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            Estrogens are very “primitive” and very powerful hormones found in all mammals.  The word primitive here means that they have to do with animal development, and not primarily the higher development of human consciousness.  Other such hormones are the other adrenal hormones, including testosterone, and perhaps insulin, as well.  Hormones concerned more with human development are the thymus, thyroid, pituitary and pineal gland hormones.

Estrogens are required for female breast development, and the ovulatory cycle in women.  As such, they are essential for life, although a woman can live very well without her ovaries.  In fact, all women experience this after menopause, at least to some degree.  I say to some degree because the adrenal glands produce some estrogens in both men and women.  However, the bulk of the estrogens are produced by the ovaries of women.

            Estrogens are called steroids, or steroid hormones because they are made from cholesterol.




            This may seem irrelevant, but it is not.  Yin means weak, divided, and watery.  That is exactly the action of estrogen on the body.  For more on the topic of yin and yang, please read Yin Disease on this site.




            According to the trophoblast theory of cancer, estrogen is the prime carcinogen.  Exactly how this works is not clear.  However, wherever estrogens are abundant, cancer can grow more easily, and this is known in medicine.  For example, in damaged tissue, scarred tissue and in the female organs such as the breast and uterus, estrogens are known to give rise to cancer.  Indeed, drugs such as Tamoxifen help some women by inhibiting estrogen secretion.  Unfortunately, they are also quite toxic.  For more on this topic, read The Trophoblast Theory of Cancer on this site.




            Removing excess estrogen is essential for life and to prevent many cancers.  This is done primarily in the liver.  Here, many estrogens are converted to other chemicals and they are removed from the body in the bile.  This involves many detoxification pathways, including the glutathione-dependent, selenium-dependent P450 liver detoxification pathway.

            When this does not occur correctly, a person is said to be estrogen dominant, or having too much estrogen.  This is a common syndrome associated with premenstrual syndrome or PMS, uterine fibroid tumors, cancers, ovarian cysts, polycystic ovary disease or PCOS, and other female organ-related problems.

            The solution for it is to restore the liver to health.  Most people’s livers are very toxic today, even if all the blood tests for liver enzymes and other measures are normal. 




Nutritional balancing science lowers high estrogen by many mechanisms.  These include:

1. Focusing on restoring the liver. This is done using a diet high in cooked vegetables, very little raw foods, coffee enemas, near infrared lamp sauna sessions, and drinking plenty of spring water, though not with meals.  Other methods are the use of GB-3 or ox bile and pancreatin to assist digestion, balancing the body carefully, learning to forgive and let go of anger and other negative emotions that damage the liver, and restoring and loosening the body structure.  Foot reflexology is also extremely helpful to assist the liver in some cases.

            2. Reducing copper and arsenic.

              3. Reducing fear and despair.

              4. Improving zinc metabolism and zinc status.

              5. Improving testosterone and adrenal activity.  Estrogen can substitute, to a degree, for low levels of some of the other adrenal hormones, in both men and women.

              6. The diet.  The diet high in cooked vegetables with a little animal protein is not only a low estrogen diet, but it helps reduce the body’s accumulated estrogen by helping the liver, providing plenty of fiber, reducing weight (stored fat and estrogen) and other means.

7. The procedures. These are the coffee enemas, saunas, reflexology, spinal twist, carrot juice, and the Roy Masters mental exercise.




            A method used in nutritional balancing science to help balance and reduce high estrogens is foot and perhaps hand reflexology.  This is a very simple, safe and powerful method to open channels in the body and brain, and thereby help balance the body.

            To affect the estrogens, the areas of the feet and hands to be rubbed are the adrenal areas, ovary/testis areas, kidney areas, liver areas, and perhaps others.




            Trauma usually results in an increase in estrogens in the body.  This has to do with anger, other effects upon the liver that must detoxify estrogens, and perhaps other reasons.  However, the fact remains that trauma tends to increase estrogens, in both men and especially women.

            Interestingly, rape increases estrogen levels in women and men more than most other traumas.  There may be several reasons for this, such as effects upon the liver, and others.  This may be one reason rape is often used for brainwashing (see below on brainwashing).




            Rape causes anger, damages the liver in some cases due to zinc deficiency and other nutritional effects, adds cadmium to a woman’s body in the male sexual fluid that damages the liver and kidneys, and even alters the spine, affecting the liver and other organs of the body.

            As a result, estrogen rises a lot.  This is known by some professional rapists, who have ways to raise estrogen even further.  For more on this trauma, read Rape on this site.




            Estrogens may transmute boron, lithium and other minerals into copper and sodium, both of which raise up the sodium level. 




            This was a discovery of Dr. Paul Eck, founder of nutritional balancing science.  Carl Pfeiffer, MD, PhD, may also have noted this.  He, too, was quite interested in copper and its effect upon human health.  He, too, noticed that the symptoms of high copper mimic those of high estrogen.




            Some forms of arsenic seem to increase estrogen levels in the body.  They do this by poisoning some of the liver detoxification pathways.  This is important to know when interpreting hair mineral tests.

            During a nutritional balancing program, at times a person will eliminate a lot of arsenic suddenly.  This can cause changes related to the estrogen levels in the body, and consequent changes in symptoms and even personality.




            The reasons for this are described above.  They are all associated with an increased risk for cancer and other catastrophic illnesses such as heart disease, strokes, depression, and more.

            Synthetic estrogens are the worst, and are found in birth control pills, the birth control IUD (Mirena), and the birth control patch.  Please avoid all estrogens and estrogen-containing drugs.




            For this reason, please limit all these products.  In particular, limit milk to four ounces daily of raw milk preferably, or organic milk.  Also, limit cheese, cream and other dairy products.  A small amount of these is excellent, however, unless one is sensitive to milk and milk products.




            This is one reason to limit meat intake of all kinds.  In the past, American farmers were allowed to inject estrogens into meat-producing animals such as cows, in particular.  This fattens the cows and causes more fat deposition, making the meat more tender and tastier in some ways.  This practice has been halted, I believe. 

            However, all meats contain some estrogens and it is one reason to limit meats in the diet.  However, vegetarian diets are not healthful, so avoid this extreme, as well.  If possible, eat pasture-raised meats, as these are lower in animal fat and thus lower in estrogens.  Fortunately, most imported lamb from Australia and New Zealand is pasture-raised and thus more healthful, even lamb in the supermarket.  American lamb is not quite as good, in this regard, and is more fatty.

            One reason why the Weston Price and GAPS diets, which are very high in fat, can predispose one to cancer is the high level of estrogens found in these diet.  Nutritional balancing suggests a diet of mainly cooked vegetables, which are extremely low in estrogens, and this diet is an anti-cancer diet.




            Soy products are known to increase estrogens.  This fact is used by some misinformed holistic doctors and naturopaths to reduce certain symptoms in women, particularly in menopausal women who have very low hormone levels leading to hot flashes, vaginal dryness, depression and fatigue, among other symptoms.

            However, soy products have this estrogen-increasing effect in part because they are somewhat toxic for the liver.  For this reason, nutritional balancing science forbids the use of all soy products, with the exception of a little soy sauce and other fermented soy products such as a little tofu or tempeh or miso perhaps once a week.

            For the menopausal and peri-menopausal women with hot flashes and other low estrogen symptoms, the answer is to restore the adrenal glands.  Then these women’s symptoms go away naturally, without the need to give them estrogen replacement hormones or soy products.  This is a far better and more natural solution to this common problem.  For more on hormone replacement, read Hormone Replacement Therapy on this site.




            Some toxic chemicals, including many pesticides, can bind to estrogen receptor sites.  Some can also cause feminization of the body, as can estrogens.  This is seen today in aberrant frogs and other small animals, usually, that drink chemical-laden water or eat chemically-contaminated weeds and other foods. 

Some of the problems of male children today, including autism, ADHD, and unusual sexual tendencies among boys may be caused by their mothers’ exposure to estrogen-mimicking chemicals in the food, water and air, and by the use of birth control pills and patches, which can leave the body with higher levels of stored estrogens even years after one stops using the pills.




            Estrogen causes a more curvy, feminine body shape and causes some fat deposition under the skin, giving women’s skin a more sexy look, and increasing fat deposition in the hips and breasts.  This is considered an old-fashioned sexy look.  A woman can cause this ‘look’ to some degree by eating a lot more fat and fewer carbs and sweets in her diet.  However, do not do this!!!  A high fat diet causes cancer much more easily.

A much healthier female figure occurs by eating more cooked vegetables and lower levels of sugars, fruit and carbohydrates.  This will be a leaner look, but definitely a nice, clean look without the risk for cancer.  For more, read How To Be Beautiful on this site.




            Although it sounds odd, perhaps, making a person higher in estrogens makes him or her more susceptible to brainwashing.  This has to do with the effects of estrogen on the brain.  The person becomes more emotional, less logical, more frightened, angrier, and more sensitive in some ways.  This helps brainwashing to be done easier, and more permanently.  For more on this, read Brainwashing And Hypnosis on this site.




Even though estrogen is associated with higher copper and sodium, higher estrogen levels interfere with adrenal gland activity.  As a result, the total effect of increased estrogens can be a lower sodium level and a lower sodium/potassium ratio on a hair mineral test.

For example, fast oxidizers tend to have lower estrogen levels and higher testosterone levels.  The opposite is true of slow oxidizers. 

Slow oxidizers usually have higher estrogen levels and lower testosterone levels, particularly men.  The only caveat here is that slow oxidation is also associated with lower hormone levels, in general, and poorer transmutation.  Therefore, estrogen and other hormones such as progesterone may be lower in slow oxidizers for this reason.

A low sodium/potassium ratio is also associated with higher estrogen levels, in general.

A high copper level is often associated with higher estrogens in the body. 

A high arsenic level may or may not be associated with higher estrogen levels, as there are many types of arsenic toxicity and current mineral testing technology cannot distinguish which arsenic compound is present in the body.  The current mineral analysis only measures total arsenic in the hair, which does not supply enough information to distinguish the type of compound.

Very low zinc on a hair mineral test is sometimes associated with higher estrogen because zinc opposes copper.

Low phosphorus is sometimes associated with lower estrogen because all hormones are lower, in most cases, when phosphorus is less than about 10 mg%.

Cadmium toxicity (greater than about 0.009 in hair) may be associated with higher estrogens, as cadmium damages the liver and replaces zinc in many cases, leading to a predominance of copper in the body.  High-cadmium women, for example, often have estrogen dominance.

Mercury toxicity (greater than about 0.35 mg% in hair) may be associated with higher estrogens.  Mercury is a ‘female’ toxic metal that can mimic copper, damage the liver, and more.

Nickel, other toxic metals and some toxic chemicals also often result in higher estrogen levels or estrogen dominance because they damage the liver and kidneys, replace zinc and selenium, and damage the adrenal glands.


To be continued …



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