by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

February 2021, L.D. Wilson Consultants, Inc.


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This is a somewhat unusual and interesting pattern that can appear during a development program.  On a calibrated chart from Analytical Research Labs, it looks like:

1. Fairly normal calcium and magnesium levels.

2. A fairly normal calcium/magnesium ratio.

3. A very high sodium/potassium ratio with a low potassium level.


Exact criteria. 

1. Calcium between about 25 mg% and about 80 mg%.  Slightly higher numbers may also be possible.

2. Magnesium between 2 mg% and 12 mg%.

3. Calcium/magnesium ratio between 4 and 10.

4. Sodium/potassium ratio greater than 20.

5. Potassium less than 5 mg%.




This pattern is uncommon.  While it may appear on an initial hair mineral test, we see it more often when one is following a development program if one retraces a trauma or a past situation in which one felt inadequate in some way. 

We believe it is more common in women than in men.  It does not appear in young children or babies, so far. 


Analysis.  The lifestyle ratio (calcium/magnesium) is very good, but the sodium/potassium ratio is extremely out of balance.  This is a sort of disconnect between these two ratios.  One is normal, while the other shows acute stress, inflammation and lots of anger.

The higher the sodium/potassium ratio, the more extreme the pattern.


Always a sympathetic dominance pattern.  Since the potassium level must be below 5 mg%, and the sodium/potassium ratio must be high for this pattern, this is always a significant sympathetic dominance pattern.  To read more about this pattern, please read Sympathetic Dominance on this website.


Relation to a past rape.  One of our clients recently had a very extreme low self-esteem pattern on a retest mineral analysis.  The sodium/potassium ratio was over 60!

She said she was suddenly feeling very inadequate.  She told us she is retracing an old rape in which she was verbally abused and made to feel inadequate.




Relation to a goalpost or doorway pattern.  The low self-esteem pattern can be part of a goalpost pattern.  This is a very positive combination of patterns.


A need for plenty of zinc.  People with this pattern need a lot of zinc as part of their development program.  This helps correct the elevated sodium/potassium ratio.  This would indicate that one cause of the pattern is zinc depletion.  This often occurs during traumas.



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