by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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The presence in the body of certain toxic metals or toxic forms of nutrient minerals damages the brain in special ways. This slows normal maturing of one's personality. This is a very basic nutritional concept, but one that is very rarely taught.

Everyone needs to know about this very serious problem. It affects all human beings today. It also affects dogs and cats, all of whose prepared foods are very high in mercury and aluminum regardless of the label.

These include toxic potassium, some forms of copper, mercury, toxic iron, toxic manganese, toxic calcium and some aluminum and nickel compounds. I t may also include a somewhat toxic form of phosphorus and chromium.

These minerals tend to make people less mature in various ways. Here are more details:



Toxic potassium is found in superphosphate fertilizers and finds its way into male and female sexual fluids. Perhaps for this reason, all babies today are born with quite a lot of it.

Most children and adults never eliminate this toxic potassium from their bodies.  However, the development program causes its elimination.

Fruit is very high in toxic potassium today because it picks it up from superphosphate fertilizers. It is one reason we suggest avoiding fruit.

When toxic patassium is eliminated, children and adults report feeling more mature. This can occur at any age – even in babies. For details, read Toxic Potassium, Organic Agriculture and Superphosphate Fertilizers.


Toxic potassium causes a situation called a baby second center.  In this situation, the second physical energy center is closed, spinning backwards, hard to control, and deranged in a certain way.

When a child or adult eliminates enough toxic potassium, the second energy center opens a little, turns around and spins correctly.  Also, one’s emotions are easier to control.

A lot of toxic potassium in the second center also occurs in some male homosexuals and in some women who receive a lot of male sexual fluid during sex.  Their second center is also deranged in a similar way to the babies, and it affects their mind, as well. For more details, read Cancer And The Energy Centers.


Copper toxicity, which is extremely common, can cause a child-like, more emotional, and less emotionally stable quality of the personality. It also affects one's thinking. Liberal and left-wing political thought is associated with copper and mercury toxicity.


The “mad hatters” of the Alice In Wonderland story were real and the cause was mercury poisoning of workers in the hat industry. Mercury has effects that are somewhat similar to copper. It, too, is very associated with left-wing and liberal thinking today.


Aluminum does tremendous damage to the brain. It is associated with brain fog, slower mental functioning and dementia. Aluminum is added to most salt, most city water and is too high in almost all food today.


Some nickel compounds cause dependent or co-dependent tendencies in the personality. Nickel is used to make hydrogenated oils such as Margarine, a product that should be illegal but is very common, even in health food stores. It is also high in rooibos tea or red tea. Nickel elimination helps people become more independent.


Toxic forms of iron or too much iron. This is a very important child mineral. Most bread is “enriched” with too much of a toxic form of iron. Most adult bodies today are high in toxic iron. It makes people less intelligent and less spiritually oriented. It is also associated with criminal behavior. Criminality is a basic aspect of lack of maturity.


Toxic forms of manganese damages the brain. It is associated with criminal behavior and often psychopathic behavior. A toxic form of manganese is added to all gasoline today.


Some toxic forms contribute to immaturity. They are added to some prepared foods.


The child minerals need to be replaced with more ‘adult’’ minerals such as zinc, selenium, and the correct forms of minerals such as manganese and chromium. We call zinc and selenium ‘spiritual minerals’.  Among other effects, they help a person to become more mature.

The development program as we offer it only will slowly do this. Other nutrition, medical and natural health programs do not have this effect.


Anyone who follows a development program for a few years will begin to eliminate some toxic potassium, excess copper, manganese, mercury and aluminum.  This definitely can help a person mature in terms of one’s personality. This is a rather unique and subtle benefit of a complete development program.


It is important to correct one's attitudes to eliminate some of the child minerals. This is the mental and spiritual part of the development program and it is very important to help remove the child minerals.

The pulling down procedure. ay also help with maturity are the Pulling Down Exercise, in particular.  Other aspects that may have this effect, as well, to some degree are the other detoxification procedures and the rather strict diet of mainly cooked vegetables.  This requires a fair amount of discipline, and this may be helpful for psychological maturity, as well.


The Rogues intentionally contaminate the planet with the toxic forms of the minerals discussed above.  This is to destroy the independence of the people and to help move all nations toward socialism and communism. 

In these systems of government, the people have little or no input into their governance and are more like immature children ruled by powerful dictators.

The ways the rogues contaminate the planet are many.  For example:

1. Toxic Potassium.  This is in all N-P-K fertilizers, also called superphosphate fertilizers.  All food today picks up some toxic potassium from this source.  NOTE: The food most contaminated with it is fruit.  This is an important reason we advise to avoid all fruit today.

2. Some forms of copper.  The rogues steal zinc from the planet and copper found in food replaces the zinc in many enzymes.  Stress also increases copper accumulation in the body.

The rogues also promote vegetarian-style diets.  These can drastically increase copper in the body for a number of reasons such as zinc and sulfur deficiencies.

3. Mercury.  The rogues force fossil fuel use on the planet.  This is a main source of mercury and manganese contamination world-wide.  It matters not that they say they oppose environmental pollution.  At the same time, they own the oil companies and even some coal companies that supply India, China and other nations who do not even use scrubbers on their fossil fuel power plants today.

The rogues also bring more mercury to planet earth.

4. Aluminum.  This nerve poison is in all anti-perspirants and is added to almost all municipal drinking water supplies.  It is also added to most table salt and most baking powder.  It is also found in food wrappers, anti-acids many people take, mints and in some processed foods that are extruded through aluminum tubing.  None of this makes any sense except as adulteration of the food supply.

5. Toxic forms of nickel.  The rogues make sure nickel toxicity is widespread.  It is found in hydrogenated oils, cheap jewelry, dental wires and braces, and some dental crowns.  Nickel may be added to plastics – even automobile steering wheels and other things people touch all day.

The rogues also rape and beat most people one earth, although this may sound impossible.  When they do, they sometimes tell women, in particular, to drink a reddish tea that is a type of rooibos tea that is high in nickel. For details about the rapes and beatings, read Rape, The Rape Planet, and Beatings.

We believe it is no coincidence that these environmental contaminants have not been removed from our world.

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