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Open water is water with a more open bond angle between the hydrogen and oxygen bonds.  It can help a person develop spiritually, which is quite unusual.

Most people are not ready to drink it by itself, as it is too mineral-free.  Most people can benefit, however, if you wish to add about 5 drops to a glass of your spring water, or add about 3 ounces to a gallon of your regular drinking water.




Before discussing open water, here is a brief introduction to the very controversial subject of proper drinking water.  There is so much available on the internet about drinking water that anyone can become confused.  Here is my view:


What to drink.  Most all adults need to drink at least three quarts of water daily.  Other beverages do not count.  Children need proportionately less depending on their weight and size. 

The best types of water are either spring water or, for a few months only, distilled water.  Distilled water, however, should only be used for about 3-6 months and no longer, or it will begin to demineralize the body.  The only purpose of the distilled water is to remove a lot of toxins quickly, as it functions something like a chelator.  This is a substance that removes toxic metals from the body.  After 6 months at the most, switch to a good spring water, of which there are many.

The next best type of water is usually carbon-filtered tap water, even if filtered with an inexpensive filter such as a Britta pitcher filter, sold in the supermarkets.  The trouble is that tap water is loaded with toxic metals and chemicals in some areas, so it is not quite as good as a quality spring water.

Do not worry about the plastic jugs in which spring and distilled water are sold.  I am familiar with the problem, but it is not a major issue, in my experience.  Plastic poisoning from RO water is far worse.

Do not buy a home distiller, as these do not do a good enough job of cleaning up the water.

You can have spring or distilled water delivered to your home.  You can also go to and perhaps find a spring near you where you can get spring water free of charge.


Drinking water to avoid.  Avoid all reverse osmosis water, “drinking water”, “purified water”, Aqua Fina, Dasani and others made with reverse osmosis water.  This type of water does not seem to hydrate the body as well.  It appears that the plastic RO membrane damages the water in some way.  Also, one gets plastic toxicity from the RO membrane – much worse than any residue from drinking spring water from plastic jugs.  Also, RO water is demineralized and will remove minerals from the body and not provide any.  

Avoid alkaline water from alkaline water machines.  The water is usually passed over platinum plates, and platinum is one of the most toxic metals in existence.  Most alkaline water is also very yin in Chinese medical terminology.  This is okay for a short time, but not for more than a month or two.

Many people are severely dehydrated today.  Either:

1. They do not drink enough spring water or carbon-filtered tap water.

2. They drink RO or other water that unbalances them or does not hydrate them well.

3. They consume substances that cause further dehydration.  These include alcohol, sugars or caffeine, all of which tend to dehydrate the body to some degree.  Sugars includes eating a lot of fruit or fruit juices.


For more on drinking water, read Water For Drinking on this site.




Open water is water that has a larger bond angle than all other water.  The bond angle is the angle between the two hydrogen atoms in the H2O.  This gives it special properties.




            1. An etheric remedy. Open water acts on the human body to help it detoxify.

An etheric remedy means that the product is especially beneficial for those who have some degree of etheric development, namely adults over about age 30.  The effect of the water is to clarify, detoxify and enhance the etheric envelope or etheric body of a human being.


2. Helps stop infections.  This water does not support pathogenic organisms well at all.  The main reason is that it vibrates at a very high rate, too high for most bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites and other harmful micro-organisms to survive within.  This is an aspect of etheric quality water.  Also, the water is low in minerals, and this discourages microbial growth.


3. A wetting agent.  This means it makes water wetter and more able to carry nutrients, hormones, oxygen and everything else into the cells of the body.  This property also assists the removal of all waste products out of the cells.  This is a great benefit.

Other types of water that are called “structured” or “declustered” also have this property.  They work because the water molecules are separated a little, allowing the water to interact chemically with many molecules and carry them more easily throughout the body.

Open water accomplish the same thing, but not by interacting with nutrients or other substances as much as by an osmotic mechanism.  This means that it exerts an osmotic pressure that tends to move substances in and out of the cells better.  This property is even better than the mechanism used in structured water products such as Willard Water, in many cases.


4. A base material. The ability to make water wetter or to be a carrying agent, makes open water ideal as a base material that can be used to make remedies of many kinds.  These include homeopathic types of remedies, herbal remedies, nutrient mineral remedies and most others as well.  This is a very important use for open water that I believe will be exploited greatly in the future.


5. An amplifier. Open water appears to be able to amplify the effects of many nutrients, hormones, minerals, and even drugs.  This also has to do with its property of making water wetter or to be a carrying agent, or both.  Other mechanisms may also be at work here.


6. De-densification or etherealization of the body.  Open water can help move the body to a less dense state that I am told is akin to what some people call the fourth or fifth dimension.  This is a fancy way of saying that the body becomes a little less dense.  This is different from just removing toxic metals and toxic chemicals from the body, which this water helps with as well.


7. For children, animals and plants.  In those without etheric development, which is most children, the water is excellent mainly as a carrier agent to move food, nutrients, remedies and other material in and out of the body cells more effectively.

            Also, for children, especially, but also for animals and perhaps plants, the water is somewhat anti-microbial because it does not support bacterial, fungal or viral growth very much.




Ways to obtain open water are:


1. Buy it as Ice Age Spring Water.  This is a brand of spring water that is sold in many health food stores around the world.  It is not quite as pure as making it or buying it from John Ellis, but it works fairly well.  An advantage is that Ice Age spring water can be heated and used in cooking without losing its potency, and it keeps well in plastic, which are not the case with the Ellis water described below.

If it is not available in your local health food store, you can buy it at at the following link: Ice Age Premium Glacier Water.

NOTE: you must take the Ice Age water out of the metal container it is now sold in, and put it in a glass or even a plastic container.


2. Buy a special machine to make it from John Ellis (  However, it costs about $2800.00 and is not worthwhile for most people.

If you buy one of the machines, I suggest the following modifications:

A. Try to buy the machine without the light unit.  This should save some money, and it makes the water without  oxygen, which is a more yang water and better in this respect, although the oxygen will kill cancer faster, if that is what you are using it for.  However, for cancer I suggest the methods in the article entitled Cancer And Alternative Therapies on this site.

B. When making open water with the machine begin the process with distilled or reverse osmosis water, not tap water, as the instructions suggest. This will just make a purer water and will keep the machine cleaner.


Contact info for John Ellis:  The phone number is (845) 754-8696 or perhaps (570) 296-0214. (Eastern standard time zone, USA.) 





1. Do not drink open water straight.  It is too demineralized and will demineralize the body.

2. Do not place a jar of the open water near the upper part of your body, such as the shoulders or head.  This will reverse the flow of energy out of the body and could be damaging, although more research is needed on this subject.

  The most important ways to use the water at this time include:


1. For Drinking. 

Š           Place 2-5 drops in a glass of water. You may use it in mild teas as well, but add the open water after the tea is made so you do not boil the open water.  Boiling open water will destroy it completely.

Š           Or place about 2-3 ounces in a gallon jug of your drinking water. 

Š           Preferably store water that has open water in it in a glass or ceramic container.  Metal containers are not good.

Š           Do not cook with open water.  The ellis water will be wasted if it is boiled.  However, a few drops can be added to soups and other dishes provided it is added after the dish has cooled and is no longer at the boiling point. 


2. At your feet while sleeping:

Š           Place a squarish-shaped bottle of the open water or a bottle or two of ice Age Spring water about six inches away from where your feet are when you sleep.  The bottle must be at or near the height of your feet.  The bottle should be placed squarely against the bed, not turned at an angle.  Do not use a metal bottle, but empty the water into a closed glass or plastic bottle.  Glass is best.

Š           If you are short, the bottle could be under the covers at the foot of the bed.  If you are tall, the bottle probably needs to be on a chair, trunk or night table placed at the foot of the bed.

Š           Do not place the bottle on the floor, unless your mattress is very thin and you sleep close to the floor, as on a thin futon.


3. At your feet during the day:

Place a bottle of the water about six inches away from your feet while you sit at your work desk, or while you sitting anywhere.  That is all that one needs to do.  Most people will feel their toes begin to tingle a little after a few moments when the water is placed near the feet.


4. As a carrier agent: 

            Open water will carry other substances into your body very efficiently.  In this regard, it is like DMSO (dimethylsulfoxide), a slightly toxic chemical that has this property as well.  Therefore, if you are taking vitamins in liquid form or remedies of any kind, or even food products, you may add a drop of open water to the product, and it will be carried into the body much faster and more efficiently.

            For example, if one is using a remedy like Protocel that is used for cancer, making up the Protocel dose by mixing it with open water will move it into the cells more effectively.  Similarly, if you use a homeopathic or herbal liquid, you could add a drop of open water and technically it would not affect the energy and it would move the substance into the body more effectively.  This needs more research, however.


5. As a carrier agent topically:  Open water should also move liquids, creams, lotions and other remedies into the body through the skin much faster, as does DMSO.  Just add a drop or more of open water to the cream or product you wish to apply to your skin before putting the product on the skin.  This will need to be researched more as well.


6. As a carrier agent for eye drops, nose drops, vaginal douches and even perhaps some types of enemas:

Once again, adding a drop of open water to the drops or douche should move the remedy or medication into the body faster and more effectively.  This can be very important in some serious infections, for example, in which the potency of the remedy or medication must be as high as possible.


7. Added to many liquid remedies:

Due to its ability to move items into the body faster, open water should be added to any liquid remedies or even therapeutic drinks, smoothies, juices or other liquids to make the product move into the body faster and more effectively.  We will be researching this more.


8. For plants:

Open water is fabulous for all plants.  It will not hurt any of them.  Just add a few drops of it to your bucket or watering can before you water your plants.  This will help the plants absorb more nutrients from the water and from the soil the plant is living in.


9. For animals:

Open water is excellent as a carrier agent for all animal food, and medications.  Similar to human remedies, just add a few drops of it to all liquid medications for animals.  You may also add about two drops to a dog or other animal’s water bowl or trough.  This will help the health of the animal greatly, in some cases, as many animals are not well hydrated and this will assist their hydration.  Do not use more than a drop or two in a quart of water, as it is not needed or helpful at all.




            Here are the strict rules for the use of open water.


1. You may place about 3-5 drops of it in a glass of spring or other drinking water, or between 2 and 3 ounces of it in a gallon of your favorite drinking water.  Doing this will enhance your drinking water quite a lot.


2. For babies and children.  Open water may be given to small children, although I would not give it to babies.  I am just not sure of the effects.  When giving it to children, do not give more than 1 drop in a large glass of water.  This is all they need.  Do not add it to the family drinking water if you will give the water to children.  It is too much for children.  Just have them drink spring water without the open water added, as it is not that important for them, or add just a drop to their water glass.


            3. For pets.  One can add a drop or two to a bowl of water used for your cat, dog or other animals.  This is enough.  Like children, they do not need much of it, and more than this may cause illness or upset.  This is because children and animals do not have a well-developed etheric body, and the water has other effects when this is the case.  This is an advanced topic beyond the scope of this article.  The use of the water for pets and children is mainly as a disinfectant and as a surfactant or wetting agent to make the water ‘wetter’ and therefore it penetrates into the tissues better and carries food, nutrients and other substances into the body more efficiently.




Bond angle. Water is a triangular molecule made of two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen.  This is a very unique arrangement in which the hydrogen atoms repel each other, creating a peculiar phenomenon called the bond angle or hydrogen bond angle.  Most water has a bond angle between the two hydrogen atoms of about 94-100°.

Open water has a bond angle between the hydrogen atoms of about 110-114°.  Thus the water molecule itself, or H2O, is more open, for which reason it is called open water.  This is the secret to many, though not all of its properties.


            A reduced boiling point and easier to dissociate into hydrogen and oxygen.  This interesting property has many possible industrial uses, and is used in the body as well to hydrate and oxygenate it better.  In other words, it is possible that the body can dissociate the water molecule to free an atom of oxygen much easier with this water.




            The John Ellis machine. Producing this type of water requires a special machine that is sold by John Ellis at or  His machine basically is a type of boiler that moves the water back and forth between two heater elements that boil the water many hundreds of times before it finally leaves the machine.  This is the essence of the process, but it must be done exactly right for it to work, and his machine is carefully calibrated to make that happen. 

Beware: It is not a very user friendly machine, in my view, and John Ellis does not give refunds.

He sells the machine for $2800.00.  However, the light units, transformer, and the dome-shaped top of the machine are not necessary for the production of open water.  The water that is produced using the light is more yin and not recommended for most uses.


            Modifying the Ellis machine. Once one has the machine, to produce the best water, a few precautions and modifications are needed, according to my understanding:

1) Do not use the light, as mentioned above.  The light adds oxygen to the water, which is not helpful in some ways, although Mr. Ellis would say it is better.

2) Use the purest water you can find as input water.  This will involve modifying the device even more because the machine is designed to use tap water as input water, and it is designed to attach directly to a kitchen or other faucet.  Instead, I suggest buying purified water made by reverse osmosis at the supermarket, for example.  Use that as input or feeder water, if possible.  This will produce a purer output water and it will keep the machine much cleaner inside.  Otherwise the machine must be soaked in vinegar often to keep it clean.  Opening up the machine to clean it is quite an operation and it must be reassembled correctly or the machine won’t work. 

            To use RO water as the input water, you will need to set up two large tubs or basins.  One will hold your purified feeder water and the other is for overflow water.

The feeder tank.  I set my feeder tank or source water basin to be about two feet higher than the machine.  This way the feeder water can flow to the machine downhill.

The overflow tank. This should be placed at least one foot lower than the machine so that overflow water will run downhill into this tank.  This will keep the water level in the boiler very constant, which is absolutely necessary for water production. When the overflow tub or tank fills up, the overflow water should be poured back into the feeder tub and used again in the machine.

            These are the modifications to the machine, as it comes from the factory, that are needed to produce open water.




            Ice Age water will keep well in plastic or preferably glass containers.

If you make open water with a John Ellis machine, preferably store it in square or squarish, preferably glass containers.  They need not be perfectly square, although if you make a lot of it, a rectangular fish tank, which can be purchased inexpensively at a pet store, is a fine container.  The silicone sealant at the corners is not a significant problem.

            For smaller amounts, an old fashioned cookie jar that is squarish in shape is very good.  Any squarish glass container is fine.  Do not use plastic, preferably, as it will degrade the water faster.  Do not use round glass jars, if possible, as these, too, will degrade the water a little faster.  Do not use metal containers either, as the water will pick up some metals from the container walls, and this would be toxic and somewhat dangerous.

            Another excellent container material is ceramic.  However, it is not quite as good as glass.  Be sure the glaze on the ceramic is intact without any cracks or chips, as the water will pick up minerals from the clay underneath if the glaze is damaged in any way.

            Enamel containers will work as well, provided the enamel is intact and not cracked or chipped.  If it is, the water will pick up metal particles from the metal or other material underneath the enamel coating.

            Rubber seals on glass containers.  When storing open water, if possible avoid containers that have a rubber or plastic seal or ring for sealing the jar.  The water will definitely pick up residue of the rubber or plastic and can take on a disagreeable rubber or plastic taste.  This will not damage the properties of the water very much, but it will influence the taste of the water.

            Darkness or brown glass.  The water is best stored away from sunlight, as the sun will degrade the water faster.  Also, brown glass containers can be used, provided they are squarish in shape.  Round brown glass containers are not bad, either, but not quite as good as square ones.

            A cool place to store the water is a bit better than a hot place, but this is less critical.  Do not freeze the water, and definitely do not boil it.  Boiling the Ellis water will ruin it.  The Ice Age Spring water is hardier, and can be heated to the boiling point without much damage.  So do not cook with the Ellis water, but it is okay to cook with a little Ice Age Spring water.  A little Ellis water can be added to a soup or other dish after it has cooled a little.

Store it away from all light, and preferably in the darkness, as it will pick up the energy of any light source directed toward it and this is not helpful at all.




            Open water is a fascinating technology.  The availability of open water from nature, in the form of Ice Age Premium Glacier Water, makes it much more available if you can find this spring water in a store or at  This website will provide more research about it in the future.



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