by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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I. Introduction

II. How To Fight Back Against Psi Weapons






Psychotronics or psi warfare is the use of electronic machines to send beams of energy or frequencies directly to people’s brains and bodies through the air.  This is the new stealth warfare.

It is not science fiction - it is reality today.  It is inexpensive and simple, and often hard to detect and defeat.

The same method is used, at times, to brainwash people to believe certain information and not other information by making subtle suggestions to them via electronic beams or frequencies.  For much more about brainwashing and hypnosis, read Brainwashing and Hypnosis.




The science of psychotronics was officially developed over 100 years ago on earth, but has probably been used for much longer than that.  The basic principles that are used are sometimes referred to as radionics.




Radionics is a method of transmitting energy, messages and even material items using mainly very high frequency currents at very low voltages.  It is quite an amazing science that seems to defy the laws of physics.

It can act at a distance, it can act almost instantaneously, and it affects the human brain, in particular, in unusual ways.

It is an etheric science, which means it uses laws of physics that have not been fully discovered and researched at this time.  The ether is the substance that fills all space and all time.  Etheric sciences are discussed in a number of articles on this website.

Radionics can be used for healing.   However, its main use at this time are is to harm people in the form of psi weapons.

Healing.  For example, one can use a radionic machine to broadcast frequencies that kill germs, stop cancers, calm the nervous system, reduce fear and so on. 

However, one can also use the same machine to broadcast anger, incite violence, sicken people, to oppose freedom and liberty, and for many other negative purposes.

Psi weapons are used by governments, as well as by other rogue groups that seek to control us.




Unlike regular radio or television transmissions, radionic signals can affect millions of people all at once.  They travel right through mountains, houses, and even bomb shelters.  The high frequency waves travel through water easily, as well. 

For this reason, radionics is actually used, to communicate with submarines because standard radio is not nearly as effective underwater.  The waves also travel around the world and even through the earth from one side to the other.  This is how penetrating these frequencies are.




We are all exposed to psi weapons and psi warfare today.  It is unavoidable.  Here is what to do:


1. Do not use a cell phone and be careful with wifi.  I have a simple cell phone in my car for emergencies and that is it.  I keep the battery out of the phone unless I need to use it.

Cell phones and the entire cell phone system is a type of psi weapon.  It monitors you, tracks you, sends you messages day and night, coniditons you, brainwashes you and is a Rogue technology.  I am told it is not a good system, no matter how convenient and fun it is to use.

2. Psi weapons work best on weak minds.  This means it works best on people who are already somewhat confused, mixed up and not sure of their principles.  Therefore, be careful with your thoughts and feelings.

Adopting Biblical values can help a lot to reduce the effects of some psi warfare.  The reason is that this is a powerful and helpful set of beliefs.  For example, Biblical values such as the Ten Commandments and The Golden Rule  help you evaluate unwanted thoughts and let them go harmlessly.


3. Psychotronics works best on sick bodies.  It does not work as well on healthy people.  For this reason, a properly designed development program is extremely helpful to overcome the effects of psychotronic warfare.  This program will replenish hundreds of nutrients in the body, which enables the brain to function better. 

This can only be done by eating loads of cooked, and not raw vegetables.  In our experience, other healing methods do not work as well, perhaps because they do not work as deeply.  For details, read Introduction To The Development Program.


4. A yin body is more susceptible to radionic attacks.  This is a very important principle.  Part of the development program, and not most other healing programs, is to correct an imbalance in the bodies of most people that is called a yin condition.  Yin means expanded, centrifugal in direction, weak and often very ill.

To correct it, we use 1) cooked food, 2) eating some cooked meat daily, 3) very few and very targeted supplements only, 4) a special mental procedure, the Pulling Down Procedure.

Other ways to make the body more yang are to avoid drinking reverse osmosis, distilled or alkaline water, avoid sex with fluid loss more than once a week, do not take many baths, stay out of victim thinking, and do not spend too much time on a cell phone or sitting close to a computer.  Also, avoid most meditation exercises.

Also, one must avoid all sugars, including fruit and all fruit juices, and one must avoid alcohol, most medical drugs, and chemicals in the food.  Vegetarians, and those who eat a lot of fruit and other raw food, as a rule, are much too yin and therefore more subject to this kind of mental poisoning.  For more on this, read Yin And Yang Healing.


4. Toxin removal is also necessary.  Psychotronic signals tie into toxic metals or toxic forms of vital minerals inside our bodies.  Removing toxic metals and toxic chemicals from the body weakens psychtronic effects.

Red heat lamp sauna therapy and coffee enemas are extremely helpful because they can remove large quantities of poisons from the body in ways that other therapies cannot do.  For details, read Toxic Metals. 

Note: Chelation therapy of any kind is much less effective against psi weapons than the development program.  For details, read Chelation Therapy.


In summary, the only defense against psychotronic warfare is to know about it, guard your thoughts, improve your health and make the body more yang in macrobiotic terminology.  If you do this you will be less subject to the subliminal messages and rather dangerous and horribly negative suggestions that are broadcast everywhere these days.




            A good resource is the Electronic Frontier Foundation at



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