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Criteria. All out or everything coming out pattern is present when the levels of six or more of certain minerals increases on a retest hair mineral analysis. The hair must not be washed at the laboratory for accurate mineral readings.

General meaning. All out pattern indicates an increase in elimination of toxic substances from the body.

A joy or development pattern. All out is one of the most important patterns associated with deep healing of the body and rapid development.

Quantifying the pattern. Here are criteria to quantify this important pattern:

6 to 8 minerals increase on a retest = good or 1X.

9-12 minerals increase on a retest = very good or 2X. The 1X and 2X version of the pattern are also called getting ready to leave the cult.

13 or more minerals increase on a retest = excellent or 3X. This pattern is also called leaving the cult.


1. The hair must not be washed at all at the laboratory for accurate results.

2. The person must be following a development program.

3. The person must be following a development program that we set up, not one set up by practitioners that do not work with Dr. Wilson. We are sad to say that the some others who set up programs don't do it right.


The group of minerals to check on a test from Analytical Research Labs at this time (2022) are calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, iron, copper, manganese, chromium, selenium, lead, mercury, cadmium, arsenic, aluminum, nickel, cobalt, molybdenum and lithium.

An easier way to remember these is that it includes all the minerals except for zinc and phosphorus.

If one uses a mineral testing laboratory that reads more minerals, there are more of them. They include boron, vanadium and possibly others.


All out pattern indicates an increase in the elimination of six or more toxic minerals or toxic forms of nutrient minerals. NOTE: Calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, iron, copper, manganese, chromium, selenium, cobalt, molybdenum and lithium are not usually considered toxic minerals.

However, today many of the compounds of the above minerals that are in people's bodies when they begin a development program are toxic or of lower quality. This is due to problems in our food supply today and environmental contamination.

Toxic chemical elimination. Usually, the all out pattern also indicates an elimination of toxic chemicals from the body. The pattern indicates an overall increase in the body's tendency and often its ability to eliminate poisons of many types.


For example, some mineral compounds are oxides and carbonates. These are highly irritating mineral compounds that are not the preferred forms of these minerals. For details, read The Concept Of Preferred Minerals.

These we call the 'amigos' because they are often found together, like friends. The word amigo means a friend in the Spanish language. For details, read The Amigos – Iron, Manganese, Aluminum and Others.

The presence of these toxic forms or toxic compounds is an enormous problem today on earth. Everyone is exposed to them every single day in the food, primarily.

They are common in our food because of the use of superphosphate fertilizers and because of mineral imbalances in the soils of the earth.

Our farm animals eat grass and grain that contain these compounds, so they find their way into our bodies through animal products, as well as by eating grain, vegetables and fruits.

Fruit, even organically grown. One reason we suggest avoiding fruit today is that of all foods, fruit absorbs the most of these toxic compounds. The fruit can look very good, but the levels of oxides, carbonates and other inferior forms of minerals in all of it is high.

Organically grown is not much better because superphosphate fertilizers are allowed on organically grown crops. For details, read Organic Agriculture and Superphosphate Fertilizers.

There is another reason some of the toxic forms of minerals are common. They can serve a number of functions for plants, animals, and human beings.

These functions include:

1. To support the activity of the adrenal glands. The oxides, in particular, do this by irritating the adrenal glands, which causes them to be more active. This is not ideal! However, it works to a degree. It is like drinking coffee or tea to stay awake. This is not an ideal habit, but it works to a degree.

2. To alkalinize the body. The bodies are quite acidic today due to deficiency of the alkaline reserve minerals (zinc, chromium, manganese and selenium, primarily). This is very dangerous for the body and a very serious problem today.

To help balance the pH of the body, the body absorbs and holds on to somewhat toxic forms of minerals. The most alkaline are carbonates. However, other slightly toxic forms of minerals also have an alkalinizing effect.

3. Tissue stimulants. Assisting adrenal glandular activity through irritation is not the only stimulant effect of the amigos and other somewhat toxic forms of minerals. They also irritate the tissues – all of them.

They cause pain, which is a negative effect. However, they stimulate bodily activity through irritation and this is helpful for some people.


1. They are not easy to identify. Mass spectrometers, the usual way to measure minerals, don't differentiate these forms from others.

So, for example, one cannot know exactly how much of them are present just from a simple hair test, blood test, urine test or most other tests. We have to use retests or comparison tests during the development program to identify them.

2. Most physicians are not very interested in minerals. As a result, they often don't measure them at all, except a few in the blood.

Actually, blood is not a good place to measure most minerals. They do not accumulate in the blood and are simply there as they are transported around the body.

An analogy. Measuring minerals in the blood is like counting the number of furniture trucks on the road in order to find out how much and what kind of furniture people have in their homes.

This works, but not well. Some trucks might be mostly empty, or they might be bringing old furniture to the dump.

The furniture trucks might be carrying damaged furniture back to the factory, or a person is just moving, but not buying new furniture. So it is not possible to be accurate about how much and what kind of furniture is inside the homes.

A much better idea is to go into the people's homes and measure their furniture directly. This type of test is called a biopsy (a direct tissue test) and hair mineral analysis is this kind of test. It does not matter that the hair is dead because the minerals remain in it.

Ferritin. Ferritin is one of the “trucks” (mineral transporters) in the analogy above. A popular blood test today is to measure ferritin. However, physicians don't realize that ferritin can be used to carry other minerals besides iron.

A high ferritin level can simply indicate there are a lot of minerals around that need transporting for some reason. A low ferritin level just means there is less need for “trucks” at the moment, so there is less of this transporter in the blood at this time. In other words, ferritin is not a good measure of iron stores or iron metabolism.

3. Physicians do not know how to remove the somewhat toxic forms. If they did know, they would observe what we observe. That is, at times, the hair level of certain minerals increases because many of the toxic forms can be eliminated through the skin and/or hair.


This is not easy because they are actively serving various functions in the body, as explained above.

An analogy. If some of the concrete blocks in the foundation of your home are cracked and need replacement, one cannot simply pull them out to replace them. If one did this, the house might fall down.

Instead, one must support and jack up the house in special ways. Only then can one access the broken blocks and replace them.

The same is true of the body. One must first assist the body not to need the toxic compounds. We call this getting rid of the need for adaptations and compensations.

We do this by balancing and strengthening the body in particular ways, along with getting more rest and moving the body into a more parasympathetic and warmer (or more yang) condition.

One also must eat enough of the better or preferred form of the minerals so that a replacement is available. So far, we find one can only do this with food, not pills.

When one does all of this correctly, the body can eliminate the somewhat toxic forms of minerals. This shows up on hair mineral tests as the all out pattern.

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