By Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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All information in this article is for educational purposes only.  It is not for the diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure of any disease or health condition.


            According to the medical profession and also much of the holistic health community, health is defined as the absence of disease.  In other words, if a person does not have any health conditions such as heart disease, cancer, infection or diabetes, then the person is declared healthy.

            Wellness is a healing concept that rejects this understanding of health.  Instead, it defines health as a separate state of the body with its own signs and symptoms.  The question arises, “What does wellness look like?”

              This article is a compilation of reports about wellness we have received from our clients.

Odors.  Their odors of the body, the breath and the stools become more pleasant.

Psychology.  Clients report being

happier, enjoying life more, and smiling more.  The body often feels more solid and steady.

Appearance. Most say they look better and people think they are younger than they really are.  Their hair is often shinier, and they seem to have more “sparkle” about them.  Hair occasionally turns back to its original color if it was grey, but not that often. 

Male pattern baldness does not often change.  However, other hair thinning problems often improve.   Hair loss can occur, at times during a nutritional balancing program.  This is due to a toxin elimination.  In almost all cases, when the elimination is over, the hair grows back in.

            Sickness.  People become sick much less often.  If they do get a cold, it does not last long.  One will continue to experience retracing now and then as long as one stays on a nutritional balancing program.  However, as one heals, healing reactions are fewer.

            Energy. Most report sleeping better, having more energy and being more alert and steady with their energy.  This is the general pattern.

However, one’s energy level will continue to fluctuate, even after a number of years on a nutritional balancing program.  This occurs because as long as the body is healing and retracing, at times energy is needed within, and less energy will be available outwardly.

Mental functioning.  Memory improves, as does one’s ability to cope with stress.




Blood pressure is normal, and often low.  It can still fluctuate when one goes to the doctor, for example, but it will settle down.

Lungs are generally clear and there are no coughs or other signs of disease.

Pulse  is in the normal range – about 60 or so.

Reflexes are generally very good.

Arteries will slowly clean out if one stays on a nutritional balancing program.

Blood and urine tests.  As long as one is on a nutritional balancing program, blood tests Will be skewed, at times.  This applies especially to thyroid hormone tests, and there can be mild elevation of liver enzymes as the body eliminates toxins rapidly through the liver.

Pap smears will normalize if they were abnormal.

            Other.  Medical tests should generally remain normal.  However, on a nutritional balancing program retracing will continue.  For this reason, it is also normal to experience physical or emotional symptoms, at times.

              For example, if one retraces an old lung infection, one may cough for a few days or even weeks, if it was a severe infection.  Other evidence of a lung infection may also be present such as pain or an abnormal chest x-ray.  Usually, no medical intervention is needed and the symptoms will pass on their own.  Always check with your practitioner if you are not sure what to do.

Ear infections may also be very chronic, and may appear after years on a nutritional balancing program.  All of a sudden, one may experience pain, hearing loss, ringing or dizziness when such an infection retraces.  Symptoms generally go away in a few days to a few weeks if the condition was very chronic.




            Everyone is at a different level.  However, here are general principles for identifying a better hair mineral analysis chart:


1. No four lows pattern.

2. No extreme toxicity patterns.

3. No very poor eliminators.

4. The sodium/potassium ratio in a range from 1.5 to 7.

5. The oxidation rate is usually slow, but not extremely slow.  If the oxidation rate is fast, it is only mildly fast.




            This varies.  Some people are not that ill, and may live this all the time.  Most do not, however.  In most people, at least five years of following a nutritional balancing program is required.  If one is quite ill, or does not do the program as well, it can easily take 10 years.




            This means that if one stays with a nutritional balancing program, the body will continue to detoxify and to remineralize for years.  This is unusual, and does not occur with most healing programs.

            Part of this is due to development, a special process that causes deeper healing that begins after one has been on a program for 2-3 years, and will continue for years if one stays with the program.  To learn about this, please read Introduction To Development on this site.



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