By Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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The hundred reasons for development are arranged according to the 7 system:


1 REASONS (Physical)

Less disease

Prevention of all disease

Much more organ and tissue regeneration

Less fatigue

Less chance for accidents and injuries.

Less chance for other physical traumas.

Longer lifespan

Better immune response

Much more vitality.

More visual acuity and better senses, in general.

More prosperous life due to better body and brain functioning.

Better appearance.

No cancers


2 REASONS (Emotional)

Less fear and worry

More relaxed

Happier due to better health, better brain activity, undoing traumas and development of abilities.

Life is more enjoyable because of better health and more happiness.


3 REASONS (Basic Mental)

Feel more in control of your life.

Less influenced by others

More centered


More competent because you will be smarter and more physically capable.


4 REASONS (Social)

More friends and family because you will live longer and outlive many.

More love because you will have more love to give.

More friends who really care because you will be more sensitive and feel the way people really treat you.

Less opportunity for predators and other mean-spirited people to harm you.

More compassion for others due to better understanding of life, in general.


5 REASONS (Expression)

More opportunity to achieve all you wish in life due to much better health and a longer lifespan.

More time and ability to learn and develop talents of all kinds.

Better able to express yourself due to better health and a better brain and body.


6 REASONS (higher mental)

Able to think more clearly

Able to think more widely and deeply.

Better memory

No brain fog or dementia

Brain works faster

More time to read, study and learn due to a longer lifespan.


7 REASONS (Spiritual)

Development of the merkaba.  For details, read The Merkaba.

Opening and growth of the seven physical energy centers and beyond.  For details, read The Energy Centers.

 Growth and filling of the five upper energy fields or “bodies”.  For details, read The Energy Fields.

Faster spinning of the dantiens.  For details, read The Dantiens.

Growth of the plumes.  For details, read The Plumes.

Able to receive much more help from guides and masters.

Much more able to tune in to others and to other realms.

Able to understand and apply spiritual concepts.

More able to communicate via telepathy and other spiritual means.


To be continued …



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