by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

Ó October 2021, LD Wilson Consultants, Inc.


All information in this article is for educational purposes only.  It is not for the diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure of any disease or health condition.




            This is a basic article about political systems.  A critical principle is that in a political sense, the words freedom and liberty do not mean that you can do as you wish.

            The words mean you can do as you wish provided you respect the freedom, liberty, sovereignty and rights of other citizens.  In other words, liberty is a system of shared sovereignty, as opposed to sovereignty being vested in a ruler or group of rulers.

            The word sovereign means highest in power.

The words liberty and freedom also mean you can do as you wish provided you obey the laws of society.  If you disobey, you may be imprisoned, meaning you lose your freedom.


            Freedom versus license.  There is a political or legal word that means you can do whatever you wish without limit.  That word is license.  It means a permission to do what is otherwise not permitted.






            This word is usually a code word or substitute word for socialism and communism.  Please know that this is the truth.

It has nothing to do with what is “popular” or good for the people.  It is just a remake of socialism and communism, big government, the welfare state and suppression of individual rights that has been pushed by certain groups for several hundred years.

Those who propose socialism and communism know that they must use different words to describe their nasty agenda.  Populist is one of the best available. 




The meaning of the word liberalism has been altered deliberately and today is most confusing.  Let us examine this.

Classical liberalism was the name of the system of government and economics present in the early United States of America.

Today, however, the word liberalism means the exact opposite – namely a large, powerful central government that controls most aspects of people’s lives.  Other words for the same idea include socialism, communism, and progressivism.




Here are more details about classical liberalism.  From 1776 to about 1900, the word liberalism in politics meant:


A small, and therefore accountable government.  Government powers and responsibilities were strictly limited by the national Constitution and the Bill of Rights, which are the first 10 Amendments to the national Constitution.

The US Constitution clearly spells out the roles of the national government (not federal government, a misnomer and deliberate confusion), as opposed to the roles of the state and the local governments of the United States of America.

It also spells out those powers and responsibilities that are left up to the people.  The roles of the government are strictly and clearly limited in the Constitution so that the people can go about their lives in a way that is undisturbed by intrusive regulations, unnecessary taxes, and other impediments to human development.
            The government’s role was mainly that of a referee in a sports event, not a controller or ruler over the people.  Unfortunately, the Supreme Court and other courts of the United States have become corrupt so that the Court does not understand or does not care about upholding the Constitution, as it was written and intended.

The education of attorneys is also horrible, so they don’t learn the truth these days.

Many of the justices of the Supreme Court even hate the Constitution, thinking it is just an impediment to their power and the power of a “benign government”, as they see it.  However, there is no such thing as a “benign government”, as George Washington and the other founders knew well.

Ronald Reagan once said, the nine most terrifying words in the English language are “I am from the government and here to help”.
            George Washington called government “a necessary evil”.  That is much closer to the truth.  The American founders understood that “government is force from a gun”.  That is not benign and cannot ever be benign.

It is needed, at times more than at other times, but it is not benign and must be reigned in and strictly monitored and controlled by the people or it will slowly steal the people’s liberties and rights.  This is exactly what has happened in America.

Sadly, in most of the world, the people have never had a chance for freedom and liberty in the same way as Americans were given.  Their rights were never secured by a Constitution.

If they have constitutions, many such as those of Russia, Cuba, and even some European democracies, are different.  Power rests with the parliament or the legislature, not the people.  Even if the constitution of these nations says the power belongs to the people, they do not enforce it and it is basically a fake and a sham.

Enforcing and protecting the rights of the people.  The main role of the government was to enforce and protect the natural rights of each individual citizen – men, women and children alike.  It was not to decide among groups of people who gets special rights and privileges such as women’s rights, homosexual rights, and so on.

The latter is a very modern concept that is quite foreign to the American founder’s concept of justice and the proper role of government.
            The founders realized that some people would always be discriminated against due to their race, color, creed, beliefs, even superficial qualities like one’s size or weight.  However, they chose not to legislate equality in these areas because it is very cumbersome, such discrimination is very hard to prove in many cases, and it is not helpful because a myriad of laws leads to many lawsuits.

Also, it engenders resentment, as occurs today, when, for example, black people are given special privileges just due to the color of their skin.  The black individuals often do not appreciate it, as they would really like to be judged on their merits and their actions, rather than by the entirely superficial fact of their skin color.
            Many problems are caused by the group rights laws such as homosexual rights, black rights, Hispanic rights, women’s rights and so on.  For example, what if a person is half black and half white.  How can this be handled?  What if the person is one-eighth Hispanic, or if the person is bisexual. 

Such laws also effectively discriminate against those who are not in a favored group, so they are a form of reverse discrimination and tyranny.  It becomes very complicated.  One of the principles of laws is they should be simple, clear and direct.  Group rights laws are anything but direct and clear for a number of reasons.
            Hate crimes.  Today, group rights have spawned a new class of basically “thought crimes” that are called hate crime laws.  These laws make it a worse crime if a person was feeling hateful toward a person of another faith or color, for example.

Such laws, related to group rights, greatly complicate the legal process today as it is impossible to figure out the thoughts of a person who commits a crime.  The problem is getting worse as more of these laws are passed by legislators who do not realize the harm they do with these laws.

The economic sphere.  In classical liberalism, the economic sphere was to be left mainly to the individual.  This system is sometimes called the free enterprise system, capitalist economic system or laissez faire.  The latter is a French word that means “left alone” or “left to their own devices”.

Laissez faire is the opposite of the socialist or communist system, in which the government either owns many businesses, or controls them indirectly through massive regulations and laws governing every aspect of conducting a business.
                  The free enterprise system has been shown to be much more efficient for generating wealth and far more creative than government-owned businesses.  This has been shown in many controlled studies.  Here are some reasons why this is so:

Competition and freedom to fail.  Private businesses that do a poor job go out of business as they cannot compete.  Government businesses such as the US Postal Service just keep losing money, but stay in business.

Freedom to work very hard for a future reward.  Money is not an ideal reward, but it causes entrepreneurs to work very hard in business, much harder than 9-5 employees who must follow government and union work rules, and have no hope of financial reward for their efforts.

Freedom to run your own operation, rather than be simply a cog in the government machine.  Smart people like to be in charge of their own work and the free enterprise system allows this.

Freedom to hire and fire employees to create the ideal workforce for a business without lots of regulations.  This is very important, since each business has unique needs.  Only by trying out people and letting some go can any business find the right people for the job.  This is often impossible in government jobs due to union rules, work contracts, etc.

Freedom to innovate and change at will.  Small, private firms are not beholden to politicians and taxpayers.  They are free to do as they wish, governed only by their ingenuity and they must obey basic criminal laws against fraud, negligence and misrepresentation.

Thus they can change and alter course far more easily in most cases.

Much less political.  Private individuals and companies are not controlled by Congress and other political bodies.  These bodies often manipulate and use government agencies and research institutes for their own political purposes, and in so doing subvert the stated goals and aims of the agency.  This is basically standard procedure and it often gets in the way of the efficiency and ability of government businesses to operate.

I will give a simple example.  A car company should be in business to build the best cars possible.  However, a government-owned car company may have all sorts of secondary aims such as making the current administration look good, employing loads of people, even if they are not needed and get in the way, or promoting other political agendas such as rewarding those who gave a lot of money to the current rulers of the nation.

As a result, the government car companies and most nations do not produce good cars at a good price.  As a result of all the above, government enterprises are always less efficient, less creative, slower to innovate and often do a very poor job.


With classical liberalism, the government’s main role in the economic sphere was to conduct trials if a business engaged in theft, breach of contract, fraud, misrepresentation or other similar crimes.  In other words, once again the main role of government was to act like a referee in a baseball game who assures that the rules are followed and that offenders are punished and removed from the game if they cannot play by the rules of honesty and integrity in their business dealings.
            However, starting in the early 20th century, the US government began to engage in massive regulation of every aspect of society.  All of it is illegal under the Constitution, but that did not matter.

Today things are much worse as the government now literally owns businesses such as Amtrak (a large railroad) and bails out large corporations, and other horrors.

The commerce clause.  Nowhere does the US Constitution allow the national government to run businesses, or even to heavily regulate business activity.  Such action is usually justified by the “commerce clause” of the US Constitution.  This clause states that the government shall promote commerce between the states.

However, the original intent of the clause has been totally perverted.  It was inserted in the Constitution because there arose a problem when one state did not allow goods to pass from another state into its borders and imposed taxes on those goods.  The “commerce clause” was designed to stop these practices so that goods could flow easily from state to state.

Never was it intended that the government could impose all sorts of regulations on commerce.  This needs to be returned to its original meaning, which was crystal clear to the founders of America.  However, certain forces have wanted an empire, not a republic, and they have changed the law in this direction.


The spheres of education, health care and welfare.  With classical liberalism, these areas of life were left to the citizens.  Groups such as charities, churches, civic organizations such as the Rotary and Lions Clubs, community health associations, community hospitals, veterans groups and hundreds of other organizations formerly took care of the needs and wants of the poor, the sick, the disabled, the mentally ill, the elderly, widows, orphans and others in society who cannot take care of themselves.
            This is a critical function in any modern society.  How it is handled is a reflection of the humanity of the society.              The coming of social security and government welfare.  The slow death of private welfare and the private insurance industry began under Franklin Roosevelt in 1934.  In that year, the national government imposed mandatory old age insurance run by the national government.  It was called social security.

In essence, the government set up its own old age insurance company.  However, unlike private insurance companies, the government forced their ‘policy’ upon the American people, whether or not the individual wanted it.  Not only that, but there was no negotiable contract given to each person and there was no competition or choice allowed.

Also, the policy comes with no guarantee of payout later on, as one gets with private insurance policies.
            This was blatantly illegal, but when it was challenged, Franklin Roosevelt “packed” the Supreme Court with his own people.  This means he added more members to the Supreme Court with his own supporters.  They were thus able to override constitutional prohibitions against forcing people to buy a product against their will, and other constitutional prohibitions against such schemes.
            Social security is a horrible failure.  Not only does it not pay out enough for real welfare, but it is totally bankrupt today.  It is such a mess that American politicians of both parties have been terrified to really address the problem.

Early on, the Social Security fund, which was to be a sacred insurance fund for the welfare of the people, was “raided” by the Congress when they needed money for other things.  As a result, there is no fund today.  It is just a pile of “I owe you’s”.

This must be addressed soon, as the problem is worsening every day and the welfare systems of America and other nations are bankrupting the nations.
            One problem is that when the system was established, the average lifespan in America was about 65.  Social Security was intended only as an emergency system for those that exceeded that age.  Today the lifespan is about 80, so they system is paying out millions of dollars to people who could be working.  Just raising the age of qualification would solve the crisis, at least for a while.  No one, however, is willing to touch the issue, however, so far.  We will see if any brave politicians emerge, as this is a critical problem.
            The founders of America realized that government welfare, government health care, and government “charity” is problematic.  Among its problems are extreme waste, fraud, abuse, inefficiency, perverse incentives to waste money, downright foolishness motivated by politics, and perhaps other problems.

These are clearly occurring today in America and around the world.  They are one reason that the nations of Europe, for example, are going broke.  These nations simply cannot pay all their obligations, many of which are foolish and politically motivated.  This means that politicians reward their friends and punish their enemies.  It also means that fraud in government programs is so easy to get away with, that it multiplies and there really is no way to stop it.
            Private versus public welfare.  Welfare has to do with the redistribution of wealth.  A key difference between private welfare or private redistribution of wealth versus government or public welfare and government or public redistribution of wealth is that the private system is voluntary.  

This means it respects the right of every person to be as generous or as stingy as he or she wants.  This is non-violent and encourages virtues such as charity and caring about others.

When the government is in charge of welfare, health care, education and other things, the system is forced or mandatory.  This means that money is confiscated from the people by force through taxes.  This is inherently violent, encourages lying and cheating, and does not encourage charity and caring for others.

Other problems with government redistribution of wealth is that politicians tend to reward their friends, and not necessarily those in need.  This is basically corruption and fraud.  Private charities, by contrast, must do their jobs well and efficiently.  If they do not, they will usually stop receiving donations and will go out of business.  This acts on a check of private charities that keeps them fairly honest, unlike government “charities” like social security, Medicare, Medicaid and hundreds of other government welfare programs in most nations.

Private banking versus government-controlled banking. Banking was another important business that the government of the United States was not to engage in, according to the US Constitution.  Gold and silver were to be the only legal money in America.

The founders knew well that if the government were given the right to print paper money, it would abuse it by printing too much, causing inflation, and basically stealing the wealth of the people.  Gold and silver as the only legal tender prevented this, for the most part.
            Private companies quickly sprang up in America to handle the people’s banking, credit and lending needs.  While there were periods in which America had a central bank, the system of private banking only worked quite well in America throughout the 1800s.
            This all changed in 1913 with the passage of another thoroughly unconstitutional law called the Federal Reserve Act.  It established a national bank called the Federal Reserve that would be in charge of all the banks in America and would regulate all of them under one system.

This put an end to free banking in America as the government took over control of banking, essentially.  The system was foisted on the people supposedly to prevent recessions and depressions.

Yet by far the worst depression occurred soon afterwards in 1929.  To give you an idea of how miserable a failure the central bank has been, a dollar in 1900 is now worth about 1 penny.  This means that the people’s money has been essentially stolen from them to an enormous degree.

The Federal Reserve is a complete deception.  It is not federal, there is no reserve, and it directly caused the great depression of 1929 and the economic woes we have today.  This sad story is discussed in an excellent book, The Creature From Jekyll Island by G. Edward Griffin, and in a very short form in an article on this website called Introduction To Banking.

Other roles of the national government.  With classical liberalism, the national government is to be concerned with relatively few items that the states and the people cannot do well on their own.  These include declaring war and making peace, negotiating treaties with foreign nations, raising armies, setting up a national court system, and a few others – and that is all.  This was intended to keep the federal government small and accountable to the people and to the states.

The fruits of classical liberalism. Until after the Civil War (1864), and even up until about the turn of the 20th century, the classical liberal system of government functioned incredibly well.  This does not mean there were no problems.  But it means that there was an amazing flourishing of creativity, prosperity, wealth of the common man, and growth of the American nation in the sciences, the arts, invention, and more.

The seeds of destruction.  This success did not sit well with everyone.  In particular, a small group of European bankers were not happy at all.  They controlled the nations of Europe, essentially, who were always at war with each other, and therefore needed to borrow money with interest from the bankers.  This suited the bankers very well, as they used their monetary power to control even the kings and queens of Europe.

America was becoming independently wealthy and therefore out of their control.  There is clear evidence that the European bankers did not like this, and in fact incited the War of 1812 and the American Civil War in order to weaken and hopefully destroy America’s growing wealth and power.

These efforts failed, thanks largely to the stamina of Abraham Lincoln and the efforts of the North and even the South to reconcile their differences.  The bankers hoped America would be split in two, which would have slowed the growth of the nation.

Instead, the Civil War in America accelerated industrialization, particularly in the North, and so the bankers realized that the “divide and conquer” strategy had not worked.

Now they embarked on a new strategy to weaken America.  It was to restrict the freedoms and liberties of her people.  This strategy has worked all too well, sadly.  It has worked only because Americans do not realize their heritage, the sacredness of their founding documents, and the wisdom of their founders.

This ignorance is part of the plan, of course, carried out by the public or government schools to miseducate American children.
            It is mass propaganda on a scale never before attempted and it has worked all too well.  The founders of America have been largely discredited as rich, old, white slave owners.  In reality, a very few owned slaves and most of them were very poor, indeed, as they were farmers and colonists in a new land.

Most were devoutly religious, and most were not old since the average lifespan was about 60. 

Also, they were not all white-skinned.  They included free African-Americans, many racial groups from Europe, and those of all religions.  All participated in the early meetings that led to the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution, which stand today among the greatest documents in modern times.

To return to our theme, the bankers were furious that they could not stop the rise of America.  They embarked on a program to discredit the founders of America, to discredit and destroy the Hebrew and Christian religions, which had inspired them, and to destroy the morals and brainpower of the people.

This they have succeeded in doing only too well. 

To some, this is good.  To many, it is disheartening as America is the last great hope of the world.  American exceptionalism, as it is called, is the truth.  America is different, even though the current president of the United States (Mr. Obama when this was written) does not see it, and indeed is ashamed of it.  Shame on him, as he throws away his heritage as an American as someone would throw away a gold bracelet or a diamond ring, ashamed of his treasure, his heritage, and his power to influence others for good.




Here are just a few characteristics of modern liberals, as I have observed them for years and listened to others who also have observed them carefully:


1. Elitists.  They do not like the common man, you and me, and believe that they know better how to run the country, decide its policies, etc.

2. Negative.  They are often doom-and-gloom types.  Just observe many environmentalists, for example.  Statistics do not support their gloomy predictions.  History illustrates that the same people were predicting disaster 50 years ago – overpopulation so that we would all starve, death from pollution that has not occurred, global warming, global cooling, death of all trees on the planet, and so on.  Today there are more trees than there were 100 years ago because replanting has occurred.  Many such examples could be cited.

3. Often far more interested in feelings than in facts.  Often liberals embrace ideas that sound and/or “feel good”, even though they make no logical sense.  For example, studies repeatedly show that the private sector can do most jobs such as run the schools, health care and other businesses far more efficiently and honestly than can the government.

Yet liberals persist in the belief that it would be nice for the government to run health care, welfare, education and even corporations such as car companies.

4. Much more interested in narrative, than in true discussion.  By the word narrative I mean that they believe if they talk about something enough, like global warming, they can solve the problem.  Facts don’t matter as much as thinking about what you would like and discussing it with your friends. 

This is a curious mental illness that is essentially wishful thinking.  Wish it enough and it will occur.

5. No absolute truths.  This means the Ten Commandments and the US Constitution must be relegated to the trash heap, and be replaced with what is called moral relativism.  This is a very dangerous doctrine that basically says that whatever a person “feels” is right, is the truth for that person.

Technically, it means that if you feel it is right to harm or even kill another, then it is probably okay because you probably have a “reason” that explains your behavior.  Maybe that person’s race killed people in your race, or oppressed your parents or your friends in some way.  Sadly, these ideas have found our way into our schools and even into our laws to a degree.

6. Against cruelty. Many liberals are against things, and the one they usually pick is cruelty.  For instance, capitalism and free markets are considered cruel because some accumulate more wealth than others and some work harder than others.  So they advocate a welfare state to even out the differences.

However, this always causes severe corruption and laziness, and other problems like bankruptcy of an entire nation, as is occurring now in Europe.  This is also an interesting psychological disease, since their actions are often quite cruel.  This they are ready to excuse, however.     

7. America is not an exceptional nation.  The president has said as much many times, and is actually embarrassed by America.  Yet the facts show that America has been a bulwark of hope, liberty, military resistance to tyranny, and much more for the entire world for over 100 years, at least.




A related word to liberalism that basically means the same thing today is progressivism.  The words progressive and progressivism used to mean simply forward-looking or moving forward instead of backwards.

However, after the Civil War, the propaganda experts discussed above needed to deceive people with words.  They came up with the idea to use a word that means to forge ahead, and to twist its meaning so that today it means to move in the exact opposite way.

The words progressive and progressivism were adopted by the communists, Marxists and socialists to mean an evolutionary process that would move society away from freedom and liberty, and move society toward dictatorship, Marxism, Leninism, socialism and communism.

This is critical to understand, because progressive and progressivism no longer means moving forward.  They mean moving backward, back toward a dictatorship and away from liberty and individual rights.

The intent of brainwashing is always to confuse, deceive and reverse the flow of energy in a human being, and the use of words to do this is a common tactic.  It is like calling something that is black, white, and calling the word yes, no and so on.

It is completely confusing to a logical mind and it sets up a cognitive dissonance, as it is called, that the person literally cannot escape from without a complete explanation like the one above.  This is the essence of brain washing, and that is what has been done to Americans more than to any other people on earth.

When force did not work, brainwashing was the only other alternative to slow down the mightiest nation on earth.  This is the truth, not patriotic rambling.




The governing idea behind socialism and the other isms above is that mankind is best governed by a powerful central government that knows best how the people should live their lives to promote peace, commerce and spiritual development. 

This may sound good, but no nation that has tried it, and many have over the years, has succeeded or even come close to the success of the idea of limited government restrained by a constitution that guarantees individual rights.

The idea behind socialism and communism is that the role of government should NOT be mainly to protect individual rights.  These are seen as secondary to the community or social fabric of society.

If some are made to suffer imprisonment or even death for the “cause of society” then so be it.  Much more important, they say, is “the welfare of the community”.  This is a lie and the truth is that what matters is for those in charge to stay in power at whatever cost.

Bureaucracy.  The trouble is – Who is to say what is best for the community if it not individuals?  The answer in all these nations is the central committee, the parliament, the dictator or the bureaucrats who run the government.

Bureaucrats are people who are quite ordinary who take government jobs, just like you would take a job to make money and little else.  In other words, they are not the brightest and most hard-working and caring people.  They are just ordinary folks who happen to end up in positions of power.

As a result, they become corrupt, lazy, callous, and often downright mean and nasty.  But since they run the show, so to speak, there is nothing anyone can do about it.  They can be replaced, but the replacements are just as bad.

One of the worst problems of bureaucracy is that once installed in their jobs, they are hard to unseat.  Unions are a big force in this problem.  Unlike a private company that fires workers who are less productive or less needed even if they are productive, government workers are usually immune to this problem because of their contracts.  This was part of the plan as well.

Another problem is that bureaucrats tend to vote for more government jobs, as this helps secure their future.  If there are too many of them, they vote to bankrupt the nation just out of self-interest.  In others words, they vote to raise taxes on the companies and corporate world to pay for their jobs.  This is simple self-interest, and not evil.  It is just the fact.

This is why schools are more expensive today, why colleges are more costly, in part, and so on.  Those who run them spend a lot of money campaigning and lobbying the government for even more money for themselves.  People complain about the lobbying efforts of the big corporations.  However, they forget about the massive lobbying efforts of the government bureaucrats, and their unions, which is even more, though much is hidden in various gifts, and other “educational” efforts.

For example, SEIU, the Service Employees International Union, gave the president some $70 million dollars or so.  This would be totally illegal to come from one person or group, but it was stretched out among thousands of union members, although the members are often not consulted.  The leaders make the decisions.

When asked about the health care legislation of 2010, the head of that union, Andy Stern, said it was nothing more than a “return on his investment”.  In other words, the union invested in the Democrats and they got their bill.  They couldn’t care less about the consequences for America. 

Unions. Today, some bureaucracies around the world are unionized, which makes it even harder to get rid of the incompetent, corrupt or stupid people who run the large government agencies.  They are just shifted around or paid not to work, which bankrupts the system eventually, as is happening in Europe today.

This applies to the American public or government education system, in particular.  Through the unions has come the propaganda that has changed the school books and the practices, removed prayer and religion from the schools, although it was the goal of education in the founding of the nation, and harmed the children in thousands of ways to the point that now we don’t recommend public schooling for anyone. 

Colleges and universities are even worse.  They are not unionized, but most have been thoroughly infiltrated by liberal values.

We know it is controversial, but we say the Rogues are behind this and more.  They know that young minds are very vulnerable to lies and twisting the truth because youth is restless and idealistic and often rebellious against authority, even when it is good authority.

So these traits were and are exploited every day in the high schools and particularly in the colleges and universities of America. 

All this is not by accident, in other words.  It has been orchestrated.  I know this sounds like a conspiracy theory, but books exist that explain it with the documentation.  One of the best concerning the money in America, a very serious issue, is The Creature From Jekyll Island, by G. Edward Griffin.


Redistributing the wealth.  In a classical liberal society that values free enterprise, the people who are most industrious, most hard-working, most creative and smartest, often make the most money.  This was the case in America.

This is not totally fair, as some are born with more natural talents than others.  However, it serves society well because it rewards effort.  That is an important point we will return to.

Society has methods to even things out and they work well. 

The progressive, socialist, Marxist and communist model rewards the opposite.  It rewards those who are parasites, basically – the bureaucrats and their masters – while it takes away the money from the productive members of society.  This is a very important point because our president continuously talks of redistributing the wealth from the evil rich people to the downtrodden.

This is almost all propaganda.  It has been used for years to justify stealing the wealth of the productive people and giving it mainly to the friends of the government leaders, who then use it to elect more of their friends.

This sounds simplistic, and it is.  But overall, it is the plan and it is working well.  They throw a few crumbs to the old people, the blacks, the Hispanics and so on, but they keep most of the money they confiscate from the wealthy for themselves and their favored foundations and causes such as radical environmentalism, another word and cause that has been hijacked today.

So one aspect of communism and the other isms is actually redistributing wealth through high taxes and other means from the less well connected or less favored groups in society of all sorts, to the favored or well-connected groups.

Often the favored are union members, communist party members, and often they are government workers or bureaucrats.  It is no accident, for example, that today the counties around Washington, DC are the wealthiest counties in America. 

There are few factories in Maryland and Virginia.  However, this is where most of the government employees or bureaucrats reside.  The income of the average government worker such as a secretary today is approximately double that of an equivalent private sector employee if one counts all the benefits such as health insurance and retirement pensions.

This may assure that some good people go into the government, but it causes financial difficulties for the nation if it gets out of hand.  A few government workers deserve this and much more.  Some, however, are just parasites, and these are the only ones I am referring to.

I worked in two government agencies – education and health care.  In both these departments, the agency was filled with parasites.  I was told not work after about noon.  I soon left these positions, as it was just not my style.  I am told the situation is the same today, if not worse.

In a private sector job, many of these people would be fired, but they cannot be fired due to union rules in the national and state governments. 

Not only that, but the system is quite entrenched and is not likely to change any time soon.  The only solution, short term, is to limit the size of government.  This was the genius of the founders of America, as they realized that reigning in a large government bureaucracy is practically impossible.

Sadly, presidents in the past and particularly the present one have greatly expanded the government, setting up 50 or more new agencies that have the same problems.

I am even opposed to medical research by the government for this reason.  That is another topic, however, that is discussed in other articles on this website.  Basically, once you set up a National Cancer Institute, for example, or a Heart Institute, or any other, the bureaucrats want it to continue.

They will even suppress cures for cancer to do so, and they are doing this today.  This is easy to prove and discussed in a number of well-researched books.  I found out about it thirty-five years ago when I researched alternative cancer treatments.  It is the truth and it is due to bureaucracy and little else. 

I contend that we don’t need their research.  We need to eat better and encourage private medical research institutes, which means we need the people to have the money, not the government agencies.




This is another subtle word play that has confused many Americans.  America was set up as a republic.  A republic means the rule of clearly written laws.  In this system, the laws apply to everyone, and everyone should learn the laws to stay out of trouble.

In contrast, England and the rest of the world were monarchies, which is the rule of a king or queen.  Other nations today are dictatorships.  These are basically the exact same idea.  One strong man or woman, or perhaps a small committee of strong men and women, have all the power.

Democracy means the rule of the majority.  Another word for it is mob rule.  In a democracy, if 51% of the people vote to kill you, this is acceptable.  In other words, one has no individual rights in a democracy.  In this sense, democracy is similar to a monarchy or a dictatorship.

It is just the dictatorship of majorities.  James Madison wrote about the tyranny of majorities and how a pure democracy would destroy America if it were ever permitted.

A republic is a middle ground between the rule of a king or dictator, and the rule of the mob or majorities.  Only with a republic are individuals protected.  In other words, only in a republic ruled by a constitution and bill of rights, is an individual safe even if the majority do not like him.

America was intentionally set up as a republic because the founders of America knew that democracies do not work.  They had witnessed the French revolution in which democracy was tried and failed miserably.

Pure democracies are fickle and the people can vote one way one year, and do something totally different the next year.  There is no stability and consistency, in addition to there being no protection for individual rights such as freedom of speech and freedom of worship.

Yet today, most of our leaders, teachers, media spokesmen and others all refer to America incorrectly as a democracy.  This is horrible and confusing.  America is a constitutional republic – that is, it is ruled by a short, clear written law – with democratically elected leaders.




Another word that has been hijacked by the progressives and liberals is the word justice.  It was a favorite word of the founders of America, and is still one of the most important words in the English language.  Since the corrupters could not erase that word and its meaning, they have tagged onto it various adjectives that reverse its meaning.

The word justice, a key to American society, means the fair and equal treatment of all people regardless of race, color, creed or national origin.  This is sometimes called equal justice under the law or due process of law.

In the 1960s, a new term appeared called social justice.  This is not justice at all.  It is basically a way to avoid justice by making excuses for some people to break the law, while forcing others to endure even harsher punishment for the same crime.  In other words, it is often the exact opposite of equal justice under the law, just as liberalism today is the exact opposite of the original meaning of classical liberalism.

The idea of adding adjectives to the word justice has been expanded radically since the 1960s of so, when the corrupters increased their power over America and wanted to finish the job of corrupting the nation’s roots.

Today we hear about environmental justice, economic justice, racial justice, and others.  They all mean the same thing, really.

They mean that the word justice has been modified, you might say, to mean whatever those in charge feel it should mean.  Environmental justice might mean that you will lose your land and your livelihood to save the endangered rat.  Economic justice might mean that the bureaucrats believe you should be taxed at twice the rate of others so that more people can sit around and watch TV every day while you work hard.

This is the essence of these code words for dictatorship and Marxism.  It is notable and sad that our current president uses these terms quite often, although the media and others rarely point out what they mean.




Americans, please wake up.  Stop listening to rhetoric.  Stop listening to this president, sad to say, and to the majority in the Congress.

America is on the verge of bankruptcy and it is exactly what the European bankers and the rogues have wanted for along time.  They are happy with bankruptcy because the nations must then borrow money from them, which earns them interest, which is their lifeblood.

Any nation that does not pay tribute to them in this way is their enemy and they are still very powerful.  This is the truth.  It is not fantasy or conspiracy theory. 

Those who believe in a large, bloated, wasteful government have made significant inroads into American life with programs such as Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and hundreds of others, as well.  These are the biggest, however, and not coincidentally, the most bankrupt of our social programs.  These must be set aside and it will be painful, but nothing compared to the pain that will come if the present course of bankruptcy is continued for even another ten years.  The choice is ours.


America was set up as a nation with a small government and more power left to the people and the local governments.  This has slowly eroded and changed to where the national government controls most business activity in every sphere of our lives.  This has not brought better schools, better health care and better financial management, but far worse schools, a bankrupt and dysfunctional health care system, a very bankrupt welfare systems, and general corruption on a scale America has never seen before. 

The purpose of this article is to remind readers that while there are powerful forces pushing for more government intervention, it is not the answer.

The answer is a return to a constitutional republic with a small government that is restrained b the Constitution, as it was meant to be used, and leaves the daily life of the people to their own devices and creativity.

This occurs naturally when people are left alone and children are taught the truth in school, not the lies they learn today.

This system appears to work far better in our present world, and history proves it over and over again.  If Soviet Communism or Nazi Germany were the superior system, we would be living under it, if we were allowed to live at all.
            The free enterprise system and limited constitutional government also lead to a much more spiritual nation.  This is another involved and long topic of discussion.  Basically, slaves are less spiritually advanced than free people, even if the free people are allowed to make some blunders.  So let us rethink the past and rethink our words carefully.  The choice, once again, is ours, while we still have it.



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