by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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During a development program, one may experience one of more of the following chronic pains. They are profound shifts in body functioning. They are not the same as common retracing, which we discuss at the end of this article.

Benign. All of the pains below are benign and part of the healing process. So far, we are not able to avoid them completely in everyone because they have to do with deep healing and rapid development.

I have experienced the pains discussed below. Some were intense, at times. They all slowly diminished and are all gone now.


This is pain that can occur anywhere in the area of the chest. It is often in a few spots only, and it may come and go. It can become quite intense. It is usually worse if one’s posture is hunched.

One can feel there is a problem with the heart or lungs. However, the cause has nothing to do with these organs.

The cause is inflammation in the cartilage that is between the ribs. The technical name for it is costochondritis. It is benign. The pain eventually goes away on its own as one continues on the development program. Improving posture helps, as may massage or bodywork.

Unfortunately, most physicians of all kinds don't know about this benign condition. If they did, they would tell you to do a simple test to find out if this is the cause of the pain.

The chest wall pain test. Using one or two fingers, press firmly in between two ribs in the area where you have pain. If this causes the pain, then the cause is chest wall pain. You have to press firmly.

Chest wall pain diminishes and goes away as one continues with the development program. For details, read Chest Wall Pain.


This pain and/or tenderness occurs in the upper abdomen, in the area of the solar plexus, stomach and upper intestines. It usually centers along or near the midline of the body and radiates outward, downward and somewhat upward, at times. It is usually fairly steady.

One may think it is a problem with the stomach. However, it has nothing to do with the stomach and is completely benign.

The cause of the pain is healing of the third physical energy center that occurs during the development program. The third energy center is located along the midline of the body, and roughly between the belly button and the breast bone.

This pain slowly goes away as one continues on a development program. For details, read Third Energy Center Pain and The Sting Or Fire Reaction (a trauma retracing reaction).


This pain occurs in the area of the gall bladder and liver. It is on the right side of the body, in the upper abdomen. It is in an area also occupied by parts of the colon and duodenum. The pain may increase or decrease, depending upon one’s diet, stress or other factors.

One may believe this pain indicates a problem with the liver. One of our clients even had his gall bladder removed by a physician who said it might help, which it did not.

The pain is usually due to an imbalance in the liver meridian. This is an acupuncture meridian that runs through this area.

The cause is rapid detoxification of the body during the development program. This puts some strain on the liver, one of the body’s main detoxification organs. In almost everyone, the liver is quite toxic.

There occurs mild inflammation of the liver, which may also result in slight, occasional, and temporary elevations of the liver enzymes (such as AST and ALT).

What to do. Acupuncture treatments usually do not help this condition. However, coffee enemas, the pulling down exercise and deep breathing, along with the development diet, slowly get rid of the pain. Eventually, it goes away completely if one continues with the development program.


This is pain anywhere in the back or down one leg (sciatic nerve pain). It can be sharp or dull pain in one location or it can migrate. A little back pain at some point when one follows the development program is common. The causes are:

- Uneven release of tension in the back. In many people, the back is chronically tense or torqued. As the body heals, the back relaxes. However, this can occur unevenly and it temporarily throws the back out of alignment.

- Greater movement of subtle energy through the spine. If the energy encounters a blockage, this can cause pain.

- Old adhesions along the back that can twist or misalign the spine.

Therapies that can help include:

- Chiropractic therapy.

- Reflexology or pressing firmly on the spinal reflex areas of both feet. These are the arches of both feet. Press on both feet no matter which side of the back is in pain.

- Applying a red heat lamp to the back.

- Doing the spinal twist exercises found in the article The Pops, Pulls, Twists and Kicks.

This pain may come and go for a while, even a few years, as the back heals and relaxes. Finally, when the back heals and releases fully, the pain will disappear completely.


Retracing is an important feature of the development program and indicates deep healing. Retracing can cause a flare-up of symptoms including pain anywhere in the body. These flare-ups are also called healing reactions or purification reactions.

These pains are evidence of improved adaptive energy and healing of chronic health conditions. We wish they did not occur, but they are a part of deeper healing of the body. They occur only rarely with medical and other therapies usually because these healing methods are not as deep or permanent.

Pain due to retracing usually lasts a few hours to a few days, although a few symptoms such as ear aches and old bronchial infections heal more slowly and can last longer. Submit a question to your Helper if you need assistance with these. For many more details, read Retracing.

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