by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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All information in this article is for educational purposes only.  It is not for the diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure of any disease or health condition.


            During a development program, some people experience certain types of pain.  These may be mild, moderate or occasionally quite intense.


            Clearing, balancing and healing the lower energy centers.  All of the following types of pain are related to spinning the lower energy centers faster and correctly.


Temporary and not a cause for concern.  None of the following are a cause for concern.  All of them are temporary and eventually go away.  However, they are annoying and sometimes scary, so they are worth discussing.  We are researching to se how to avoid them completely.




            This is pain in area of the chest, often on the left side, but at times on the right side, as well.  It often comes and goes, and can be worse if one’s posture is hunched.

It can feel as though it is a problem with the heart.  However, the cause has nothing to do with the heart.

The cause is tension in the muscles that are between the ribs.  The technical name for it is costochondritis.

The pain eventually goes away on its own as one continues on a development program.  For details, read Chest Wall Pain.




            This pain and/or tenderness occurs in the upper abdomen, in the area of the stomach.  Parts of the duodenum and transverse colon are also in this area.  It usually centers along or near the midline of the body and radiates outward, downward and somewhat upward, at times.

            People often think this is a problem with the stomach.  However, it has nothing to do with the stomach.

            The cause of the pain is a shift in the third physical energy center that must take place as one develops.  The third energy center is located along the midline of the body, and roughly between the belly button and the breast bone.

This pain slowly goes away as one continues on a development program.  For details, read Third Energy Center Pain and The Sting Or Fire Reaction (a trauma retracing reaction).




            This pain occurs in the area of the gall bladder and liver, which is on the right side of the body, in the upper abdomen.  It is in an area also occupied by parts of the colon and duodenum.  The pain may increase or decrease, depending upon one’s diet, stress or other factors.

            One may feel as though this pain indicates a problem with the liver.  However, it has nothing to do with liver disease.

Its cause is a rapid detoxification of the body.  This puts a little strain on the liver, one of the body’s main detoxification organs, and often the one in the worst condition when a person begins a development program.

            As a result, there occurs a mild inflammation of the liver, which may also result in slight, occasional, and temporary elevations of the liver enzymes (such as AST and ALT).

            Coffee enemas and the pushing down exercise, along with the rest of a development program, are excellent to help reduce this pain.  Eventually, it goes away on its own when one continues a development program.




            This pain is due to a release of the back.  In many people, the back is chronically tight and tense, and the tension actually holds the back steady.  Also present in many people is a torquing or twisting of the spine and hips.

As the body heals and detoxifies, the back and hips begin to release.  The problem is that the release occurs unevenly and this temporarily throws the back out of alignment.

The pain often occurs in the lower back and right hip areas.  It may take the symptomatic form of sciatic nerve pain.  This is pain in the low back that radiates down the back of one leg.  In other instances, the pain is elsewhere, including in the neck or other parts of the back.

The pain can interfere with sleep and walking, and at times can be quite acute.  However, it is benign and it is not a disease.  Medical drugs and physical therapy are usually not helpful.

Therapies that can help include chiropractic therapy, pressing on the spine area of the feet, applying a red heat lamp to the back, and doing the spinal twist exercises.  While these can and often do bring relief, the release of the back is usually slow and the pain may return or come and go for some months or even years.

Finally, when the back heals and releases fully, the pain will disappear completely.  The pulling down exercise then becomes much easier because subtle energy can flow much easier through the body.  This speeds up healing and development.



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