by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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Symptomatic healing can occur rapidly, within days or weeks of beginning a development program.

However, deeper healing proceeds at a pace the body sets based upon its ability to eliminate toxins and infections and its ability to rebuild tissues, organs and glands.  In all cases, this takes at least a few years and often ten to twenty years or more.

Factors that slow down healing can be organized according to the 7 system:


1 LEVEL CONDITIONS.  These include all the physical blockages and dysfunctions of the body such as metal and chemical toxicity, damaged organs, a damaged nervous system, digestive system and eliminative system, and more.


2 LEVEL CONDITIONS.  These include sexual and emotional problems and situations that impair healing.  Too much ordinary sex is a common error that depletes energy and slows healing.  Down Sex is much better.

Negative emotions such as anger, fear, grief, hatred and others also slow healing very much.


3 LEVEL CONDITIONS.  These are situations that throw a person out of control of their life.  Traumas such as rape, beatings, accidents and serious illnesses all have this effect on the mind. 

The result is that one becomes fearful and often angry (second level problems) and this slows healing.  However, the real source of the problem stems from the third energy center, which has to do with power and control over one’s life.


4 LEVEL CONDITIONS.  These include all social situations that get in the way of healing.  For example, often family members or friends talk a person out of their health routine, excellent diet, or natural healing program.  These sometimes well-meaning people can scare a person into stopping their development program, and this is very common.

Another related situation is the tendency of most people to “follow the crowd”.  If everyone is eating salads and drinking smoothies with coconut water, one just goes along instead of questioning these harmful practices.


5 LEVEL CONDITIONS.  These include all situations that impair healing that have to do with one’s work, job, career, hobbies and other creative activities.  These are many and include overwork, toxic working conditions, boredom from unfulfilling work, fatigue due to one’s job, staying up too late for a job or to do a hobby, hating one’s job, one’s boss or one’s co-workers, and more.  These get in the way of many people’s healing.


6 LEVEL CONDITIONS.  These include all ideas and thoughts that impair healing.  For example, if one is lazy or too medically-oriented one may not want to begin or continue with a development program.

Skepticism, cynicism, rigid belief systems such as vegetarianism, raw foodism, or attachment to any dietary system often gets in people’s way.  Other mental problems that impair healing are distractibility, egoism leading to the belief that one knows better than we do what to eat, for example, lack of self-discipline and inability to think clearly.


7 LEVEL CONDITIONS.  These situations include religious beliefs that get in the way of the healing program.  For example, if one believes that the Hebrew kosher laws are all one needs to guide one’s eating one will not develop and heal very well today.

If one believes that harming others is okay for any reason, this always gets in the way of healing because at a deep level we are all one and related to each other.  Harming or even cheating others always harms oneself.

Other spiritual problems can be a misplaced desire to spare all life and be a vegetarian.  These people do not realize that the real life of an animal, plant or person, for that matter, resides in the souls.  These are not killed or injured in any way when one eats the flesh of the animal.  Killing the animal just frees the souls that are trapped inside the animal.

Still other spiritual blocks to healing are false beliefs that one is the body, not souls, and that one does not deserve the love and grace of the Creator.  Others are that one is a sinner, which is not exactly right.

Still other spiritual factors that sometimes slow healing are a need to mature, a need to be inspired, a need to atone, a need to repent and a need to forgive oneself and all others.




- A yin condition of the body.  Undoing this takes time and requires remaining faithful to the diet and living a healthful lifestyle.

- Layers of adaptations and compensations.  These must be undone one at a time.  Ill health actually occurs in layers that must be undone in the reverse order that they occurred.  One cannot “skip layers”, we find.

- Low adaptive energy when one begins slows healing.  When one first begins a development program, a person’s adaptive energy is low.  This means there is little energy available for healing.  Digestion is usually weak, for example, so that obtaining one’s nutrients is difficult, no matter what one eats or what supplements one takes.  Elimination is usually impaired, so this slows toxin removal.

- Traumas.  These affect all the levels described in the section above.  They are present in many people and always slow down healing.

- Hidden serious health conditions are handled first.  This factor does not really slow down healing, but it appears that it does.  Most adults and some children have hidden, but important health problems such as aneurisms, a weak heart, brain dysfunction, digestive problems and more.  When one begins a development program, these will heal first.

You will not be aware of it in most cases, except that your immediate complaint, including even a major disease such as diabetes, won’t heal for a few years.  You are not wasting your time and money, and you are healing. 

However, the souls inside the body always prioritize the healing order or order of which problems must be healed first.  This is essential for your survival.  For instance, it makes no sense to heal diabetes if a dangerous fast-growing cancer remains somewhere hidden in the body.

The house analogy.  We tell people this is like remodeling an old home.  As one tears apart the old structure, one may find one must rebuild the foundation first before prettying up the house.  Otherwise, the whole house may collapse.  Suddenly, your 6-month remodel project takes twice as long.  The same is true of our bodies.

- Long-standing infections take time to slowly reduce and finally eliminate.  Everyone has these today.  They include sexually transmitted diseases, Lyme disease, morgellon’s disease in some cases, and other chronic infectious processes.  Certain areas of the body such as the sinuses, ears, nasal passages and bone marrow are often infected and have a poor blood supply, so healing infection in these areas is always slow.

Symptomatic improvement may occur rapidly, but restoring the body’s entire energy system and the whole body always takes time.  Patience and persistence are always required.

- Re-education takes time.  Human beings are programmed to learn.  That is, all of our survival behaviors are not programmed in, as they are with most other creatures.  As one heals, the brain often has to learn new behaviors.  This process takes some time, in some cases.  It is literally a reprogramming of the main computer.

- Rogue interference.  On earth today, there is active interference with healing in some people.  Most of it comes from the group we call the Rogues.  Some call them the satans or satanic ones.  They are a group of angels who have rebelled against the Creator and wreck havoc, especially upon human beings, whom they envy.  They often slow or stop healing in hundreds of ways.

- Soul level problems.  This is more esoteric.  However, healing depends upon the actions of souls inside the body.  Many souls are not healthy and this slows most healing in most people.

- Subtle energy problems.  These are actually physical problems, but are so subtle it is best to discuss them separately.  Humans are not just organs, glands and tissues.  Our bodies also have complex subtle energy systems.  These can and do misfunction, which slows or stops healing.  An entire section of articles deals with these systems, which include The Energy Centers, The Dantiens and the Channel System.




            Interventions.  These occur when souls, creatures, developed human beings or others decide to assist a person with their healing.  This is more common today than one might imagine.  An intervention is almost always based upon merit.  It also helps a lot to pray fervently about your health concern to attract the attention of usually hidden helpers.  For more details, read Interventions.


            Development.  Development can greatly accelerate the rate of healing in the body.  It requires a proper diet and lifestyle, a few specific nutritional supplements and the pulling down exercise.  For details, read Introduction To Development and other articles on development on this site.


            Revelations, insights and turnarounds.  At times, getting an insight about oneself or about others can greatly speed up healing.  Insights or revelations are common during development programs because the brain begins to function better, which improves perception and the ability to understand people and situations.  Turnarounds are associated with Pivot Patterns on a hair mineral test.



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