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Contamination of most water supplies on earth with pharmaceutical drug residues is a serious environmental problem. Yet we rarely hear about it on the evening news or on most websites.

The problem is becoming worse with every passing day. Little to nothing is being done to stop it. Also, it is not an easy problem to solve because drug residues pass right through the water treatment plants of all nations.


Most people do not realize that:

1. Many medical drugs are eliminated from the body in the urine and feces unchanged. In other words, they do not break down quickly inside the body.

2. Some of these drugs do not break down quickly in the environment. In this regard, they are very different from nutritional supplements, which biodegrade very quickly inside the body and in the environment.

3. As a result, residues of the drugs persist in the sewage systems of the world. They find their way into all the water supplies of the earth. They are also incorporated into our food through irrigation water and into our fish and land animals, as well.

The people of earth need to pay more attention to this problem because soon there will be no uncontaminated water supplies on the planet unless we stop or at least greatly reduce the use of pharmaceutical drugs.


Water contamination is just one reason we do not like pharmaceutical drugs, which are all synthetic chemicals. We also do not like pharmaceutical products because:

1. They do not nourish the body, which is the main problem of most people. Instead, they are all substances that are foreign to the body.

2. Symptomatic only. Most drugs do not correct health problems at a deep level. They are almost all purely symptomatic remedies.

3. Toxicity. Most drugs have adverse effects or “side effects”. These are the cause of many health problems, including early death for many people. In practically all cases, the use of pharmaceutical products worsens one’s health, even if they alleviate symptoms. Doctors never tell this to their patients, which is a crime.

We find that even a single course of antibiotics can require a year on a complete development program to remove the drugs from the body. Vaccines are often even worse, taking even longer to remove all the poisons they contain. For details, read Vaccines and Dangerous Drugs.

4. Cost. Medical drugs are costly, often outrageously so. The markup on many pharmaceutical products is thousands of percent, much higher than on natural products.

5. Not needed. A few drugs are needed, such as anesthesia drugs for use in surgery and a few others. However, we find that most of them are totally unnecessary if a person will eat properly, follow a healthful lifestyle and take a few simple nutritional supplements. This fact is discussed in a number of articles on this website.

This includes thyroid hormones, antibiotics and many others that even the holistic doctors and naturopaths will tell you are needed by many people. We strongly disagree and have plenty of cases to prove this.

6. Sloppy over-prescribing. Many doctors and hospitals overuse drugs with apparently little awareness of their adverse effects. This problem is enormous.


The pharmaceutical industry, in our experience, is one of the most corrupt, dishonest and lethal industries on earth. It is thoroughly rogue-controlled and a horror in that it mainly wrecks people’s health.

Drug companies like drugs because they are patented products. This means no one else can make them and they can charge often outrageous prices for them.

A typical tactic of theirs is to begin with a nutritional product such as vitamin A and alter the molecule in their laboratory just enough to obtain a patent on the “new” product. (It is not new at all). For example, they patented Retin-A, which is a very toxic altered form of vitamin A. Never use this product because it damages the liver!

Then they endeavor to remove all the natural vitamin A from the store shelves and elsewhere, forcing people to use their synthetic product instead. This is a standard technique of theirs.

Drug companies do not like nutritional products because most are not patented. As a result, they cannot make nearly as much money selling them. So they often sponsor false medical studies and fake news releases to discourage people from using nutritional products.

The drug industry is a horror that is well-funded and very well organized. They own thousands of websites such as WebMD and many others to promote their lies. They also control doctors and even naturopaths through the licensing boards in order to force doctors to use their products rather than natural products.

They also own most medical journals, nursing journals and health magazines. They use these to spread their propaganda to health professionals and the public around the world. They commission hundreds of fake “studies” each year to support their sick industry and attempt to paint nutritional products as “untested”, “dangerous”, “unregulated” and “ineffective”. None of this is the truth.


Some websites say the problem is just that people flush old drugs down the toilet. This is not true. The problem is caused by ALL use of pharmaceutical products. This is a major reason why all healing on earth must be shifted to the use of natural products and no product must be permitted that does not biodegrade quickly – preferably within hours of entering the body of a person or animal.


Most people also do not realize that the majority of antibiotic use, for example, is on farm animals, not human beings. Drugs are also used on pets such as dogs and cats.

For this reason, to be effective, bans on the use of pharmaceutical drugs must include their use on animals as well as on human beings. Doing this would solve two problems on earth – water contamination with drugs and contamination of our food with harmful chemicals.

It would usher in a new age of agriculture that is not based upon the use of toxic chemicals. While there is much talk about organic and sustainable agriculture, this movement still represents a tiny fraction of the total food market of the world.

A large percentage of food grown on earth is fed to animals, not to human beings. Most people are much less aware of what goes into this food that we never see in the supermarket.

For more details, read:

There are also a number of books available detailing the horror of the cancer chemotherapy industry and the drug industry, in general.

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