by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

Ó December 2016, L.D. Wilson Consultants, Inc.


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Toxicity and Adverse Effects

Lack Of Effectiveness

High Cost

Mutated Microorganisms


Drug Abuse And Addiction

Water Pollution

Interfering With Nutritional Balancing













This article is not intended to ‘bash’ medical drugs, but simply to understand them better.  I feel qualified to write about this topic because I studied drug medicine in medical school, and have worked within the medical care system in hospitals during medical school and in a medical residency program.

However, I have also worked in the alternative or natural health care industry for 36 years, with over 70,000 people. 

I have had an opportunity to compare the costs, effectiveness, side effects and other aspects of medical drugs versus other methods of care.  These include herbs, vitamins, minerals, homeopathic remedies, diets, lifestyle changes, the use of various electrical devices, chiropractic care, and more.

This article is also an attempt to balance the false advertising, false studies, and other lies and propaganda that emanate from all of the major media outlets concerning medical drugs, vaccines, natural healing methods, and other medically-related topics. 

This is a summary article.  Everything in this article is well-documented.  Several sources are listed at the end of the article.






            All drugs are unnatural and foreign to the body, or they would not be classified as drugs.  They can damage the liver, the kidneys, the stomach, and every other organ and gland of the body depending upon which ones are taken.

Some drugs also damage the mind, and alter thinking, mental clarity, judgment, memory and much more.  Most, if not all drugs also cause generalized toxicity of the body and most of them accumulate in the liver and kidneys to some degree, at least. 


Adverse effects.  According to various studies, most drug side effects are not reported.  Many drug adverse effects are confused with other health conditions.  I have learned that if a person taking drug medicines is experiencing unusual symptoms, the first place to look for the cause is their drugs.

This problem is commonly called side effects, adverse effects, collateral effects or unwanted effects of drugs.  Many are lethal.  Many of these take years to identify, so they are not reported in medical books or on websites.

The only way to identify them is to discontinue the drug and hope that there may be a change in the symptoms.  Often there is a change, though it may not occur immediately.

Drug side effects are often downplayed by the drug salesmen until enough people die or are maimed by a drug and then it is brought to public attention and perhaps withdrawn from the marketplace.  Drugs are presumed safe, when they should be presumed dangerous and even lethal with continued usage.

This is a major reason why drug medical care is acknowledged to be one of the leading causes of death around the world.  This has been studied and reported upon in the major medical journals.

One study, Death By Medicine (2009), found allopathic medical care to be the leading cause of death in America.  Preposterous, you may say!  No it is not.

To evaluate this study and others, you have to get past the propaganda and look at the statistics for how many people are harmed by prescription drug side effects, incorrect prescriptions, vaccines, hospital infections caused by the development of drug-resistant bugs, and other problems with drugs such as abuse.


            Polypharmacy – the witches brew.  Polypharmacy is the prescribing of multiple drugs at one time.  It often includes drugs to offset the side effects of other drugs that are being prescribed.

This modern habit is far more toxic for the body, more costly, and more polluting for the environment.

There are very few instances in which more than 3 or 4 drugs should ever be given.  However, giving more drugs than this is quite common, especially among the elderly. 

In part this is due to lack of coordination between medical specialists, and in part the cause is that medical doctors are not trained in nutrition and natural healing methods that make most drugs unnecessary.

Deadly combinations.  The combined effects of many drugs are extremely unpredictable and often very toxic.  There is no book or reference that can possibly catalog all the possible toxic interactions that can take place when several toxic drugs are combined.  Yet many medical doctors prescribe them with impunity.

Volumes could be written about drug toxicity, how it occurs, where it occurs and so on.  This article is just meant to alert people to the fact that all drugs are toxic, including over the counter medications and others.  Several very toxic aspects of drug medical care are Vaccination, Beyond Antibiotics and Water fluoridation, which has been banned everywhere in the world except in the United States and parts of Great Britain.




            Giving people poisons to heal their ailments makes very little sense.  It works for some symptoms, but for many it does not work well at all.  This, dear reader, is a critical reason why the health care costs keep going up.

Drugs are often promoted by physicians and in advertising as being highly effective.  However, this is often not the truth.  Many times, the drugs are barely better than placebo, which means that giving a sugar pill works nearly as well as the drug. 

For example, a large review of the SSRI anti-depressant drugs, which are now prescribed to millions of people worldwide, found the drugs were helpful for only a limited number of cases, and in most instances were no better than placebos.

            The problem of ineffectiveness of many drugs is made far worse by their high cost, the acute and chronic toxicity of the drugs for the body, their environmental damage, and that the ads often lie to people.  This makes the problem even more serious.




            Most people are familiar with this problem, which only appears to be becoming worse.




            Addiction to pharmaceutical drugs is now a leading cause of addiction in America and in other nations.  The most common drugs that are abused are Oxycontin and similar pain relief medications.




              Large-scale use of pharmaceutical drugs, instead of using them as a last resort only, is creating more and more drug-resistant bacteria, fungi and perhaps other classes of microorganism.  This is a serious problem that is only becoming worse.




            Many medical drugs do not break down or degrade quickly.  As a result, they are polluting the earth, particularly ALL of our water supplies.  A 2009 report by the United States government in which 44 major American city water supplies were tested for drug residues found that every single one is now contaminated with residues of medical drugs.  Similar reports have come from Europe as well, where the problem may be even worse.

All water supplies tested had traces of multiple drugs such as heart medication, blood pressure drugs, female hormones, antibiotics and many other classes of drugs.  This is what you are drinking every time you reach for a glass of water or eat any product made with tap water. 

The problem is getting worse with each passing year.  Special tests are required to detect these chemicals, so they have escaped detection for years.  Now, however, major cities of the world are wondering how to remove this horrible pollutant from the city’s water supply. 

Not only do the drugs find their way into the water supplies, but our livestock are fed many drugs, also.  This means that more and more of the food is becoming contaminated with residues of drugs that simply do not degrade fast enough and persist in the environment.  I predict that this subtle effect of medical products will receive much more attention in the future.




Drug medical care would hardly exist on planet earth were it not for the drug medical care cartel, as explained in the beginning of this article.  The entire industry is full of corruption. 

This includes perks and payoffs to doctors, hospitals, clinics, laboratories, research institutes, government officials at all levels in all states in America.  This is the rule, not the exception. 

These “fees” are hidden in costs attributed to advertising, public relations, etc.  Others have documented this fact very well.

The worst corruption is in the government regulatory agencies such as the Federal Trade Commission, which regulates advertising, and the Food And Drug Administration, which is responsible for testing and approving new drugs.  One study found that over 55% of the scientists at the US Food And Drug Administration were receiving payoffs from the drug companies they regulate.

However, the corruption continues into the National Institutes of Health, which funds medical research in America.  It also continues into all the major media, particularly the medical journals that the doctors read in order to supposedly learn the truth about the products they use every day.  Just open one of these journals and you will see that it is paid for by drug ads!

Anyone who has his eyes open can see this, but it is strangely ignored by our legislators, who are often bought off themselves.

Fake studies.  A very sad area of corruption today is that of medical studies.  Many doctors and scientists are paid off by drug companies to run phony studies and to endorse their products.  Major medical journals such as the New England Journal of Medicine have run articles lamenting the low level of integrity of many so-called “objective”,”double-blind”, “peer-reviewed” studies.

Simple ways to rig a study, for example, are to carefully screen the participants to produce a certain outcome.  This is called cherry-picking.  Another way to rig a study is to limit the duration of the study and end it before the toxic adverse effects of drugs show up.  Another way is to use incorrect doses of vitamins and minerals so that these substances do not seem to be effective.

Other ways to rig studies are to ignore actual findings of the study in the discussion and conclusion of the study.  Instead, discuss only the outcomes you desire others to see, and use esoteric statistical methods to make the outcome the way you wish and to mask the truth of the study. 

I could continue as to how studies are rigged.  It is sad and can only be discovered if one reads the entire study carefully, which most doctors and media people do not do.


Doctors are the drug pushers.  Most people do not realize that medical doctors are required to prescribe drugs.  They are forced.  If they do not follow “accepted practice guidelines” (drugs), they can and do lose their medical license.  So the doctors have unwittingly become the legal drug pushers.


The big lie technique of Adolf Hitler.  The method used by the medical drug cartel is called the big lie.  You fill the airwaves, the newspapers, the magazines and the medical journals, of course, with your lies.  These include the supposed benefits of drugs and the horrors, stupidity or ineffectiveness of natural methods.

Do this enough and eventually most people will go along because most people do not have the time, inclination or brain power to challenge the lies.  This method has been used by dictators and demagogues for thousands of years.


Many are well-meaning.  Many well-meaning people work in the health care industry, and do not realize what they mixed up with.  In fact, they are simply dupes, repeating the lies about the virtues of drug medicine they are taught in school and in the media.




Legal drug addiction, abuse and misuse of medical drugs is a huge and growing problem.  Many studies have shown it is very easy to obtain multiple prescriptions for pain killers, anti-depressants, ADD drugs that are amphetamines, and others. 

For example, Ritalin, a stimulant drug used for attention deficit disorder, is today one of the most important street drugs in some areas, simply because it is so easy to obtain.

While the nation and the world focus on illegal drugs, literally millions of people are addicted to legal drugs.  These can also become gateway drugs that lead to more powerful and more dangerous drug addiction problems.

Modern societies around the world have been purposefully brainwashed to believe that the answer to whatever problem one has is to be found in a drug. 

This is not by accident, but is a concerted effort by the drug makers to instill this mentality in the people.  While drugs can help in some cases, the idea that a patented, toxic product is the answer to one’s problems is far from reality and a cause for many problems in modern society.




Most of the drug industry is based on the use of patented products.  This is important to understand. 

The pharmaceutical companies do not like natural products, such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids, herbs and others because they cannot be patented.  This means that anyone can make them and sell them cheaply. 

This is not good for their business model, which is one of huge markups.  The drug companies have among the highest profit margins of any industry in the world.

As a result, drug companies spend millions of dollars altering natural substances by changing the chemicals a little here and there so they can obtain a patent, which stops anyone else from making the drug for 17 years or so.

Then they advertise the drug heavily, and hope that the side effects are not too bad, although they are often aware of them beforehand.  By the time the side effects appear, often their patent has run out so they are less interested in the drug, and they are on to their next “profit center”.

The law firms.  If serious adverse effects show up, most drug companies own personal injury law firms.  They run ads on television and elsewhere that if you were injured by a certain drug, please call the toll-free number and we will assist you to collect money for your injuries.

However, many of these law firms are fakes, and they simply exist to collect the injury cases and throw them away so the people do not complain more to the government or to real law firms.

It is all corruption, and it is sanctioned and allowed by corrupt government officials, or it would not exist.  I do not blame capitalism.  That is not the problem.  It is bribed officials, and a government with far too much power over our lives.




This is perhaps the most pernicious lie and problem with drug medical care.  I have worked with nutritional balancing science, a method of natural healing, for 36 years.  It will take care of at least 95% of all chronic and acute illnesses without requiring any pharmaceutical products.

Yet this and other natural healing methods are derided in the media and labeled as quackery.

Natural methods, healthful lifestyles, and excellent diets offer so much more, in general, than drugs that there is little true comparison.  I am amazed how many seemingly serious, and even “incurable” health conditions respond when handled properly with a complete nutritional balancing program.

I hope someday the potential of simple dietary and lifestyle changes, along with detoxification procedures and nutritional supplements, will be recognized, and that the drug industry will be held to far tighter standards of truth in advertising.




There are times when patented drugs are helpful.  Instances when pharmaceutical drugs appear to be the best methods of care include:


1. For short-term symptomatic effects, trauma and emergency care, they can save lives.  They can lower blood pressure quickly, for example.  They can stimulate the heart and perhaps restart it after a heart attack.  They may thin the blood, when needed, and this can also be life-saving until complete restoration of the liver and other organs can be accomplished.  Medical drugs are useful for these and similar purposes to offer symptomatic relief.

Having said this, the reader should also note that natural substances such as magnesium sulfate injections and even tablets can also have very fast symptomatic effects that can and do save lives.


2. For surgical care.  Anesthesia drugs and medication for pain are among the best of drug medical care.  Surgery, as we know it, would not be possible without them.  Some day, I hope, acupuncture anesthesia will be used instead, as it is much less toxic.  However, for now, anesthesia using drugs is the best that is widely available. 


3. For those in whom deeper correction is not possible, or not elected.  Some people either do not respond well to natural methods of care for various reasons, or they cannot or will not follow a health-building diet, lifestyle and supplement program.  In these cases, drugs offer an alternative that is second best.

Instances in which this is the case include 1) some genetic diseases that may be hard to treat, 2) instances in which an organ or gland has been removed surgically or for some other reason damaged beyond repair, and 3) cases in which a person refuses to follow a natural healing program or cannot do so for some other reason.  These are all relatively rare, but they do occur.


4. In a few cases, health is so poor that natural methods may not take effect quickly or forcefully enough, at first. These situations are rare, but they do occur.  In fact, often the natural methods are even better than drugs in very severe and delicate cases, but not always.  In these cases a drug may be needed until the body can be rebuilt adequately so that simple, less-toxic methods will work well.


While these are all important areas, they affect a relatively small number of people, worldwide.  The problem is that medical care systems in developed nations around the world often use drugs as the first line of therapy for most everything, when they should be used as the last resort only.  Natural methods should always be tried first, as they are far less costly, far safer and much less toxic in almost all cases.




The true history of the current medical care system in America, and in other nations to some extent, is not taught in medical schools, or hardly anywhere else.  I explain it here so that those seeking “health care reform” will have some true perspective on the problems of the present system.

Briefly, medical care in the Western world and to some degree in developed Asian nations, has been controlled by a small group of physicians for hundreds of years, in almost all cases.  England and much of Europe had what was known as the guild system, for example.  This was basically like a modern-day union in which one could only practice medicine if one was a member of the guild.  To do this, one’s father usually had to be a member, or perhaps one could buy one’s way into the union.

When America broke free of Great Britain in 1776, her founders hated the guild system and decided that anyone would be allowed to offer healing services.  This was hotly debated in the early days of the republic. 

Benjamin Rush, MD, a prominent Revolutionary War physician and signer of the Declaration of Independence, warned that if America ever allowed only one group of men to control medical care, it would be tragic for the nation.  In a famous quote, he referred to allowing one group to control medical care as ‘a return to the monarchy’.  He was referring to the licensing system that he had fled in England.

America decided upon a free market health care system.  This meant there were very few licensing laws, and anyone could set up a healing practice. 

Standard criminal laws against fraud, negligence, misrepresentation, malpractice and others protected the public very well against abuses of the free market system.  This does not mean there were not some abuses, as there always are, but it means the system was self-correcting and needed no other policing to protect the people from the worst abuses.  This system worked well and lasted 120 years until it was destroyed in the early 20th century.

In early America, many types of healers and methods of healing competed openly such as nature cure, nutritionists, herbalism, electrotherapy, hydrotherapies, osteopathy, homeopathy, hypnosis, religious healing and allopathy (drug medicine).  Some doctors were called eclectic, which means they offered several of these methods.  I have visited the building that formerly housed the Eclectic Medical College in Cincinnati, Ohio.

The doctors and healing methods that best served the people in terms of cost, safety and effectiveness flourished, while those that did not tended to fade away on their own, without any need of government oversight or intervention.

For her first 120 years of existence, America also had a wide variety of choices of clinics offering each of the methods above.  For example, I was born in a formerly homeopathic hospital in New York.  There were many sanitariums where nature cure and hydrotherapy methods were used exclusively, and many other types of hospitals as well.

As a result of this diversity and competition, the American population was cared for well.  There was excellent access to care for most people, and plenty of competition kept prices low.  During this time (the 1800s), the health of the American people was the best of any developed nation on earth, even though the nation was not particularly wealthy.

The cartel takes over.  In 1847, the drug doctors or allopaths established the American Medical Association (AMA).  In their meeting notes, they did not hesitate to state that one of their main goals was to increase the wealth of their members, since at that time no group of healers or doctors could make too much money due to all of the competition in health care services.

Their solution, which is a time-tested method, was to lobby for licensing laws in each state that would effectively outlaw everyone from practicing the healing arts, except for their members.  No one else would be granted a license, and this would effectively eliminate the competition. 

With help from several progressive foundations such as the Carnegie Foundation For Education, along with the pharmaceutical industry, the lobbying effort was finally successful between 1900 and about 1920.

The drug industry’s role. The allopaths were the doctors who used patent remedies and surgery.  Thus, the makers of the patent drugs were the natural allies of the allopaths.  They also had plenty of money to lobby and bribe legislators because their products could be patented. 

Natural products such as vitamins and herbs prescribed by other types of medical professionals could not be patented, so these companies made much less money and were unable to match the lobbying efforts of the patent medicine companies.

The drug industry and AMA lobbyists bribed and lied to the state legislators and to the public that 1) licensing laws were needed to make medical care safe, 2) that only drug doctors should be allowed to practice, and 3) that this was all being done for the good of the people.  Each of these assertions was completely false, and they knew it.  It was just a ruse needed to pass their laws to get rid of their competition.

In fact, the AMA of the early twentieth century and their friends in the drug industry not only bribed government officials and lied to the public.  They frequently resorted to extortion, murder and other crimes, when needed, to pass their medical practice laws.  Even quite famous doctors such as William Frederich Koch and others were driven from practice and some were killed if they did not go along.

By 1920, most American states had licensing laws that forbade anyone except the allopaths from getting a license and therefore practicing medicine.  Soon most healing schools closed because their graduates could no longer work in America. 

The number of healing schools in America was literally cut in half between 1900 and 1940.  All medical schools that taught women and black were also shut down, as the AMA and its friends considered them undesirable candidates to become doctors. 

The public was carefully taught that all methods of healing except drugs and surgery are “substandard” and to be avoided and rooted out.  This is still taught today over the public airwaves and in many, many journal and magazine articles. 

To strengthen their political grip, the AMA and the drug industry lobbied hard for government subsidies for their schools, their hospitals, and their drug research.  This made it even harder for other healing arts to compete. 

To this day, in order to be employed in most government laboratories and institutes, one still must often have allopathic credentials, and this assures that the research and distribution of billions of research dollars annually will go for allopathic or drug-related causes, and no others.

The AMA, to this day, controls many aspects of medical education, hospital residency programs, laboratory licensing, device licensing and much more.  This is truly the mark of a monopoly or cartel control of an industry.

This slice of American history needs to be taught to every child in school.  It is absolutely true.  I have not embellished it whatsoever.  A good book that touches upon this subject is entitled Patient Power, by John Goodman and Gerald Musgrave.  Few other books that I am aware of discuss the sordid history of allopathic medical care in America.

Without this understanding of history, one cannot truly understand the health care mess in America.  When one knows this history, one realizes that:

1. The American medical system is run by a cartel.  This is a small group of individuals or companies that control an industry for their own benefit.  It is very much like a union shop that takes over an industry for the benefit of their members. 

2. The system is functioning perfectly, as the cartel wishes it.  They want to control the people and make money from it, and they do both very well.

3. The solution to our health care problems are rather simple.  Control of the industry needs to be returned to the consumer, not given to government bureaucrats!

4. There is only one way to do this.  The cartel control must end and an open and free market in health care services must be restored.  This approach is advocated by Congressman Ron Paul and many others who understand history.

5. A government takeover, advocated by socialistic-leaning people and ignorant people, would only entrench the cartel even more.  This is what exists in Europe, Canada and parts of Asia.



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