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            A potent defense against brainwashing, and the only defense, at the deepest level, is to become a servant of God.  This article will explain this concept.




            When a person becomes brainwashed, one essentially becomes a servant of his or her operative or master.  This is a type of slavery.

            The answer, in these situations, is to decide that it is okay to be a servant, but that your master will be God or Jesus or The Radiant One.




A deep understanding of a humbling truth.  That truth is that you never really control your own life.  You either serve God or you serve the negative forces, sometimes called Mammon in the Bible and elsewhere.  Mammon was the name of a pagan god.

If you think you run your own life, you are wrong.  The only choice is which master will you serve. 

This idea has to do with how we are built as human beings.  In fact, we are bodies with souls, and these souls are always guided.  The question is, who is guiding them?  I will not elaborate on this idea more in this article, but it is an important one for a future article.

Once you have the understanding above, there are three practical steps to becoming a servant of God.

            Practical steps.  These are not easy for some people, but they are essential:

1. Forgive everyone that ever hurt you.  This includes the brainwashers.  These could have been your parents, a teacher, a friend, or someone else.  For details about this, read Forgiving.

2. Give over your entire life and heart and brain to God or to the Creator.  You must essentially throw yourself on the mercy of the Creator of all life on earth.  You must say “Take me, use me this day to do Thy Will”.  You may then say, “Thy Will be done, not mine, on this planet and everywhere in all the universes”.

3. The final step is you must ask for your life to be spared.  You can ask for mercy, which is the same thing.  You can also say, “Take me and kill me if you like.  But I will, if left alive, serve you forever and will be forever yours”.  This is the same thing as asking for mercy, in fact.

            These are the essential steps.  If you do this correctly, with full heart and full mind, then usually a channel will open and your life will be spared.  You must have no other thoughts of selfishness or gain, other than to preserve your life, which is a selfish thought, but not if it is to truly serve others and to serve God. 




You no longer live your own life.  Instead, you become an Agent Of God or God’s little helper.  This means you are sent here and there, you are told to read this or that, and you mysteriously connected with this person and that one. 

You may be told to marry or to stay single.  You may be sent to college to learn physics when you have little interest in the subject, or you may be told to stay away from schools, at least for now. 

In short, your preferences are violated badly!  You may seem to be thrown into constant confusion.  In part, what is really occurring is you are having your ego torn down so that you will be a better servant of God.  For more on this topic, read Giving Up Your Preferences.

When you give up your preferences, your ideas, your beliefs, and your knowledge, it is replaced with God’s wisdom, knowledge, thoughts and ideas.  This is quite amazing, since there is a lot of untruth on planet earth, and you will begin to find your way through the morass of lies, deception, and half-truths that are everywhere.



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