aether) is the power source for all living creatures.  Ether is an energy that exists throughout the cosmos.  In order to exist, all living beings must obtain a continuous supply of ether.

All living creatures are born with a supply of ether, which is like having a charged battery at birth.  This is often called one’s intrinsic ether.

However, the ether one is born with is not enough to sustain life for long.  One must also take in more ether on a continuous basis.  This is often called environmental ether because it comes from our environment, such as from our air, food and water.


Definition.  Charging, as understood on this website, is the process by which all living beings obtain ether.


The two ways to charge.  Charging can be done in two basic ways:

1. One can absorb ether from food, air and water.  This is called indirect charging.  This ether has already been “stepped down” or altered so that our bodies can absorb it easily and use it properly.  For example:

- Eating provides some ether for both animals and plants.  For more details about obtaining ether from food, read Food And Etheric Energy on this site.

- Drinking water provides some ether.  When water flows over certain rocks it absorbs some ether that our bodies can extract from the water.

- Breathing provides some ether.  The air contains ether that was put there by plants that make oxygen.  Oxygen carries a lot of ether.  Using an Ozonator/ionizer air purifier will add even more ether to your air.

- One can also absorb a little ether through the skin.  For example, this occurs with the Ozone And Peroxide Baths, and the Kelp Wraps recommended on this website.


2. One can extract ether from space by interrupting the ether field around oneself. This is called direct charging.  Interrupting the ether field around the body causes some ether to leave the ether field and move into the body.

This process is similar to what occurs in an electrical generator or dynamo.  In this device, a metal part (the armature) spins and interrupts the ether field.  This extracts some ether, which the device then converts to usable electricity.

Motion cuts the ether field.  Cutting or interrupting the ether field requires motion.  In fact, all motion in space cuts or interrupts the ether field, to some degree.  However, not all motion in space extracts ether.  Only certain types of motion can extract ether, such as that which occurs in a generator or alternator of an automobile.


This article.  This article discusses direct charging only.  Other articles on this website discuss how to absorb more ether from food, air and water.




Certain back and forth or circular motion in space begins the charging process.  It has the effect of removing a certain amount of ether from the ether field.  The importance of motion helps explain why certain activities described later in this article can extract ether from the ether field. 


Spinning the energy centers.  The main effect of an inflow of ether is to spin the seven physical energy centers faster.  This is how the ether actually interacts with our bodies. 


Inductive battery charging.  Next, the spinning energy centers emit frequencies or radio signals that charge up the batteries that are inside each body cell.  The radio signal itself charges up the batteries.  No wires are required to charge the batteries.

This type of battery charging is known on earth and is called induction charging.  Mechanical battery chargers exist on earth that work in this way.

For details about the energy centers, read The Energy Centers.  For details about the batteries, read The Batteries.


Direction of spin.  However, just spinning the energy centers faster is not sufficient to produce a healthy body.  They must also be spun in the proper direction.  For this reason, not all charging of the body with ether is helpful, although all of it feels good.

When a person absorbs ether through one’s food, air, water or contact (indirect charging), the refined ether always spins the energy centers in the right direction.

However, when a person extracts and absorbs ether by interrupting the ether field (direct charging), the ether may or may not spin the centers in the correct direction.  It depends upon the method used to interrupt the ether field.


Positive and negative direct charging.  If charging the centers causes them to spin in the proper direction, it is called positive charging.  If charging the centers causes them to spin in reverse, it is called negative charging.


Reversed spin damages the batteries.  If the energy centers spin faster - but in the wrong direction – the cellular batteries will charge.  However, the improper signal from the energy centers damages the batteries somewhat.  This will shorten a person’s lifespan a little, because life depends upon having good batteries.

I know this sounds similar to keeping a car running, and it is not totally different.  Life is an electrical phenomenon, and not just a chemical one.




The feeling.  Charging feels like a slight tingling or shaking of the entire body.  There is often a somewhat sexual feeling in the lower abdomen and perineum area, as well.  It feels very pleasant, as if one has been plugged into an electrical outlet and received a charge of electricity. 

Charging feels something like an orgasm.  Regular orgasms also spin the energy centers in reverse.  However, charging is different because the feeling can last for a week or two, and it is less intense.  Orgasms spin all the energy centers backwards.  Charging spins just the second, third and fourth centers in reverse, in most cases. 


Women and men feel charging differently.  Other articles on this site such as Raising Girls explain that a woman’s energy centers often spin in reverse.  This is especially true of young girls and teenagers.

One might think this would cause women to have a shorter lifespan.  However, the opposite is true.  Women tend to live longer than men, in general.  The reason is that women seem to have a greater ability to repair the cellular batteries than men.

Due to the difference in the direction of spin of the energy centers, men and women experience charging differently, as follows:

1. Men feel positive charging a little more than women, in general.

2. Women feel negative charging a lot more than men, especially if it occurs due to sexual intercourse.


Children.  Children usually do not feel charging very much.  However, children who are ill feel it more, especially girls who have experienced sexual abuse.


Mainly felt when the body is unhealthy.  Those who are very well-nourished usually do not feel charging very much.  If a person is unhealthy, however, charging is experienced powerfully and, as a result, can take on great importance in one’s life.




Health effects.  Reversing the energy centers and spinning them faster in this direction has the effect of electrically discharging the cells, to some degree. 

This can feel good, but it can shorten one’s life and wear out the body.  On a technical level, it damages the cellular batteries.  For details, read The Batteries on this website.


Mental effects.  Charging, meaning spinning some of the energy centers faster and in reverse, tends to improve mental functioning.  It can assist a woman to do mental tasks such as coordinating her day, keeping in touch with others, and much more.  It can also improve one’s work performance, one’s ability to be a good mother and wife, and even more than this.


Emotional effects.  Charging often evens out a woman’s emotions, to some degree.  She may feel this as a steadiness to which she is unaccustomed.  It is a positive feeling. 


Due to its mental and emotional effects, some women depend upon charging to function.  If a husband or partner does not understand this, and does not offer enough sexual contact, she will not function as well.

She may become depressed, anxious, spacey, apathetic and feel lonely, even if her family loves her.  Please keep this in mind, men.




Charging can have an addictive effect because it causes a ‘high’ followed by a ‘low’ feeling when the charge wears off.  One then wants another “fix” to feel the ‘high’ once again.  This is the classic pattern of addiction.  Addictions always weaken the body.  This one is no different.


In addition, charging can be so helpful for work performance, for example, that it can act like a drug.  When this occurs, the woman can become much more selfish and perhaps promiscuous.  The need for charging then becomes a type of addiction.

The sad part is that many women have visited doctors complaining of fatigue, depression, apathy and related symptoms.  The doctors are unable to help them because their training does not include deep nutritional correction of the body.


Breaking the addiction. Awareness is helpful, and that is one purpose of this article.  In addition, a complete nutritional balancing program is excellent to rebuild the body so that you do not experience the ‘low’ feeling.  As a result, you will not need the ‘high’ as much.




Charging activities can be divided into those that are positive, those that are less healthful or negative, and those that are mixed with both positive and negative effects.




1. Thinking. All thinking causes some direct charging.  Intense thinking causes more of it.  So does analytical thinking that is accurate and logical.  Illogical thinking causes less charging.

2. The Pushing Down Exercise.  This is the best way to do direct charging.  The reason is that it is one of the few ways to charge that develops the will.  It is also one of the only ways that spins the centers in the correct direction.

This will cause improved health, even though the feeling of the charge at the time you do the exercise is very mild.  In fact, some people do not feel it at all.  However, this does not mean you are not doing the exercise correctly.  The pushing down exercise has many, many other benefits.  For details, read The Pushing Down Exercise on this site.

3. Intense prayer.  This is the only other way to use direct charging to spin the physical energy centers in the right direction.  Prayer can be done at home, or at a church or at some other location.

It also occurs at some other religious ceremonies and rituals, such as during intense chanting and dancing among Native people, for example.  Here it is used for healing the sick and the mentally ill.  For much more about prayer, read Prayer on this website.

4. Sun exposure.  Exposing the eyes, especially, to the sun for a short time causes some positive charging.  One need not expose the whole body to the sun, although the effect is a little stronger if more of the body is exposed to the sun. 

5. Deep breathing.   This causes very positive charging.  That is, one can obtain ether that is in the air by breathing it in.  For more, read Breathing.

6. Other.  Other positive direct charging activities include the Toe Trance, and other Trance States.




These are harmful for one’s health, even if they cause enjoyment or  pleasure.  The problem is they increase the speed of the spin of the energy centers, but in a reversed direction.  These activities include:


1. Regular sex, (without orgasm).  Charging easily occurs in women during sexual intercourse.  Men do not usually experience it during sex.  Unfortunately, regular sex spins the energy centers backwards, which is not healthful. 

Women report that some sexual experiences are better than others for charging.  The more relaxed the experience, and the more the woman enjoys the sex, the more charging occurs.  It is independent of orgasms, and does not require even one orgasm for it to occur.

It does require that the man’s penis be in at least halfway down the vagina, and that he move it in and out at least 10 or more times.  Charging does not require a healthy partner, although some women report that an older partner is better. 

The charged feeling lasts from a few days to about two weeks after most sexual intercourse for a woman.  This is one reason women are drawn to sexual activity.  Many women assume that men feel the same thing, but this is not true. 

Some women report loving the feeling so much that they arrange for sexual activity on an almost daily basis.  However, most women are happy to have the sexual “fix” once a week or even once every two weeks.  Masturbation does not cause the feeling nearly as much as regular sex. 

Left side and right side.  Charging during sex seems to occur independently on the right and left sides of the body.  Some women notice this.  To charge both sides of a woman evenly during sex, the man needs to move his body a little from side to side during intercourse.

Sadly, some rapists know this trick, and they use it to produce more pleasure in the woman and confuse her.  She does not understand why she so enjoyed the rape, which is a horrible assault and a violent crime.

Rape.  Charging almost always accompanies mild rapes.  It is a source of pleasure for the woman during and afterwards.  It causes confusion because although she is humiliated, made filthy with diseases, and may become pregnant, the rape can cause a “high” for days afterwards.

Sex that continues too long or is too hard diminishes the charging effect.  A rape of longer than one hour rarely produces charging.  It also rarely occurs with a gang rape.  For many more details about rape, read Rape on this website.


2. Drugs and alcohol.  Negative charging accounts for some of the effects of drugs such as cocaine, heroin, Ecstacy and marijuana.


3. Listening to some loud music, especially jazz, salsa, or rock n’ roll music at high volume.  For some reason, loud music causes a negative charging.  This means that it can cause a “high”, even though it is not good for one’s health.

This kind of charging can occur at home, or it often happens at loud music concerts.  It usually does not occur if one uses earphones or ear buds.

The positive aspects of listening to loud music are if it causes one to relax, to forget one’s problems for a time, or perhaps other reasons.


4. Other extreme events or situations. Activities such as hang gliding, skydiving, surfing, bungie-jumping, tackle football, some skiing and running experiences, and even intense dancing can cause negative charging.  Even watching horror movies or other scary scenes can do this. 

Vigorous exercise.  Also, all vigorous exercise can cause some charging due to the intense motion involved.  I do not recommend vigorous exercise or dangerous sports activities, but charging is one reason some people are attracted to them.  For details about exercise, read Exercise on this website.




One other method of extracting ether from the environment has both positive and negative effects.  One can extract some ether by bring together a person’s two etheric energy fields.

Every human being has two subtle energy fields that are called the etheric bodies.  They have this name because they bring etheric energy into the body.  They cannot be seen by most people, but they are located around the physical body.  They are part of the aura of a person.  In an undeveloped person, they have a human-like shape.

Most of the time, these two energy fields overlap each other slightly and vibrate a little, which brings a little etheric energy into a person.  However, during an orgasm, the two etheric bodies vibrate more vigorously, and this extracts much more ether from the environment and brings it into the body.

The reason this method is mixed, rather than totally positive, is that regular orgasms bring in some ether, but also deplete the body of energy.  This occurs because they spin the energy centers in a reversed direction.

Rape and orgasms. If a woman experiences a long, hard rape, often the two etheric energy fields are somewhat shocked and do not wobble or vibrate correctly.  As a result, she misses an important source of ether.  The only way to get the etheric energy from this source is if the woman experiences orgasms. 

This can turn a modest woman into a sex addict overnight if she experiences a bad rape.  She actually feels better with a lot of sex, unlike a normal woman who is worn out by too much sex.  This is an unusual fact known by some rapists, who exploit it to create prostitutes and sex slaves.  Nutritional balancing helps reduce this problem in women who have experienced a hard rape.




Negative charging is a type of crutch.  It basically makes an unhealthy person feel better temporarily.  Crutches are okay, if they are needed.  However, they always get in the way of deep healing and development.






A complete nutritional balancing program decreases the feeling and desire for charging because:

1. High quality food and water contain much more ether.

2. Balanced hair mineral ratios enable the body to absorb much more ether from food, air and water.

3. Nutritional balancing tends to open and increase the size of the energy centers, increase the speed of the spin of the energy centers, and correct their direction and other qualities.

As a result, there is less need to obtain ether through negative charging experiences such as sex.

Importance.  This is very important today because many women, in particular, are somewhat addicted to receiving a negative charge from sexual intercourse.

This can ruin an otherwise good marriage because the woman wants too much sex, and this can wear out and even kill a man.  She often does not understand why her husband does not feel as good as she does after sex.

The reason the woman feels it more may be that the motion of sexual intercourse cuts her ether field in an important way, whereas it does not cut his ether field in the same way.

Improving her ether absorption by following a nutritional balancing program causes her to have more ether, reducing her need for sexual charging.  This usually requires a few months to a few years on a fairly complete nutritional balancing program.




Charging oneself by using another person against their will is a form of vampirism.  Today, quite a few women use their husbands or boyfriends to get a charge.  This is not love!

However, many women think it is okay.  In part, it is because the men go along, and in part, it is because many modern societies say that more sex is good.

However, it is not ideal.  Ideally, the motive for a sexual relationship should be love and caring, and not a way to get a charge.

Please listen to your husbands.  If your husband suggests that you are being selfish about wanting sex, please listen. 

In some cases, a combination of the desire for a charge and Sexual Fluid Addiction can turn a nice woman into a virtual sexual addict.  This means you are just using your husband or partner for sex, without loving him enough.

I realize this discussion is difficult for some women who are so ill they feel they must have their “fix” or they become terribly depressed and feel lonely in a devastating way.  If you are one of these, please begin a complete nutritional balancing program with one of our Approved Helpers.  Click here to find them.




The charging phenomenon definitely contributes to promiscuity today among women of all ages.  Once a teenage girl experiences the thrill of charging, she is often somewhat “hooked”, and is much more open to having sex and having boyfriends in order to experience charging on a regular basis.


Other causes for promiscuity.  The charging ability of sex is not the only reason for women’s promiscuity today.  Other reasons that combine with it are:

1. General malaise.  This is due to poor health, which is mainly due today to horrendous diets, congenital bad health (problems present at birth due to poor health of the mothers today), and more vaccines and more medical drug use today.  These combine to worsen health among young women and teenage girls.  As a result, they feel and want charging more than in the past.

2. Sexual fluid craving.  This is common today due to poor health.  It also increases to the tendency for promiscuity.

3. A general decline in the morals of the American and European populations.  This has made teenage sex, and promiscuity in general, much more socially acceptable.

For more on this subject, read Promiscuity on this website.




Many articles on this website discuss the wonderful topic of development.  Positive charging due to regular practice of the pushing down exercise greatly speeds up development.

Negative charging through sexual activity or listening to loud music, or participating or watching intense sports events interferes with development.  For details about development, read Development on this website.



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