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Agoraphobia is a type of panic disorder in which a person is fearful about leaving home and going to certain places. If severe, one may be fearful of leaving one’s home to go anywhere at all.

Going to fearful places or just leaving home will cause extreme anxiety and panic attacks.

Agoraphobia is at least twice as common in women as in men. This is not surprising because women are always less safe than men in public places.

Agoraphobia is uncommon in children and often begins in early adulthood.


Medical professionals do not know the cause of agoraphobia. They suspect a combination of genetic and environmental factors. Past trauma is a possible factor.

Medical treatment is with drugs and counseling and is not very effective.

In our experience, agoraphobia is often due to biochemical imbalances in the brain and nervous system. If one corrects these imbalances, often the condition improves and may cease altogether. In fact, we find that many cases of agoraphobia are not that difficult to correct.


We have helped a number of people to overcome agoraphobia. We use an integrated bioenergetic approach that does the following:

- raises the body’s adaptive energy level.

- improves brain activity and relaxes the nervous system.

- removes irritating substances such as toxic metals and toxic chemicals.

- drastically improves nutrition and balances the body at many levels.

- helps to undo many types of traumas.

Copper imbalance. In many cases, a hair tissue mineral test reveals a hidden or overt copper imbalance. This was an observation of Dr. Paul Eck, one of our mentors. Excessive tissue copper can enhance all emotional responses.

CAUTION. Beware that a person with agoraphobia may not have an elevated hair copper level. One may only have indicators of hidden copper toxicity. In some cases, even these may not be present on the first hair mineral test. For details about hidden copper indicators, read Copper Toxicity Syndrome.

CAUTION. Other toxic metal poisoning, nutrient deficiencies and traumas may also be very important to correct. Simply correcting a copper imbalance, as recommended on a number of websites, is often not enough to end agoraphobia.

A much better approach, in our experience, is to follow a complete development program only with one of our Approved Helpers. These are the only practitioners we can recommend for the best results.

For example, to fully correct agoraphobia one may need to undo traumas such as the effects of accidents and other mishaps such as rapes. This may take longer, but is well worth the effort. For more details, read Healing Rape and Rape.

Healing traumas is just one reason why just correcting a copper imbalance is not enough. Other reasons are because a proper development program will cause significant cognitive change to help a person think and perceive more clearly. Also, improving a person’s overall energy level makes going out in public much easier and less frightening.


CASE #1. Very early in this author’s medical career, the mother of his assistant had agoraphobia. She was about 50 years old and lived several thousand miles away. I was told she had not left her home in 13 years. For this reason, I never met this client in person and the program was conducted entirely by mail and telephone.

I did not really believe that we could help her. However, I set up a development program based upon a properly performed and correctly interpreted hair mineral analysis performed by Analytical Research Laboratories in Phoenix, Arizona, USA.

The test was repeated every 3 months. After each new mineral analysis, I updated her healing program based upon the new test.

After one and a half years on the program, my assistant reported that her mother was able to leave her home and no longer had symptoms of agoraphobia.

This case had a profound impact upon me. I was amazed that we were able to help this difficult condition with just diet, nutritional supplements and a few simple healing procedures.

Hair testing. At that time, I had little faith in hair mineral testing. It was, and still is, under severe criticism from the medical authorities. (Even now, 30 years later, hair testing from all labs except Analytical Research Labs is inaccurate and best avoided.) However, in this case and many others, it guided the corrective process in a most remarkable way.

Development science. Also, at that time, I had little faith in the rather unusual concepts of development science – which are very different from other nutritional, naturopathic and medical programs. I was sort of experimenting with different nutritional approaches at that time in my career. This case was a dramatic healing. It helped me better understand the power and effectiveness of the development approach.

OTHER CASES. The author had the opportunity to work with an agoraphobia support group in Phoenix, Arizona. The group leader, Betsy, would bring the women to my office and knew a lot about the condition.

Some of the women recovered completely while others did not recover. One case that stands out iwas a woman about 45 years old who did not have good results from the development program for about five years.

However, after about five years on the program she reported feeling much calmer and more able to leave her home. I asked what she was doing differently that might have caused the improvement. She said she finally decided to follow the diet I had suggested. Among other dietary changes, it meant giving up chocolate and that had been difficult for her. (Chocolate contains a lot of copper.)

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