by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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This is Mr. Trump’s theme and he is doing it in many ways.  He is bringing the factories back to the USA from China. 

There is no “trade war”.  The Red Chinese cheat financially and lure our factories to their nation in order to destroy our nation.  That is what is going on.

Mr. Trump understands this well and won’t stand for it.  If it means imposing tariffs, so be it.

He also won’t stand for unfair trade agreements with other nations that have been the rule, not the exception, for years.  He has  renegotiated many of these treaties to be fair to the USA.

Mr. Trump also got us out of the agreement with Iran that Mr. Obama signed that permitted Iran to develop nuclear weapons that we helped pay for!

Mr. Trump also got us out of the phony climate treaty that is designed to harm America and does not save the world.  For details, read Climate Change – What To Do.

He is reasserting American diplomatic and military power around the world.  This is a traditional role for America since her founding as the leading nation of free people living under a system of laws that apply to everyone, rather than the system called ‘the divine right of kings’ (or dictators). 

As a result, the world is a much safer place with Mr. Trump in charge.  Domestically,

- The US economy is much stronger.

- There is much less illegal immigration.

- The Supreme Court is in much better shape because Mr. Trump has appointed actual legal scholars who understand the US Constitution, unlike the appointments of the previous president.

- A number of insane regulations have been removed that stifled the economy.  For example, there is nothing wrong with burning coal, as long as the power plants have scrubbers that remove the mercury and other pollutants from the coal ash.  We are not killing the earth and carbon is not a poison.


Complaints.  Mr. Trump bothers some conservatives because he is not a ‘small government’ man.  He is a power wielder and this bothers some people.  However, he follows the laws and loves the laws that were set up to preserve the Republican form of government in the United States.

The Democrats, in contrast, hate the Constitution of the United States and the principles of individual liberty and sovereignty of the people.  They also are trying to remove all traces of the religious founding of America, which is the truth but has been removed from most school and college textbooks.

Today, the Democrats are almost all communists and socialists, whether they admit it or not.  They do everything in their power to destroy the laws or subvert them so they can exercise complete power over the nation.

That is the choice in 2020.  Please help, starting now, to re-elect Mr. Trump and a Republican congress, and republican state and local governments.



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