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A Personal Journey And Life Path

Most People Are Partially Developed

Ancient Versus Modern Development

Development Literature

Development Axioms

Made In The Image Of God



Faster Regeneration

Improved Immune Response

Better Toxin Elimination

Telomere Lengthening

Increased Brainpower

More Enjoyment And Fun

Special Abilities


Live A Long Time



Safety Of Development

Blocks To Development



How To Develop Yourself

Genetic Aspects

Development Thinking

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The Merkabah

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What Development Is Not

The Stages Of Development

Parting Thoughts







Development is:


- A precise, very long physiological process with definite stages and a fixed sequence of events. This process is not well known in the Western world, but it is very real.  The only reason it does not occur in most people is their bodies are nutritionally depleted, toxic, and often out of balance in other ways.

There is a very special aspect to it for women.  For details, read Women’s Special Mission.

- The unfolding of the full genetic potential of a human being.  Our genetics does not just determine our organ structure, hair color, etc.  The sequence of development is also programmed into the genes.

The instructions are found mainly in the section of our DNA that is misnamed junk DNA.  This composes 97% of our DNA and it has not been decoded at this time.  For details, search under junk DNA on the internet. 

- The growth of the monad, a word that means the imperishable or spiritual aspect of a person.

- A transformation of a human being from a physical creature into an etheric or spiritual one. 

- The transformation of a human being from a being purely an effect of life to becoming a cause of life.  In this sense, a developed human is learning to be a creator or a cause of life.

- A state of extreme wellness.  For details, read Wellness.

- The birthright of every human being.

- Development involves four major changes in the human energy field.  Many lesser changes occur, as well.  These, in turn, cause thousands of improvements in the physical body.  The four major energetic changes  are:

1. Opening and growth of the Seven Physical Energy Centers.

2.  Growth and filling of the five upper Energy Fields or Subtle Bodies.

3. Establishment and growth of The Merkaba.

4.Establishment and growth of The Plumes.




Development is not so much a method or technique.  It is a a life path or journey that some people choose.  Among its qualities are:

- It is not for everyone.  Some people like the idea, while others do not.

- It requires some extra effort, time and expense buying quality food and nutritional supplements.

- In our experience, it requires supervision.  Doing it on one’s own is difficult, as there are many possible mistakes that can occur that will slow or stop the process.

- It is a narrow path, especially the diet.  The diet is very important.  It takes some effort, but it is well worth the effort.

- It means shifting your priorities.

- It is a very long process, so it is a long-term commitment.  There are four levels of commitment – an intellectual interest in the program, an emotional agreement with it, practicing it daily, and a total commitment.

- Dangers along the path are self-deception or lying, self-sabotage, laziness, sloppiness, distraction, confusion due to reading or speaking with others, sexual excess, fear, fussiness and cynicism.




In fact, most people have some level of development, at times from birth.  If a person eats a very healthy diet and has a healthy lifestyle, he or she will develop more.

What is referred to as development on this website is just a continuation of this process, moving toward much greater development. 




Greater development has been taught on planet earth for thousands of years.  However, it has been taught mainly in monasteries and convents, and the methods have been kept fairly secret.

This website teaches it openly and uses a combination of ancient methods and modern nutritional and biochemical science to speed it up.

The main methods are:

- A healthful lifestyle.

- A Development Diet.  It is quite different from a “balanced diet”, or “providing all nutrients”.  In fact, giving too much of certain foods or nutrients slows greater development.

- About 8 or 9 individually selected nutritional supplements.  Taking more supplements always slows greater development.

- Six basic detoxification and development procedures described in  The Procedures Handbook.  Other detoxification methods tend to interfere or stop greater development.

- Possibly other procedures described in The Twenty and the Accelerators articles.




Western development literature.  Some of the Hebrew patriarchs such as Abraham, Sarah, Enoch and Ezekiel experienced more advanced development.  Their lives are described, to some degree, in the Old Testament of the Bible.  They lived long lives and had unusual abilities such as Sarah giving birth at the age of 90.

Jesus of Nazareth demonstrated abilities that come with advanced development.  He also taught some of the principles of rapid development, such as living a clean life, sexual restraint, being honest, and much more.

A number of Catholic saints experienced more advanced development.  Among the best known are Saint Nicholaos of Myra and Padre Pio.  For the fascinating story of Saint Nicholaos of Myra, click here.

Made in God’s image.  We believe the idea of development is found in the Old Testament of the Bible in Genesis 1:27, “God made man in his own image”.  One meaning of this statement is that God is obviously developed, and so, too, can a human being develop because he or she is made in the image or likeness of God.


Oriental development literature.  This includes books such as the 5-volume set, The Life And Teaching Of The Masters Of The Far East by Baird T. Spaulding.  Also, some of the books by Lobsang Rampa describe various aspects of development.  Mr. Rampa grew up in a Tibetan monastery.  A number of other older Oriental books describe aspects of greater development.

A more recent book that touches on the subject of development is The Mutant Message From Down Under by Marlo Morgan.  It is a story about the Australian Aborigines.


Older methods not working well today.  While these books are most interesting, a serious problem with them is that the methods they suggest do not work as well today.  This is due to:

- changes in our diets and food supply

- ionizing radiation everywhere on the planet thanks to nuclear power plants and A-bomb tests

- pollution with metals and chemicals

- horrifying amounts of electromagnetic stress or EMF smog from  cell phones, computers, television sets and other devices that emit harmful electromagnetic fields.

The methods recommended on this website may seem odd, but they are tailored to people living in the 21st century and they work much better. They are also designed to be done at home because it is not possible for most people to live in monasteries or convents.




One of the great advantages of greater development is that the body heals of most all conditions, both physical and mental/emotional.

One might say that healing is a byproduct of greater development.  This is the reason that development programs that we offer are often more effective than other medical, holistic, naturopathic, nutritional or other regimens.


Not part of Dr. Eck’s work.  Dr. Paul Eck, the founder of mineral balancing science and one of the author’s main teachers, did not know about greater development.  At least, he never spoke about it and he did not show signs of greater development himself.

However, he synthesized many 20th century nutritional concepts into a practical science of healing that wonderfully facilitates greater development.




1. If you want to develop quickly, follow a complete development program and the suggestions in the Young Person’s Manual.


2. Everyone develops at their own pace, so do not compare yourself with others.  Many factors influence how fast you will develop, including:

a. How ill you are.  This is not easy to assess, since many health conditions are hidden or sub-clinical.  These include chronic infections, and metal and chemical toxicity.

b. How well you adhere to the development program.  The most important parts of the program are often the diet and the pushing down exercise, but all aspects can be critical to speed up development.  Spending an hour or, better yet, two hours daily or more with the pushing down exercise is critical.

The goal of the pushing down exercise is to bring in a maximum amount of new etheric energy into the body.  This regenerates the body, extends life and improves health.  For more on this topic, please read Etheric Energy on this website.

c. How much rest and relaxation you obtain.

d. Your stress level and occupation.

e. Your living situation.  A good marriage, for example, may speed it up.  This may be because it provides wonderful emotional and mental support, even if it takes up some of your time and energy.

f. Other factors.  Many factors may enter into the speed of development, from genetic differences to one’s ideas and thinking habits.


3. Development involves strengthening your will, which is a vital yang quality of a person.  We cannot overemphasize how important a strong will is for anyone.


4. Development involves discipline.  This is another wonderful yang quality.


5. Service.  Development is not only a way to improve health and extend your life.  It is also an important type of service to humanity and beyond.  Development serves everyone because:

a. Developing oneself turns a person into a broadcaster of healing energy.  To learn about this, please read Broadcasting on this website.

b. Developing oneself sets an example that makes it easier for others to follow.

c. As you develop, you are able to help heal others at a distance by sharing nutrients, thoughts and more from your body more easily.  This is empathic healing.

d. Developing yourself actually improves the overall energy of the entire universe.




Development has many effects.  Here are just a few of them:


* More enjoyment and fun in life.  This is primary.  Instead of the body aging and becoming diseased, the body slowly de-ages, the mind improves, new abilities appear, and one has time for much more enjoyment of life. 

* Faster regeneration of the body.  This is important because the body is always in a process of being torn down by stress, and having to rebuild.  Rebuilding of the body slows as one ages, and this opens the body to all diseases.  Development causes much faster and more accurate synthesis of proteins, enzymes and all vital body chemicals.

* A better immune response. A stronger immune response means fewer infections.  Normally, the thymus gland and other immune structures in the body begin to weaken and atrophy around the age of 30.  Development slowly restores the thymus gland, the Peyer’s patches, and other immune structures.

* Better toxin elimination through the thymus gland and the Peyer’s patches.  The thymus gland regenerates as one develops more.

The Peyer’s patches are small lymph glands located along the wall of the small intestine.  They allow the body to eliminate certain toxins directly from the lymph fluid into the small intestine without having to pass through the liver or kidneys.  The Peyer’s patches tend to atrophy after about age 40.  Development slowly restores them.

* Telomere lengthening.  The telomeres are little tags on one end of a chromosome.  As we age, they shorten.  As this occurs, more errors occur in copying our DNA.  This causes some diseases of aging.  Development can reverse this process.

* Increased brain power.  As we age, brain cells die and are not adequately replaced.  This is one cause of diminished mental capacity in older people – and even in some younger ones today.

Development causes the replacement of some of the glial supporting cells in the brain with neurons.  The latter are the cells required for thinking and memory.  The result is an improvement in cognitive skills, memory, coordination, personality integration and improved overall brain activity.

* Helping others.  Many people want to help others, and are not sure how to do it.  Development is the best way possible.  As one develops, one automatically assists everyone else on the planet to heal and to develop themselves. 

The reason this occurs is somewhat esoteric, and has to do with resonance and induction.  Basically, as one develops, one’s vibration changes, and this assists others to change in the same way.

* Special Abilities.  As one develops, one develops unusual abilities such as telepathy, ability to see the energy field around a living being, and many others.

* Guidance.  When one develops sufficiently, one receives personal guidance that is truly wonderful.

* Longevity.  The body lasts much longer when it is developed.  It can be possible to stay in the body as long as one wishes.






This website is deeply concerned with the safety of all methods of healing.  In this regard, development is one of the safest ways to restore and maintain one’s health.  Reasons for this include:

1. Development is based on following a healthful lifestyle and an excellent quality diet.

2. Development rarely requires the use of toxic drugs, surgery, bio-identical hormones, chelation or other somewhat more dangerous methods and procedures.

3. Development involves a lot of rest and sleep.  This tends to reduce injuries from accidents that often occur when people are overtired.

4. Development teaches self-discipline.  This trait also tends to reduce accidents.




Development is a natural process.  However, it rarely occurs due to several factors:

* Poor nutrition.  Most everyone today is somewhat mineral-starved.  Sea salt, for example, is very important to eat liberally to speed up development.

Even those who eat only organically grown, natural, whole foods are low in minerals.  The reasons are:

1. One must cook all vegetables or the body cannot extract many minerals from them.

2. One must chew the food and have good eating habits.

3. One must limit stress, which uses up nutrients quickly.

4. The mineral content of our food on earth has declined on earth in the past 100 years or so, thanks to the green revolution.

One problem of modern agricultural science is the use of superphosphate fertilizers.  It is used on organic and commercial food today.  This food - which includes all of it today - is higher in carbohydrates, but much lower in vital minerals.

This is easily proven by comparing the USDA analysis of foods table from a century ago with that of today.  A book entitled Empty Harvest (1995) by Dr. Bernard Jensen and Mark Anderson, and other books, explain this fact in detail with statistics taken from government agencies.  It is a tragedy.

Other problems are the use of pesticides, the use of hybrid crops bred for ease of cultivation, pesticide resistance or something else, but not bred for better mineral nutrition.

With the green revolution has come less starvation on earth, at least for now, but also the so-called diseases of civilization, such as cancer, heart disease, and diabetes.  So it has been a mixed blessing with serious problems.  Modern methods of agriculture must change or things will only get worse.

Other causes of poor nutrition are stopping breastfeeding before the age of about 3, and eating refined grains, refined sugar, and other “junk” food and fast food.  Toxins in many foods are another serious problem because they upset digestion.  For more on this topic, please read Everyone Is Toxic And Depleted.

* Recreational drug use.  Another powerful block to development is using drugs, including marijuana.  Avoid all drugs, including recreational and medical marijuana, if you are interested in development.  For more on this topic, please read Recreational Drugs, Medical Marijuana and CBD Oil.

* Stress.  Reducing all types of stress and getting plenty of rest are most helpful for development.  For more on this topic, please read Understanding Stress.

* Congenital problems.  These are nutritional deficiencies and toxic metals in newborns.  They are passed from the mother into the baby during pregnancy.  They almost always include zinc and selenium deficiencies, and excessive amounts of toxic metals such as mercury, aluminum, cadmium, lead and others.

* Toxin exposure after birth.  This can also slow development.  The worst of these are vaccines.  The truth about vaccine damage is heavily suppressed.  Vaccines have spawned the autism and ADD epidemics of today, among other very serious health problems of children.

Doctors who speak out against vaccines lose their licenses, so you won’t get the truth about vaccines from licensed doctors.  Even naturopathic schools require the students to be vaccinated, indicating that they, too, have lost their way.  For much more on this topic, please read Vaccination and Vaccine Horror Story on this website.  For more on toxic metals, please read  Toxic Metals on this site.

* Other medical drugs.  Many medical drugs are quite toxic and will slow development.  Many are overprescribed because doctors are not taught the safer natural methods of healing most health conditions. 

Among the most toxic drugs are antibiotics and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or NSAIDS.  Cholesterol-lowering drugs and oral anti-diabetic drugs are also quite toxic and very rarely needed.  For more on this topic, please read Drug Problems and Dangerous Drugs.

* Ionizing radiation  These poisons also slow or stop development.  Have as few x-rays as you can.  Dental x-rays are not too bad.  Full body exposure is bad, and CT scans are the worst.  One CT scan can be equivalent to about 400 chest x-rays.

Cell phones and phone towers.  These are flooding the world with harmful electromagnetic fields that also slow the development process.  Try not to use these phones.  For more on this topic, please read Electromagnetic Pollution.

Hormonal attack.  This is the secret use of concentrated animal pheromones to upset the hormonal balance of men and women.  For details about this problem, read Hormonal Attack.




The requirements are:


1. Proper diet, and sexual restraint. 

Diet.  The development diets are the best.  Sufficient reserves of the vital alkaline minerals in the body is a critical requirement for development.  Without these minerals, which are in short supply today in our food supply, development does not occur.

So far, one cannot just take mineral supplements to supply these minerals.  I wish this were true, but it is not.  Many of the needed mineral compounds are found only in food.

Among foods, the most critical need is for cooked vegetables, along with a small quantity of animal quality protein each day.  I wish vegetarian diets were adequate, but they are not.  For details, read Food For Daily Use.

Nutritional supplements.   Taking a few key nutritional supplements are also very important.  The most basic are listed in the Healing Lifestyle article.  Much better is to embark on a complete development program because it is individualized, safer and more powerful.

Taking other supplements tends to block development because they are too yin.  Many of them also unbalance body chemistry.  Most herbs and homeopathic remedies are slightly toxic, which is not helpful.

Drinking water.  Drink two and preferably up to three quarts or liters daily of either a quality spring water or carbon-only filtered tap water. 

AVOID other types of drinking water, particularly reverse osmosis water.  This water, along with distilled water, are devoid of minerals, which is harmful for development.  Reverse osmosis water, alkaline waters and distilled water are also too yin.  For more on drinking water, please read Water For Drinking on this site.

Sexual fluid retention.  Men and women should not have sex with fluid loss more than once a week, and less after age 35 or so. However, Down Sex with no fluid loss is fine and actually very helpful.  Hugging, kissing and touching are fine.  For more details, please read Sexuality And Development.


2. The Spinal Twist set of exercises.   They are all very helpful.  Also, certain foot and hand Reflexology exercises are extremely helpful.


3. The Pushing Down Mental Exercise.  This needs to be done at least one hour daily and preferably two or three hours daily.  More details about the concept of moving energy downward is found in Downward-Moving Energy And Healing.


4. Rest And Sleep.  Nine or ten hours of sleep daily is important.  Also, go to bed early – between and 8 and 9 PM.


5. Kindness or gentleness.  This is another important quality that speeds development.


6. Caring.  Caring is an extension of kindness.  It means not only a certain gentleness, but a deeper concern for the welfare of others, in general.


7. Loving.  This quality of the personality is an extension of caring.  Loving means a willingness to extend yourself to help others, even if it puts you at a slight disadvantage to them.

This does not mean risking your health or your life.  However, it refers to psychological caring at a deeper level than the other two qualities listed in the paragraphs just above.

For more details, please read The Young Person’s Manual.




Greater development requires turning on a set of genes that are usually dormant during a person’s entire life.  This is what is meant by “fulfilling your genetic potential”.

Turning on these genes requires lots of rest, along with nourishing and detoxifying the body to a degree that is rare today on our planet.  It is rare because the food supply is low in some nutrients, and the entire planet is somewhat contaminated with toxic metals and toxic chemicals.

 In fact, most people are born slightly defective because some development should occur before birth.  However, due to malnutrition of most all women of childbearing age, greater development rarely occurs before birth.

Junk DNA.  Development involves turning on some of the chromosomes found in the so-called ‘junk DNA’.  This is about 97% of our DNA.  Scientists do not understand its purpose, and it has yet to be decoded.




Also very helpful for development is to focus your attention and energy first on development, and delay other goals and pleasures for a while.

For example, be willing to delay having a family, making a lot of money, having a lot of friends, and having careers and other achievements until you have developed to a degree.  Then you can have all these things, and much more.

Also, start thinking long-term.  Ask what will I do if I am around in 100 years or more, and feeling very well and strong?




If you follow the instructions above, development will begin to occur.  However, if you wish to speed up the process, then begin and stay with a complete development program.  Unlike other nutritional programs, this one is designed to speed up development.

To begin a program, contact one of the practitioners listed on Referral Page.  They are the only people I can recommend to assist you.  Also, read the article entitled The Accelerators.  These methods can help tremendously to speed up development. 






The growth of the merkaba is a prominent feature of development.  It is pronounced MERKaba, with emphasis on the first syllable. 

Merkaba is a Hebrew word found 44 times in the Old Testament of the Bible.  It means a chariot or vehicle.  It can be translated as vehicle of light.  In fact, the Bible discusses development, but only in an oblique or subtle way.

The merkaba begins to grow early in development and continues to add layers or thickness for many years.  It is protective, helps regenerate the body and brain, and has many other benefits, as well.  For many more details, read The Merkaba. 




It does not require traveling somewhere, attending special classes or joining a particular religious or spiritual group.  In fact, most of today’s “spiritual organizations” get in the way of development.  Most teach outdated or wrong information.  Even if the information were correct, one must go at the pace of the group, and this is usually slower.


It is not spiritualism, in which one tunes into dead people or spirits without bodies to gain access to information or power.  We do not recommend this at all!


It is not about the development of psychic powers or mediumship.  Many people believe that development is about developing one’s “powers”.  This is not true.

During development, unusual phenomena occasionally appear.  However, these are never the goal and are purely incidental.  If they ever become the objective, then one has lost sight of real development.




Development occurs in stages.  It is a long process during which illnesses and injuries slowly heal, one requires a little less sleep and less food, and regeneration occurs at deep levels.  For the details, please read The Stages Of Development on this site.




You are not just a body.  You are not the body you inhabit and animate, for example.  You are much more.  You are not just someone’s child, mate, parent, employee or employer.  You are more than this.  You are not just your mind or even what many call your soul.  You are more than this, as well.

Development is about the growth of something entirely different – a human being who is not as physical, and whose body can last a long time.


Humanity is not familiar with development, so don’t try to force it on friends or family.  Realize that development is new for this planet, so most people will not be interested, at least at first. 

They will ridicule you if you try to make them understand it, even if you explain it well.  So work on yourself, and teach by example.  If possible, commune with those who are on the same path.  The other way – trying to force others to appreciate your way, or to go along, can be extremely frustrating and a waste of energy.


Development takes time, so start now.  Old ways of eating and living must change, so start to make these changes as soon as possible.  By far, the hardest part of the adventure is starting. 

It is like blasting a rocket off to go to the moon and beyond.  The hardest part, by far, is getting away from the gravity or inertia of your old lifestyle, old friends, perhaps, and old attitudes that are often far more negative than you may think.  Recall this fact often.


Change will occur with development, and is not always pleasant, but need not be feared.  At times, relationships, habits, jobs and every other aspect of life-as-usual will need to change or development will cease.  However, when the time for these changes is right, they can take place with grace and ease.  These changes should never come with anger or resentment or from a place of fear, if at all possible.


Development is about discipline.  The word discipline is derived from the same root as the word disciple.  It has to do with following a path.  It is not about forcing yourself to eat a certain way or to sleep more, although these are needed.  It is about becoming a disciple of your true self or real self.

The development of discipline, courage and emotional control have always been a feature of all systems of development, from the beginning of time.  The reason is that discipline develops the mind and the will.  These are subjects that are important for balanced and safe development.  They are dealt with in separate articles on this website such as The Will.


Do not be concerned about when development will come to fruition.  The process is very individual, but will proceed rapidly if you follow the guidelines in this article.

Much depends on how faithful you are with your diet, resting, sexual fluid retention and all the other attitudes and behaviors that are necessary.  These assist your body to receive more of the energy of the universe that helps create and grow the subtle human energy fields.


Help is available to anyone who wishes to develop himself or herself.  Everyone can receive quite specific guidance to help with development.  This is your birthright, and there are people and unseen beings whose only function is to help with development.

In fact, they seek out people who are open to development and to guidance, and are more than happy to assist.  Never feel that you are all alone in your desire to heal and develop!  This is never true. 

Just because you live alone or work alone, or seem to be in the company of people who do not share your beliefs, it is never true that you are alone.  You are always in the company of hidden helpers in this quest and this adventure.


Development is an adventure – the ultimate adventure. Thinking of development as a sort of punishment in order to get well, or as a mechanical routine that someone has suggested, is absolutely incorrect and will not work!

You will become bored, or tired of it.  Development is the highest calling and highest possibility of a human being, and nothing less, ever!

Development should never be viewed as a chore or requirement for health, or any such thing.  It is the adventure of a lifetime!

It will eventually surpass every other type of adventure you can imagine, in terms of the joy it causes, the abilities it can bring, the health it can produce, and the insights and wisdom that comes with it.


Will and intent matter in development.  This means that if you feel stuck, or if you do not know what to do or how to proceed, your proper intent to develop yourself is helpful.  Intent alone is not enough, but it helps.

Intent and willpower carry you along and, in mysterious ways, can connect you to the helpers and activities that you require on this journey.

The reason for this is that your will and intent actually send out an energy that is picked up by others, and they will respond to it.  One of my mentors, R. Buckminster Fuller, used to say that “God responds to your initiative”.  The New Testament of the Bible states the same thing:


“Ask and you shall receive, Seek and you shall find, Knock, and the door shall be opened”.


Do not fear.  Many people fear that if they change they will lose friends, family members and other so-called benefits of this world.  Occasionally, this occurs.  However, it is not common, and you will only leave behind those who, in fact, don’t like the real you.

It takes a little trust to know that if your situation changes due to development, something better will replace what is lost.  Other authors go beyond this and say that there is no real loss as one begins to live a healthier and more wholesome life.  This is sometimes referred to as “moving into the Kingdom of Heaven”.  You remain connected to everyone, so there is no real loss.

Thus, do not fear the changes that may occur with development.   In fact, all of your best qualities will be preserved at all times, and the truth of all else will be revealed.


Life and love wait upon your welcome of them.  In time, you will come to see that the Creator of all life is like the sun that shines on everyone, all of the time, regardless of behavior, wealth, family background, race, religion, gender, or anything else.

Most people, however, prefer to turn their back and live in the shadows, as though the sun is not shining on them for some reason, rather than bask in it and blossom like a flower.  Many, in fact, run away from the light as they are not ready to receive the warmth and the love that is theirs to have forever.  This is what is meant by the statement that “Love and life wait upon your welcome”.


The world is much more than it seems.  The world has a lot of horror, deception and other problems.  You can choose to get caught up in this aspect of the world.  However, you can instead choose to become caught up with development – the most wondrous and thoroughly amazing aspect of being human.

Development is a wonderful adventure.  Start now, and watch the continual unfolding.   Do the work, including the Pushing Down Exercise described above.  I am available to help if you are not sure if you are doing it correctly.

Remember, you are not just the body you animate.  You are also the force of animation itself, the Spirit dancing in the flesh, and an extension of the Creator’s love in physical form.  Never doubt that all things are working for your good when you commit yourself to development.


Other articles.  This website has about 20 other articles about the specifics of development.  All of them are listed at this link.



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