by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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I. Introduction

II. The Trauma Points

III. Rogue Torture And Trauma Points

IV. Development, Maturity And Trauma Points




Trauma points are special ratios on a hair mineral test that tend to bring to awareness old thoughts and feelings associated with traumas. As the sodium/potassium ratio rises as one regains health, at these points a person may become aware of very disturbing feelings and thoughts. This can stop a person from continuing on the development program.


So far, we are aware of four of these. We believe there may be others. The ones we know about are:

1. In a slow oxidizer, Na/K ratio about 0.4.

2. In a slow oxidizer, Na/K ratio about 0.9.

3. In a fast oxidizer, Na/K ratio about 1.7.

4. In a four lows pattern, Na/K ratio about 2.4.


The Rogues know all about trauma points. They use this concept to fix traumas in people’s bodies and to maintain brain washing. This is a major method they use to control people’s behavior, usually for their entire life. They can literally lock a trauma into the body by pushing the Na/K ratio of a person lower than one of the trauma points.


Orgasms. A very rapid way the rogues lower the Na/K ratio is to induce orgasms during rapes. Orgasms wear out the body and spin the energy centers backwards. This weakens the adrenal glands and kidneys and this decreases the Na/K ratio. The deed can be done in less than one hour.

All ordinary sex with orgasm tends to lower the Na/K ratio. This is one of many reasons we much prefer Down Sex and Down Hugging in place or ordinary sex.

Beatings. These are used during many rapes and can quickly lower the Na/K ratio.

Poisoning. The rogues use poisons, as well, and often in combination with rapes, to lower the Na/K ratio. In fact, they poison everyone on earth through the food, water, air, Chemtrails, objects people touch, and more.

Diseases. Most diseases tend to lower the Na/K ratio because they weaken the body. This includes infections of all kinds, and many other diseases.

During rapes and beatings, the rogues usually make a point of infecting women and some men with diseases that are difficult to heal. For details, read Rape, Healing Rape, and The Rape Planet.

Fortunately, the development program will slowly heal these diseases. For details, read Introduction To The Development Program.


Lowering the Na/K ratio beyond a trauma point helps locks in a trauma because the person will have great difficulty moving the ratio back above the trauma point, and this is necessary for healing and development. This is the basic method. Let us explain.

As one heals with a development program (and only this program), the Na/K ratio rises. When the ratio reaches a trauma point, the person becomes aware of the horror of the tortures and rapes that were used to create the trauma. This stops many people from continuing their development program. This is the goal fo the rogues – to keep women, especially, traumatized, terrified, and sick.

Keeping women this way damages all their relationships, damages all their future children, and keeps women from interfering with the rogue takeover of the planet.


Development requires correction of the Na/K ratio. Trauma points stop people from correcting this ratio. In this way, the rogues effectively prevent most development on earth. For details, read Introduction To Development.

Maturity also requires or is greatly aided by correcting the Na/K ratio. For details, read Maturity and Maturity And Women.

Practical: We often see hair tests that show improvement. However, the person writes that he or she is feeling terrible with dozens of symptoms. When we tune in, the person is actually better. These ma be cases of a person reaching a trauma point and then transcending it.

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