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Rewind science is a science of time reversal. Basically, using certain methods, one can run events backwards and thus undo some events.

I am told this science is being used today and has been used for many years to keep some people alive, reverse traumas such as beatings and rapes, influence wars, prevent or undo natural disasters, and more.

It is thus a powerful healing method that is part of the development program.

Rewind science has been known by a few people on earth for thousands of years, but it is not taught widely. We think it needs to be taught at this time.

This article may sound like pure science fiction. However, I am told that rewind science is completely real.


A few scientists discussed time science. Albert Einstein was one of them. He called his work relativity theory because he found that time is relative.

I am told that rewind methods have been used many times on earth to keep civilization moving forward and prevent the destruction of civilization and perhaps even the destruction of the planet.

In fact, I am told it is used often or many of us would be dead. Some beings are able to rewind fatal car accidents, fatal beatings and rapes, other injuries and accidents, and more. It is done quickly so one does not realize it occurred.

For example, I am told that today these methods are being used in the current Ukraine war. They were used over and over to bring about our major religions, preserve our nations, and much more. They are used by both sides in many conflicts.

Some fiction books and movies discuss altering time. A few movies that come to mind are Back To The Future, Ground Hog Day and Star Trek IV.



1. Developed human beings. As one develops, which requires the development program, one will automatically gain the ability to rewind events. Developed human beings can use reflexology, or their mind alone, or other methods to rewind events.

2. Some developed fine matter creatures. To learn about fine matter, read Bodies – Their Structure And Activities.

3. Anyone can use a machine to do rewind. These machines are not common on earth, but they do exist. The machines set up a special electrical field around a person or several people and then the machine is able to alter the time field in and around the person or persons.

4. Anyone can do some rewind on themselves by eating certain foods. We describe these below.



This is the simplest method of rewind and is available to most everyone. I am told that the required foods are 1) plenty of cooked vegetables with each meal and 2) eating a few blue corn tortilla chips with each meal. Coffee in the form of coffee enemas are also helpful.

I am told that these foods contain chemicals that affect the movement of an energy in space that some call the ether, and this is why they assist rewind. For details about the ether, read The Ether Theory.


Anyone who is developed even a little can help to undo one’s own health problems and traumas and to a degree will help undo the current horror on earth by doing the bidet procedure. This procedure also helps one develop faster.

It must be done correctly. One sprays water on the first energy center from below.

The water must hit a certain spot. This is important. On a man, the spot is a slight hollow between the anal opening and the scrotum. On a woman, the spot is a slight hollow between the anal opening and the bottom of the vagina.

You can use a bidet toilet attachment or this procedure can be done in the shower using a shower massager. We believe it is a little more effective using the bidet toilet attachment. These are not costly. For details about them, read Bidets.

Keep this up for as long as you can – for at least a half an hour per session. We would like everyone to do this procedure because it speeds up development and helps to rewind rogue activity on earth. Do it every day if you can. It really helps.


Another way to help undo your own illnesses and traumas and perhaps assist the rewind of the planet is by rubbing the feet in a special place along the arch of the foot, which is the reflex area to the spine.

The spot. This is along the arch of the foot, about 2/3 of the way from the toes to the heel. There is a slight hollow in the area. It may hurt, but usually it does not. To view a photo of this, go to FOOT PHOTO 1.

You can rub the area yourself, but the position is a little awkward. If you have a friend, you can do it to each other. You can also use an electric massager, which allows one to massage or contact the foot for ten to twenty minutes or more without getting tired.

I have a massager with two heads, the Thumper, and by sitting, bending the legs and putting the feet together, I can contact the area on both feet at the same time.

Caution: The only trouble with a massager is you can bruise yourself with it. We suggest putting on socks or put a piece of cloth between the massager heads and your feet to help prevent this.


Well developed masters can use their mind to rewind events. Machines can also be used.



Not all events can be rewound. Permission is only given to unwind some of them. More recent situations are easier to unwind, but even in these instances, only certain ones can be rewound.


This means that it affects time. To a degree, those who follow the development program know this. They know that somehow or other the program unwinds or reverses aging and disease, which are features of everyone's lives as time moves on in their lives.

We call this phenomenon Etheric Reset. It is really a reversal of time or de-aging. It will slowly occur in your body if you stay with the program long enough. What is called healing is the first stage in the de-aging or time reversal process of development.

This is one of the best features of the development program as offered on this website only. It separates this method from all other methods of healing. For details, read Introduction to Development.


There is currently an attempt to undo or rewind the phenomenon on earth that we call the presence of the Rogues. We want people to know this because it offers hope for an otherwise very horrible situation that is difficult to imagine changing.

As a result, the next few years may be strange, indeed, on earth. We strongly suggest everyone care for their health with the development program and not other methods of healthcare to improve your chances of rewinding events.


Some foods and herbs such as coffee have some impact upon time. For example, the use of coffee enemas seems to assist in the process of rewinding events. For details, read Coffee Enemas.


For a deeper understanding of time science and rewinding, one must look to the science of geometry. Many readers know about plain geometry because it is a subject in middle school or high school. Here is the basic concept:

Life has a hierarchy of dimensions or planes, as follows:

- Existence or life is represented by a dot or point. It has no length and no width or height. In the sacred movements, the dot is the symbol of the movement inward. As subtle energy moves inward from all directions it forms a concentration of energy or a dot.

- The first dimension is a line. It is a dot that is extended. It represents the first dimension. It has length, but that is all. In the sacred movements, the line is representative of spin right. Think of it as a horizontal line with an arrow head on the right, indicating movement to the right

- The second dimension is represented by the triangle. It is the simplest way to enclose two-dimensional space. Other two-dimensional figures are the square, pentagon, hexagon, octagon and others. These figures are flat, meaning they have no height. However, they have length and width. This is the quality of the second dimension. In terms of sacred movements, the triangle is down movement. Think of a triangle with two points, one on each side, (the line) plus a point downward.

- The third dimension is represented by a tetrahedron, which is the simplest way to enclose space. Other ways to enclose space are cubes and other polygons such as the duodecahedrons. These figures all have length, width and height. In terms of sacred movement, this is relaxed or resting or parasympathetic. It is a stable and secure enclosing of space.

- The fourth dimension is time. It is represented by a double tetrahedron that is spinning around. However, there are more complex time figures as well. In terms of sacred movement, this is a slight back and forth wobble.

There are higher levels of existence, but these four are enough for the purposes of this article.


It works just like length, width and height. That is, it can be contracted or expanded if one knows how to do it. In other words, everyone knows that you can increase the size of a line or a triangle. The same is true of time.

Rewind science is a way to expand time and move it backwards. One can also move time forward, but this is much more complex.

Time is also a stirring of the ether of space. This is the idea of the back and forth movement. Certain fine matter creatures that live in space and on planets are able to stir the ether in this special way that helps create time.

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