by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

© February 2016, L.D. Wilson Consultants, Inc.


            Many things can slow or stop development, as I define it on this website in articles such as Introduction To Development.  This development is a physical enlargement of the brain and other subtle changes in the body that enhance its functioning.

This article discusses some of the most important ways that people slow or stop development.




This is a common item that slows or stops development.  The most important problems are:


            A. Not enough rest.  Rest in large amounts is needed, especially for the initial stages of development.  Those with active lives do not like this and may not cooperate with the need for more rest.  Enough rest means two things:

1) Go to bed by 9 PM or earlier. Much more regeneration of the body occurs when one goes to bed early, as opposed to staying up later.

2) Not enough rest.  Everyone needs 9 or more hours of sleep each night.


            B. Too much regular sex with orgasm. The problem with sex is losing sexual fluid. Casual sex is not good because picking up STDs weakens the body.  Also, mixing your mental and emotional energy with that of others tends to make one more yin. 

This is not to say one must become celibate.  However, restraint in the sexual area is definitely best.  For more on sex, in general, read Development And Sex on this website.


              C. Drug use.  All drug use tends to damage the brain and slow development.  Also, keep medical and over-the-counter product use to a minimum.


D. Chaotic lifestyles with too much stress, too much activity, too much running around, too much exercise, or similar imbalances.




            These block development because they are yin, underneath.  Also, they destroy your integrity and cause internal conflicts, both of which affect the brain.

            All politically correct attitudes are lies, by the way.  The truth is the only thing that promotes development.




            Many food-related problems will slow or stop development.  These include:

A. Yin diets.  Eating too many yin foods is often the most damaging type of eating for development.  These are sugars, sweets, fruit, raw foods, vegetarian diets, vegan diets, or not enough cooked meat and eggs. 

Some also eat too much animal quality food.  Eat animal protein at only two meals daily, have only one type of protein at a meal, protein portions should be 4 to 5 ounces only, and men can have up to 8 eggs weekly, and women can have up to 6 eggs weekly.  Have a total of only 4 ounces of dairy (milk, cheese, yogurt or kefir) daily.


              B. Depleted foods.  These include most refined and chemical-containing foods, and sadly, many common everyday foods like wheat, beef and even white corn and others.


C. Toxic foods.  These include many items.  Here is a basic list arranged by the type of toxin in the food:


Metals or toxic minerals:

All shellfish and most fish are high in mercury.  Wine is high in arsenic and lead in many cases.  Organ meats are higher in toxic metals and toxic chemicals.  Some herbs, particular Chinese and Ayurvedic herbs contain too many toxic metals.  Others are clays such as zeolite and bentonite, which are high in aluminum, sea trace minerals, some salts, and most seaweeds except kelp. Most commercial bread contains bromine.  Most tap water contains added fluoride, chlorine compounds, aluminum, and many contain copper, etc.


Toxic chemical compounds:

- Fermented foods are high in aldehydes, which are quite toxic.

- Nightshade vegetables, which contain a toxin calleds solanin.

- Overcooked food is high in denatured proteins and unavailable calcium, including all pasteurized and homogenized dairy products.

- All prepared foods tend to contain toxic chemicals.  These are often added as preservatives, coloring, flavoring, dough enhancers and hundreds of other types of toxic chemicals that are permitted in the food supply.

- Conventionally grown food, as compared with organically grown food, also contains far more pesticide residues and these type of toxins.

- Too many foods at a meal tend to produce toxic chemicals in the digestive tract.  Eat only one or two foods at a meal for best digestion.

- Most municipal drinking water contains traces of hundreds of medical drugs today that do not biodegrade fast enough and find their way into the ground water.  City water also usually contains residues of hundreds of toxic chemicals from industrial and even natural sources.

- Alcohol use is extremely toxic, as are recreational drugs including marijuana.


Biological toxins: 

- Old or spoiled food often contains mold, bacteria, yeasts, fungi, viruses and other harmful organisms.

- Raw food often contains harmful pathogenic organisms such as parasite eggs and other filth, hepatitis germs and much more, even if it washed.  This is why I only recommend raw dairy that one knows is clean.

- Even cooked pork, ham, bacon, lard and other pig products often contain trichina and other parasite cysts.  This is why I suggest avoiding all pig products.


Other toxins:

              These include radioactive isotopes, energetic toxins such as that the food was prepared in a microwave oven or grown on such defective soil that the food is toxic at very subtle levels that may not be detectable with conventional scientific instruments.


Unbalanced nutrient content. 

Wheat is too high in glutamine today.  Spirulina, chlorella and blue-green algae are not compatible enough with our physiology.   Beef and most cow dairy is somewhat unbalanced due to hybridization of the cows.  All refined food is unbalanced such as sugars, white flour, white rice, white bread, grits, corn starch and hundreds of other products.



These include chlorella, some cilantro extracts, drinking distilled water for more than a few days, and chemical chelators such as DMSA, DMPS, EDTA and others.  All of these tend to remove some vital minerals from the body.  This makes all chelators dangerous for development.




This is sometimes an important cause.  The problems are:

1) Not drinking enough water (most adults need 3 quarts or 3 liters daily)

2) Drinking the wrong kind of water such as alkaline water, reverse osmosis water or others

3) Consuming substances that deplete water such as alcohol, sugars and fruits, or caffeine.




            The major problems we see with supplements are:


            Missing supplements. Certain food supplements are needed for development.  These are:

a) Kelp, about 4000 mg daily.

b) Omega-3 fatty acids, preferably from fish oil, not flax or hemp oil, and not krill oil.  Most people need about 900 mg daily of a combination of EPA and DHA.  Do not use Carlson or Nordic Naturals brands, as these do not work well.

c) Vitamin D3, 4000 to 5000 iu daily.  This is true even if you spend time in the sun.

d) calcium, about 750 mg daily, magnesium, about 450 mg daily, zinc, between 20 and 60 mg daily, and selenium, about 300 mcg daily.

e) a digestive aid with ox bile and pancreatin.

Without at least these basic nutrients, development slows.

            Taking too many supplements.  All supplements are yin, even if they help one feel better.  Taking extra probiotics, herbs, vitamins, minerals, homeopathics and other items will make the body more yin and will slow development.  So please do not take supplements we don’t recommend.


              Random and chaotic supplements. A lot of “scientific” supplementation is chaotic, conflicting and confuses the body.  It is another reason not to take products other than those we suggest.


              Herbs – most all of them. These have become more toxic today.  Perhaps they pick up toxic metals from the environment.  They also do not work as well as they did formerly.


              Ideological supplementation.  Some of our clients want to take only food-based supplements, or only vegetarian products, or only raw food products, or only pills that are free of binders and fillers.  Others will only take a certain amount of calcium, or other nutrients.  Others decide they will only take a few supplements.  Still others decide they will only take supplements for a few months.

              These rigid attitudes or ideas I call ideological.  The ide or concept takes precedence over balancing and strengthening the body, and this slows development.  I am familiar with all these ideas, and they are taken into account when setting up nutritional balancing programs.




This can be a marriage, or even a business relationship that causes a lot of stress.




            Some mental efforting or study is extremely helpful for development.  Reading, or even watching an educational televison program, tends to focus the mind, makes it more yang, and assists mental development.

Just reading junky novels or watching most movies and television shows is not helpful.  It just wastes your time.

The best type of study is to read the Bible, read this website, or study scientific literature and actually study it to learn it




            One’s attitudes can affect development in unusual and powerful ways.  For example, the most developed groups around the world are often Christians. 

Interestingly, a second group that shows some development are business men and businesswomen.

Among the least developed, often, are “new age” and self-proclaimed “spiritual people”, and those who have no religious affiliation.  Here are some possible explanations:


1. Belief versus non-belief in a development process on earth.  Christians believe in development, which is called “conversion” or “becoming closer to Christ”.  It is helpful to believe that development is possible.  It may help with discipline, focus and living one’s life in a healthful manner.

Some new age people believe they are superior and perfect as they are.  This is less helpful as they are liable to work less on themselves in all areas of life.


2. Yang versus yin moral and cultural beliefs. Following clear rules such as the Ten Commandments and the Golden Rule are helpful.  Conservative political attitudes are also best.  Beliefs that slow development include beliefs in homosexual marriage, victimhood, that one is entitled to government benefits, and hating the rich people or anyone else.


3. Positive versus negative attitudes.  Attitudes of negativity, depression and anger slow development.  In contrast, true Christian beliefs in faith, grace, hope, forgiveness and love help.  Many new age people are in rebellion, and this is a very yin attitude.  Christians, on the other hand, and business people, are “following orders” and this may make a difference.


4. Humility versus arrogance and rebellion.  Humility is helpful. Arrogance slows development.


5. Politically right wing (more yang) versus politically left wing (more yin, generally).  Christians and business people tend to be more right of center politically.  New age people often are left of center politically.
            The more centrist and right of center people believe in self reliance, limited government under a Constitution, much more freedom, capitalism, liberty for all, guns for self defense, and the like.  These are far more yang attitudes, and yang, in general, helps development.
            Left of center attitudes are the opposite.  They do not believe in limited government, freedom first, free enterprise capitalism (which is freedom in the economic sphere), total free speech, and other liberties that were advocated and written into law by the American founders.
            Left-wing attitudes are actually far more authoritarian and old-fashioned, like the rule of kings and monarchs, even though few will admit it.  For example, many new age people are fearful that we are killing the earth and flooding the planet due to global warming, a total lie they have been taught.

They blame business people for this, and want a “strong central government”, meaning authoritarian rule, to keep everyone in line, redistribute the wealth “fairly” and save the earth.  Authoritarian attitudes are very yin in nature, since they presume that people have no discipline and no ability to rule themselves.


6. Mentally and emotionally grounded, centered, and directed versus less mentally and emotionally grounded, much less centered and more non-directed and confused.


Other.  The “cardinal sins” such as pride, greed and jealousy will all hold a person back from development.  Anger or bitterness can be a problem as one wakes up and sees the truth about our tawdry world with its lies and corruption.

More on this subject is found in the article entitled Attitudes And Development.




This is an important factor in some cases.  It discourages people and limits their ability to take risks and move forward in their lives.




Sloth or laziness definitely can hold back progress in some cases, as one does not work hard enough to make changes.




One’s upbringing is definitely a factor that holds some people back, though it is definitely not a guarantee of anything.  Good parenting teaches a child normal discipline, a healthy self-esteem, how to rest enough, how to eat properly and how to think and care for oneself properly in every sphere of life. 

Good parenting should also cultivate in a child a belief in a development process on earth.  This should be a great advantage later in life when development usually occurs.

If, however, a child had to fend for himself, was around low integrity people for his first 10 to 20 years of life, had poor role models, and so on, this should be a disadvantage.  It does not always work out this way, but overall it probably does.




Some birth defects will interfere with development in many possible ways.  Also, it is possible that having a brain tumor, or some other illnesses can slow or stop development.  This tends to be rare.




These are types of damage to the mind or body that one is born with that are not genetic.  They may be due to:

- Nutritional deficiencies in the mother that are passed on to the child.

- Toxic chemicals in the mother that are passed on to the child.

- Subtle or other infections that are passed to the child during gestation.

- Psychic or psychological imbalances that occur in the womb and affect the baby as a result of stress on the mother or even on the father.

- Other, such as injuries during pregnancy, the effect of taking drugs, or using alcohol during pregnancy and others.




These are decisions made at some level of one’s being that affect one’s rate of development.  For example, one may decide or choose that in one’s lifetime one will not develop much mentally for some reason.  The reason might be to experience certain events or situations, perhaps to help others, or perhaps to learn a lesson.




Nutritional balancing cannot prevent all of these blocks and problems that occur during development.  It can, however, help a person to:

1. Build a solid physical and biochemical foundation upon which to develop

2. Clear many emotional and mental blocks that arise during the development process.  This usually happens automatically, in its own timing, in wonderful ways.

3. Remove toxic metals and other toxins that can block anyone’s spiritual development by impairing the functioning of the brain and much more, as well. 

4. Prevent or avoid, in many cases, the worst of the illnesses such as cancer and others, or at least slow them down significantly.



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