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Warning. Some information in this article is not the same as standard Christian teaching about souls. Information in the Bible about souls is quite vague. We have used other sources for some of the information, including that for the past 21 years the author seems to be able to communicate with souls.


The journey of the soul is the set of changes that the main soul of a person goes through as it matures and advances spiritually.


I am told that human beings have many souls that operate various parts of the body. However, there is one main soul, also called the entity soul. This soul is in charge of the body and gives it consciousness and life. The body is just a shell that the souls call “a DNA configuration”.

I am also told that souls live on after the death of a human body and that souls are very tough and can live a long time. When a body that they control dies, they often just move on and inhabit a new body in order to continue their journey to maturity and wisdom.

This idea is found in our Bible in a veiled way in the famous phrase “As you sow, so shall you reap”. This phrase refers not only to the present life, but to your future, as well.

NOTE: Maturing is not the same as development, as this word is used on this website. Maturing is a psychological and spiritual process.

Development is mainly a physical and genetic process. For details about development, read Introduction To Development.



In the early stages of entity soul development, a person is most interested in adventure. This can include romance, sex, wealth, power, thrills, and drama. This stage may involve travel, having many friends, living in big houses, and other pleasures of the world and of the flesh.

These adventures build the ego part of the brain and the soul, often filling it with superficial and false ideas, dark memories, neuroses, and even psychoses and other imbalances at a soul level.


After some years of the adventures described above, the soul begins to tire of the adventures, and looks for something more.  This is reminiscent of the parable of the prodigal son in the New Testament Of The Bible.

The soul has extended itself or projected itself into the world as far as it can comfortably go. It begins to be plagued by doubts, boredom, and a general malaise that won’t go away, even with new adventures, new relationships, and so on.

A new search begins. This has many names, such as the search for truth, the search for real love, or the search for God.

This is a turning point for all souls.  It is when true seeking begins. The superficial material life no longer offers much solace or comfort for the soul.

Some use the word metanoia to describe this turning in the seat of the soul. Many of those reading this article have reached this stage because those who are just seeking adventure probably would not be too interested in this article.

Ego problems. This stage is the beginning of “seeking for God”. Unfortunately, the one doing the seeking is the lower mind, sometimes called the ego mind. As a result, the search is often rather selfish in nature, in spite of any claim to the contrary.

This means the soul still is looking for more adventure, more love, or more friends than it had before.  The main difference is the soul has figured out that these things are not to be found on the surface of life.

So the soul searches more deeply, which is good. This stage of development or maturity is common today.


The soul’s ego search for truth, love and God may go on for thousands of years, through numerous lifetimes or bodies. Ultimately, however, the soul fails at this quest.

The reason is that truth and love are not “of the world”, as the Bible explains. As a result of this failure, the soul’s malaise, anxiety and fear once again surface and won't go away.

The soul now moves on to another stage of development in which it realizes that it needs help or guidance to achieve its goal. This is an important time for a soul and always a time of much confusion. As a result, one may join a religion, read many books, pray a lot, visit gurus or teachers, and so on.

The religions on earth are there to assist people who are in this stage of their soul development or soul maturity. The religions advocate various lifestyles, rituals, prayers, other activities and prohibitions that sometimes help the entity soul of a person to move ahead spiritually.


Eventually, however, the soul realizes that just any help will not do. Most available help is just not good enough to give the soul what it really wants.

As a result, the search of the soul changes in nature. This brings us to another important stage where many people are today.

The soul becomes disillusioned with most guidance, and with most religion. Many people are at this stage of development. They want more than rituals, doctrines, and lifestyles prescribed for everyone by their religion or teacher.

Personalized guidance. Instead, they want personalized guidance. However, excellent personal guidance is not easy to obtain.

As a result, millions of people sort of float around, seeking but not finding, knowing they are seeking something special for themselves, but not knowing how to find what they seek.

Ego problems again. They do not realize that the guidance they seek cannot be obtained through the ego mind.  Indeed, the ego must yield in priority so that the brain and body are truly receptive to guidance that is always available, but unable to be heard with the ego mind.

To help move a person along at this stage, often at this time “life hits them hard”. Misfortune, disease, death of a loved one, poverty, or some other tragedy occurs.

Most people do not realize that the real goal or message of this event is to help them wake up. This stage may be called the stage of disaster, at least for the ego.


The effect of the stage of disaster is that the person often moves on to the next stage of development or maturity. The most important feature of this aspect of the soul’s journey is that the ego of the soul begins to be put aside.

This is another difficult stage because little by little, one must let go of what one thinks he or she knows.

Instead, one must learn to accept guidance from “the still, small voice within”, and perhaps from others who are wiser and more mature. This advice may seem strange and even awful.

For example, one might be told to start a new career, to leave a bad marriage, to have a child when this was not one’s plan, or to dedicate one’s life to helping the poor. These are often the types of guidance that one will receive at this stage.

This type of guidance is not about “falling in love”, “making more money” or “having more friends. Instead, it is designed to challenge the soul in new and usually unselfish ways.

This is a humbling time for most everyone. Many ego pleasures may have to be put aside. However, if one listens and obeys the guidance, a person can make great strides quickly toward greater maturity and wisdom.

This stage is also common on earth today. It may go on for years, although it seems that lately there is an acceleration of this stage.

This is bringing many more souls and bodies into alignment with God, the “holy spirit” or with the “still, small voice within”. This fact explains the popularity of Christianity at this time in history. In fact, this is a relatively advanced stage, although it is not the last one.


In this stage, souls realize that the very thought of seeking keeps them from finding real answers. This may sound unusual, but it is true.

You see, “the seeker” is still an aspect of the ego mind. All that has changed is that the ego mind now enjoys seeking for truth or God rather than seeking for adventure, sex or love. The egotistical seeker is still in charge.

Once the soul realizes this subtle egotistical style of seeking, it must let it go, realizing that it is still a selfish ego style of seeking.

At this stage, the soul learns to really hear and listen to the guidance of the “holy spirit” and that to do so it must truly surrender the ego.

At this stage, life is no longer about STRIVING for this or that. Instead, the soul and person must ALLOW the leading of the “holy spirit” to guide each moment of one’s life.

Christians sometimes speak of this stage as being “saved”, being “born again”, being “slain in the Spirit”, or “living with Christ”.


This is a final stage of development or maturity for the entity soul of a person. One lets go of the ego, and just lives day to day, receiving daily instructions and following without striving.

The important thing about this stage is that the ego is not in charge, or much less so. Instead, higher level beings are really in charge of your life and guide your every action.

For the most part, the glamour of the ego is gone. Life becomes a different kind of adventure.

It becomes a retracing process, with interesting twists and turns. At this stage, others will rarely understand you.  You may do things and go places that make little sense to the materialistic person.

A saying is that at this stage you become like the wind – hard to hold on to and impossible to figure out exactly where life will take you next.

One becomes “God’s little helper”, the “voice for God”, or the “hands, feet and voice for Christ”, to use a Christian description of this stage of development.

As for activities at this stage, a teaching is that at this stage “you may be asked to speak before thousands of people, or you may be asked to sweep the streets”. It does not matter much to the person at this stage, because it is all part of a giant tapestry or matrix that is awakening the world and all the souls to their true nature and their true destiny.

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