by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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All information in this article is for educational purposes only.  It is not for the diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure of any disease or health condition.


            A very important principle of development science is called the concept of preferred minerals.  It is the idea that when preferred or ideal minerals are not available, often the body can substitute less preferred minerals or less preferred forms or compounds of minerals in some enzyme binding sites and elsewhere in the body.

            When this occurs, the metallo-enzyme (enzyme that requires a metal for its activity) can continue to function, preserving life and allowing the body to function somewhat normally.  However, the level of functioning is not as good as when the ideal mineral or preferred mineral is present in the enzyme binding site or elsewhere in the body.

An enzyme that requires zinc, for example, may function at 50% or even at just 10% when cadmium occupies the zinc binding site on the enzyme.  However, this is often sufficient to preserve life and keep one functioning.

            Similarly, an enzyme that requires zinc sulfate will function to some degree with an oxide form of zinc, but not as well.

Survival mechanism.  This is no doubt a survival mechanism that allows a person to survive, even if the diet is deficient in essential minerals.


A similar outer electron shell.  Often, the less preferred or substitute minerals “look” similar to the ideal mineral in terms of the number of filled electron shells, for example, or the molecular weight, or some other characteristic of the elements.


A critical concept for babies and children.  Today, most babies are born with too many of the less preferred minerals in their enzyme binding sites, or other places in the body.  This understanding helps explain the epidemics of childhood autism, ADD, ADHD, cancer and other problems of our children today.


An anti-aging concept.  As we age, we generally develop more and more nutritional deficiencies.  This occurs because of our depleted food supply, and because stress and aging often decrease one’s ability to digest food and extract the nutrients from our food.

As more and more vital minerals are depleted or “burned out” of the body and replaced with less preferred toxic metals, our energy level and health always suffers.  This eventually causes diseases and the death of the body.

Thus, it makes sense to attempt to:

1. Prevent the replacement of more preferred minerals with the less preferred ones.

2. Restore the more preferred minerals in the body.

3. Nourish young women better so that the children will start life with more of the preferred minerals in their enzyme binding sites, tissues, organs and elsewhere.


Dr. Paul Eck was familiar with this concept and learned it from Henry Schroeder, MD.  He was the author of The Trace Elements and Man (1973). This book explains the idea as a replacement of an essential mineral with a toxic mineral.  Here is a brief excerpt from page 7 of this interesting book:


“In this way, niobium can displace vanadium, tungsten can displace molybdenum, … silver displaces copper, gold will displace copper under certain circumstances, cadmium avidly displaces zinc and changes or inactivates zinc enzymes, causing disease; arsenic displaces phosphorus, causing disease; bromine displaces chlorine; beryllium displaces magnesium; magnesium and calcium interact; strontium displaces calcium; lithium displaces sodium ….”




The substitution process can become quite complex.  The most important replacements that we observe, however, include:


1. Lead, copper and cadmium, among other toxic minerals, replace calcium and magnesium. 

2. Lower quality magnesium compounds usually replace higher quality magnesium compounds in the body, causing fatigue and many other symptoms.

Indeed, when a person follows the development diet and no other, and takes the proper supplements recommended only by one of our Approved Helpers, (not an imitator) we often observe the magnesium level rises sharply on a retest hair mineral analysis.  This is often a replacement of lower quality magnesium compounds with higher quality magnesium compounds.

One of the guide creatures, the controllers, facilitate this replacement.  For details, read The Controllers And Other Guide Creatures.

2. Copper, cadmium, mercury and nickel, among other toxic metals, easily replaces zinc.

3. Lead, cadmium and other toxic metals replace high-quality chromium.

4. Toxic potassium from superphosphate or N-P-K fertilizers easily replaces higher quality potassium.  This is also a common elimination during development programs that are properly set up.

5. Oxides of iron, manganese, copper and other minerals replace more bioavailable forms of these minerals.  The oxide forms are called “the amigos” on this website.


These are just a few examples of the way less preferred minerals replace more preferred minerals in the body tissues.




The replacement of less preferred minerals with more preferred minerals occurs with every properly designed development program.  It helps account for the excellent results, in most cases.

This healing process is analogous to removing defective ‘aftermarket parts’ in an automobile, and replacing them with the factory original parts.  As with an automobile, doing this often causes the machinery to work much better, and it effectively rejuvenates the vehicle.  That is exactly what occurs with a development program.

To do this requires:

1. Supplying enough of the vital minerals.  This is not easy today because even the best food is hybridized and much lower in minerals than it was 100 years ago.

2. Development uses a diet of mainly cooked vegetables to provide a multitude of trace minerals. Human beings cannot extract enough minerals from raw vegetables, we find, no matter what other health benefits they may have.

3. One must avoid fruit, which does not seem to have the right forms and the right balance of minerals.

4. One must eat kelps, natural sea salt, and plenty of properly cooked vegetables to supply the correct minerals.  We also recommend some carrot juice to supply extra minerals. 

5. A digestive enzyme is necessary for most people because most people do not digest their food and absorb their nutrients well enough.

6. The process also requires a lot of adaptive energy. This means one needs plenty of rest and one needs to balance the body in a special way using the hair mineral test.  So far, blood tests are not helpful to assess and correct this type of balance in the body

This is analogous to tuning an automobile engine and running it at the correct speed to produce the maximum torque or power.  So far, blood tests cannot provide the same information as a properly performed hair mineral test, though blood tests have other uses.

7. Today, the process also often requires extra detoxification procedures.  These are coffee enemas, hydrogen peroxide implants in the vagina and on the penis, and near infrared lamp sauna sessions.  These greatly speed up the replacement process.  For details, read The Procedures Handbook.

8. Other aids to the process include the use of TMG or trimethylglycine and the Pulling Down Procedure.  The other very helpful procedure is foot and hand reflexology and the twists, pops, pulls and kicks.  These are also discussed in the procedures handbook.

9. Equally important is to avoid toxins, including vaccines, most medical drugs, and many holistic interventions that are toxic or depleting including chelation therapy, hormone replacement therapy, homeopathy, most herbs, intravenous vitamin therapy and others.




This is a more advanced idea.  Biological transmutation is the process within the body of changing one chemical element into a different element at low temperature and low pressure.  This is a true concept and experiments can prove it, although medical science does not acknowledge it at this time.

At times, the body can transmute a mineral into a different mineral that will power a critical enzyme, and thus preserve life and functioning.  In fact, it is a standard activity of a healthy body.

Properly designed development program will slowly restore the body’s ability to transmute elements and this greatly facilitates replacing less preferred minerals with more preferred ones.  For details, read Biological Transmutation.



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