by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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I. The Guide Creatures

The Asherot or Controller Creatures

The Abiot

The Avarot

The Aliot

The Galgal or Helper Creatures


II. Guide Souls And Helpers

The Azalot or Planner Souls

The Adriot or Director Souls

The Adarot or Mental Souls


III. Related Topics

Human Intelligence Different From Soul Intelligence

Loss of Guide Creatures

Return Of The Guide Creatures

EzekielŐs Vision





Every person is born with several sets of fine matter creatures that act as guides to help a person live a happy and successful life.  Fine matter creatures have bodies that are of a lower density than our bodies, so most people cannot see them. 

Other examples of fine matter creatures are souls, elves and angels.  For more details, read Bodies In Space.

Guide creatures are about the size of a pinky finger.  Ideally, they remain near or inside the body during oneŐs entire life. 


The names.  The names of the guide creatures are in an ancient version of the Hebrew language that is not spoken on earth.  I am told the guide creatures use this language to communicate with each other.  For some details about this language, read An Ancient Hebrew Alphabet.




These are four small fine matter creatures that are about the size than oneŐs little finger.  One can have more of them, up to about 100, but most people have four.  Some people have only 2 or 3 due to trauma such as rape.  Trauma can cause them to leave because they cannot carry out their activities with a body that is too damaged.

The asherot remain outside the body, about 5 feet away from the body, at the level of the neck and upper chest.  They arrange themselves in the shape of a square or diamond.

They look somewhat human, but the faces of three of them are that of animals.  Each face is different from the others because they are different types of creatures.

For example, one is human in shape but has a face similar to that of a dog.  Another has four legs and a body that looks something like a tiny cow or ox.  Another looks like an eagle, and the fourth usually has a human-looking face.  In addition, all of them have wings that spread out from their backs.

The controllers talk with the director souls inside the personŐs head and help direct a personŐs life.  They help the person to be more safe, secure and grounded.  Also, the person is able to think much more clearly because they assist with mental activity.

Another function of the controller souls is to orient a person in space.  This gives a person a good sense of direction.

Magnesium metabolism.  The controller creatures also help regulate magnesium in the body.  For example, we notice that when a person gains another asherot, the hair tissue magnesium level rises sharply.  The reason is that the new creature brings in better quality magnesium compounds.

When this occurs, inferior quality or less preferred magnesium compounds are removed and replaced with the healthier magnesium compounds.  The hair magnesium level rises as the poor quality magnesium is eliminated through the hair.

This sounds unusual, but it is the way things work.  Magnesium is very important for many enzyme systems in the body.

Doubling and tripling of the controller souls.  Some people have two or three sets of controller souls around them.  These people tend to be twice as smart as other people.  This is one of the effects of the controller souls.  If you want this for yourself, you can ask for it in prayer.

However, if your body is too yin, you will not receive more controller souls.  They cannot live around a yin body.

The word yin is a word in Chinese and in the ancient version of the Hebrew mentioned above.  It is a physics term that means cold, moist, expanded and today it also means ill.  Eating sugar, fruit or sweets of any kind is the main reason most bodies are too yin today. 

Making the body much more yang, the opposite of yin, is just one of the benefits of a properly designed development program.  This can increase the number of controller creatures a person attracts.

            Some people have four or five times the number of controller souls than others.  Any amount over tripling is by invitation, and is based on oneŐs work and degree of deserving of this honor.




            These are very small fine matter creatures.  They are usually four in number.  Three of them live inside the physical body at the level of the heart.  At least one of them always remains outside the body.  Their appearance is similar to that of a tiny dog.

The abiot help one to think clearly and to control oneŐs emotions.  They are quite important, especially for women.  They usually remain with the body even after a severe rape.

The abiot help regulate calcium metabolism.  When one returns due to a development program, the personŐs hair calcium level rises.  This is because there is an elimination of toxic or biounavailable calcum, which temporarily raises the hair calcium level.




            These are four small fine matter creatures that are outside the body near the level of the waist.  They arrange themselves in a square or diamond around a person at this level.

They normally remain with a person during the personŐs entire life.  However, trauma can cause one or two of them to leave.  A development program will bring them back after a few months to a few years on the program.

            The avarot help guide a person and help a person to feel grounded and centered.




            The aliot are fine matter creatures that are usually four in number and live outside of the body at the level of the lower abdomen.  They also arrange themselves in a square or diamond around a person at this level.  They remain about 2-4 feet away from the physical body.  The aliot and the other guide souls discussed above talk to the director souls and help guide a person. 

Sodium regulation.  The aliot help regulate the activity of the adrenal glands and the amount and type of sodium compounds in the body.

The adrenal glands control the sodium level in the blood and tissues through the action of the hormone aldosterone.

            The aliot are very important for a personŐs overall stamina and energy level.  If one or two are missing, which can result from a trauma, a person will feel tired and lethargic.

            When one or more of the aliot return, a hair analysis may indicate this by a sharp rise in the hair sodium level. This occurs because the aliot bring in better forms of sodium and the body eliminates less preferred forms of sodium, causing a rise in the hair sodium level.




            These are small (about 1 inch in diameter) fine-matter creatures that are found near the feet of all human beings and some animals.  They look like small bicycle wheels with spokes radiating outward from a central hub.

The hub contains a large eye.  In addition, the creature has what look like eyes all around the outer edge of each spoke.  However, they are not eyes.  They are sense organs that detect balance problems in the personŐs body.  These are needed to carry out their function, which is to help a person keep their balance.

The galgal also have tiny tentacles that extend in every direction from the spokes.  They are part of the sensing system to assess balance problems.  These make the creatures look larger than they really are.

The galgal assist the controllers, the other guide creatures, and the directors and mental souls who control the human body.  They spin to the right.  By doing so, they help stabilize a personŐs upper and lower etheric energy fields.  This, in turn, helps stabilize the physical body.

            The word galgal is an ancient word that is related to a number of our words such as gal, gallant, gallery, gallon and gallop.  The meaning is full or rounded.

            If a serious trauma occurs, one or two of the galgal may leave a person.  A complete development program can help one to get back one or more of these creatures.

Calcium regulation.  The galgal help regulate calcium metabolism.  Once in a while, a retest mineral analysis indicates a sharp rise in the calcium level.  This can be due to getting back a galgal.  What occurs is that the galgal helps bring back a superior form of calcium to the body.  When this occurs, the person often eliminates the less desirable form of calcium and this raises the hair calcium level.

Potassium regulation. The galgal also help regulate the amount and type of potassium compounds in the body.  They assist a person to eliminate toxic potassium, which is very important to do if one wishes to develop.  Toxic potassium is a Ňchild mineralÓ that keeps one too attached to this world and to oneŐs parents and friends.  For details, read Toxic Potassium.






These are souls that usually remain inside the brain of a person during oneŐs entire lifetime.  They usually number about 20, but their number can be up to 100.  They function as guides, in conjunction with the other guide creatures described below.

The personality of the outer man or woman is largely the personality of the director souls.  A related group of souls called mental souls are also in the head of every person.  Both the directors and mental souls play a major role in determining a personŐs personality.




            These are more advanced souls who live inside the head of a human being or an animal.  They are very aware of physical problems in the body.  Their job is to make a list of these problems and to plan how to correct the problems.

            Unfortunately, most people on earth are so malnourished that the azelot can rarely do their job well, and they may leave a person if their diet is so poor that the azelot feel they are not much help for the person or animal.

            The azelot know development science extremely well and they are often part of the medical team, acting as teachers and guides when we ask for help with a client.




            These souls live inside the head of all human beings and help form the personality of the outer person.  They are often more advanced souls, but not necessarily. 

They are important souls.  Experiencing a severe trauma can cause one or more of them to leave.  If this occurs, the personŐs personality becomes weaker.  This is always harmful for a person.  For this reason it is best to guard the body carefully so as not to experience severe traumas such as accidents or rapes.






            Due to the presence of the guide creatures listed above, healthy human beings are able to think and analyze situations much better than individual souls.  This is important to know.

Today, on earth many people are missing some of their controllers or other guide creatures.  This is due to very poor diets and other health problems.  The guide souls leave if they feel they cannot be of service.  The feel their time is better spent helping others who are in better health.

This is a serious problem and one reason why this website advocates heavily for a diet rich in cooked vegetables.  This food group, more than any other, contains the minerals and other nutrients the guide souls and guide creatures require to do their work.




            A guide creature may leave a person in certain situations.  The main ones are 1) severe trauma, 2) old age, and 3) poor health at any age.  Let us discuss each of these reasons for loss of a guide soul or guide creature:


1. Trauma. Insults to the body such as a beating, serious accident, injury or rape often causes the loss of one or more guide creatures.  Trauma to the head, especially, can damage the brain in certain ways so that the creatures can no longer do their job properly.

For example, when a severe trauma occurs, one or even two of a personŐs four controller souls may leave, rather than be unable to do his job.  At least two must remain or a person does not function well.  If more than two leave, usually it is because the body will not survive.

            Trauma also always causes nutritional depletion, which, by itself, can cause a controller creature or one of the others to leave.  Rape, for example, always causes significant nutritional depletion, and may cause brain damage.  For more details, read Rape.

In fact, loss of guide creatures is one of the worst effects of a rape or other serious traumas such as a beating, or a serious fall or accident.  This type of soul and creature loss is subtle and difficult or impossible for doctors or other therapists to detect.  The only thing they may notice is that the person is tired and perhaps does not function well mentally.

Even worse, when a guide creature is lost, other, less advanced souls often move in around the body.  They are not only inferior in intelligence.  They are often angry, sick and may be programmed or conditioned to interfere with a personŐs thoughts, words and actions.

Fortunately, when a guide creature returns, it is generally able to displace these rogue creatures or rogue souls.


2. Old age.  Old age always causes the loss of some guide creatures and guide souls.  It is one reason older people more easily lose their balance and do not function as well mentally.

In all cases, old age is also associated with nutritional depletion.  This is just one reason the guide souls and guide creatures may leave.

Health conditions such as arteriosclerosis in older people impairs blood flow to the brain.  This often cause brain damage that makes the guide creatureŐs job impossible to do.  Hence they leave.


            3. Poor health at any age and for any reason.  Impaired health makes the work of the guide souls and guide creatures even more difficult or impossible.  Most often, on earth, bad health is due to nutritional depletion.  This leads directly to other brain problems such as infections, impaired oxygenation, poor circulation, low energy, or other health conditions.

            As you can see, impaired nutrition is an important common denominator for why one may lose one or more of the very essential guide creatures or guide souls.  Even if the guide creatures return when one follows a development program, if the nutrition becomes impaired, they will leave again due to inability to do their work.




What passes today for excellent nutrition is not always so.   Raw food, for example, is not very nutritious, except for raw dairy products.  The main reasons are:

1. Human beings cannot break down tough vegetable fibers.  Most of the nutrients in the vegetables are locked into these fibers.  As a result, we cannot extract much nutrition from raw vegetables.  Dairy products are the only major food group that can be eaten raw and then digested well by human beings.  These are usually ŇcookedÓ by pasteurization, which harms them.

2. Vegetarian diets are also not healthful, in our experience.  they are deficient in several critical nutrients, including zinc, carnitine, taurine and a few others.  For details about excellent diet, read Food For Daily Use.




It is possible to regain oneŐs guide creatures and obtain even more of them.  The best way to do this is to follow a development program that is supervised by an Approved Helper listed at the link below.  Other nutrition programs are not nearly as effective, in our experience, because they are not set up correctly.

One can begin today with the Free Program, but for best results, contact one of the Approved Helpers and begin a complete program.


Elevated magnesium, a hill, or a coming alive pattern and return of a guide creature or soul.  On a hair mineral test that is performed correctly without washing the hair at the laboratory, the return of one or more guide souls or creatures is often announced by one or more of the following:

- a much elevated magnesium level

- a hill pattern,

- a hilling pattern

- a coming alive pattern

- pivots or anchors

- an increase in the phosphorus level

- an increase in the sodium/potassium ratio if it was below the ideal level of 2.5.


For more details about these patterns, go to the Patterns Found Only On Retests section of the Read Articles page of this website.  All of these patterns are very positive signs of healing and increased well-being.




            A rather mysterious passage in the Hebrew Bible is the vision of Ezekiel found in the Book of Ezekiel, Chapter 1.  We believe that the vision was of the:

- The controller creatures (the four creatures),

- The helpers (the wheels)

- The Merkba (the throne of God or vault)

- The etheric energy field.  For details, read The Energy Fields. 



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