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Definition Of A Bidet

The Bidet Healing And Development Procedures



(This section includes 14 ways a bidet can be helpful for healing)



Using A Shower Massager

Using A Hand-Held Sprayer

Using A Fixed Sprayer

Other – Heated, Driers, And Separate Toilets




Using A Bidet To Clean Up After Bowel Movements





            Definition of a bidet.  A bidet (pronounced biday) is a device that sprays water upward aimed at the anal area.  The traditional use is to clean up your bottom thoroughly and quickly after a bowel movement.

Bidets are used more in Europe and in the Middle East than they are in America.  However, they are gaining popularity everywhere as more people discover their benefits.


The bidet development procedures.  Around 2015, we discovered by accident that a bidet can be a powerful healing and development method.  In fact, there are at least four or five ways to use it.  It has become on of the main Low Body Procedures of the development program.  The various ways to use it are explained in the next section.


Four types of bidets. 

1. Bidets can be freestanding units that look like a toilet but have a sprayer and faucets to turn the water on and off.  These are not found in most homes and take up extra space.

2. Another type is a toilet attachment that bolts on to most standard toilets.  This method works on most, but not all toilets.

3. Another type is a handheld sprayer that is plumbed into the supply line to a toilet.  One sits on the toilet and aims the sprayer with one hand.  Aiming the sprayer is awkward with this method.  It is best for douching and the genital bath, but not for most of the bidet procedures.

4. One can also achieve the bidet effect by sitting or standing in a shower and aiming a shower massager at the anal area of the body.  The advantage is the water is warm and often the spray is stronger.  You can sit on the edge of a shower stool for comfort.

All of the therapeutic procedures below can be done with any of the spray methods discussed above.






This is somewhat unusual.  However, spraying water on a particular spot along the floor of the pelvis causes a rewinding or unwinding effect on the body.  This means it can actually undo illnesses, traumas and more.

Even more unusual, if one is developed, this use of the bidet will help unwind situations in the area around where one lives.  Rewind science is an advanced healing science involving time.  For details, read Rewind Science.

The procedure.  One must focus the water spray on a slight hollow place located in the middle between the genitals and the anus.

Base of the first energy center.  The spot between the genitals and the anal opening is the base or narrowest point of the first physical energy center of the body.  Some people also call this the first chakra.  The word means a funnel in Sanskrit.

To those who can see it, this subtle energy center looks like a funnel that opens downward between the legs.  For details about the energy centers, read The Energy Centers and Raising Girls.

Sensations.  There is no pain or other strong feeling with this use of the bidet.  Most people can feel the slight hollow spot between the genitals and anus where you need to spray the water.

How often.  At this time, we strongly suggest that everyone do this procedure for a half hour every day.  It is very powerful.

Cautions.  A few people report feeling a little light-headed after doing this procedure, so rest for at least 20 seconds after you turn off the water before getting up off the toilet or before leaving the shower.




The anal sphincter or ring, which is the circular muscle around the anus, is a very powerful reflex area of the body.  Spraying it with water activates the various reflex areas.

The procedure.  To stimulate the reflexes, move the bidet sprayer so that the water strikes a particular part of the anal sphincter.  If the sprayer position is fixed, as it is in the freestanding bidet and in most bidet toilet attachments, one needs to move the buttocks to stimulate different parts of the anal sphincter.  A few bidet toilet attachments allow some adjustment of the aim of the sprayer.

The anal reflex areas.  The left side of the anal ring or sphincter reflexes to the back of the body.  The right side of the anal ring reflexes to the front of the body.  The part of the anal sphincter nearest your spine reflexes to the head and brain.  The area of the sphincter nearest the genitals reflexes to the organs of the lower body. 

For example, if you want to work on the kidneys, you would move your body or the sprayer so that the water strikes the left side of the anal sphincter about halfway down toward the genitals, or perhaps a little more.

Sensations. There can be a little pain when one sprays certain areas.  This is normal.  The pain eventually goes away as the organs heal.  It is exactly like the pain that can occur when one presses on certain reflexology points on the feet or hands.

You may also feel a slight sensation in the organ whose reflex you are stimulating.  This is also normal.

How often.  One can do this procedure up to several times daily for up to 5 minutes on a particular reflex area.  A complete therapy session might take half and hour or more.

Cautions.  The procedure is very safe, in our experience.  Other than perhaps a little pain, it is also comfortable.




A bidet can be used as a rather unusual, but powerful and very safe detoxification method.  This can be used for acute poisoning as well as for general healing and detoxification.

The procedure.  Aim the water spray directly at the anal opening.  Within a week of doing this for at least 10 minutes at least once a day, the souls living in the area learn to move toxins from anywhere in the body into the rectum.  There the spray from the bidet can reach them and remove them.

The effect is somewhat like doing a water enema, except it is easier and better. 

Sensations.  Some people feel the release of toxins during the procedure as a slight headache or sensation in the head.  Some also feel a lightness in the feet when the release of toxins occurs.

How often.  You can do this procedure up to three or four times daily for 10-30 minutes each time.

Cautions.  A little water will enter the rectum.  This is normal.  You may also have a bowel movement, which is also okay.




Spraying the anal opening with a bidet sprayer often causes a bowel movement.  One needs to spray the area for at least 5 minutes.

Some of our clients do this whenever they are preparing to leave the house.  This way, they donÕt need to worry about find a public bathroom while shopping or running other errands.




Using a bidet in any of the ways described above will move oneÕs attention downward.  This is very beneficial because the correct flow of subtle energy through the body is from the head downward to the feet and even below the feet.  If you are sitting, the correct flow is down the spine and below the spine.  For details, read Downward Moving Energy And Healing.

The procedure.  This effect occurs with any use of a bidet, including just using it instead of toilet paper. 

How often.  The effect cannot be overdone!  Learning to move energy downward is the most basic development method.  This is why we strongly recommend the Pulling Down Exercise.  It is also one of the benefits of all of the low body procedures such as the Genital Bath, Coffee Enemas, Vaginal Peroxide Implants and the other low body procedures.

Cautions. Moving energy downward is not only completely safe.  It is also the only direction in which to move subtle energy through the body safely.  Moving subtle energy in any other direction through the body causes damage to the body.




A very important milestone on the path of development is the opening of the central channel.  This channel is also called the central meridian or conception vessel in acupuncture and other healing sciences.

Actually, the central channel is a set of hundreds of tiny tubes that conduct subtle energy downward through the body from the head to the feet.

This channel, or group of tiny tubes, is one of the most important energy meridians of the body.  It runs vertically from the head to the genitals and floor of the pelvis area along the midline of the body.

Opening the central channel is extremely helpful for oneÕs health and occurs automatically with development.  The bidet procedure can help speed up the opening of this energy meridian.  For details, read the Central Channel.

Procedure.  The opening effect will occur to some degree with any use of a bidet.  However, the best is focusing the water spray on the spot between the genitals and the anus discussed in the Rewind paragraph above.

Sensations.  When the central channel opens, one feels much more grounded and centered within oneself.  This is not the same as being selfish, and is often exactly the opposite.

When the channel opens, the thoughts, words and actions of other people affect you much less.  This allows you to be around others without reacting to them as much.  It is a wonderful feeling, especially if you are sensitive to the energies of other people.

Opening the central channel is a major benefit of early development!  It usually requires at least five years on a development program.  It may require up to 20 years to achieve if the tiny energy channels are malnourished, damaged and congested, as is usually the case.

Cautions.  Assisting the opening of the central channels with a bidet is perfectly safe.




Most people have trauma in the lower region of the body.  The trauma may be due to the stress of toilet training, or molestation that often occurs while changing diapers in babies and young children.

Other causes of trauma to the floor of the pelvis include constipation and infections in this area, which are common.  Molestation and rapes also cause severe trauma to this area of the body.  Proper use of a bidet procedure will help release all of these traumas.

Releasing traumas in this area permits the proper flow of subtle energy through the pelvic area.  In many people, the flow is restricted and this can contribute to many health conditions. 

Procedure.  Spraying in any of the areas mentioned in the sections above can help with trauma release.  The spray works as a psychodrama method.  This means that it imitates or reminds the body of a past trauma, but in a safe and controlled way. 

When this occurs, the body is much better able to get in touch with, process or retrace, and release old traumas.  For details, read Psychodrama.

Sensations.  Whenever one releases traumas, memories of past events or situations may temporarily arise.  The body tends to protect a person from experiencing any sensation or thoughts that are too upsetting.

Cautions.  We have not had any reports of problems.




The first energy center begins in the lower pelvic region and extends down between the legs.  In many people, this energy center is not spinning correctly or spinning fast enough.  The first energy center is critical for grounding, centering and feeling safe on earth.

This is particularly a problem for women and girls.  The reasons include more fear, which damages the first center.  It also includes other factors that move oneÕs energy upward such as a focus on oneÕs hair, face or breasts.  Women also have smaller feet and they do not have an organ dangling near the first center, as men do, that attracts and holds their attention.

Procedure.  The best is to spray the base of the first energy center.  This is a spot located midway between the genitals and the anal opening.

Sensations.  Usually, this produces a pleasant sensation.

Cautions.  None.




Relaxing the anal sphincter has a parasympathetic or relaxing, healing and rejuvenating effect on the entire body.

Procedure.  Spraying water gently all around the anal sphincter is a kind of massage of the area that can help the area relax.

Sensations.  One may feel more relaxed.

Cautions.  None.




When one helps open and heal the first energy center using the bidet procedures, there is an effect upon the other energy centers, especially the seventh energy center.

The seventh center, and all the centers, need healing and opening on most people.

Procedure, sensations and cautions.  The same as #8 above.




The pelvis, first and second energy centers, and lower dantien are the center of the body.   Focusing on healing these parts of the body tends to extend the healing both upward and downward from this area to the rest of the body.

Procedure.  Any of the sprayer positions discussed in the sections above are helpful.

Sensations.  At times, one may have mild sensations in other parts of the body while doing the bidet procedures.

Cautions.  We have not had reports of problems from the bidet procedure when done properly.




Cold water, in particular, directed to any part of the body brings more blood to the area.  This has an excellent healing effect on the entire area.  This is an old method of hydrotherapy sometimes known as the German Water Cure.




The lower pelvic area of the body is rich in lymph vessels.  It is also an area that is often congested and toxic.  The bidet procedures all help increase lymph circulation, helping to move toxic substances out of the pelvic area.  For details, read Pelvic Syndrome.




The tissues of the anal region are not healthy in many people.  There is often a lot of local toxicity due to constipation, trauma, improper diet, improper eating habits and infections in the area.  Common symptoms are hemorrhoids, itching and irritation in this area. 

Increasing blood and lymph circulation to this area helps reduce this toxicity and helps nourish these tissues.


For more details, read The Low Body Procedures and Pelvic Syndrome.




A shower massager.  If you want to do the procedure in the shower, you will need a shower massager.  This replaces the standard showerhead and is easy to put on.  It does not require plumbing expertise.  Buy one that has a pulse position.  Water Pik is a good brand.


A flat-top toilet.  To use a fixed position sprayer, which is the easiest type to use, the toilet must be the ordinary type of toilet that has a flat top or seat area.  Some fancier toilets have a different design that does not permit one to attach a fixed sprayer bidet attachment to the toilet seat bolts.  You may, however, use a handheld sprayer with them.


Water pressure.  For the method to work, there must be sufficient water pressure in your home.  This is to apply pressure to the anal area, which is a reflexology area.  We believe most people have enough water pressure, but some pressure is needed.


A little plumbing expertise to install it.  To attach a bidet toilet attachment, one needs to remove the two toilet seat bolts.  One also needs to attach to the water line that goes into your toilet.  The bidet toilet attachment should come with the right fittings. 

However, you will need a wrench and maybe a pair of pliers and a little plumbing knowledge to connect the water pipe properly.  A plumber or handyman can do it easily if you cannot do it yourself.




Using a bidet is very safe, in our experience.  Possible concerns are:

- Bacteria.  One could possibly get an infection if oneÕs toilet water is contaminated with bacteria, viruses or parasites.  So far we have not had reports of this occurrence.  Most often, the rectal area is much more contaminated with bacteria than tap water.

Some of the more expensive bidets include a filter that can remove some bacteria from the water.

- Cold.  If you use a bidet that attaches to a toilet and the toilet water is very cold, you will have a cold bottom from this method.  However, it only affects a small area and does not cause the whole body to be cold.  Some fancier bidets have a heater to warm the water, but this is not necessary and may not even be as good as the effect of cold water on the area.

- Cleaning the toilet.  If you have a bidet toilet attachment with a fixed position sprayer, cleaning the toilet is a little more difficult.  The bidet attachment gets in the way a little at the back of the toilet bowl.

A handheld sprayer or an entire bidet toilet seat do not affect cleaning the toilet.  A handheld sprayer can also be used to help clean up a toilet after a coffee enema or at any time. 

- Pain.  There may be a little pain or tenderness where the spray strikes the anal sphincter.  THIS IS NORMAL.  Please ignore it.  You will not damage your rectum or anything else.  The pain is related to the anal reflexes.  This is the same as the pain of rubbing the feet when one does foot reflexology.  The pain or tenderness eventually goes away as your body heals.




Here are the options:


1. Using a shower massager.  This is the most powerful way to do the bidet procedure.  The only problem is you have to get into the shower to do it.  You can wear a shirt and the upper body remains dry.

2. Using a fixed position bidet toilet attachments.  These attach to the toilet seat bolts and have a sprayer in a fixed position that sprays your bottom.  You just sit on the toilet and relax, assuming the unit is adjusted to spray at the right location.

You can vary the intensity of the spray.  Some have a single sprayer nozzle and others have two sprayers.  The Greenco unit has a movable sprayer, which is nice.  These work well and a fancy unit is not needed.

Disadvantages of the bidet toilet attachments are that they interfere a little with cleaning the toilet. Also, they will only work on flat-top toilets (simpler toilets).  They cost about $35-60. USD.  Good brands include  Greenco, Luxe and Bio Bidet Elite.


3. Using a hand-held bidet sprayer.  This is a flexible hose that connects to the toilet water supply.  At the end of the hose is a sprayer with an on-off control.  You move the spray head where you want it to go.  When not in use, the sprayer hangs on the wall or on the side of the toilet tank. 

These are also called shattaf sprayers.  They cost about $20.00 - 40.00 USD.

This type is a little less convenient as a bidet because you need to hold it where you want it to spray.  However, the handheld type has several advantages:

- It can also be used to clean up a toilet after a coffee enema.

- It will work with any toilet.  The fixed sprayers will not (see above).

- It does not interfere with cleaning the toilet, as does the fixed position type.

- It can be used for douching.

- It can be used to do a Genital Bath, another excellent development procedure.

- It has other uses, such as cleaning cloth baby diapers.


4. Other.  Fancier bidets are sold that have other features.  The features may include:

a) an electric water heater

b) a filter to remove bacteria from the water.

c) perhaps a heated toilet seat.

d) perhaps a small blow dryer to dry your bottom when you are finished using the bidet.


These may attach to your toilet, may replace your toilet seat, or may also be an entire toilet.  They are much more expensive and the features are not needed for the use we wish to make of the bidet.

5. Combination.   One could attach both a handheld bidet sprayer and a fixed bidet sprayer to the same toilet if it is a flat-topped toilet.  This would provide the benefits of both the fixed and the handheld bidet sprayers.






We highly recommend using a bidet for cleaning oneself after bowel movements, provided your tap water is clean.  Once you try it, most people never want to return to toilet paper.  Reasons for this are:


1. Very clean.  It cleans your bottom quickly and more thoroughly than toilet paper.

2. Gentle and more comfortable.  The bidet is gentler than using toilet paper after a bowel movement.  This is very good for people with hemorrhoids, for example.  Cleaning of your bottom is done while you remain sitting down, which is more comfortable than wiping while standing up.

3. Fast.  It cleans your bottom quickly.

4. Saves money and helps the environment by conserving toilet paper. Using a bidet will save some money on toilet paper.  This will easily pay for a simple bidet toilet attachment (about $30-50.00 USD).  One still needs to use a little toilet paper to dry the area after bidet use, but it is less than needed to wipe themselves.

5. Helps the septic system or city sewage system.  Less toilet paper entering the sewage system or your septic tank is another benefit of using a bidet.

6. Good for disabled people.  It is excellent for those who are disabled, or for some other reason may have trouble using toilet paper. 



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