by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

December 2017, L.D. Wilson Consultants, Inc.


All information in this article is for educational purposes only.  It is not for the diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure of any disease or health condition.


The genital bath is one of the most powerful healing procedures imaginable.  It is helpful for overall health, and not just for alleviating vaginal, bladder, uterine and even prostate difficulties.  Bladder and vaginal infections in women often respond very well to this procedure.  Men can use it as well for urinary and penile difficulties.

The genital bath is also excellent as a therapy for trauma of any kind to the pelvic area.  It is also helpful to move subtle energy downward from the head to the feet.  It also helps open the central channels or Conception Vessel.




The basic idea is to splash cold water just on the genital area.  To do this, one can wear a shirt or sweatshirt, as the water will be directed only at the genital area.  Two ways to do the procedure are:

1. Sit down in the shower.  Turn on the cold water and direct the spray from a shower massager just on the genital area.  Ideally, use the pulse position on the shower massager.  If this position is too stimulating, use a more gentle spraying option.  Do this for about 10 minutes per session.  This is the most powerful method.

2. Sit on the side of a bathtub facing into the bathtub.  Alternatively, sit on a stool placed in the bathtub.  Use a washcloth or a shower massager to splash cold water on the genital area only, (not on your entire abdomen).  Note: The water must be cold.  If your water is warm or tepid, put some water in a bucket and add a few ice cubes to make the water cold.

Continue the procedure for a full 10 minutes.  Repeat the genital bath five or more times per day.  This is very important.

The genital bath can be used for as long as necessary with no ill effects.




            The genital bath can help with:

1. Infections of the bladder, vagina, penis and the entire pelvis.

2. Retracing and clearing of traumas to the pelvic area. 

3. Clearing of negative energies from this area of the body.

4. Helps move subtle energy downward through the body.

5. Post-menopausal women may find this helps with vaginal problems that occur with menopause.

6. Development.



            The genital bath is effective because the cold water causes a reaction that greatly enhances blood flow to this area of the body.  This, in turn, assists healing.



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