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Dr. William Donald Kelley, DDS was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 1968.  He was given little hope of survival, and, as a result, began researching alternatives.

He read about the trophoblast theory of cancer, and, as a result, he began taking pancreatic enzymes.  He soon felt better, and continued to research cancer more deeply.

Eventually, he evolved a cancer protocol that he continuously refined for 35 years.  Dr. Kelley died in 2009 from other causes (not cancer) at age 88.

He wrote a small book entitled One Answer To Cancer as a guide for patients.  He was an excellent doctor and trained a number of doctors and consultants to continue his work.

We sometimes suggest the Kelley metabolic cancer program or ‘Kelley program’ for more advanced cancer cases.  It is very powerful, but it is also costly.




The Kelley program, as it is called, is based squarely on the trophoblast concept of the origin of cancer.  This is the idea that cancer is trophoblast, a normal tissue of the body.  However, it has arisen in the wrong place, and at the wrong time.

Trophoblast metabolism is fairly well understood.  The complete program involves:


1. A diet of pure, natural foods with no red meat or eggs until the cancer is in remission.  The diet is mainly cooked, and NOT RAW vegetables, with a little whole grains, and no fruit or sweets. 


2. Some targeted nutritional supplements, but not a lot.


3. A healthful lifestyle.  This means plenty of rest and sleep, going to bed early, a little gentle exercise, deep breathing, stretching the spine, and excellent general hygiene are most helpful for healing cancer, as well as all diseases, in fact.


4. A healthful mental attitude.  Cancer patients are often discouraged, and angry underneath.  Some seem sweet and loving, but underneath are resentful of others.  Such negative emotions severely impact the body and the brain.

Therefore, a key to healing all cancers is to give up anger, practice forgiveness and gratitude daily, look on the positive side of everyone, even your sworn enemies, as Jesus taught, and move on.

Let go of all grudges and hatreds, and realize that all are doing their best, even through it is far from perfect.  A number of articles on this website can help you, including the ones entitled, The Pushing Down Exercise (excellent), Forgiveness, Getting Along With Others, Letting Go, and others.


5. Detoxification procedures. 


A. 1.5 hours daily of near infrared lamp sauna therapy.  No other type of sauna is allowed.  This was added by Dr. Kelley very late in his life, and is a fabulous addition to his program.

For details about this type of sauna and free plans to build one, read Sauna Therapy on this website.


B. 2 to 4 coffee enemas every single day.  Dr. Max Gerson, MD, who pioneered the use of the coffee enema, used even more, but this is not needed when one does the rest of this program correctly.  To read more on this fascinating procedure, read Coffee Enemas on this website.

An excellent way to do the enemas is to do two coffee enemas back to back in the morning, and two more, back to back, in the afternoon or early evening.


6. The enzymes.   One must take highly concentrated pancreatic enzymes orally, between meals, in large quantities. These were first suggested by John Beard, MD, over 110 years ago!  They act a natural chemotherapeutic agent in a most remarkable manner that seems to allow the body to break down tumor tissue, which is not easy to do when the body is in a debilitated state.

One must cycle the dosage of the enzymes, allowing the body to rest from them every ten to twenty days.




These are:

1) The cost of the pancreatic enzymes, which can be $800-1200.00 per month for at least one or two years..

2) The program requires some discipline and several hours each day to carry out the various dietary and other procedures.  In other words, a commitment of time and energy is required.  We strongly suggest to anyone who is even concerned about a possible cancer that letting go of your fast-paced life and taking the time to heal is absolutely necessary and absolutely worth any other sacrifices that you may need to make.




If the Kelley program is of interest, we only suggest working with Mrs. Pamela McDougle, who was Dr. Kelley’s last student and is the official representative of this therapy.  Her phone number is (208) 424-7600.  She does not have a website.

Others offer this program.  However, they often change it, and this can easily diminish its effectiveness or ruin it.  One must be cautious with cancer.


Dr. William Kelley and Jim Sheridan, originator of Cantron, are mentioned in a separate article on this website entitled The Cancer Pioneers.  A general article about cancer on this website is Cancer And Alternative Therapies.



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