by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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            The flood of Noah described in the book of Genesis of the Old Testament of the bible has a lot to do with your health.  It also has to do with a lot of confusion about vegetarian diets today.

            Readers of the bible know that with the flood of Noah, conditions changed on planet earth in the following way:


1. The average human lifespan decreased drastically.  Before the flood, people such as Methuselah lived to 800-1000 years of age.  After the flood, the lifespan decreased to its present average of about 80-100 years.  There are exceptions noted in the bible, such as Sara, wife of Abraham, who gave birth at about the age of 90.  However, this was not the rule, but rather an exception.


2. The diets changed.  Before the flood mankind was instructed to eat basically a vegetarian diet.  After the flood, the people were instructed to eat what the bible calls “clean meats”.  These are described in the kosher laws, such as to avoid products of the pig and to avoid shellfish and some seafood.

Indeed, we find these foods are not quite as good as those allowed by the kosher laws.  Fish, for example, was allowed if it has scales and fins.  Shark, for example, is not kosher because it has no scales like other fish.  It is not quite as safe to eat.  For more on this topic, read The Kosher Laws on this site.


3. Other.  According to some scientists and bible scholars, there is evidence that the earth had two moons at one time.  The flood of Noah may have been caused by one of the moons, a smaller one, crashing to the earth during a war on earth that involved advanced weaponry.

The two moons stabilized each other, and without the second one, the earth became a more unstable place to live.  This may possibly contribute to the shorter lifespan on the surface of the earth.  It also may have caused a need to eat more meat.




1. We need to eat meat.  Some readers are familiar with the Essene Gospel Of Peace, Volume I.  This volume was supposedly discovered among the famous dead sea scrolls in Israel.  This short book suggests a raw, vegetarian diet that has led many people astray, in terms of their health.

I believe that some of the information in this interesting book is from before the flood of Noah.  The book is purportedly from the Essenes, a small group of isolated Jewish people who kept alive old wisdom.  However, this is hard to prove.

This small book refers to the “master”, which most people believe refers to Jesus of Nazareth.  However, others say that the book is much older, and dates back before the flood, and that is why it recommends a raw food, vegetarian diet.  As everyone knows, Jesus did not eat a raw food or a vegetarian diet, and never in the bible recommended such a diet.

However, because this book was found with the dead sea scrolls, it has caused much confusion and has promoted a vegetarian diet when the master Jesus never recommended it.


2. The instability of the earth may contribute to all the wars, starvation, disease and other horrors on this planet.  This is speculation, but is something worth thinking about.  Hopefully, if this is the case, it can someday be remedied so that the earth will be a more stable and happier place to live.



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