by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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All information in this article is for educational purposes only.  It is not for the diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure of any disease or health condition.


When most people think of how to maintain and extend life, they think of medical methods such as drugs or surgery.  They may also think of nutrition and nutritional supplements.   However, there are other, somewhat more unusual methods that can be quite powerful.




Certain implants placed correctly in the brain can keep some energy channels open and sustain life in this way.  This method is not well-known, but it is common on earth today.  Young people, especially, are often very malnourished and toxic and would not be alive if it were not for this method.

Certain advanced beings place the implants in the personŐs body, often at a young age, and this sustains the body. 




The rogues also use the electronic method on people whom they first weaken with malnutrition, beatings, rapes and other horrors.  Then they put the person on life support and the person suddenly comes back to life.  They use this to impress the person with their wisdom and skill, and they use it to keep people in control.  If a person does not follow orders, they turn down the life support and the person literally feels like he or she is dying.




Often, one cannot tell that life support is present because the person appears normal and healthy.  At times, the nail beds are a darker shade of red or pink.  This is due to lower oxygen in the body, which is a feature of this type of life support.

Absorption of food is also reduced when one is on electronic life support.  Digestion may appear to be okay, but reduced absorption means that one does not renourish as quickly.  This slows healing and development.

Another possible sign is that some or all of the fingernails and toenails are missing moons.  The latter is an indicator of a yin condition.  However, this condition is present in most people today whether or not they are on electronic life support.

The oxygen therapies of the development program are excellent for these people, but can cause reactions, at first.  These include deep breathing, the use of hydrogen peroxide, and the use of an ozonator/ionizer air purifier.




A few cranio-sacral practitioners know a technique that moves the cerebro-spinal fluid very rapidly down the front of the body and up the back.  This has to be done every two weeks or more frequently because the treatments do not last any longer but it can help.

We do not recommend this method because it is expensive, and very few practitioners understand and practice it.  However, it helps some people. 




            Many people receive help without being aware of it.  It is a reason to always feel grateful and express gratitude, no matter what is occurring.  Things could be worse, were it not for the grace of a master or someone else who is intervening or praying for you.




This occurs often between husbands and wives, for example.  It also often occurs between children and parents, and between friends and even between professional colleagues and perhaps during prayers for others whom one does not even know.

By having love and sympathy for another person, one can bring to oneself some of the imbalances of another person to be resolved.

Intimate blending is similar, but more powerful, at times.  It requires being in close proximity to another person or animal, such as sleeping next to someone, or being in a sexual relationship with another.  This is used in down sex, for example.




Developed people do this, at times, for others.  In these cases, a stronger person takes on the issues or problems of a weaker person who cannot handle the problem by himself or herself.  For example, in the Bible, we are told to give our problems over the Jesus or to God.




This is sometimes called the Graham machine because a machine on earth was built by a man whose last name was Graham.  There are very few of these around, however, and they are large and cumbersome devices.



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