by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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One of our favorite patterns on a properly designed hair mineral chart is coming alive.  It is an important joy pattern and healing pattern.  It is often associated with improvements in oneÕs physical health and the elimination of toxic metals.




On a retest, all four of the macromineral levels (Ca, Mg, Na, and K) either increase or remain the same.

The best situation is when all four macrominerals increase on a retest.  However, the pattern is also present when:

- three of the macrominerals increase and one remains the same.

- two macrominerals increase and two remain the same.

- one macromineral increases and the other three remain the same.


Strength of the pattern.  The two criteria for strength of the pattern are:

- If more macrominerals increase, the pattern is stronger.

- The more that the levels of the macrominerals increase, the stronger the pattern.


History.  This was not one of the patterns in Dr. EckÕs work.  We added it around 2010.


Very yang.  Coming alive is a very yang pattern, even when it occurs in a body that is quite yin.  It looks like a fullness visually, and this is a yang indicator.  It also feels like a fullness in the acupuncture pulses.




This is a very positive pattern, with increased brightness of the energy field in all cases. 

The increase in sodium and potassium are usually related to an elimination of toxic metals or toxic chemicals, which cause some kidney stress that temporarily raises the sodium and potassium levels.

The increase in calcium and magnesium is protective and indicates a controlled healing process, which is very good.




This is one of the first patterns to look for when interpreting a hair mineral chart.  Otherwise one may become confused and misinterpret the test. 

Coming alive and the hill pattern are what may be called overall joy or improvement patterns.  They are usually much more important than individual mineral levels and even ratios.

Often, one focuses on just one or another mineral level or ratio when attempting to interpret a hair test.  Starting in this way one  can overlook joy patterns such as coming alive, settling down and the hill.

By overlooking the joy patterns, one decides that the person is becoming less healthy, when the truth is the opposite.  This is one of the most common mistakes in hair analysis interpretation.




Coming alive is actually a replacement pattern.  The macrominerals rise, at least most of them, due to the elimination of more toxic, more yin and/or less bioavailable forms of these minerals. 

At the same time, better or more available or less toxic or more yang forms of the minerals are incorporated into the body tissues.  This is why we call it a replacement pattern.  This is also why this pattern is associated with physical healing of the body.




One may consider that the only true coming alive is when all four macrominerals increase.  If only three, or only two, or only one macromineral increases, these are variants that are not quite as strong a pattern.


Three up.  In this variant of coming alive, three of the numbers increase and one decreases slightly.  This pattern is called three up. This has a similar meaning as coming alive pattern.  An example of this is below. 


Coming alive in life pattern.  This is a variant that is present when the first three macrominerals (the calcium, magnesium and sodium) increase, and the potassium decreases. It is extremely positive and usually indicates one has retraced a trauma, and is much happier. 

Usually, there is also some hilling and lots of elimination of toxic metals with this pattern. 

Often, there has been some crying or sobbing, which is an emotional release. 

One must follow a development program well, in most cases, for this pattern to occur.


Down sex pattern.  One of the down sex patterns – a rise in all or almost all of the minerals on the hair chart – is a variant of coming alive.  It is considered a very positive pattern and it is a replacement pattern.





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