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- What Is The Development Program?

- Two Programs

- Why Is It Called the Development Program?

- Who Can Benefit?

- Is The Program For You?

- Safety

- Why Does The Full Program Require Hair Mineral Testing?

- A Path

- Differences Between The Development Program And Holistic And Naturopathic Care

- Theory Of The Program

- About Dr. Wilson






The development program is a powerful natural method of healing the body and mind.  It has evolved over the last 45 years.  For more details about its origins, read The Development Science Pioneers.

The development program uses a specific diet, a healthful lifestyle, up to about ten nutritional supplements and several detoxification procedures to balance and strengthen the body.

Of these, the diet is the most important.  One can do as much of the program as one wishes.  However, the more one does of the program, the better will be the results.




There are two versions of the program.  The basic or ‘free’ program is a starter program that is not individualized.  There is no fee, and one does it on one’s own.  Many people report significant health benefits from it.  To begin the basic development program, click here.

The full program is similar.  However, one works with a Helper, the program is individualized, and it involves tissue mineral testing to assess one’s body chemistry.  This combination makes it much more powerful.

Cost of the full program.  Most of the Helpers charge $150 to $250.00 US dollars for the hair mineral test and a long consultation or two to set up the program properly.  This fee usually also includes responding to questions that arise during the program. 

The other main cost is the nutritional supplements, which often cost about $150.00 to $200.00 US dollars monthly for adults and less for children.  One can reduce the cost to about $120.00 US dollars per monthly by taking the supplements twice, instead of three times daily.  Results may be slower.  To begin the full program, go to Find A Helper To Begin A Program.




Development, as the word is used on this website, is the expansion of the body’s energy field and the unfolding of the full genetic potential of a human being.  It causes much better health, a longer lifespan, and improved physical and mental abilities.

Development is natural to human beings and is mentioned in ancient books such as the Bible.  However, it is not taught much today and does not often occur because most bodies are too malnourished and too toxic.  To develop today requires a specific program.  For more details about development, read Introduction To Development.




The program will strengthen and balance anyone.  It is excellent for adults, children, babies who are at least six months old, as prenatal care, and during pregnancy and lactation.

In our experience, the program will help most physical and mental health conditions.  Over 1000 articles on this website discuss specific health conditions and their correction using the development program.  If you have a specific question, Contact Us.

Healing traumas.  The development program can also help unwind, retrace and heal many traumas.  For details, read Rape, Healing Rape and Trauma Release.




The development program requires:

- Eating a lot of certain cooked vegetables.  We find these are needed to remineralize, balance and detoxify the body.  If you really don’t like vegetables, this is not the program for you.

- Some discipline.  Like all healing programs, some self-discipline is required.  You will develop the discipline if you work with the program.

- Combining programs.  The development program has been developed over 45 years.  We ask that you follow it as we suggest for best results.  We don’t allow people to combine the full development program with other natural healing programs because this almost always interferes with the development program and can be unsafe.

You should continue to take prescribed medication, if needed, while on the development program.  In most cases, you won’t need it when the body heals sufficiently.

- Flare-ups.  The development program will bring up and release old traumas and illnesses.  This sometimes causes temporary symptoms that can be annoying or unpleasant.  We will help you through them but one needs to understand that they can occur, at times.

- Forgiveness. The development program will bring up hidden anger and resentments in many people.  One needs to be willing to let these go in order to progress quickly.

The process is one of forgiveness of everyone for everything.  This does not mean to condone or forget anything that has occurred in the past.  However, it does mean that one is willing to let go and move on.  For more details, read Forgiveness.

- Applying.  Anyone may follow the basic development program.  For the full development program, one needs to apply for the program.  This is quite simple and will be handled by your Helper or practitioner.




The development program is quite safe because the program is always set up to balance the body.  This is not true of most other healing programs.

It is also safer than most other healing programs because it heals hidden, latent or sub-clinical health conditions.  For example, many people have a little cancer, some cardiovascular disease or other potentially serious health conditions, although most people are not aware of them.

The development program addresses these conditions first.  This is an enormous benefit and makes the program truly preventive.

The first several years on the program is often a period of cleaning up these sub-clinical health conditions.




This laboratory test is a tissue mineral biopsy.  So far, it is the only test we have found that will measure certain parameters needed to properly set up the balancing programs.  Blood, urine, saliva or other medical tests will not work for this purpose.

For accuracy, the tissue mineral test needs to be performed and interpreted correctly.  The hair must not be washed at the laboratory at all for accurate results. 

During the program, one repeats the hair test every three to six months.  The purpose is to monitor progress and to update the diet and supplement program to keep the body chemistry balanced.  For more details, read Introduction To Hair Mineral Analysis.




Development is more than a program.  It is a path.  This means that to move along most rapidly and easily, one needs to integrate the program as much as possible into one’s lifestyle.  For details, read The Healing Path.




The development program appears similar to other nutrition programs.  However, it differs markedly from holistic health care and naturopathy in the following ways:

Development programs do not involve the diagnosis and treatment of diseases.  This is unusual today, although it is similar to the therapeutic method used in some ancient sciences such as acupuncture.

Instead of diagnoses and treatments, the development program focuses upon normalization and correction of the diet, lifestyle, and body chemistry of a person.  In addition, the detoxification and development procedures help heal and develop the body in a variety of ways.

Development programs do not focus on symptom removal.  Instead, they use various methods to remineralize and balance the body.  When this is done properly, symptoms go away on their own.  This was quite remarkable to us when we began teaching this program 40 years ago.

Development programs rarely involve the use of remedies.  This is a major difference between this program and others.  Remedies are rarely needed if one rebalances and renourishes the body properly.




Development programs are based upon the stress theory of disease and systems theory.  Both of these are 20th century concepts regarding how complex, regenerating systems operate. 

From this perspective, most disease is simply evidence of a system out of balance.  When the whole body system becomes remineralized, balanced and strengthened at deep levels, most “disease entities” disappear on their own without a need to know all about them, without a need to name them, and without needing to take remedies for them.

Development is also based on ancient teachings that assert that human beings have the genetic capacity to enjoy far greater health and longevity than they presently enjoy.

For many more details about the theory of development science, read Development Theory I and Advanced Development Theory.


About Dr. Wilson.  The central person is Dr. Lawrence Wilson.  He has a medical degree but prefers to work as a nutrition consultant.  He has 40 years of experience with this program and sets up all of the full programs for the Approved Helpers or practitioners.  He does not work directly with anyone at this time.



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