by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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            Definition.  A capture is a person whose life is almost totally controlled by another person.  It is nothing less than modern slavery.  It takes place rather commonly and secretly in modern society. 

Most captures are women - often attractive younger women.  However, some are men and some are older women, as well.




The capture often takes place when a person is in her teenage years or twenties.  Women are either asked out on a date or are just grabbed.  They are usually raped long and hard until they agree to be a capture.  Men are also grabbed and penis-whipped and beaten until they agree to go along.

The rapes and beatings cause severe nutritional problems, soul loss, disease and much more.  One becomes very weak and unable to think clearly.  For details about this, read Rape.




If the capture is a woman, she may be forced to live with her “master” in a rape marriage that can go on for a lifetime.  In other cases, the man does not want her in the same house with him, for his safety.

He may insist that she live elsewhere, such as an apartment he provides.  He calls her on the phone when he wants something, which can be anything from sex with him, or sex with a friend of his, or cleaning his house, cooking his meals, or something else.

If a capture is forced into a rape marriage, she may also be forced to call her master her ‘husband’, forced to wear a wedding ring, and many are also forced to have children with the man.

            Often the capture is forced to get tattoos, have her body pierced, and forced to wear sexy clothing.




The capture is almost always forced to follow the cult or rape diet.  This means eating some fruit every day, some tunafish every day, avoiding red meat, using anti-perspirants and often drinking the red tea or rooibos tea every day. 

This combination keeps any person weak and ill, so they will have less chance of disobeying or running away.  For details, read The Cult Or Rape Diet.




            This is mainly an activity of the rogues on earth.  The men are often sats.  This is a hybrid that looks human, but involves a fine-matter creature, as well.  For more details, read The Rogues.




            This will sound drastic, but is the best:

- Young people, especially girls, need to follow a complete development program so that their brain will function correctly and they will make better decisions.

- Girls should never be sent to public schools, or to any schools, ideally. 
Educate them at home.  They are prime targets, especially if they are at all pretty.

- Parents must keep a close watch on their daughters, know where they are at all times and with whom, and have them home early.

- Do not dress sexy, talk sexy or hang around anyone of low integrity.  Young people must always obey their parents and use caution because the danger is everywhere.

- For many more suggestions, read the section entitled Preventing Rape in the Rape article.




            A complete development program with one of the Approved Helpers listed on this website is very helpful for captures.  It will build up a person’s strength and will, and they usually receive other help in order to escape.

Otherwise, getting away is difficult because the rogues weaken the person with the rapes and the cult diet.  They also threaten the person with more rapes or beatings if they try to escape.  They also use electronic collars, implants, stimulators and other high-tech gadgets to track and control the capture.  They are nasty and brutal.

However, the rogues don’t enjoy dealing with people who resist.  Therefore, resisting properly can help.  One idea is to inform 20 people, usually in writing, of the name, address, phone numbers and other information of the master.  Tell the 20 people that if anything happens to you, it is the doing of this person.  Include in the 20 people the local, county and state police. 



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