by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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All information in this article is for educational purposes only.  It is not for the diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure of any disease or health condition.


This article is dedicated to a number of brilliant and dedicated scientists, researchers and clinicians who set about to solve the riddle of cancer.  Together, they have contributed immensely to our knowledge of how to control and eradicate this disease. 

All of them achieved some excellent success using different biochemical, natural, non-toxic approaches to healing the body of cancer.  Sadly, they are not given nearly the recognition they deserve by the medical profession.  That is a large part of the reason for this article.

Please read Cancer And Alternative Approaches if you are researching cancer.


Political aspects of cancer.  All of the researchers and clinicians discussed in this article worked mainly outside and beyond the “mainstream” of cancer research.  All were ostracized and, in one case, run out of the country for challenging the “cancer establishment”.

One possible reason for it is simple competition, greed and professional jealousy.  However, it is also possible that cancer is like the “bogeyman” of old, and anyone who conquers it is frowned upon.  This is just a theory, however, to explain rather violent harassment that all of the men and women below had to put up with, just for helping others with non-toxic methods that worked well and harmed no one.

Now let us discuss the cancer pioneers of the twentieth century.




Dr. John Beard, MD was an embryologist who lived about 100 years ago.  He also researched the cancer problem, but from the point of view of embryology.  He noticed that the behavior of the trophoblast closely resembled the behavior of cancer.  The trophoblast is a very unusual cell type.  The word “trophoblast” means “to nourish the baby”.  It is normally only found during the first three months of pregnancy.  It is able to surround the developing fetus and shunts blood from the mother’s body into the tiny developing fetus.  At about three months of pregnancy, the trophoblast begins to fade away and is replaced by the placenta, which nourishes the fetus from then on through the end of pregnancy.

Based on his observations of the amazing similarities between trophoblast and cancer, in 1902 Dr. Beard wrote a famous paper entitled “The Trophoblast Theory Of Cancer”.  He stated that all cancer is trophoblast that arises at the wrong time and the wrong place.  This is the essence of his theory.  He also figured out that what destroys the trophoblast at about 3 months of pregnancy is the combined power of the proteolytic or protein-destroying pancreatic enzymes from the mother and from the fetus. 

Since 1902, a number of physicians have tested the theory, analyzed various cancer tissues, which are never pure trophoblast, but rather a combination of tissue types, and the theory has held up very well.  I will not cite references here, but they are available on the internet and elsewhere.

The “cancer establishment”, however, know nothing about and routinely dismiss Dr. Beard’s theory.  Instead, they simply guess at what cancer really is.  This is quite disgusting, in my view, as I have never seen a rational rebuttal of his theory in a mainstream cancer journal, ever.  His work is also ignored by most naturopathic and chiropractic physicians as well.  Dr. Beard was truly a pioneer whose work will be recognized some day as the secret to cancer correction and perhaps also prevention.




One of the early followers of John Beard, MD, the father of the trophoblast theory of cancer, was a biochemist named Howard Beard.  Howard Beard was important because he was one of the first to actually use pancreatic enzyme therapy on himself when he developed rectal cancer.  He was also able to literally watch and feel the effect of the enzymes, and wrote about it.  He proved their merit on himself, in other words, and documented the entire story from the point of view of a scientist.  He survived his cancer and lived a long life afterwards.




Dr. Voisin was a rather amazing French agricultural scientist who worked during the first half of the twentieth century.  His brilliant mind collected information about all of medical science, even though his focus and specialty was on the soil, the health of plants, and livestock diseases.  He worked at many agricultural schools throughout France and around Europe during his long life.

His contribution to the cancer problem was more theoretical, and in helping to establish the close links between the balance of the minerals in the soil and the incidence of cancer.  He wrote am excellent and easy-to-read book about this subject, Soil, Grass And Cancer (1959).  He also authored several other more technical books and many scientific papers as well.




Dr. Koch, MD was a brilliant theoretician and clinician who, for a time in the 1920s, was the director of the Women’s Hospital in Detroit, Michigan.  He studied cancer from the perspective of molecular biology and biochemistry.  He ran many experiments on the energy source of cancer cells, and eventually realized how cancer worked.  He was able to synthesize certain compounds that he found could restore the body’s energy system and, at the same time, cripple the energy system of the cancer cell.

Dr. Koch was so successful, and so threatening to the “slash and burn” method of cancer treatment in vogue then and now, that the American Medical Association set out to destroy his reputation and his work.  He was fired from his leadership position at the hospital, and eventually fled the United States for the safety of his life. 

In a quiet retreat in Brazil, he wote several wonderful, rather technical books.  The best one is The Survival Factor In Neoplastic And Viral Diseases, A study of the phenomena of the free radical, the double bond, and its alpha placed hydrogen atom in the pathogenesis and correction of neoplastic, viral and bacterial diseases (1955, 1958). This book contains the secret of the cancer problem from a biochemical standpoint.  His earlier books are Cancer And Its Allied Diseases (1926, 1929), Natural Immunity 1934,1936), The Chemistry Of Natural Immunity (1939) and a small booklet, The Functional Carbonyl Group In Pathogenesis And Its Reversal (1967).  Dr. Koch left us with a wealth of knowledge that has still not been incorporated into modern biochemistry and certainly not used in cancer therapy today.  If it were, there would be no cancer to speak about.

Dr. Koch did not use pancreatic enzymes to correct cancer, as he felt these to be too crude a method.  Instead, he developed several remedies called glyoxal, methylglyoxal, parabenzoquinone, diphenoqinone, triquinoyl, and benzoquinone.  These synthesized molecules directly target the energy system of the body to restore it quickly.  The remedies were prepared as regular chemicals and in homeopathic strengths as well, and he used both, at times.  They were very effective, in most cases, especially when combined with a very healthful diet of all natural foods.

However, it was a rather esoteric and advanced system that few, if any doctors, seemed to be able to duplicate.  It is possible that Dr. Koch did not share all of his secrets and this is why his work is not duplicable to this day.  Two of his remedies are still offered today by the Heel Company, a German homeopathic remedy company, but they are not the same as the ones Dr. Koch made, and not too effective for cancer, though they are interesting.

Herbs for cancer.  Near the end of his life, Dr. Koch researched the herbs that contained variants or small amounts of the substances he used for cancer.  He was pleased to find six herbs that he though might be helpful.  These included two from Africa, two from Brazil, including Peau d’Arco or Lapacho, and two from Europe.  He did not pursue this line of research, however, as he was older and the herbs appear to be too toxic to consume in any significant quantity.  Please keep this in mind when using herbs of any kind.  That is, they may indeed have cancer-fighting ability, and definitely do.  However, they are often toxic and the patient therefore never recovers fully, and often dies prematurely due to toxicity from the herbs.

Dr. Koch Update. Near the end of his long life (he lived over 100) Dr. Koch realized that his cancer medicines were too difficult to reproduce and that “the old standby”, as he called the pancreatic enzyme therapy, was better, overall.  It works by a completely different mechanism that slowly starves the cancer for oxygen and other nutrients.  It is somewhat crude and simple, but elegant and safe.  His medicines produced very powerful healing reactions and the patients needed almost constant monitoring and “boosters” to keep them moving along well.

Dr. Koch also realized, like Drs. Kelley and Gerson, that a vegetarian diet for his cancer patients was fine for a short time, but that it is not an adequate diet today.  Many have adopted his vegetarian diet to prevent cancer, only to be sorely disappointed today.  He never advocated a raw food diet.  He felt that a diet containing raw vegetables and fruits, in particular, was very foolish, indeed.  His cancer patients did not have the digestive strength to digest much of anything, let alone vegetable fibers that human beings cannot digest and should never be eating raw.  He did not use vegetable juices, although he knew about them.  He felt they contained far too much sugar, which he said is of the main enemies of good health.




            Dr. Max Gerson was a German immigrant to the United States who began his natural healing work in Germany in the early 1920s.  However, due to his Jewish background, he fled Germany, as did so many brilliant scientists and physicians including Albert Einstein, many rocket scientists and others.

            Dr. Gerson settled in New York City, where he combined many unorthodox methods to arrive at a therapy which he claimed could save about 50% of advanced cancer patients.  The therapy is also used on other diseases as well with some success.  This was, and still is, an impressive achievement that no conventional cancer center can come close to.


              Coffee enema therapy.  We owe Dr. Gerson a particular debt of gratitude for the use of the coffee enema.  Dr. Gerson said he learned about it from a German house maid, who said her family used it whenever anyone got sick.  She also told him several family members used it daily and lived to over 120 years of age in all cases.  This peaked Dr. Gerson’s curiosity and he decided to try it on his early tuberculosis cases.  He was astounded at the results, although he never really understood why it works so well. 

He later devoted an entire chapter to the coffee enema in his landmark book, A Cancer Therapy – Results Of 50 Cases (1958).  This book is still widely available and read by many who are interested in natural cancer therapy.  Its pages are filled with x-ray reports, biopsy reports and other data that is designed to completely refute any foolish claims that the patients did not have cancer, or were not cured.  For an extensive article on the coffee enema, read Coffee Enemas on this website.


            Carrot and other juice therapy.  Dr. Gerson also popularized the use of carrot juice for natural healing, more than anyone else.  He said this was another “fortunate discovery” in which one of his patients got some carrot juice and started drinking it every hour or two, and noticed amazing pain relief with from cancer.  The man later died, as he was one of the early cases, but Dr. Gerson once again took notice and started others on the therapy.  It worked beautifully.


              A diet pioneer.  Dr. Gerson was a keen researcher and carefully noted what he observed as to the effects of diet on his patients.  He found, for example, that his patients would often die if given too many eggs or too much meat, at first.  Later, when they were healthier, they tolerated it fine, however.  He also noted that vegetables, but only cooked ones, were amazingly helpful and he gave patients lots of cooked vegetables and a little salad.  Some whole grains were in his diet, but he was suspicious about wheat, especially as the years went by and the food degenerated badly in America.

A depleted food supply.  Dr. Gerson devoted an entire chapter in his book to organic agriculture and the decline in the food supply.  He was one of the first to do so in the 1950s.  He noted how his therapy stopped working in the 1940s and 1950s using commercially grown food.  This was a mystery to him, so he changed to organic food, which was very hard to obtain in those days, and observed better results.  Toward the end of his career, in the 1950s, he became seriously concerned and discouraged with the decline in the food quality in America and around the world.  He foresaw a great epidemic of cancer, which indeed has occurred precisely as he predicted it.


Raw liver and iodine.  Among the more unusual dietary items that Dr. Gerson found most helpful was raw liver juice.  The patients either drank it or it was injected.  This would help regenerate the liver to a degree, a key component in the fight to save the lives of advanced cancer patients.  He also found the use of iodine most helpful and that most of his patients had thyroid problems.  I prefer kelp to liquid iodine, as kelp also contains about 30 or 40 other important nutrients.  For more on this topic read, Thyroid Disease on this website.

Care with vitamins and minerals. Dr. Gerson said that his patients were all malnourished, and he struggled to find ways to force more nutrition into their bodies before death overwhelmed them.  However, he found that except for iodine, his patients did not tend to tolerate high doses of vitamins and minerals well.  Some died when he gave them too many nutrients at once.


The value of self-discipline.  Dr. Gerson was a true German taskmaster and patients had to follow his dietary, juice and enema schedule rigorously.  It is a difficult therapy to follow because it involves six coffee enemas daily, one every 4 hours throughout the day and night.  It also requires 8 to 10 glasses of fresh-squeezed organic carrot juice daily, and a strict diet that may start out vegetarian but gradually adds more animal products as the patient progresses.


            Gerson Therapy Update.  The Gerson cancer therapy is still offered today in Mexico by Dr. Gerson’s daughter, Charlotte Gerson Strauss, and perhaps at other hospitals and clinics mainly in Mexico. However, the Gerson therapy, as reported to me by several unbiased observers, is not working well today, and nowhere near as well as it did 60 or 70 years ago.  I will suggest the following reasons for this:


1. Too much juice.  As with all the cancer pioneers, Max Gerson lived and worked mainly before the development of the atom bomb, and the widespread use of toxic pesticides and thousands of other toxic chemicals that now fill our air, water and food supplies.  These have made the bodies much sicker and much more “yin” in Chinese medical terminology.  A lot of juice is too raw, much too sugary, and too yin in Chinese medical terms.  This simply does not work well today.  This was recognized by William Kelley, William Koch, MD and other cancer pioneers who reduced the amounts of juices or skipped them altogether for this reason.

2. No natural chemotherapy agents used.  The Gerson cancer therapy is a completely food and enema-based therapy.  It is simply not powerful enough today with the toxic, depleted bodies of today.

3. Too much coffee and too man enemas. We find that when a program is structured correctly, two four enemas daily are enough.  Dr. Gerson may have used more because he did not use any natural chemotherapy agents for cancer.  Also, the bodies were more yang 80 years ago (before the atom bomb and modern chemical agriculture).  The colons may have been in better condition, and therefore could tolerate the high doses of coffee 5 or 6 times daily.  Less coffee and fewer enemas are needed today, we find, when a healing program is structured correctly.

4. Liver and iodine.  We prefer not to use liver and to use kelp instead of iodine.  Liver today is more toxic, unfortunately.  It may still help in some cases, but I have not used it much.

5. Apple juice has become almost a poison today.  Dr. Gerson suggested apple juice, which is not healthful today due to hybridization, genetic modification, pesticide residues even in organic apples, and perhaps other reasons.  I heard that he finally abandoned it at the end of his life because it was too sweet and the quality of apples declined so they offered much less nutrition has well.  His daughter, Charlotte Gerson, may still use it, but it probably gets in the way of healing today.




As a young teenager, Jim Sheridan had a dream in which he was given a long formula for what he was told was a method to cure cancer.  He carefully wrote down the formula and put it away, as he was not even interested in chemistry at the time, and didn’t know anything about cancer.  However, he later studied the subject and became a fairly well-known biochemist and physicist in the Detroit, Michigan area of the United States.

He cooperated with William Koch, MD later in his life and told Koch he wanted to mix up and test the formula he had been given as a teenager in the dream.  Koch was very skeptical, but upon trying the formula on rats in a laboratory, it worked beautifully.  Koch went on to investigate how it worked, and said he was not absolutely sure, but it was effective.  It appears to work in unusual ways, and therefore just a chemical analysis of the formula does not yield its secret.

Finally, after some 50 years of research, Jim Sheridan released his formula under the name of Entelev, at first, which is a abbreviation of several of its chemical constituents.  Later it was refined and called Cancell.  Still later, he changed the name to Protocel, which is the current name for it.  All are similar, however.  Protocel is available over the internet at or by calling 1-(888) 581-4442 within the United States.  Another version, produced by someone else, called Cantron is also available via the internet and is less costly.  I am told it may not be as strong, but it is quite effective.

Dr. Sheridan’s product is sold as a stand-alone method.  This means they do not come with a suggested diet, lifestyle, enemas, saunas or other therapies.  However, it works much better combined with a complete nutritional balancing program with certain modifications.  It is best for fast oxidizers and those with just a mild slow oxidizer pattern.  So far, it does not work well on very slow oxidizers, and it does not work well on those in a four lows pattern.




Dr. Revicci was a brilliant cancer specialist who focused his work on the concepts of anabolism and catabolism.  He read with wonder the work of Melvin Page, DDS about the autonomic nervous system.  He was aware of George Watson, Paul Eck, William Kelley, and the metabolic typing system of fast and slow oxidizers.  Over the years, he developed a number of rather unique remedies that he used with cancer patients in New York City, mainly.  These contained either selenium or zinc.  Zinc was used to “slow down” an overheated metabolism.  Selenium was what he used to heat up a “burned out” metabolism, as he called it.

The combination was often used because he realized that people were, at the same time, overheated and burned out.  This is what I call a sympathetic dominant pattern on a hair analysis.  This is a common pattern seen in cancer patient.  It tends to kill faster than any other pattern on the hair test.

Eventually, Dr. Revicci refined his products and began having good success with many cancer patients.  Unfortunately, he kept his therapy largely a secret, so he did not train successors and we don’t have much information about his remedies.  He did leave us wonderful books and writings, which I am less familiar with, however.  I do not know who offers his work today, but I believe the Kelley metabolic cancer therapy is about the closest therapy to Dr. Revicci’s work that is available today.




In the early 1920s, a Canadian nurse, Ms. Renee Caisse, was bathing an 80-year old woman and noticed that one of her breasts showed scarring.  She asked about it and learned that some 30 years before the woman had been diagnosed with advanced breast cancer, with metastases.  Her Toronto, Canada physician wanted to remove the breast immediately.  However, she and her husband lived far North in a mining town where a very old native American Indian had told her she had cancer and that he could probably cure it with common plants that grew nearby.  The woman decided to try it, and recovered her health.

Upon hearing this story, Renee Caisse asked for the formula.  It consisted of a special combination specially prepared of four common plants, Burdock RootSlippery Elm Inner BarkSheep Sorrel and Indian Rhubarb Root.  This is also called turkey rhubarb root.

One day, Renee’s sister was diagnosed with stomach and liver cancer, and given little hope of recovery.  Renee immediately went to her and her physician, and they decided to try the herbal remedy.  They procured the correct herbs and mixed them properly, and her sister made a complete recovery.  The sister, in her mid-40s, lived another 21 years without ever suffering a relapse of her cancer.

Word spread and others began to ask Renee for treatment.  While she aroused the intense wrath of the Canadian medical establishment, she persisted and was even given space in a hotel in Bracebridge, Ontario, Canada to set up a free clinic.  She ran this clinic for 9 years without charging a penny for her services.  She called the herbal remedy Essiac (which is Caisse spelled backwards)   Renee Caisse died in 1978 in her 80s, after helping thousands regain their health.


Essiac Update. This simple herbal tea is still available in health food stores and via the internet, and continues to help people with cancer.  It has been copied by many companies, and some have tried to improve upon it as well, so it is hard to know which brand of Essiac tea is best.

I do not have much experience with Essiacm although I know it has helped thousands of people.  At this time, I prefer the Budwig Protocol, the Kelley metabolic cancer therapy or Protocel or Cantron.  Indian Rhubarb Root is somewhat toxic, which could be a problem for some people and is one reason I do not recommend it.  If you wish to try it, I am told to observe the following cautions:

1. Buy only the original formula of four herbs only.  Check carefully for this.

2. Exercise care about combining it with other therapies, as they can ruin its effectiveness.  Coffee enemas and near infrared lamp sauna therapy should be okay, however.

3. Some recommend an excellent diet with it, and this should not interfere at all.  I would suggest only whole foods, many cooked vegetables, not raw ones, no fruit, and be sure to have some animal protein daily, but not a lot, and do not eat red meat until the cancer is in remission.




Dr. Henry Schroeder, MD was a pioneer and world authority in the field of mineral nutrition.  While he did not specifically work in the field of cancer, I include him in this article because anyone who wishes to learn about how important nutrition is for health needs to read especially one of his books entitled The Trace Elements and Man (1973).  Another excellent book of his is Pollution, Profits And Progress (1971).  Dr. Schroeder wrote five other books and authored over 100 medical journal articles as well.  He held many important positions in government and the private sector and conducted important research on health and disease, as it relates to mineral nutrition.

His book, the Trace Elements and Man, will help you understand how minerals work in the body, how they interact with each other, and the dangers of the toxic metals to our health.  The book is somewhat dated, but still very valuable.  The only incorrect information has to do with mercury, which Dr. Schroeder felt was not that much of a problem because it has been with mankind for thousands of years.  If he were alive today, I know he would correct this, as we are now seeing so many problems with mercury from dental amalgams, and from eating contaminated fish and seafood.




            Weston Price, DDS traveled the world studying human populations in an attempt to see why some were healthy, while others suffered from every possible human ailment.  He observed that some human tribes were almost completely cancer-free, while others seemed suffer terribly from this disease.

Dr. Price found that a diet of only whole foods, freshly prepared and unprocessed, if possible, and a healthful, happy lifestyle are essential for health.  He also observed that the healthiest tribes all ate meat, or at the very least they ate plenty of fish and eggs if they could not obtain meat.  Also, most of the healthiest ones ate raw dairy products on a regular basis.  He also found that vegetarian diets were not conducive to good health, nor were diets of only fruit or raw foods.  I will not go into more depth about Weston Price, DDS in this article, as he is the subject of another article on this website entitled Weston Price, and the Weston Price Diet.




Royal Rife, MD was a brilliant researcher and physician who is best known for having developed a very unusual and sensitive microscope.  It is described in the next section of this article.

Using this device, in the 1930s, Dr. Rife discovered tiny living creatures within all plant and animal cells.  He called them somatids, meaning "little bodies".  He studied them extensively and wrote that in a healthy person, the somatids appear to be symbiotic organisms within cells and have a simple three stage life cycle (a simple viroid form, spores, and double spores).  This he named the microcycle. 

However, when the body becomes unhealthy, as in all cases of cancer, the somatids shift into a more complicated, sixteen-stage macrocycle.  In this cycle, the somatids literally transform in about 15 or 16 steps or stages into more and more aggressive bacteria-like and fungus-like structures that are parasitic.  This means they slowly begin to destroy the body’s cellular structures.  This is associated with the development of all diseases, including of course cancer.  Cancer is associated with the last stage of decay of the somatids.  The ability of the somatids to alter their form depending upon the conditions they find themselves in is termed pleomorphism.

The pleomorphism theory. The concept of tiny creatures living inside our cells that change form was not new in 1930.  Béchamel, or Antoine Beauchamp, MD, wrote about them 100 years before and called them "microzymes".  Dr. Gunther Enderlein, MD, in Germany, observed them with a darkfield microscope in the first half of the twentieth century, calling them "protits".  I am told that thousands of years ago, Tibetan doctors viewed them telepathically and called them “the little ones”.  For a much deeper look at this interesting subject, read the article on this website entitled Pleomorphism.

The terrain is all important. Dr. Rife found that the proper terrain or cellular environment (which is what we alter with nutritional balancing science ) in the cells contains inhibitors that keep the somatids in the healthy symbiotic microcycle.  As health declines, these inhibitors are lost and our friends, the somatids, turn into opportunistic parasites.

The somatid pattern can function as an indicator of serious disease. The somatid pattern associated with cancer, for instance, is usually observed in the blood up to two years before the manifestation of the disease.  This could allow one to have an early warning system to detect when one is headed for trouble, and it could be helpful in tracking one’s progress in healing.  By monitoring the somatid phenomenon one can theoretically observe a patient's response to both orthodox and alternative treatments, lifestyle changes and any other approach to healing.  This is a wonderful benefit that is similar to what can be observed using hair mineral analysis.

Frequency generators and other methods. Dr. Rife used various methods to change the cellular terrain, which he said would cure cancer easily.  His methods involved a more healthful diet of natural foods, and he sent special frequencies to the patient with radionic machines and other frequency generators.  With these methods, he seemed to have good success with cancer.  However, his methods were rather esoteric and hard to duplicate.  The “cancer establishment” hated Dr. Rife and his amazing microscope.  They spread lies about him and his work, and eventually ruined his career.


Update on Dr. Rife.  Today many companies offer to sell what are called “Rife machines”.  These are frequency generators of many designs that can transmit frequencies into a person, and also perhaps remove certain frequencies of energy from the body.  Some are genuine, while others are copies that are not very good.

I have experienced the use of Rife generators, as they are sometimes called, without too much success.  However, some claim they are helpful.  While fascinating, they seem to me to be more like temporary remedies, which I don’t use often.  They do not tend to address nutrition problems directly, although they can feed various energies into the body.  Perhaps in the future they will be incorporated into nutritional balancing science.




Dr. Naessans was probably the most famous student of Royal Rife, MD.  He had one of Rife’s microscopes, which he called the "somatoscope".

The somatoscope. This unusual instrument weaves two light sources (one visible, one ultraviolet) together to produce a third,  functionally higher, frequency.  With this, it is possible to obtain a resolution and magnification thirty times greater then with conventional light microscopy.  (In conventional light microscopy resolution, and therefore magnification, is limited by the wavelength of visible light - approximately 4000 Angstroms.)

Although with the electron microscope there is almost no limit to the magnification, the electrons must be beamed through a vacuum, so it can not be used to look at living material.  The side view microscope can view live material with a resolution of 150 Angstroms, a magnification of 30,000 diameters.

The world that Dr. Rife and Dr. Naessens saw in a cell revealed the somatids and the pleomorphic states described in the section above.

Darkfield Microscopy. This is all part of a larger body of work that we may call "the darkfield work".  The Rife microscope is a special variation of the darkfield microscope.

In conventional "brightfield" microscopy one sends light directly through the specimen, and usually the specimen must be stained to see it, which kills and mangles the somatids.  The same occurs with the electron microscope.  So orthodox science, even with all its sophistication, mainly views dead material.  With darkfield microscopy, light is shone onto the specimen from the side.  One looks at reflected light against a dark background.  This gives one a highly contrasted image.  There is no need to stain the specimen, and therefore one can examine all living material.  The darkfield microscope allows us to observe the somatid's pleomorphic cycles for this reason.

714X.  Drs. Rife and Naessens developed a nitrogenized camphor derivative (trimethylbicyclo-nitraminoheptane) to alleviate cancer that they called 714X.  The rationale for it is that cancerous tumors are nitrogen traps.  This means they steal protein-bound nitrogen from the body and this inhibits the immune system.  By supplying nitrogen in a special form to the tumor and the body, the immune system becomes more active, and the body begins to heal itself.  Camphor has a natural affinity for tumors and, as it is not toxic at pharmacological doses, so it is used as the carrier for the protein substance.  A homeopathic serum of this compound is injected "paranodularly", meaning next to the lymph nodes, so it is absorbed into the lymphatic system where it can act most directly.

I am told that it is best used in early cancer cases, and is not effective in more advanced cases, although it may greatly improve quality of life in these cases.  The same approach can be used with benefit with other disease such as AIDS and others in which the immune system is compromised.  Few adverse reactions or side effects have been observed beyond some irritation at the site of injection.

This approach is similar to an aspect of the Kelley metabolic cancer therapy, which is to give an amino acid supplement to boost up the serum protein levels of very ill cancer patients.  The supplement of pure amino acids apparently can be a lifesaving help in some cases in which the patient’s serum albumin level is very low.  Pamela McDougle, Dr. Kelley’s student, has noted that unless the albumin level goes up, progress against cancer is very slow or stops altogether.

Update on Gaston Naessans.  Dr. Naessans, who lived in Canada, died several years ago.  714X is available, I believe, in a few clinics in Canada.  I do not recommend it, as I do not think it is nearly as good as the Kelley metabolic cancer therapy or Protocel.




Dr. Kervran was a French biochemist who lived from 1901 to 1983.  He is the major author that I am familiar with who discusses and offers many simple proofs that living organisms can transmute one mineral into another.  This is called biological transmutation of the elements.  Mainstream scientists only accept that transmutation of elements can take place in atom smashers and nuclear reactors, but not in simple plants and animals. 

Dr. Kervran shows that the action of certain hormones, along with certain types of bacteria, viruses, fungi and other micro-organisms actually causes one element to be transformed into another, according to very precise chemical formulas.  These formulas are in Dr. Kervran’s book.  For example, calcium turns into potassium due to the action of a thyroid hormone.

Biological transmutation of the elements has a lot to do with the cancer problem because cancer cannot occur, according to Dr. Kervan, if the biological transmutations are correct.  So this is another way to look at the cancer problem.  When the transmutations do not occur properly, then chaos begins in the body and cancer, among many diseases, can arise and take over easily.

Dr. Kervan wrote a very simplified and enjoyable book entitled Biological Transmutations (1966, 1971, 1980, 1998).  Dr. Eck enjoyed this book immensely and used some of the ideas it contains.  I highly recommend it, and it is widely available.

Hair analysis and biological transmutations.  The book, Biological Transmutations, contains short sections about the sodium/potassium ratio, the calcium/potassium ratio, the calcium/magnesium ratio, and others.  Anyone who reads carefully will be astounded at the parallels with Dr. Paul Eck’s work.

None of Dr. Kervran’s insights are accepted by establishment medicine or science.  So I do not recommend sharing this book with your doctor, who will likely ridicule it.  This does not mean it does not contain the truth, however.   




Bernard Jensen was a wise doctor who spent his life popularizing natural foods and teaching iridology, an interesting science of assessing the body from marks in the iris of the eye.  This science is more popular in Europe today than in America or elsewhere.  Dr. Jensen learned from and blended together many natural medicine concepts that he used for years at his health clinic and ranch in Escondido, California.

Here he also experimented with organic agriculture, long before it was accepted or popular.  He was an avid student of many of the older masters of organic and sustainable agriculture such as William Albrecht and Andre Voisin.

Dr. Jensen wrote a fair amount about the cancer question, and believed in Dr. Gerson’s work, colon cleansing, the healing reaction, and the wonderful work of William Koch, Jim Sheridan and many of the other cancer pioneers discussed above.  I include him in this article because he was a synthesizer of ideas and did a tremendous amount to bring natural healing methods for cancer and other diseases to our attention.  He lived a long and happy life spreading joy to millions with his many books and articles in popular health magazines.


I am sure I have omitted many brilliant doctors from this article.  However, I have included the ones I know about and I hope it gives hope to those seeking non-toxic, safe and natural approaches to cancer.  Please also read the companion article to this one on this website, entitled Cancer And Alternative Approaches.






Dr. William Kelley, DDS was a wise dentist who was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 1969.  He was given little hope of cure, and so he started researching the subject on his own.  He came across the trophoblast theory of cancer, discussed below, and began taking large doses of porcine pancreatic enzymes.  He was soon feeling much better and began sharing his discovery with others. 

Over some 40 years, he developed very effective protocols for his metabolic cancer therapy, as he called it.  He also trained a number of students, the foremost of which is Mrs. Pamela McDougle, who offers training and therapy today.  The Kelley approach is discussed in more detail Cancer And Alternative Approaches on this website.

Near the end of his life, Dr. Kelley added the three-time daily use of a near infrared lamp sauna ONLY to his therapy.  This means one and a half hours daily of the red heat lamp sauna every day.





Ann Wigmore was a brilliant biochemist.  In the late 1960s, she discovered in her laboratory that a substance found in organically grown wheat grass juice had a strong inhibitory effect on cancer cells.  The wheat grass juice had to be fresh, and could be taken by mouth, or better yet, implanted in the rectum in an enema form.

She bought a restored building in Boston and for some 15 years assisted many people to recover from cancer.  A second Ann Wigmore center was established in San Diego, California.

She also recommended eating sprouts, drinking an extract of wheat sprouts called Rejuvelac, and she liked a raw food diet of mainly vegetables, but not fruits.  Later in her life, I am told, she said that the diet was too raw and that the vegetables should be cooked more.  However, her centers still recommend a mostly raw food regimen with no animal protein.  I don’t think she would approve of it today, but I am not sure. 

Ann Wigmore was hounded by the authorities because she did not have a medical degree.  However, she persisted, and insisted she was not treating cancer, but just nourishing the body.  Ann Wigmore sadly died as a result of a fire in her home in the late 1980s.  Her legacy of the use of wheat grass juice, by mouth and by enema, stands as a simple, inexpensive, and safe approach to the cancer problem that can be learned and done by anyone, at home, without a doctor’s prescription.  It can easily save a life.

Many health food stores now offer wheat grass and wheat grass juice.  Other types of grasses and grass juices such as barley juice and others do not seem to work as well.


Dr. Ann Wigmore Update. I was told by one of Dr. Wigmore’s last students that near the end of her life, she changed her mind on a few issues:

1. Food must be cooked.  Too much raw food is not good.

2. A few sprouts are okay, but no more.  They are slightly toxic and should not be consumed in large quantities.

3. Vegetables, cooked, are what are most important to eat.  Fruit is not good except perhaps in small quantities once daily.


This information was not shared well, so her two centers continue to serve up loads of sprouts, fruit and raw food to their guests.


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