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WARNING 6/29/21. The Virxcan brand of black salve is no longer as good as before and we no longer recommend it.

It still works to a degree, but they changed the formula and the salve is painful. Black salve should not be painful when it enters the body. I donÕt know another brand to recommend at this time and we will research it.


WARNING 3/23/21. Clients report that the Virxcan brand of black salve works, but it leaves a dark mark that does not go away easily.  If you know of another brand that works, but does not leave this discoloration, please let us know.


WARNING (12/19/19):  DO NOT FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS THAT COME WITH THE VIRXCAN BLACK SALVE.  THEY ARE NOT CORRECT.   Follow our instructions below.  The main correction needed is that you must put hydrogen peroxide on the salve twice a day.






General Information


II. PROCEDURES (including sources)

Topical Use

Lumps Just Below The Skin

Internal Use

Team Salve













            WARNING #1. For black salve to work properly, you must rough up the skin where you will put it so that the black salve can get inside the body.  Ideally, take a pin and put a few holes in the spot where you will apply black salve.  Otherwise, the salve wonÕt get inside to do its job.

It is okay if the area bleeds a little.  In fact, it is very good if it bleeds.  The black salve will then work faster in that area.


WARNING #2: Some black salve is either fake or very weak.  Currently (6/2021) we donÕt have a brand of black salve to recommend.  We are researching how to solve this problem.


WARNING #3.  Do not follow the instructions that now come with the Virxcan black salve.  Follow our instructions below.


WARNING #4: If you use black salve for an internal cancer by mouth (swallow it), USE IT ONLY ONCE EVERY TWO WEEKS, and never more often.  Some false ŌhealersÕ are suggesting that people use black salve orally every day or every few days.  Never do this.


WARNING #5.  Black salve alone is often sufficient to get rid of skin cancers and even melanomas.  However, it is not sufficient as an internal cancer remedy.  It is also a little toxic, so please do more than just black salve for internal cancers.




An ancient remedy.  Black salve is an ancient Native American ointment.

What does it do.  It will remove cancerous tumors, pre-cancers, fungal infections, and some other infections.  It is usually used topically, but it can be taken internally, as well.  Black salve will often work on solid lumps, but not on cysts.  It also does not work on most parasites, such as amoebas.

What is in it?  The main herb is bloodroot, which is black because it contains a manganese compound.   It may also contain a little of several other herbs and usually contains zinc, as well.

Most important, however, is that good quality black salve contains highly advanced souls who first do an assessment of the situation and then go work tirelessly until the job is completed, provided they have enough materials with which to work.

 Toxicity.   Black salve is not poisonous.  However, it will cause someinflammation (heat, redness, swelling and sometimes some pain) at the site where it is applied.

Within a day, it eats away the skin where it is placed, leaving a depression that later fills in with new skin.  The area will look somewhat ugly, but when it is done, new skin covers the area and even on the face it looks fine.

If your salve dries out, just mix in a little distilled water to make it into a paste again.

A rather amazing salve.  Black salve is often considered as a remedy – perhaps an alternative for skin surgery.  However, black salve is actually quite different from surgery.

The salve goes to the root of an infection or cancer and kills the root.  Surgery can miss the root and the problem can come back.   In this regard, black salve is a complete healing process that is more permanent and more healthful than surgery.






Materials needed:  The salve, a pin, Band-aids large enough to cover the area, 3% hydrogen peroxide, and cotton Q-tips or swabs to apply the peroxide.



1. Wash.  Wash the area with soap and water.  This is not really necessary, but is a good idea for general cleanliness.

2. Puncture the lesion.  Stick a pin in it a few times, or if this is too unpleasant, at least scratch and rough up the area with your fingernail.  This is to assist absorption of the salve.

3. Apply the salve.  For small lesions of all kinds, the best way to apply the salve, in our experience, is with a Q-tip or other small stick.  You can use your finger, too.

Be sure to cover the edges of the mole or lesion or it wonÕt work right. 

The salve should completely cover the lesion, but it need not be thick.  Thin will do, as long as you canÕt see through it.  Most people use much too much, which just wastes the salve.

4. Cover the area with a Band-aid or other bandage for 24 hours.  Keep water away from the area, if at all possible, so the salve does not get washed away.

Try not to leave the salve on longer than 24 hours, as it is not necessary and it may irritate the skin.

5. Wash and re-bandage.  After 24 hours, take off the bandage.  The salve usually digests the skin in the area.  The tissue underneath may look ugly or pussy.

Wash off extra salve with 3% hydrogen peroxide, not water!  Some salve should remain in the skin.  Now cover the area again with a new bandage.

If the area foams up a lot when you apply hydrogen peroxide, it just means the salve is drawing out toxins, and that is good.  It is not a problem.

6. TWICE DAILY, remove the bandage and repeat the cleaning with 3% peroxide, and nothing else.  After cleaning, put another bandage on the area.

The procedure with hydrogen peroxide is required!  It activates the salve and is critical. 

7. The drawing sensation.  As the salve does its work, you may feel a little drawing sensation, swelling, stiffness or inflammation at the affected site.  Greenish or bloody material may also ooze from the area.  This will go away by itself and is necessary, so donÕt try to stop it.

8. Discoloration.  The affected area can remain a darker color for a few weeks or months.  This is due to some salve that remains in the body.  It fades away slowly, all by itself.  This makes some people not want to use black salve on their face.  However, it works well on skin lesions on the face, including skin cancers.

9. How long?  In simple cases, the mole, wart or tumor will fall off by itself in 10 days to about four weeks.  This will leave a small hole, which will slowly fill in by itself in another few weeks.

The healing can take longer, however, if there is a deep infection in the area.  It can require two months or even more if there is a lot of infection or cancer in the area.




Black salve is excellent for getting rid of lumps, tumors and some infections that are not on the surface of the body, but are inside and within about one inch of the skin.  If they are deeper than this, follow the procedure for internal use below.

To heal these sub-dermal conditions, apply the salve as close a possible to the lesion or lump as possible.

Also, apply enough black salve to open a portion of the skin large enough so that the lump can come out through the opening.  This is indeed what will occur if the black salve works.  It is quite amazing.

Multiple applications may be needed, especially for large lumps.  However, wait until the first application is completely finished before applying more black salve.  Some are recommending re-applying black salve once a week for some conditions.  We do not think this is either necessary or beneficial.  It mostly wastes the salve.




CAUTION! Black salve is extremely irritating to the stomach.  Use only the amount recommended (no larger than a small pea), and never repeat the procedure more often than once every two weeks.  We have heard of someone who ended up in the emergency room with stomach pain and some bleeding by using too much black salve, or using it too often.

Internal use by mouth is used for internal cancers that are far away from the body surface.  It can also help with some systemic infections. 


1. Roll the black salve into a tiny ball that is the size of a pea.  Take by mouth, 10-15 minutes away from all food and drink before and afterwards.  Roll it up into a tiny ball that is no larger than a small pea. 

It tastes a bit foul, but not too bad.  Just swallow it.  Do not chase it with a lot of water, if possible.  Use as little water as possible.

2. After taking the black salve by mouth, if possible, lay down and rest for about half an hour.  This will allow the salve to properly go into action in the stomach with less interference.

              3. You can repeat the procedure once every two weeks, but no more, as it can irritate the stomach a lot.  More is not better!




If black salve does not work, here are the possibilities: 


1. The brand of salve is no good.  This is very common today!  We donÕt currently have a brand to recommend.

2. It will not work on your lesion.  It only works on cancers, pre-cancers and some infections.

3. You did not puncture the lesion and the black salve did not get inside to do its work.  For this reason, if it does not work, try it again, making sure you puncture the lesion.

4. Rarely, more than one application is needed.  In these cases, the black salve can only repair the area to some degree and another application is required to finish the job.

5. If a person is very malnourished, black salve will not work as well.  In this case, one needs to begin at once the Development Diet and ideally the supplement program, as well, to improve overall health.   Then wait at least two months and then reapply the salve and it may work better.




For cancers and moles inside the mouth: Depending on the location of the growth, you may be able to stuff a large cotton ball in the area of the mouth to hold the salve in place.  If not, it may be necessary to rest in bed for 12 hours to keep the salve in place.

Eyes: It is not recommended in the eyes.  It can be used around the eyes, however.

Children: It can be used on children.  However, keep the container tightly closed and do not let children play with it.

Pregnancy and lactation: We do not know of any problems using the salve at these times.

Inside the vagina or rectum.  This can work for STDs, for example.  You will need to find a way to keep the salve in place, such as with a cotton ball.  You may have to rest in bed for 12 hours. 




Sources for black salve.  We donÕt have a brand to recommend at this time.

  Avoid the Dr. Christopher brand – it does not work well.  We welcome feedback about other brands of Black Salve.




            Black salve combines at least 10 mechanisms to do its work:


1. The salve is easily absorbed through the skin.  (However, you must puncture the mole, boil or skin blemish to which you apply it so that the salve can get inside.)


            2. The hydrogen peroxide is carried into the body by the salve and kills cancers, infections and more.


3. It is able to draw infected and toxic substances to the surface of the body and expel them there.  This bypasses the liver and kidneys and is very beneficial.


4. The salve soothes the tissues, avoiding excessive inflammation. This is very important, as removing infection and some other tissues can cause a lot of irritation.

However, something in the salve seems to prevent this.  A small amount of irritation can occur, however, and once in a while the salveÕs work actually causes some pain, which is not due to its action on an infection, but rather on its effect upon surrounding tissues and structures.  Usually this is not a problem. 

5. The salve helps move energy downward through the body.  This is very healing.  To read about this, read Downward Moving Energy And Healing.

6. The salve raises the sodium/potassium ratio in the local area where it is applied.  This assists the healing of all infections and tumors. 

Black salve contains a manganese compound, which raises the ratio.  It also contains some copper and zinc.  This combination is found in the product called Limcomin, which we use in development programs to raise the sodium/potassium ratio.  The salve also contains a small amount of vitamins A and C, also found in Limcomin.

7. Black salve is a yang remedy.  This means its action tends to be warming, drying and contracting.  More yang remedies are often dark in color, and usually work very well today.

In contrast, yin remedies such as most herbs, high-dose vitamin C, other vitamins, homeopathy and others are often less effective today than in the past, and perhaps less safe, as well. 

8. Black salve contains colloidal silver.  This helps kill infections and tumors.

9. Black salve contains substances found in bee propolis.  These are also helpful for killing infections and tumors.




            Black salve has many ways to get rid of infections, and most tumors, as well:


1. A magnetic effect of manganese, which gives the salve its black color, and kills some infections outright.  Magnetism is a very complex healing science.  It is done safely with black salve.  I do not recommend it otherwise because it is difficult to do well and safely.  However, using black salve it is easy and quite safe.

2. Compounds of colloidal silver, copper and gold found in the salve.  Some of these are there naturally, while others may be added in tiny quantity by mixing in certain herbs.  Silver and copper, for example, are excellent germ killers in their own right.

The salve may move some copper and silver to the infection site. 

3. It seems to signal the body to withdraw some iron from the blood and substitute more copper in the blood.  This is a common mechanism the body uses often to kill infections of many kinds.  Iron favors infection, while bioavailable copper tends to have a more anti-infective effect.

4. It appears to increase circulation, oxygenation and even hydration of the nearby tissues.  All of these are helpful for fighting infection.

5. It may cause an increased allergic response.  This is a histamine response, and important to open up the infection site in order to promote infection-fighting.

6. It releases some hydrogen peroxide at the infection site.  This is another common way the body fights infections. 

7. It is able to trace an infection or cancer to a root blood supply and cut off the blood supply.  This is a key to its action.  By cutting off the blood supply, the infection or cancer dies from the root and will not come back, unlike surgery, which often causes cancers to resurface later.




Cancers.  Black salve is often helpful to remove tumors anywhere on the body.  It can be tried for advanced cancers, though it must be used aggressively in these cases, and with a development program, in all cases.  

Pre-cancerous moles and other skin lesions.  The salve will remove most pre-cancerous moles and some other skin lesions or blemishes.

 Infections.  It can be used for some infections, particularly fungal, bacterial, some viral infections, and perhaps others.  It is usually worth a try, as it does no harm and is not costly.




            Keep your black salve preferably in a cool, dry, dark, safe location.  Keep the cover on tightly.  Do not refrigerate it.  It will last for years this way without losing its potency. 

If the salve dries out: Rejuvenate it by adding a drop or two of only distilled water.




1. Cancer Salves, A Botanical Approach To Treatment by Ingrid Naiman




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