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            Definition.  Turnaround therapy is a teaching method in which one exaggerates a behavior or quality that one wishes to change in oneself or another.  By so doing, one hopefully makes the behavior more visible and better understood.

            Yin and Yang.  Turnaround therapy makes use of a fact of physics – that at the extreme, yin force turns into yang force and yang force or type of force turns into yin type of force.  This is represented in the familiar Taoist symbol of yang and yin. 

In this symbol, in the middle of the black part of the symbol is a white dot.  In the middle of the white area of the symbol is a black dot.  Most people overlook this, but it is quite important.  It indicates that at all times both forces are present, even if this is not clear and one force appears to completely overwhelm the other.


            An extreme example.  When some women experience rape, they report to us that are told by the rapist that the reason for the rape is that the woman dresses herself, gestures, speaks or acts in ways that are sexy or that use sex to gain advantage over others.  This behavior or thinking, the woman is told, needs to stop.

            The rapist may say, “Since you want to be sexy, we’re going to be very sexy so you really feel the effects of your behavior, speech or dress.”  In some instances, the ‘therapy’ works.  The woman changes her ways and acts less sexy. 


            An indirect means of teaching.  One could say that turnaround therapy is an indirect method of teaching.  One does not teach the behavior one wants.  One teaches or demonstrates the opposite extreme.  Hopefully, the person is repulsed by it and moves away from his or her misbehavior or negative tendencies toward the desired behavior or maturity.

While this method can work, it has many  negative effects.  These are discussed below in terms of the seven system.  This is a simple way to understand many subjects and explained in a number of articles on this website.  The 7 system articles are listed in the 7 System section of the Read Articles page.




First level (physical): One can lose one’s life.  This occurs with accidents, beatings, rapes and many other turnaround events organized by the Rogues, who say they use this method to teach us things.

Death can come quickly from the trauma, or can occur later due to diseases contracted during an event such as a rape, or due to emotional or mental devastation.  These lead to a shorter lifespan and therefore fewer soul experiences in the present body.

  One can also lose a body part or lose body functions due to blows, nutritional depletion, or toxicity.  One can lose souls due to beatings and other traumas.

Second level (emotional): The emotional impact can derange a person emotionally for the remainder of one’s life.  Grief, Fear, anger, hatred, shame and other negative emotions may now predominate, completely upsetting the life path and plans of an individual.

Third level (power and control): An event can permanently damage one’s sense of control over one’s life, compromise ego strength, and ruin a life in this way.

Fourth level (social): An event may destroy a family or marriage, ruin friendships or have other devastating social consequences such as making person fear other people or social situations.

Fifth level (expression): An event may ruin a business, job, career, or artistic or other type of expression.

Sixth level (mental): An event may permanently traumatize the mind, resulting in aberrant thoughts, depression, anxiety, neuroses, psychoses such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder or other mental illness.

Seventh level (religious or spiritual): An event can destroy one’s faith in God or in a loving Creator, leaving a person severely depressed, rudderless or adrift, and extremely vulnerable to other problems.




Some souls want unusual and dangerous experiences.  However, other souls are negatively impacted by the method for several reasons:

- If the event causes a shorter lifespan, it means fewer soul experiences and less learning within the present body.

- A traumatized body and mind will stop or interfere with some soul learning and maturing.  The reason is that after a traumatic event, the person is no longer capable or perhaps is willing to have certain experiences. 

For example, perhaps a person planned to become a physician or scientist.  A specific set of souls entered the body to help with this plan, and to learn from it.  However, a beating or rape damages the brain.  As a result, the person can no longer handle the college courses needed to train for these careers.  The person might also be so overcome with fear, anger or shame that he or she is unable to carry out the career plan adequately.

- Soul loss.  During accidents, beatings, rapes and some other traumas, souls are removed from the body by force.  Even worse, they may be taken away and imprisoned, sometimes for thousands of years. 

- Dealing with new souls.  When soul loss occurs, or even if it does not, substitute or aberrant souls may be imposed or forced into the body that interfere or ruin soul activities such as the activities of the director souls.  This is a group of souls that live in the brain and make up the outer personality of a person.  For details about souls, read Soul Science, Soul Upgrades and other articles about souls.




Everyone has a set of fine-matter creatures that surround the body and help direct it.  They are very important and are called guide creatures.  The vision of Ezekiel in the Book of Ezekiel of the Old Testament of the Bible, Verse 1, concerns some of these creatures.

A rogue event such as a beating or other trauma easily causes one or more of these creatures to leave.  They leave because the director souls inside the body can no longer receive their messages or the directors no longer pay attention to the guide creatures.

This has a strong negative impact on the entire person, and deprives the guide creatures of a plan for their lives, as well.  For details, read The Controllers And Other Guide Creatures.



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