By Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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Definition. The hatred body is a glow or pattern seen in most people’s energy field or aura that has to do with the emotion of anger or hatred.  It is not really a body.  It is called a body only because it has roughly the same shape as a human body.


Names.  It is the same as what some call the astral body or the anger body.


When does it start?  In most people, the hatred body develops when one is an infant.  Anger builds up from mistakes in changing diapers, feeding problems, rest and sleep problems, mishandling of the infant, the voice and mood of the parents, and other early experiences.

By age 2, many people have a hatred body.  This is also about the time a child begins to develop its ego.

By age 4, almost everyone has a hatred body.  In some people it is very large, while in others it remains small, but it is still present.


Size and color.  The hatred body may be tiny, or it can be larger than the physical body. It always has a reddish color, which is associated with the emotion of anger, rage or hatred.


Shape. The human shape of the hatred body indicates that the emotion of anger is affecting one’s entire being.  It indicates that it is not just a blemish in the energy field, but a separate creation of the person associated with formation of the ego.

In other words, it has become an integral part of the identity of the person.  This is especially true if it is larger than a few inches across.  The larger it is, the more significant it is for the person’s identity and health.


Why is it common in women?  The hatred body is seen more often and it is larger in women, although it occurs in both genders.  There are a number of reasons for this.


Causes.  The hatred body develops as a result of a person’s responses to life.  For some reason, human beings store up anger and rage starting in infancy.  It is not easy for a baby to let these go.  This is the basic cause of the hatred body.

Specific incidents in infancy and childhood that cause the hatred body to grow can include insults, errors in the baby’s care or treatment, abuse of any kind, rough handling, bullying or physical, mental or emotional traumas.  These can come from anyone, although most often they come from a parent because that is who attends most young babies.

Particularly damaging are carelessness about changing the diaper, ignoring the cries of the baby, not feeding the right food (breast milk, in most cases), and handling a baby roughly.  Even the tone of voice of the mother or father can cause the hatred body to grow.

There is an important lesson here for parents to be very careful with babies.  It is also one reason that parents should be trained before a baby’s birth in how to properly care for the baby.

The hatred body in sensitive people gets much larger when one goes out of the house and mixes with the general public.  This is because sensitive people pick up negative energies that other people carry with them.




Physical effects.  These are often the main effects of having a hatred body.  For example, in a man it can cause mental instability, inability to complete a task, other work-related problems, or marriage difficulties.  It can also cause health problems such as heart disease.

In a woman, it can reduce fertility or contribute to premenstrual syndrome.  It can also cause excessive menstrual bleeding or irregular or even lack of menstruation in some young women. 

It can also cause pelvic tightness, pelvic syndrome, a tendency for pelvic inflammatory disease and other problems in this area of the body.  It may also cause a greater tendency for cancer anywhere in the body.


Psychological/emotional effects.  The hatred body is a very deep anger.  It can manifest in many subtle ways, especially as resentment and difficulties in relationships, as a result.  Such people are often unhappy in their marriages, even though their partners are decent and adequate.

Another symptom is a lack of forgiveness and gratitude in their thinking.  Instead, the person spends a lot of time upset, and often knows it.  However, he or she does not know what to do about it. 

One also has trouble forgiving oneself and forgiving others, and letting the past go.  A resulting symptom is depression, some anxiety, at times, and perhaps a range of other emotions that result from having this blockage to normal emotional balance.




Physical/nutritional correction.  A complete nutritional balancing program is excellent.  The reason is that the main way to get past the hatred body is through development, as the word is defined on this website.  Today, the best way to accomplish this is with a complete nutritional balancing program.  This will renourish the body, and development begins to occur on its own.

In addition to the standard program, a few procedures can be most helpful and often are needed:


1. The Pushing Down Mental Exercise.  This is quite essential for advanced development.


2. Rubbing the feet (Reflexology) and the Spinal Twist and other twists listed in this article.


3. Vaginal or penis coffee.  While it may sound unusual, a newer nutritional balancing procedure is helping a lot to relieve and actually get rid of the hatred body.  For men, it is the penis coffee procedure.  For women, it is the vaginal coffee implant or VCI.  These are described in separate articles entitled Penis Coffee and The Vaginal Coffee Implant on this website.


How does the coffee procedure work?  The results may have to do with the properties of coffee:

a) an antidote for negative energies, in general.

b) effects on the brain and nervous system.

c) ability to move energy downward along the central channel in the front of the body.  This is called the conception vessel or governor vessel in acupuncture.

d) possible effects on the Dantiens and/or the main physical Energy Centers of the body.


Other details about the use of these procedures. They work best when done along with a complete nutritional balancing program.  This seems to be very important. 

One must do the procedure at least once a day, and preferably twice daily for at least 30 to 40 minutes each time for at least a few weeks.

For women, a more intense version - overnight coffee – is best.  Do it every night for at least a month.

Drinking coffee or using coffee in an enema does not seem to have this effect, although coffee enemas are wonderful for healing and detoxifying the body.

For men, the penis coffee is a more cumbersome procedure.  I welcome feedback as to ways to make it easier.  Most women find the vaginal coffee implant quite easy to do, especially the overnight coffee.

Research is ongoing about this topic, as it is very important for women, in particular, in order for them to lead a happy and fulfilling life.  We will update this article as new findings emerge.


Psychological correction.


1. Awareness.  One must become aware that a problem exists.  For example, reading this article may help some people to become aware that they have a hatred body that needs to be released.


2. Proper desire and intent.  Once one becomes aware of the hatred body, one must sincerely want to let go of it.  This is proper desire.  Proper intent means to hold on to this desire in a constant manner, not varying or changing one’s mind about it.

Some like to wallow in the sensations caused by the hatred body.  This is not helpful in the least.  If you do this, please stop.


3. Allow the emotions to surface and be released.  Some people are aware of their hatred body, and want to get rid of it.  However, they are not willing to allow the feelings, and perhaps physical symptoms that go with the feelings, to surface and be processed and released. 

Some would say these people want to wallow in the feelings, or at least “enjoy” them for a while.  This is not wise or helpful.

Allowing often requires a little courage.  Unusual or just unfamiliar feelings and sensations or urges may arise.  One may have to re-evaluate many of one’s ideas and beliefs.  This can cause some discomfort, but it needs to be tolerated and it will pass.


4. Surrender to a new identity.  The new identity is a perfect one, with no need for anger or rage.  It is the identity of the developed person.






The third stage.  During the third stage of development, the merkabah should become larger than the hatred body.  This is an important marker that indicates that a person has reached this stage of development.  It is described in a separate article entitled The Merkabah.


The fifth stage.  The hatred body should be reduced in size to barely the size of a thumb.  If it is not, then a person is not fully in the fifth stage of development.


I realize that these indicators are only useful for a person who can see the energy field of another person.  However, I include them because they demonstrate how the hatred or anger body is used by masters and other helpers to assess the progress of a person on the path of development – and the path of letting go of hatred.




The hatred body is associated with a slow oxidation rate.  This may be a coincidental fact, or the hatred body may contribute to slowing a baby’s oxidation rate.  Indeed, those with a larger hatred body often have a slower oxidation rate, although the correlation is not perfect.


Four lows.  The hatred body will also tend to move a person into a four lows pattern. This is a more advanced state of adrenal exhaustion or burnout.  Reversing a four lows pattern involves letting go or reducing the size of the hatred body, in most cases. 

A nutritional balancing program helps to do this.  However, one must also process the traumas and insults of the past, which some people do not enjoy.  When the hatred body is large - which usually means that it is larger than the physical body - often one experiences more difficulty with healing reactions during a nutritional balancing program.



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