by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

© October 2019, LD Wilson Consultants, Inc.




2. TRUTH IS REAL. Truth is absolute, even if we cannot comprehend it at times.  This is the opposite of the secular concept taught in some schools of moral relativism.  The latter is the belief that there is no absolute truth, and each person can just believe what he or she wants. 

Truth is not relative, and it is not up for debate.  Your truth is not different from my truth.  It is just that some people understand more truth than others.  Another reason for differences of opinion is that we sometimes become confused by words or semantics.


3. SEEK THE TRUTH IN ALL THINGS, AT ALL TIMES.  It will set you free from error, as Jesus once said.  This creed for modern living will help you with this endeavor without burdening you at all, if you read and understand it correctly.


4. GOD, OR THE FATHER ENERGY IN THE UNIVERSE, IS REAL. If you don’t like the word God, use the word Father Energy.

The Father Energy is not the same as your biological father, who is or was just a man like any other.  The Heavenly Father and your earthly father have little to do with each other.




4. THEREFORE, ALIGN YOUR SOUL AND YOUR ACTIONS WITH THIS ENERGY OR FORCE.  The Bible states: “Love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, with all thy soul, and with all thy might.”  - Deuteronomy 6:5, Matthew 22:37 and elsewhere.

In other words, you are the product, or the creature, or the child of God, without which you cannot exist at all.  So love your Source Of Being completely, and you will receive His energy more and more.

Do anything else, and you will tend to falter and die.  If this commandment is ever forgotten, all the others mean nothing.


5. DO NOT USE OR TAKE THE NAME OF GOD OR THE FATHER ENERGY IN VAIN.  This is more important than you may think.  It does not just mean do not swear in the usual sense.  It does not just mean to use the word God carefully.

It means to respect the office of God, if I can say it that way.  It means to respect that there is a leader, a Father Energy in the universe that you depend upon for everything in life, and that He or It loves you dearly and completely, or you would not exist.


6. LOVE OTHERS AS YOU HAVE BEEN LOVED BY THE FATHER ENERGY OR GOD.  This means to respect the life, the property, and the feelings of others.  It means to be patient with others, though not if another is acting destructively.  It means to love others in the heart or mind.  It does not mean to love others sexually.




1. MARRIAGE BETWEEN A MAN AND A WOMAN IS SACRED BEYOND ALL THINGS. Marriage is a special joining of the souls of two individuals of the opposite sex.  Do not confuse it with other types of relationships.  Other types of relationships may be acceptable under the laws of the state, but they are not sacred marriages. 

All advanced societies have used marriage between a man and a woman only to make the society sustainable.  Real marriage teaches decency, caring, and love.  It is needed for raising children well, and preventing certain sexual problems.

Sacred or real marriages also protect women, especially, but also men.  They help prevent loneliness and depression, and they are the basic economic and social unit of society.  

Proper marriages also assists people to handle certain problems better than they can be handled alone.  Marriage is thus the basis for advanced civilization the world over, and a very critical institution.

There can be relationships between friends, colleagues or others, but they are not marriages in the sense used in this section.  These others include homosexual, polygamous, casual, or so-called open “marriages”.

Marriage licenses.  One need not obtain a marriage license from the government.  One can marry in a religious tradition only, if one desires.  This is better, in fact.  Civil or secular marriages and marriage licenses are a relatively new idea, made up by secular governments and used to control people and, at tmes, to take away their children.

Also, present-day governments are not holy institutions.  As such, they are not empowered to marry people in the way described in this section, and they are not empowered to make marriage a privilege that requires or needs a license to complete it.


2. FAMILY IS SACRED BEYOND ALL THINGS EXCEPT MARRIAGE. Family means your intimate group – your husband or wife and your children.  Families matter because families are a basic economic, social and political unit of society.  Family can also include other close relatives.

A sustainable society demands and requires healthy families.  They must function smoothly and harmoniously or society will break apart.


3. DO NOT HAVE SEX WITH ANOTHER UNLESS YOU ARE MARRIED TO THE PERSON.  This may sound harsh, but is needed at this time to stem the tide of sexually transmitted diseases that are taking their toll on the health of thousands of young women and men.

STDs are not benign, and many have no medical treatment.  A development program will stop many of them, but it takes a lot of effort and time.  For details, read Introduction To Development Programs. 

STDs spread to the brain and other vital organs.  There they damage vital tissues and reduce the lifespan and the life force in a person.  The medical and natural health professions need to explain this to people.


4. HONOR THY PARENTS.  This means to always treat them decently.  It means to honor those who gave you life and limb.  Life and limb means the idea of life and the body of life.  Both are quite important.

Honoring your parents does not necessarily mean dedicating all your time to caring for them.  This is a mistake some people make.  Parents can become abusive or energy vampires, in which case one needs to distance oneself from them, but one can still honor them.  For details, read Energy Vampirism.


5. TREAT OTHERS BETTER THAN YOU WOULD HAVE THEM TREAT YOU. This is the essence of all relationships, which are always sacred.  Friendship is thus sacred, and always to be honored within marriage, family, community, nation, and the world.





1. RESPECT LIFE IN ALL ITS FORMS.  More specifically, DO NOT KILL IN COLD BLOOD.  You may kill animals for food.  Also, if attacked, you may respond to save your life, your property, and the lives of others.  This command also means do not kill the spirit, the reputation or the name of another person.  However, it is find to tell the truth about another if he or she has done something that is not pure or just. 

However, do not kill for pleasure, looks, money, ideas, religion, “honor”, rights, duties, or for other reasons.  Also, do not kill to get rid of competition, or just to silence those who would oppose you.


2. LIVE IN INTEGRITY.  Integrity is a special word meaning unity or entirety.  It means to live a unified, principled, integrated and balanced life.  It means not to live a lie, not to live a double life, or a life of ignorance, error, or arrogance. 

Integrity also means or implies living with courage, with self-acceptance and patience, and with the understanding that perfection is not of this plane of existence, so stop forcing it, though you should seek it always.  The opposite of living in integrity is ignorance, arrogance, error or sin.

Living in integrity and truth is a difficult task, but one well worth working on every day.  Just ask in prayer, “Father or God, am I living this day in integrity?” 

You will receive help when you do this on a daily basis.  The remaining sections, and those above, will assist you to live in integrity.


3. DO NOT STEAL OR APPROPRIATE THAT WHICH IS NOT YOURS.  This includes stealing not only things, money or the property of others.  It also includes stealing ideas without giving credit, and stealing the dignity or virtue of a woman or a man, even if that one is not a virgin. 

It also includes the admonition to not rape or seduce, and to avoid casual sexual affairs without marriage.


4. DO NOT LIE.  Do not lie means to tell the truth, plain and simple, without embellishment, exaggeration or omissions.  It also means also do not lie to yourself. 

It also means do not attempt to sway or impress others, particularly for personal gain.  This is difficult for some people, who spend a lot of time attempting to impress others and sway others to their way of thinking and acting.

It is fine to teach others and lead others.  It is not acceptable to sway their minds with emotional appeals, false statements or half-truths.  That is the meaning of “do not attempt to sway others’ minds”.

The only time lying is acceptable is if it will save your life, or the life of another.  For example, if a person wishes to harm you or a friend, it is okay to mislead or misinform the one wishing harm in order to protect yourself or others.


5. CARE FOR EVERYTHING.  In other words, DO NOT WASTE ANYTHING.  This includes wasting time, materials, energy, human potential, friendship, the body, and more.  This is a very broad admonition, but a very important one.  Most people waste a lot of time, energy and money. 

Most people also “waste the body” by filling it with poor quality food and water, prescription and over-the-counter drugs, toxic skin care products, toxic emotions and toxic ideas. 

Other common ways people waste their bodies are by not resting enough, doing no exercise or too much exercise or activity, or by using the body for purposes that are not wholesome and godly, whether in business, or in the social or other realms.

Sexual wasting.  Many also waste their sexual fluids.  Loss of sexual fluid once a month or less is best.  Less sexual intercourse does not mean less love is present among partners, and often it is the reverse.  Down Sex is not taught much, but does not waste sexual fluid and is much better than ordinary sex in many ways.

The opposite of wasting things is to conserve.  Always seek to conserve life, liberty, property, money, material objects, your body, and your emotions.


6. REMAIN CLEAN, NEAT AND TIDY IN ALL WAYS.  This is to avoid disease, distraction, and loss.  It also will help you save time on projects, for example.  This does not mean to be compulsively neat, forcing every bit of dust out of the house and forcing others to be perfectly clean, for example.

However, a general cleanliness and tidiness with the body, the home, the car, the emotions, and the thoughts will move you forward safely more than most other things.


7. STRIVE TO BE INDUSTRIOUS AND EFFICIENT.  Do not be idle most of the time, and try not to “do things the hard way”.  Instead, learn to work and do things efficiently, pleasantly, and with joy.

However, this does not mean to be compulsively busy and to not rest enough.  Just be industrious as a general trait of behavior.

Many people accomplish little because they sabotage their efforts:

- They procrastinate instead of doing things promptly.

- They do not follow through and complete projects big and small.

- They work sloppily or inefficiently.


8. STRIVE TO BE MODEST.  Modest here means humble and moderate.  Its opposite is arrogance, showiness, and a general lack of humility.  Modesty also applies to your dress, your speech and all actions.

Beware of false modesty.  This occurs when one appears modest, but one’s thoughts are not modest.




1. EAT MAINLY COOKED VEGETABLES (ABOUT 70-80% OF THE DIET).  This is needed today to supply the body with enough vital minerals and hundreds of other nutrients.  For details, read Food For Daily Use and Raw Foods.


2. EAT SOME ANIMAL FLESH PROTEIN DAILY.  In other words, do not eat vegan diets, lacto-vegetarian or ovo-vegetarian diets, or even just fish.  Have at least one portion daily of chicken, turkey, lamb, beef or wild game meat. 

However, do not eat more than two servings of animal protein daily.  Also, limit the size of the portions of animal protein to 4-5 ounces each.

Sardines are a special food today, in our experience.  If you don’t like the taste, buy the ones packed in olive oil or sardine oil and put herbs or spices on them to make them more palatable.  Any brand will do.

Pork.  Do not eat products of the pig, as they often contain parasites, even when cooked well, and they tend to slow development for other reasons, as well.


3. AMONG THE GRAINS, BLUE CORN AND ORGANIC YELLOW CORN ARE VERY SPECIAL FOODS.  They are rich in selenium compounds that will move you forward quickly in the process of development.

Organic blue and yellow corn tortilla chips are a good way to eat these foods.  We know they are greasy and salty, but they contain the most of the chemicals needed for development. 

If you do not tolerate corn, try eating a few blue corn chips without other foods.  If this does not work, then follow a development program faithfully and usually in a few months, you will tolerate some corn.

Other grains are fine in very small amounts, except avoid buckwheat and wheat, spelt and einkorn in all forms such as pasta, bread, pastries, breading and others.  Wheat has been too damaged by hybridization at this time, even most organic whole wheat.


4. MOST ADULTS NEED TWO TO THREE LITERS OR QUARTS OF DRINKING WATER DAILY.  This is far more than most people drink.  The best type of drinking water is generally spring water.  Buying it in plastic bottles is fine.  Do not drink with meals, but rather 1 hour or more after meals, and up until 10-15 minutes before meals.

The second-best type of water to drink in America and Canada is carbon-only or sand filter-only filtered water.  It is not as pure, but it usually hydrates the body well.  In some other nations, tap water is not safe to drink.

Do not drink reverse osmosis water, even if it has added minerals.  Alkaline water is also not recommended.  Also, do not substitute other beverages for water such as coffee, tea, juices or soda pop.  For details, read Water For Drinking.


5. DO NOT EAT SWEETS AND SUGARS.  This includes honey, syrups, nectars, raw sugar cane, fruit of any kind except a few black botija olives per week, fruit juices, or other sweet items such as rice milk, almond milk, soy milks, or other sweet things.  These are all too cold or yin today to be eaten regularly.

This is very difficult for some people, but the way to change your sweet habit is to ask in prayer every day for help to eliminate sweets from your diet.  The worst approach is to make excuses for eating sweets, such as saying to yourself that a little is okay or everyone eats them.


6. COOK YOUR FOOD, with the exceptions listed below.  Cooking kills germs and makes the nutrients in many foods more available to our bodies.  It also warms the food or makes it more yang, an ancient word in a Hebrew dialect and in some Oriental languages.

At this time in history, eating mostly raw food is quite harmful to the body, no matter what other benefits it offers.

Human beings cannot extract enough minerals from raw vegetables, as the minerals are locked deep within the fiber.  Thus, eating raw food slowly depletes the body of vital minerals, and for this reason it will slowly make you more ill, no matter what others teach and say.

Exceptions are:

- A small amount of raw dairy products, especially 8 ounces per week of plain goat yogurt, is helpful for development.

- Fats and oils can be eaten raw.

- For adults, 10-12 ounces of preferably fresh raw carrot juice each day is good, but not more.  One can substitute 1-2 ounces of fresh wheat grass juice once or twice a week, if desired.

Also, do not overcook food.  Most people overcook meats and often vegetables, as well.  For details, read Food For Daily Use.


7. THE KOSHER LAWS IN THE BIBLE ARE GENERALLY A GOOD GUIDE TODAY.  The most important ones include avoiding all pig products, avoid all shellfish, and do not eat the meat of certain other animals such as horses and dogs.  It is also best not to mix dairy products and meat at the same meal.

It is not necessary, however, to have a rabbi bless all your food.  Nor is it necessary to have two sets of dishes, one for milk meals and one for meat meals.


8. DO THE PUSHING DOWN MENTAL EXERCISE DAILY.  Other prayers, meditations, affirmations, self-hypnosis or other spiritual practices will not accomplish the same end.  The pulling down exercise is very unique and will heal the body and mind at the deepest levels.  For details, read The Pulling Down Exercise.



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