by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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            Keeping your brain functioning very well is so important that this article discusses how people ruin their brain power.  Here are some of the worst ways, so you can avoid them.




1. A bad attitude.  This may seem surprising, but holding on to anger, resentment, hatred, feeling sorry for yourself, and even too much fear, guilt or anxiety are very hard on the brain.  The brain is designed to function as an executive, meaning it is designed to carry out orders, process information, and so on.  It is not designed to hold emotions and fixed ideas.  This distorts many brains and damages them.


2. Traumas of certain kinds, especially rape.  One of the worst is rape.  This is why young women, in particular, would be wise to listen to advice about staying absolutely safe as much as they can.  It makes life boring in some ways, but it is worth it if you value your brain.  Once damaged by rape and other traumas, it can be very difficult to ever recover your former brain power.  For more, read Rape on this website.

Too much regular sex is also a problem.  Down sex is fine, however. 


3. Pounding the brain, from the inside or outside.  This should be obvious.  However, the brain is quite delicate and is harmed by blows of any kind.  This is why young men should never play football or any intense contact sports, for instance.  It is also why some auto accidents can do a lot of damage, even if the skull is never broken.


4. Malnutrition.  This is one of the most common causes today.  It is sadly extremely common, even in the United States and Western Europe.  It is often worse in Africa and parts of Asia and the Middle East.

If it happens in early childhood, the child will be less intelligent and have a lower IQ.  It may also cause Attention Deficit Disorder, autism and hundreds of other types of brain impairment.

If malnutrition occurs as an adult, it causes brain fog, memory impairment, slow thinking, neuroses and psychoses of many kinds.  We know this because all of these disorders yield to nutritional balancing programs, that systematically renourish the brain and detoxify it as well.


5. Drugs and toxic metals.  This is the other very common cause of brain damage today.

Drugs.  There is no simpler way to damage your brain than to smoke marijuana on a regular basis, or use cocaine, alcohol, Ecstacy, methamphetamines or other drugs.

Some medical drugs are not much better, if used on a regular basis.  The worst medical intervention for the human brain, bar none, is the widespread use of vaccines, including boosters and flu shots.  Please avoid all these toxins.

Toxic metals. These can be difficult to avoid.  Mercury is pervasive and the only way to avoid it is to stop eating most fish, especially any large fish such as tunafish and even salmon.  Only sardines and other tiny fish are less toxic with mercury.  Shellfish is another very toxic food today, although the exact reasons are not clear to me.  However, they are all quite high in cadmium, mercury, lead and other toxic metals.

Other major sources of toxic metals include using some anti-acids and anti-perspirants, which are high in aluminum.  Cigarettes and marijuana contains a lot of cadmium.  Nickel comes from working with costume jewelry or handling steel and other metals.   Arsenic and lead are used in pesticides, especially in grapes and wines, for example.  However, pesticides are found in many foods, especially fruits and even some “organically grown” fruit.

Toxic chemicals.  While there is overlap here with drugs and toxic metals, important sources of toxic chemicals for many people involve skin care products such as hair dyes, nail polish, skin creams, makeup and many others.

Building materials such as OSB, new carpeting, some artist’s paints and glues used to hold down carpets and other materials are often toxic, and are best avoided and should not be allowed, ideally.


6. Yin disease.  This may sound odd.  However, yin disease is a very important cause of brain damage today.  Yin disease occurs due to eating a vegetarian diet, eating mainly raw food, doing a lot of juicing, and/or eating a lot of fruit.  Another minor cause is drinking reverse osmosis water, distilled water for more than a few months, or ionized or alkaline water.

The brain must be yang, or a person’s brain will not function well.  This is a very esoteric subject, but it is the truth.  To read more about this, read Yin Disease.


7. Electrical imbalances.  The brain is like a computer, and it depends upon the electrical charge of the cells for its proper functioning.  Anything that disturbs this type of charge on the cells, which is maintained by a balance between sodium and potassium inside and outside the cells, also called the sodium pump mechanism, will seriously affect the brain.

Factors that upset the electrical balance of the body are many, ranging from dehydration and malnutrition to too much sex, bad attitudes, electrical shocks, traumas, aging in some cases, drugs and vaccines and more.


8. Force, coercion and oppression.  This may sound unusual, but it is hurtful to be forced to do anything as an adult, or even as a child.  This is a subtle problem, because it is necessary and wise to discipline your children, and to discipline adults. 

However, if it turns to cruelty, putdowns, threats against one’s life or limb, outright oppression, slavery, lies, deception and propaganda, these are definitely harmful for the brain.

The reason for this may be that the brain is like a computer, in that it is a logical machine that thinks through situations and makes logical decisions, most of the time.  When force or threats of force are used to skew or alter those decisions too much, the brain simply cannot function properly.  Deeply offending a person in certain ways that just “do not compute”.

This is one of the reason why rape is such a serious crime.  It is just rather disgusting, filthy, humiliating and logically makes little sense.  The brain in many cases simply cannot process the trauma well for this reason.


9. Lying or deception.  These are hard on your brain.  A main reason for this is that the brain is a sort of computer, and it requires accurate processing and accurate input, just like a computer.  If it is misused, it actually harms the mechanism a lot because the mechanism tries to compensate for the lies so that the logical computer-like mind can continue to function as designed.  Another way to say this is that the computer-like brain just carries out orders and remembers things and processes information. 

If you lie or listen to a lot of lies, it confuses the memory, as false data is fed into it, and it confuses the processors which must use the data to arrive at conclusions.  In computer science, there is a saying: “garbage in, garbage out”.  This is the same idea, that you must feed your brain the truth and spread the truth, or it mixes up your brain and those of others very badly, and actually damages the synapses and other aspects of the brain.

For example, it can send the brain into endless ‘loops’, which happens sometimes in computers.  This slows the brain, wastes a lot of energy and can actually damage it, too.



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