by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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I. Introduction

II. Parts Of The Lymph System

III. Lymphatic Sluggishness Or Congestion

IV. What To Do To Heal Your Lymph System







            Our bodies have one major source of nutrients, oxygen, hormones and other chemicals.  This is the arterial blood stream.  However, once the blood reaches the capillaries and the cells of the body, the waste products are carried off by two systems, the venous blood system and the lymph system.

The lymph system is a set of body parts that work together for several important bodily activities.  The parts include the lymph nodes, the lymph channels or ducts, the thymus gland, the spleen, tonsils, adenoids, the PeyerŐs patches and the valves.  We will discuss each of these parts below.




            These are:

1. To trap dangerous micro-organisms such as bacteria, viri, parasites, fungi and other harmful germs and destroy them.

2. To carry away certain waste products and toxins from the cells.  The lymph system actually processes or changes them to a form that is easier for the body to eliminate.  This is different than the blood, which just carries them around the body.

            Some toxins are very difficult to move around without damaging the body.  So the body sends them into the lymph channels instead of the blood.  Here they are protected and changed so they are less toxic to the body tissues.

This is a very important activity!  The toxins include some of the toxic metals and hundreds of toxic chemicals.

3. To stop the spread of cancer in the body.  This is another vital activity.

When the totipotent cells turn into trophoblast, the body pushes them into the lymph system. Here they are more easily destroyed than in the blood, where they often just move to another part of the body.  This is called a cancer metastasis. 






            This is a whitish, milky fluid that flows everywhere through the lymph system.  It forms in the cells and then moves into the lymph channels or ducts.

            This fluid is very rich in white blood cells called macrophages.  They are immune cells that literally eat up bacteria, viri, fungi, and parasites.  The lymph fluid also contains some nutrients such as vitamin A and vitamin C.




            This is a large group of ducts or tubes that go everywhere throughout the body.  They begin with very tiny channels that are in touch with all the cells.  Then they enlarge by joining together into what look like blood vessels. 

However, they are not blood vessels.  They are large lymph ducts that eventually empty into the vena cava which is the main vein of the body that returns the blood to the heart.




            These are little swellings along the lymph ducts.  You can often feel them as a little series of lumps or bumps in certain parts of your body.

            The main areas where they are found are on either side of the neck below the ears, in the armpits and around the breasts, and in the leg creases where the leg bends forward.

            These function to stop the spread of infection.  When there is infection in the body, the lymph nodes fill up with the bacteria or other germs.

For example, if one has a tooth abscess, the lymph nodes on the same side of the body below the jaw along the side of the neck and/or under the arm on that side, may swell up.  This is evidence that the body is fighting off an infection.

Lymph nodes can also swell all over the body when certain diseases are present, such as mononucleosis.  Also, some lymph nodes swell and become hard in certain cases of cancer such as non-HodgkinŐs lymphoma and HodgkinŐs disease.




            These are organs of the body that are rich in lymph tissue.  They are very important organs of our body.  Sadly, in most people, they are underactive and the thymus gland undergoes atrophy or shinkage at about the age of 30 or so.

When this occurs, a person is much less able to resist some infections.  A major benefit of the development program is to restore the thymus gland. 

Another set of glands that undergo shrinkage and degeneration in everyone at around the age of 40 or perhaps a little older are the PeyerŐs Patches.  They are extremely important immune organs located along the small intestine. 

When they atrophy, oneŐs ability to resist certain infections and to eliminate certain toxins decreases significantly.  Another powerful benefit of the development program, but not other healing programs, is the restoration and regeneration of the PeyerŐs Patches.  For more details about these critical organs, read The PeyerŐs Patches.




All along the lymph channels or ducts are little flaps of connective tissue that serve to help move the lymph along in the right direction.  They prevent the lymph from flowing backwards toward the cells.  They only allow the lymph to flow forward toward the main ducts and the heart.

They are very important because, in some people, they become weak and then the lymph can flow backward.  This is terrible because the toxins and bacteria flow back into the cells and poison the person.  Some toxins especially attack the valves, and can easily kill a person.






Lymphatic congestion is the common condition in which the lymph flows too slowly.  It can also be the condition in which the valves do not work correctly and the lymph flows backward back to the cells instead of flowing to the vena cava and the heart.




Causes for lymphatic congestion include lack of exercise, wearing tight clothing, dehydration and malnutrition.  Occasionally other factors are important, such as surgeries, and the presence of certain diseases in the body.

Interestingly, having sex helps the lymph flow better, and this is one reason people enjoy sex.  This may occur because the lymph nodes are located near areas of the body that one often touches during sex such as the neck, the breasts and the leg creases.




            1. Exercise daily.  We do not recommend vigorous exercise because it tends to exhaust the body and stress the glands.  However, some gentle exercise each day such as walking, slow running, and rebounding are particularly good to promote lymphatic drainage and circulation.

These full-body exercises are better than lifting weights, for example, which does not move the entire body.

2. Deep breathing.  This is also excellent to improve lymph circulation.  Each day spend at least one hour breathing very deeply.  At times, one does this during exercise, but not necessarily.

3. Do not wear tight clothing.  Tight blouses, tight bras, tight underpants, tight pants and even tight socks interfere with lymphatic circulation.  It is much better to wear loose-fitting or baggy clothing.

It is also best for your lymph system to wear natural fiber clothing.  Synthetic clothing materials are all slightly toxic and this adds to the burden upon the lymph system.

4. Adults need to drink 70-96 ounces or about 2.5 to 3 liters of water daily.  We know this is a lot of water.  However, not drinking enough water impairs lymph circulation.

Other beverages, such as coffee, soda pop or even tea, do not work as well as water to hydrate the body, and may cause dehydration if they contain any caffeine or sugar.  For details about which water to drink, read Water For Drinking and Hydration.

            5. Follow the development diet that is on this website. It includes lots of cooked vegetables with each meal, some animal protein daily, and no fruit or sweets.  This is the only way we know to correctly nourish and support your lymph system.  For details, read Food For Daily Use, Food For Occasional Use and Forbidden Food.

            6. Avoid habits that interfere with circulation.  These include crossing the arms, crossing the legs, or sitting for long periods of time without getting up and stretching.  If you sit at your job or at home, get up every 15 minutes and stretch.

            7. Sunbathe.  Spending 20-30 minutes each day, if possible, in the sun is helpful for the lymphatic system.

            8. The low body healing and development procedures.  These are all very helpful for the lymph system to keep it clean and to activate it.  They include coffee enemas, which are the best. 

Vaginal coffee implants, penis coffee, vaginal peroxide implants and penis peroxide therapy are also excellent.  The genital bath is also very good, use of a bidet is very good, and the newer vaginal reflexology therapy are excellent, as well.

9.  Massage of the lymphatic organs and lymph nodes is also very good.  However, we do not recommend professional massage because it tends to spread disease and women are at risk of rape.  It is best to do the massage at home with a partner or a friend.  For details, read Massage.

10. While sexual activity is helpful for the lymph system, we only recommend down sex, not ordinary sex.  Down sex is cleaner, safer and causes development, unlike ordinary sex which depletes the body.  For details, read Down Sex.



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