by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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All information in this article is for educational purposes only.  It is not for the diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure of any disease or health condition.


Update 3/4/21.  Clients tell us that Down Hugging is a wonderful and perhaps necessary addition to a complete development program in order to heal from rapes.  Otherwise, certain aspects of the rape trauma seem to remain.

         The other newer method for healing rape is the Vaginal Peroxide Implant Procedure.  This is also very powerful.  Both the peroxide implants and the down hugging are needed, we believe, for deep healing from rape.





The Intent Of This Article

Loving Yourself

A Soul Experience


A Bioenergetic Approach



Becoming A Warrior

Stages Of Healing From Rape



The Basic Development Program

The Accelerators

Techniques To Release Points

Other Methods





The Detoxification Procedures

The Accelerators



Natural Methods To Heal Sexually-Transmitted Diseases

Soul Recovery

Mental Healing

Other Methods To Heal From Rape

Spiritual Healing

What Can Husbands, Boyfriends And Male Friends Do If A Female Partner Or Friend Experiences Rape?

Social Media After Rape



Update November 2020.  A simple and safe newer development procedure is proving extremely helpful to retrace and clear the trauma of rape.  For details, read The Hydrogen Peroxide Implant.




The intent of this article.  The intent is to undo and free you completely from your rape.  This article is not about “managing” or “coping” with a trauma.  It is about healing the trauma of rape and moving on.  

It is possible to undo a lot of the physical and even the emotional damage due to a rape, even the most extreme ones and multiple rapes.  This is our experience, having assisted hundreds of women and some men, as well.  It takes some time and effort, but it can be done and is well worth the effort.

This article discusses an integrated program that is quite effective to remove many of the effects of rape.  Its effectiveness depends mainly on how well you follow the program, rather than how severe was your trauma.

It is even possible for someone who experienced rape or multiple rapes to feel better than she did before any of it occurred!  The reason is that following a properly-designed development program will renourish and balance the body very deeply, in ways it was never balanced before.




An intent of any violent act against a person is to teach you that you are not a good person and you deserve to suffer, as a result.  Rape is no exception.

To heal fully, one must change back to the truth, which is that I AM LOVED, LOVING AND LOVABLE FOREVER.  You may need to repeat this true phrase many, many times, as did the author.

Loving yourself is first a mental decision.  The feelings will follow, but usually not immediately.  The reason is most bodies are malnourished and toxic, so the cells send out messages that “we are not okay”, “we are sick”, “we are bad”, etc.

So do not expect the feelings to be there.  Just stay with the mental decision that I AM LOVED, LOVING AND LOVABLE FOREVER.  If that sounds too good to be true, at least begin with the thought, I AM OKAY.

Of course, with this thought must come changes in your lifestyle, diet, attitudes and more that are discussed below.




To heal from rape, you will need to view it as a soul experience.  We don’t understand our souls very well and sometimes they want an experience.  The soul lives on, so a rape or even death of the body is not very important to the soul.  It is just an experience.

If you can get to this understanding, it makes forgiving, healing and moving on much easier.




Full healing from rape requires that one forgive everyone for everything that has occurred in one’s life.  Unwillingness to do this is one of the greatest stumbling block to healing fully.  That is why we mention it at the beginning of the article.  Later in this article we discuss forgiveness in detail and why it is required.




The development method of healing rape is bioenergetic, rather than analytical.  Analytical methods include counseling and other psychotherapy in which you slowly hopefully learn more about your trauma and this helps release it.

Bioenergetic means that the way it works is to increase the adaptive energy of the body.  As this occurs, the body is able to process and release trauma, diseases, horror, hatred, fear, shame and everything else associated with a rape.

The releases occur automatically, in their own time and order.  You don’t need to talk about it for hours with a counselor.  Talking with someone, at times, might be helpful but is extra and not essential.

The development bioenergetic approach is usually much faster and much deeper and more permanent.  The main problem with the bioenergetic approach is that feelings and thoughts related to the trauma will surface for processing and release.  This is often unpleasant, and perhaps disgusting or scary.

Some women and men quit the program when it occurs, thinking it is bad.  It is necessary, however, as part of trauma release.  The negative thoughts and feelings slowly fade away.  For details, read Trauma Release.




         It means:


- Getting one’s energy back.

- Being able to think clearly again.

- Not crying often

- No more back pain

- Not craving male sexual fluid

- No more depression and self-pity

- Getting rid of the points.  These are either ultrasensitive spots on the body or numb spots on the body that occur after a long rape.  For details, read The Points.

- Stopping the progression of sexually-transmitted diseases and getting rid of them altogether.  This is possible.

- Less fear.  Women are always at more risk than men in society because they are smaller and weaker than men.  Women need to live correctly and this goes a long way to reduce fear.

- No more feeling filthy all the time.

- Forgiving and letting go of the whole thing.

- Feeling rebuilt, strong and whole.

- Getting your souls back (soul recovery)

- Finding the lessons, and perhaps even the benefits of your rape.

Becoming a warrior.  Full healing from rape requires learning to be a type of warrior.  This is an attitude and psychological stance.  For details, read Qualities Of A Warrior.  For a more metaphysical article, read The Warrior’s Creed – Rules Of The Society Of Loving, Light-Hearted Warriors, also called The Straight And Narrow Path. 

This attitude is really much more fun and more effective than just “managing” or “coping” with a past trauma.  The authors of this article believe life is about having wholesome and healthful fun.  If you look at your healing program this way, you will tend to stick with it much better.

For example, to heal from rape we recommend deciding that your house or apartment is now a fancy health spa – the kind where people spend up to $500. a day for a makeover.  You will get a makeover, too – and a better one than is available at any spa of which we are aware.  

This is a much better attitude than telling yourself that you “have to” eat a certain way and do tedious procedures each day.




         STAGE 1. LAYING THE FOUNDATION  This consists of remineralizing the body.  It also consists of basic repair of the spine, getting back some of the souls that were lost, and slowing down or stopping the progression of the sexually-transmitted diseases.  This stage often takes a year or a little more. 

           Remineralizing.  We use seven methods at the same time to remineralize the body and lay the foundation for a healthy body.  All are needed.  Skipping any of them will slow progress noticeably.  The seven methods are:

- Eat a lot of only certain well-cooked vegetables.  They are all types of onions – red, white, yellow, green, leeks, and shallots.  They also include rutabaga, green beans, daikon radish, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, cauliflower leaves, carrots, along with some animal protein and blue corn chips.  A little celery, savoy cabbage, golden beet and grape tomato three times a week are also good.

         Only these vegetables contain a chemical that speeds up development and healing.  For details about diet, read Food For Daily Use.

- Using sea salt.  A good one is Hawaiian bamboo jade salt.  This is an excellent source of some trace minerals.  Avoid Himalayan Salt.  For details, read Salt.

- Drinking spring water or carbon-only filtered tap water.  These types of water contain some vital minerals.  Avoid reverse osmosis water, “drinking water”, “purified water”, alkaline water or distilled water.  For details, read Water For Drinking.

- Drinking 10-12 ounces daily of carrot juice.  Please do not do more than this amount daily because it will make the body too yin, which is harmful.  Also, do not drink other juices.  For details, read Carrot Juice.

- Doing daily coffee enemas.  This is an herbal method that adds more vital minerals.  For details, read Coffee Enemas.

- Taking the correct nutritional supplements in the right amounts.  These provide extra calcium, magnesium, zinc and other minerals.  This ideally requires a hair mineral analysis.  However, one can begin immediately with the Free Program.

- Doing daily kelp wraps or kelp spray.  This is optional, but can greatly speed up your progress.  You will absorb more minerals through the skin.  For details, read Kelp.




         Most everyone who experiences rape has one or more tiny implants in the head or elsewhere that help keep them alive.  This is a very advanced technology, and one that works.

         Full healing from rape requires that one become strong enough so the implants will not be needed.   This stage often takes a year.  The process actually begins as soon as one starts a development program.  For details, read Implants and The Walking Dead.




         Once a person is somewhat renourished and off life support development will begin.  Only with development can a person be fully healed of rape.  For details, read Introduction To Development on this site.


Plateaus.  At times in this healing process, one may feel that no change is occurring and that one is wasting one’s time on the program.  This is never the case, in our experience. 

Change is simply taking place within the body that you cannot see or feel.  It is necessary to move to the next stage of healing.  If you feel you are at a plateau, you can check and we can tell you if you are progressing well.

Uneveness of the process.  The healing process can be like riding a roller coaster.  Until you arrive at the destination, there will be times when you move fast, and others when you move slowly.  At times, you will be “flying high” and at other times you may feel “upside down” or a little scared as you move along the path of healing.

Pacing.  For success with a development program, you will need to have great compassion and love for yourself.  You will learn that there are times to move ahead fast, and there are other times to go more slowly and gently on the program.  Your Helper with the program will assist you with this important aspect of the program.




The recovery program consists of four parts:

A. The basic development program.  This is a new and very unique method of physical, emotional and mental healing.  It has been helpful for at least 1000 women and men who have experienced rape.  No other nutritional or medical program that we have seen is nearly as effective.

What does it involve.  The program consists of:

- The development diet.

- A healthful lifestyle, including going to bed between 8 and 9 PM and getting lots of rest.

- About 8 nutritional supplements and avoiding the rest.

- 5 or 6 healing and detoxification procedures.

How it works.  A properly designed development program:

- drastically increases the adaptive energy of the body.

- makes the body much more yang (warm) in macrobiotic terminology.

This combination, in turn:

- restores energy, vitality and balance to your body and brain.

- can heal all infections, including sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

- removes several dozen toxic metals from the body and brain.

- removes hundreds of toxic chemicals from the body.

- restores hormone levels and glandular activity.

- improves brain functioning tremendously.  This allows one to process traumas of all kinds much more easily and quickly.

- all this occurs at the body’s own pace and in the proper order, usually in a gentle way.

The program consists of the diet described above, a healthful lifestyle,  about 8 nutritional supplements, and at least five healing and detoxification procedures.

For details, read Introduction To Development Programs and Why Development?

You do not have to like the program.  Please do all of it, anyway.  Skipping any part of it, for any reason, will compromise results.  Here is more on the diet, which is one of the most important parts.




What you eat right after a rape is very important.  The worst foods to eat after a rape are raw foods such as salads and fruit.  Also bad are all sugars and sweets, including fruit and fruit juices or too much of any juice.  Vegetarian diets are also very bad.

Instead, eat 6 to 9 cups (preferably 9 cups daily) of the preferred vegetables listed in the Foods For Daily Use article.  These must all be properly cooked and are essential for healing.  Do not skip them.  If they bring up your anger or fear, then eat a little less of them until you have processed the anger and hatred.

Protein foods are lamb once or twice a week, organic or grass fed beef once or twice a week, chicken, sardines, 2 tablespoons daily of toasted almond butter and 2 tablespoons daily of either organic roasted sesame tahini or 4 tablespoons daily of hummus (and not more).  All of these are very important.  Eat protein with each meal, but only 4-5 ounce servings.  Eat a 4-5 ounce serving of animal protein preferably twice a day, but not more.

Blue corn tortilla chips, about 5-8 per meal only, are also excellent for development – much better than other grains, which are not nearly as helpful for development.  We particularly like these brands in the USA: Simple Truth and Private Selection (Kroger brands), Late July Cantina Dippers, Garden of Eatin no salt added, and Xochitl.   Avoid all wheat, which is an irritating food.  We suggest avoiding all rice products at this time – there is a problem with them that hopefully will be resolved soon. 

You can skip dairy products, or limit dairy products to only 4 ounces daily of all of them combined.  All fish are too high in mercury except for sardines.  Three to four cans weekly are an excellent food.  They are not essential if you really find them disgusting, but Brisling sardines, taste quite good and are an excellent brain food and anti-inflammatory and development food.


The rape diet.  At times, a rapist will warn a person that she is never to eat red meat again, and to eat fruit and tunafish every day.  This is nothing more than an attempt to keep the woman from regaining her former strength and mental acuity.  For more on vegetarian diets, please read The Rape Or Cult Diet and Vegetarian Diets.


B. The accelerators.  These are additional development methods that can greatly speed up your progress.  In some cases, they are absolutely needed.  They are discussed later in this article.

C. Techniques to remove points.  This is very important.  Removing the points created by a rape will permanently get rid of memories, ultrasensitive points and numb points on the body.  Read Points on this website to understand this problem of rape, and how to get rid of it.

Another somewhat unusual method that has helped some people is to listen and dance to a particular piece of music.  It is a short song, and it must be a specific version of it.

Look on YouTube under this heading:  Yusef Lateef – Love Theme From Spartacus.  (It has over 1,167,000 views).  Just keep listening to this 5-minute song.  Record it into your phone or onto a CD with your stereo. 

Some people need psychological, spiritual and perhaps other types of healing after rapes.


Cautions with the development program:


At times, the program will bring up anger, fear, anxiety or other strong feelings.  This process is called retracing.  It is essential for deep healing, and is discussed below.

Supplements that bring up anger the most are TMG, kelp capsules, and selenium.  Others that can have the same effect are B-complex vitamins, and the thyroid or adrenal glandular supplements.

The need to forgive.  During a development program, if unwanted feeling surface, usually all that you need to do is forgive everyone more for everything that has happened during your entire life.  Just keep on forgiving.  It is not a one-time procedure.  As the Bible says, “Forgive seventy times seven times”.  For details, read Forgiveness on this site.

Beware of other diets, other supplements and other healing procedures.  Do not combine development with other diets, and do not take other vitamins, minerals, natural hormones, homeopathic remedies, herbs or chelating agents.

We know this can be tempting.  However, it almost always ruins the development program, which is the product of years of research.  In fact, combining a development program with some other methods can be dangerous by making the body more toxic and/or more yin.

A development program as a counter-trauma.  Some clients tell us that a complete development program is a type of counter-trauma.  This is an interesting psychological way to help reverse a trauma.

It means that the program requires a type of “surrendering” or offering of oneself to a force greater than oneself, but it is a totally benign force.

If one continues the program for a few years, one moves in a completely new and exciting direction of deep healing of one’s entire life.  This is quite unusual and can even feel a little traumatic, at times.  This is why it may be called a counter-trauma.

For more on the general subject of trauma release, read Trauma Release on this website.

How to begin a program.  There are only two ways to begin a development program:

1.  Doing it on your own.  You can begin with the “free program” today by clicking here.  It includes a diet, basic nutritional supplements, and the detoxification procedures.  It is a good start if you do all that is recommended.

Cost.  The ‘free program’ costs about $2000 to $2500.00 per year.  This includes some money for extra vegetables in the diet, coffee for coffee enemas and the cost of the nutritional supplements.  Building or purchasing a red heat lamp sauna is a one-time cost that ranges from $150.00 to $1000.00 dollars.

Problems doing the program on your own.  The free program is difficult to do well because it is not individualized and even a small mistake can negate the program.

Individualizing the program makes it much more powerful.  Supervision avoids most problems that trip up most people who decide to do the program on their own.

2. An individualized, supervised program.  To begin a complete development program, contact any one of the Approved Helpers listed on the referral page.  You may want to call or email a few to find one you feel will be a good match for you.  The cost is not much more than the ‘free’ program.  It is a little more due to the cost of hair testing and consultations, and a few more supplements. 

The Helper need not live near you because most of them offer the program long distance by mail, email and telephone.  Most of the clients do the program this way, and it works well.

Some of the Helpers have more experience than others.  However, Dr. Wilson sets up all the programs for all of them, so the program will be identical regardless of with whom you choose to work.

Imitators.  Be careful to avoid practitioners who are not listed on the Helper Referral page given above.  A number of people people claim to offer this program, but they do not do it correctly.  If a person is not listed on the referral page, there is a reason.

Cost.  Following a complete program costs about $2400.00 per year.  This includes the initial consultation and hair mineral test, retests every four to six months, the diet, supplements and other costs.




            When healing from rape, most everyone experiences retracing or purification reactions.  This is very important to know about beforehand.

What is retracing?  Retracing is the temporary return of physical, emotional or mental symptoms connected with a trauma or incident.  They often do not last long, but they can be vigorous and even scary, at times.

Retracing or purification reactions occur as the vitality of the body increases and the body processes its traumas.  One is essentially forced to review, forgive and let go of the entire incident.  This is not always pleasant, but is a key part of deep healing.

We liken it to returning to the scene of an accident or crime, but in a completely safe and secure manner.  Once there, you review what occurred in a detached way.  You correct any false impressions you may have had, and, as a result, understand the whole incident much better.  It is a completion and resolution process of amazing depth.

As part of this process, the following often occurs:


1. Intense anger can surface that is very disturbing.  Almost every person who experiences rape reports this.  One is usually filled with murderous and vengeful thoughts.  They may be directed to all men.  Instilling hatred in women is one of the important goals of professional rapes.  One woman healing from rape wrote to us:


“Lately I have been feeling a really intense hatred and anger, included some violent thoughts and general thoughts of suicide.  If I could describe how I’m feeling it’s like wanting to let out a visceral scream, having a panic attack, and feeling like I’m about to drop dead all at the same time.

I also feel defeated, like I’ve been resisting the urge to hate because I know it’s wrong but now I can’t run away from it any longer.

I just want to let go of all this hatred and anger, and be free from its suffocating grip.  It’s exhausting!  I have prayed to let go and forgive and then once I think I’ve let go the hatred comes back.”


These feelings are normal and must be dealt with.  You just need to observe them as calmly as possible, know that they will pass, and you will need to forgive everyone for everything that has ever occurred.  This does not mean you are condoning any violent acts.  It means:

- You realize that anger, resentment and hatred just hurt you, wreck your body and ruin your life.  They do nothing to ‘get back’ at the perpetrator of a crime or anyone else.

- You realize you don’t understand all the reasons why things occur. 

1.Perhaps if you had not been raped, you would have been run over by a car and killed.

2. Perhaps your soul did something horrible to someone else in the past, so this is justice.  Perhaps you got off easy, no matter how horrible it was.  It could have been worse, so you are grateful.

3. Perhaps you went through the rape experience for a reason – such as to help  millions of people in the future who have had the same experience and will need your guidance, or to prevent rapes.

As a result, you are ready and willing to stop judging the experience as “negative”.  You are ready to let go the whole thing and move on in your life.

If you went unconscious during your rape, usually these feelings will be even more intense than you can imagine, so don’t worry about it.


2. You may become very tired, perhaps for a few months.  This can have to do with processing the rape in your mind, and it may have to do with biochemical and nutritional adjustments and healing.  One must rest more at these times.  Do not try to just “push through” the fatigue, as this usually does not work well, and tends to slow your progress.


3. You may develop other temporary physical or emotional symptoms.  The joints, back, stomach or pelvic area may hurt, for example.  Please read The Sting Or Fire Reaction for new information about an important healing reaction that can occur as one heals from rape. 

These symptoms may be directly due to the rape, or they can be adjustment symptoms as your body restores itself.  Regardless of the cause, they are usually upsetting or at least annoying.

While one is always free to visit medical doctors, we suggest first discussing such symptoms of all kinds with your development Helper.  Ask that we review your entire development program.  Often this can help. 

During purification reactions, medical remedies are often not helpful.  Problems visiting doctors or naturopaths when one is having healing reactions are numerous and discussed in the article entitled Visiting Doctors.

Retracing symptoms will pass in their own time if they are handled correctly.   Reassurance is often all that is needed.  Rarely, natural remedies or medical drugs are helpful to reduce their intensity.  Slowing down the development program by taking fewer doses of supplements each day may also help. 




1. Weight gain. Some women, and men, gain 100 pounds or more after a rape.  This can be due to nervousness, nutritional imbalances, or to avoid being attractive in order to prevent another rape.  It can even be an attempt to avoid all relationships. 

            A common symptom is a gain of weight in the abdomen and pelvic area.  It can occur very suddenly. 

It is water weight, and it goes away as you keep processing and forgiving.  For more on this interesting phenomenon, please read The Hatred Body.

Weight gain will tend to go away if you process your rape completely with a development program.

2. Details about a rape may surface that are disgusting or otherwise horrible.  Most people minimize the horror of rape, and even forget certain details entirely.  These may come into one’s consciousness during a healing reaction.

One need not dwell on them, analyze them, or wallow in them, feeling sorry for yourself.  As much as possible, just observe them from a neutral place.  The Pulling Down Exercise is excellent and often necessary to accomplish this.

Plan on doing this exercise every day for at least five years, and hopefully much longer due to its many other benefits.  This exercise is essential for development, which is the only way we know of to fully heal from a rape.

Living in denial by insisting that these horrible words or deeds are not true or did not happen can stop the healing process.  One must just allow these details to surface.   The memories will fade, in time.  Handling the awful thoughts and feelings is one of the major stumbling blocks for those healing from rape.

Realize that one of the main goals of many rapes is to make the experience so outrageous, humiliating and degrading that you will be forever hurt by it because you will never be willing to process it.  This is a deep truth about rape.

  Don’t allow the rapist to win!  Realize that the horror was just a tactic for upsetting you and brainwashing you.  You can retrace and process it by understanding this deeply.  For more details about this way of influencing a person, read Brainwashing on this website.

3. Rape cries may occur in women.  These are short, loud shrieks that occur as one retraces a rape.  They are normal and important not to suppress.  With each one that occurs, you will be closer to full healing of your rape.

4. You may need to make other changes in your thinking that are unrelated to your rape.  This may seem unusual.  However, deep healing may require it.  Some clients have trouble in this area because the changes go against their upbringing or personality tendencies, yet they are essential to continue the healing process.

These may have to do with politics, religion, friendship, men, attitudes about sex and love, or other things.

Good counseling with a very qualified person may help you to navigate and negotiate these situations, but always beware of counselors because there are not many that we like.  Most are political liberals who will tell you that your anger is justified, and to just pretend the rape didn’t happen.


Preparing for deep healing. If you are prepared, retracing usually goes well with few problems.  If you are not prepared, and you suddenly feel angry or exhausted, for example, you will decide the development program must be making you worse, and some quit the program.

The correct attitude is to welcome retracing because it means you are healing at profound levels.  If you really don’t want to retrace and heal at the deepest level, then you may not want to do a complete development program.

            For much more on this topic, read Retracing and Trauma Retracing.




To achieve success in healing a rape with the method described in this article, it is necessary to focus upon it, and make it a priority and part of your lifestyle.  For example, make it your “real job” for a number of years, even if you hold another job.

What if I don’t have time?  It is necessary for many people to be very efficient with time in order to fit in the procedures and the diet properly.  This is actually not hard to do, in most cases.  Ask your Helper for help in organizing your time for the best success.  For more on this subject, read The Spa Morning Routine and Time Management.

A path.  The method of healing described in this article is really a path, not just a technique or method.  A path means that it is an entire lifestyle that leads to a clear destination when followed.  More details about this idea are in the article The Healing Path.




The most unusual feature of the programs we set up is that they cause development.  This is a series of changes in the body and brain that help restore the body, and make it much stronger and more resilient. 

The idea of development is not well known on earth, but is very real.  It is programmed into the DNA of everyone.  However, it does not occur in most people because they are not well-nourished enough and because they do not do other procedures that are required for it.  For details about it, read Introduction To Development and the other articles about it on this website.




1. Obtain loads of Rest and Sleep.  Go to bed by 9 PM each evening, or even earlier, if possible.

2. Eat a strict development diet that is about 70-80% vegetables.  All vegetables must be cooked soft, not raw or crunchy.  A little salad is okay, but not recommended.  To understand all the reasons for this, please read Raw Food on this site.

3. Eat some red meat, preferably lamb, ground chuck (hamburger), or chuck steak at least three times weekly, or even daily for a few months.  Do this even if there is no desire to eat red meat, which is common.  It will help reverse the nutritional depletion that always occurs with rape, and which is otherwise often permanent.

If red meat does not taste good, or does not digest well, here is how to eat it:

a. Start with a very small amount – a few bites, perhaps - and increase daily little by little.

b. Eat it alone.  Do not combine it with other foods, as this makes digestion more difficult.

c. Eat it slowly and chew each bite at least 20 times.

d. Take a powerful digestive aid with it.  The best is usually one that contains pancreatin and ox bile.

e. Relax when eating, and rest afterwards for at least 15 minutes.

4. Avoid all fruit and fruit juices.  These make the effects of a rape worse.  Professional rapists often tell the person she must eat fruit every day.  This just keeps the person weak.

5. Drink around 3 quarts or 3 liters of water daily – but only spring water, or carbon-only filtered tap water if that is what you can afford or all you find.  Avoid other types of drinking water.  This is very important.  Reverse osmosis water, for example, or alkaline waters, are not good.  This is all explained in detail in the Water For Drinking article on this site.

6. Take the specific supplements on a development program, and NOT ANY other supplements.  The reasons for this are: a) other supplements will ruin the program, in most cases, b) they are not needed in our experience, and c) all nutritional supplements, herbs, homeopathic remedies and essential oils are yin, and this is not beneficial.  Fewer is generally much better.

7. The detoxification procedures are often amazingly helpful, so do as many as you can.  They are discussed in the section below.


VERY HELPFUL AND PERHAPS ESSENTIAL DETOXIFICATION PROCEDURES (and stay away from all others that some health professionals advocate)


1. Infrared lamp sauna therapy.  The use of a near infrared lamp sauna will help you heal much faster, in our experience.  Other saunas such as the far infrared type and the traditional hot rocks sauna are not as good.

Build or buy your own sauna, preferably.  You will use it daily for years.  You can build one for under $150.00 in parts, or buy one for about $700.00 from one of the companies listed on the Sauna Builder’s Page.  You will use it every day for five to ten years, preferably.

If it is too much money, just buy one or two reddish “heat lamps” at Home Depot or any hardware store for about $12.00 each.  Shine one or more on your abdomen and back for an hour or so daily.  This way you will get the rays, though not as much heat.  It is much better than nothing, but not as good as using a heat lamp sauna.

Use the sauna preferably twice or even three times every day for about 30 to 45 minutes.  Start with only 15-20 minutes per session until you are sweating well.  Do not do more, at first.  For more on this remarkable therapy, read Sauna Therapy on this website.  This article also has a link for free plans to build a near infrared lamp sauna for yourself.


2. Coffee enemas.  These are extremely helpful, no matter how strange they sound.  They move your energy downward (which is required for healing) and they replenish nutrients, heal infections, and relax the nervous system.  They also clean the colon, detoxify the liver, and have at least 20 other benefits.  Read Coffee Enemas on this site for more on this important procedure, and how to do them properly.


3. Vaginal peroxide implants.  This is a newer procedure and very excellent and powerful.  For details, read Vaginal Peroxide Implants or the Penis Peroxide Procedure.


4. Vaginal coffee implants.  All the women who do these report fantastic benefits from these.  The reasons may be complex.  A similar procedure may help men who have been penis-whipped.  For more about this procedure, please read The Vaginal Coffee Cleanse or Penis Coffee on this site.


5. Foot reflexology daily.  This is also quite remarkable in its effects, yet simple and inexpensive.  Always do the entire foot, top, bottom and sides.  Also, be sure to rub hard in the webbing on the top of the foot, between the toes.  You must press firmly all over the foot.  Any spot that is tender or painful usually needs more rubbing and more pressing.  Repeating this daily can have wonderful benefits.

Rapes and other traumas often disturb the brain architecture, which is the positioning of the brain within the head.  This can be corrected with a specific reflexology routine.  It requires that you rub the toes, pull the toes, and twist the toes in every way.  The toes reflex to the head and the brain.  For more on this topic, please read Brain Architecture and Reflexology on this site.

The reflex areas to the vagina and uterus are located below and behind the ankle bones, on both sides of both feet.  Always press on these parts of the foot, as well. 


6. The pulling down mental exercise (and NO OTHER meditations or mental relaxation exercises because they may relax you but they do not cause development).  The pulling down exercise is very powerful.  Other meditations may make you feel better, do not have the same healing effects. 

Trauma of any kind tends to move energy upward, which is bad for your health.  This mental exercise, unlike many others, reverses that direction and moves energy in a healthy downward direction.  For more on this interesting topic, read The Pulling Down Exercise and Downward Moving Energy And Healing on this website.


7. The Daily Spinal Twist Exercises.  Many rapes cause a pronounced twisting or severe subluxations or misalignments of the spine. This often produces symptoms such as back pain, leg pain, knee pain, stiffness, trouble walking or even standing, or perhaps neck tightness.

However, even if no symptoms are obvious, rape often twists the spine in unusual ways.  This may be due to the physical act itself or to a tensing of the body.

Correction is not that easy because the spine is often twisted deeply.  You can visit a very good chiropractor or manipulative osteopath after a rape.  However, many women report that chiropractors and osteopaths either cannot correct the spine, or are afraid to manipulate the spine for fear of causing more damage.

In this case, another of the development procedures often works better.  It is fully described in an article on this website entitled The Spinal Twist Procedures.  Anyone who experiences trauma can benefit from it.  Do them gently at first, and do them preferably several times daily. 

8. Ask for the return of your guide creatures.  This is unusual, but there are fine-matter creatures around the body that assist a person to function better.  A rape usually causes one or more of them to leave.  When this happens, one feels very disoriented and has trouble thinking. 

Getting these creatures back requires the development program.  Also, you can ask lovingly and persistently that “all the guide creatures return to you”.  This is a very important accelerator procedure!  For details, read Controllers And Other Guide Creatures.

9. Ask for the return of your planning souls.  These are very advanced souls, some of whom are driven off during rapes.  Getting them back requires the development program.  Also, you can ask that they return to you.  For details, read The Planning Souls.




The following other procedures can be amazing to speed up your healing!  They are optional, but highly recommended.

1. The salt rub.  This is a new addition to the program that is simple, inexpensive and very excellent.  Do it daily and more than once daily if needed and if it helps with symptoms of anxiety or others.  For details, read The Salt Rub.

2. Spinal brushing.  This can also be amazing, and very simple.  Skin brushing is an ancient method of activating the skin and relaxing the body.

Brushing the skin over the spine – from the top of your head all the way to the coccyx or tailbone (which is in between the butt cheeks) is extremely helpful to restore the nervous system after a rape.

The brush. You will need a body brush or a loofah.  I suggest a plastic body brush with synthetic bristles.  It should have a long handle so you can reach your whole back. The reason for using a plastic brush is that a natural bristle brush with a wood handle may become moldy very quickly if you use it in the shower.

The procedure.

1. You can do spinal brushing with the body dry or wet.  Dry is a little more intense.  Wet is more gentle.  Dry brushing is done sitting down, or lying on your stomach.  You can do it standing up, but this is less comfortable so I do not recommend it.  With dry brushing, you can wear underpants, if you wish, but pull them down to do the sacrum and tailbone areas.

Wet brushing is done in the shower or bathtub.  Sit in the shower, if at all possible, for comfort.  Just buy a small shower stool.  This is a wonderful way to begin your day, ladies!

2. Please do it twice daily!  Do it when you arise in the morning, and just before bedtime at night.  These are often the best times to do it because you are most relaxed.  However, you can do it at any hour.

3. Always start at the top of your head.  Move the brush in a circle around the crown of  your head, which is toward the back of the head.  Do several rotations, circling in either direction.  If you start in one direction, however, do not stop and change directions.  Keep going in the same direction.

Then move the brush down your entire spine in one motion, starting at your neck and ending at the tailbone area.  Do not stop along the way, if at all possible.  If you have to switch hands to reach all parts of your spine, do so quickly.

Remember, only move the brush downward – and never upward.  This is important!

Do the procedure with enough force that you feel it deeply.  Do not scratch yourself much, but it should hurt just a little bit.

This procedure may sound unusual, but a number of women find it extremely helpful after a rape to realign the nervous system.  They need it for at least a week after the rape, and many continue to do it for a few months until they relax without it.

3. The daily kelp wrap.  This can be another amazing addition to your healing program.  It is a little messy, but very helpful to do daily or as often as you can, for up to one year after a rape.

It is a rapid way to restore many minerals to the body.  Just imagine you are at a very fancy spa each morning!

The procedure is to apply cooked powdered kelp to the skin.  For the details about this wonderful procedure, please read the Kelp Wrap article on this website.

4. The neck pull.  Lie down comfortably on a bed or on the floor on your back, with no pillow under your head.  Now try to lengthen or stretch out your neck as much as you can by pushing your neck away from your body and downward a little into the bed.  Also move your shoulders downward toward your feet.  Also, breathe in deeply at the same time.

If you do this right, the neck will suddenly “pop” or crack slightly each time you lengthen or extend it.  Now rest, twist your head from side to side a little, and relax.

When you are ready, do the procedure again.  Then relax again.  Do this at least 10 times or more every day.  Provided you do it sensibly, you cannot overdo on it, so do not worry about this possibility, in my experience.

For another explanation of this helpful procedure, please read The Neck Pull on this website.

5. The jolt.  This procedure moves energy downward very forcefully from your head to your feet.  It is totally harmless and  always beneficial.  It will help heal a rape much faster.  For all the details, read The Jolt on this website.

6. Down hugs.  If you have an intimate partner or close friend, Down Hugs are wonderful.

7. The toe trance.    This is quite amazing, safe and powerful.  It requires a helper, who can be anyone.  For details, read the Toe Trance.

8. Down sex.  This is another very powerful healing procedure.  For details, read Down Sex.

9. The hand trance.

10. Psychodrama.  This is a very powerful method, but one that needs to be done carefully.  For details, read Psychodrama.

For more details about the accelerator procedures, read Accelerators To Speed Healing.






Sexually-transmitted diseases can be stopped and eventually removed from the body completely.  The vaginal or penis coffee procedure and the vaginal or penis peroxide procedure, along with the entire development program, will help a lot.  Women can also read The Vagina.




Recovering souls that were lost from the body during or right after the rape is essential for full healing.  This is an esoteric topic, but one that is extremely important. 

If one who has experienced rape has not recovered her souls, she will have the sad look about her, will be weak, less intelligent, less able to think clearly, and may have other problems as well.  To restore the souls, it is important to recall why soul loss occurs during and right after a rape.

Reasons for soul loss during a rape.  These include:

- sexual fluid loss

- the body becoming yin for any reason

- trauma or beatings of any kind

- brainwashing

- nutrition loss

- chiropractic problems

- getting Points (sensitive or numb spots anywhere on the body)

- fatigue or weakness of the body

- disease in the body such as sexually-transmitted diseases

- getting toxic metals, as occurs from the male sexual fluid and as a result of depletion of zinc and other nutrients

- lowering of the sodium/potassium ratio in the tissues, which always occurs with rape

- psychological fears that always result from rape

- getting triggers.  This is a brainwashing term.  It often happens with professional rape.  Triggers are implanted suggestions to panic if certain sounds, sights or smells are brought to you.  These essentially cause post-traumatic stress reactions or PTSD that are frightening and often seem to occur for no good reason


The soul restoration process.


Placeholders.  The actual process is to capture the aberrant souls that were brought in during the rape and replace them with the original souls, if they can be found.  If they cannot be found, then one must replace the aberrant souls with what are called placeholder souls until the correct souls can be found. 

It is a tedious and slow process due to the factors listed below.  This is the reason why development often works for rape recovery when other programs are not enough, including other nutritionally-based programs.  They are simply not comprehensive and powerful enough.

Problems that slow progress are:

Unable to locate the correct souls.  The correct souls have been with the person since birth, in most cases.  Some are easy to find, but others may be taken away and are never found.  This damages the person in subtle ways.

Individualized. The healing must be very individualized depending upon what occurred, the person’s personality, and other factors such as one’s age, marriage status, and belief system.

Need for a complete development program.  This involves some cost, time, and a fair amount of effort on the part of the participant.

Other invaders. Once an aberrant soul enters a person’s energy field, it often brings in its friends and gets rid of the protector souls that normally protect a person’s brain and energy field.

Weakness.  The entire body is weak and malnourished, which slows healing.

Fear.  This slows healing of rape until it fades, hopefully.

For more details, read Soul Recovery.




This aspect of healing from rape is not emphasized enough, in our view.  Here are some essentials:


1. Live according to the Ten Commandments and the Golden Rule.  This is not so easy to do, but very important!  For details, read The Ten Commandments and The Golden Rule.

Also, follow the rules for lifestyle, diet and more of the development program.

2. Forgive seventy times seven times (meaning do it a lot, over and over again!)  Forgiving means letting go of your anger, hatred and other grudges against everyone, no matter what they said, thought or did.  Forgive and forgive some more, your whole life.  Never stop. 

Forgiving does NOT mean:

a) condoning bad behavior.

b) that you did something wrong.

c) that you must stay in contact with someone who did an evil deed, or acted improperly.

d) that you should not take steps to avoid rape in the future, including sending someone to jail.

It simply means that holding on to any trauma with its anger, hatred and resentment, is not worth it and only makes one worse.  Someone wrote that not forgiving is like swallowing poison and expecting the other person to die.

Forgiving also means that you accept the idea that we sometimes do not understand why things occur.  Let it go anyway.

Make sure to forgive not only the rapist, but also others who were involved, such as one’s parents, perhaps, who should have protected one.  For some reason, women often blame their mother in rape cases.

It also means forgiving all men, all penises, all sexuality, and even letting go of general anger toward the world.  This is a tall order, I realize, but absolutely essential.  Good counseling may help, especially if it is all about forgiveness, not about who did what and how horrible it all was.  That is okay for a few days, perhaps, after an incident.  Then let it go and stop rehashing it.  Avoid any counselor who just wants you to hold on to your “justified” anger.  There is no such thing.

Among the most important people to forgive is yourself.  This may also be the most difficult.  Many women continue to torture themselves, asking why they let a certain man into their lives, why they attended a certain meeting or party that fateful night, why they dressed a little immodestly, and so on.  It is best to learn your lessons, and move on.

Under the law of grace, you are forgiven by God for everything that you have done or not done.  This is an absolute truth, with no exceptions, no matter how badly you think you behaved, and no matter how someone else behaved.  In truth, no one is perfect, you will find.  Everyone makes mistakes. 

Instead of blaming yourself, be glad you are still alive to talk about it, try to help others, and not focus on your own misery.  Others have it worse, no matter how bad your situation was or is.

Try to see “the face of Christ” in everyone, including your rapist.  I know this is a tall order, but we are admonished to do this.  Another Bible verse comes to mind that is a tough one: “Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.” – Matthew 25:40.  This is about forgiveness.


Spiritual aspects of forgiveness.  If possible, remember that you are not just a physical being.  The body and the soul experienced rape, but the spirit remains pure, untouched, and as shining and radiant as ever.  This is the truth, not just fancy words or phrases.  This realization is often absolutely needed in order to complete the forgiveness process.  For more details, read Forgiving and Forgiving Parents.

A forgiveness program on the internet is called Total Forgiveness.  It consists of a DVD program.  There is also a seminar for women, but we don’t know if the seminar is good quality or safe.


3. Let go of victim thinking.  An important and difficult step for many who experience a rape is to let go of all thoughts of victimhood.  You may think this is crazy.  “How can I think otherwise?”, you may ask.  You can, and you must for complete healing.

Occasionally, situations are brought to our lives that are horrible, for reasons we cannot understand.  You must come to believe that your soul and your spirit somehow agreed to the trauma, although the reasons why may not be clear right now.

This awareness must be learned in an honest, not a phony way, without feeling guilty and without brushing the whole episode aside and trying to bury it alive.

Letting go of the victim mentality is critical, at some juncture, because victims cannot forgive fully.  One must leave the victim consciousness at the door, so to speak, and enter a realm of full awareness and full responsibility for your body and your actions, even if what happened does not make any sense to the logical mind.  For more, read the articles Letting Go, Victimhood and The Real Self on this website.  There is also a small book similar to the Real Self article that you can read or purchase.  To read it, go to The Real Self book.


4. Learn about gratitude and practice it daily.  This is also necessary and powerful to overcome any serious trauma.  Gratitude is the idea that it could have been worse - which is always the truth.  There are always things to be grateful for.  Perhaps you can be grateful you had friends who helped you cope, or you stayed alive, or you were able to cry and get some of the hurt out of your system, etc.  So focus on the good aspects, rather than any negative aspect.

One always has a choice to look on the dark side or the bright side of any incident or condition.  You can harbor anger, feel sorry for yourself, and turn the anger inward and allow it to become depression.  On the other hand, you can be grateful that you survived.  You can then move on more easily, and perhaps assist others to prevent such crimes or help others handle them better.


5. Learn about grace.  The word gratitude is related to grace.  Grace is the undeserved and unearned love of the Creator for you.  After a trauma, many people focus on the negative, and cannot believe that it was grace operating.  Yet the grace of God is there for you, and we are admonished to accept this Grace into our lives.  It will heal all things, if you allow it.  Try to realize its presence in your life. 


6. Turn all over to God. You may ask, turn what over?  The answer is everything!  Your pain, your anger, your hatred of men, your shame, your humiliation, your depression, your diseases, your confusion, and more.  Get into this habit and keep it up.  It is the only way to handle the feelings properly, at times.  No need to keep analyzing it all!


7. God will use your experience of rape to help others, if you allow it.  A wonderful affirmation for those who have experienced rape is “Take me, use me, Father, to do Thy will.”


8. Have a sense of humor.  It is difficult, but it can be done and it lightens the mood.  Try telling yourself and others that you decided to play hard, this time, for example, or you decided to let it all hang out this time.  It can help shift your energy – that is all.


9. Pushing down with certain visualizations.  In the article, The Pushing Down Exercise, in the section entitled Helpful Visualizations, there is one called Ravaged by God or The Godly Rape.  It is a type of counter-trauma that will help some women who have experienced rape.  It works best doing it at the same time one does a coffee enema.


10.  Counseling. Counseling after a rape can be helpful or it can be bad, depending on the counselor.  Many people report having bad experiences with counseling!

Confiding in someone about a rape can be good, but be careful with whom you discuss it.  Here are some reasons why:


1. Disbelief. One client told me that after telling her counselor about her violent rape, the counselor questioned the truth of the story.  The woman became so discouraged she decided she just could not tell anyone else about it and instead she became depressed and withdrew from the world.

            2. Encouraging anger. Some counselors or others you may talk with will encourage you to stay angry and even to exact revenge.  While getting in touch with anger is good, holding onto anger and thinking thoughts of revenge can get a person killed, and certainly does not lead to forgiveness and full healing.

            3. Inexperience or incompetence.  Those who have not experienced trauma themselves often cannot or don’t want to understand it well.  Beware of this serious problem with counseling and some counselors.




1. Good quality hugs every day.  These can be with anyone.  They are very necessary for some who experienced rape, and they are good for everyone, even if you have not experienced any type of trauma in your life.  These should be non-sexual and are just to keep you feeling the truth, which is that you are loved by your Creator more than you will ever know. 

2. Walking.  A half-hour daily walk slowly can be extremely helpful, according to some of out clients.  I am not sure why.  If you are uncomfortable walking alone, walk with a male friend.  Walking in a covered mall is also often safer.

3. Quality relationships. Many women report that a high-quality relationship with a man, preferably a marriage, is extremely helpful for a woman who has experienced rape.

4. Rebounding.  Using a rebounder or mini-trampoline can be a helpful exercise, according to our clients.  However, you must do the pushing down exercise at the same time that you are on the rebounder in order to move subtle energy in the proper direction.   

5. Other methods such as rapid eye movement therapy and others.  We know less about these methods.  Some report help from them.  We don’t think they are generally as powerful as the ones mentioned above.




To heal fully, one must learn that you are spirit, not body, at your core.  Spirit is untouched, pure, whole, and not violated.  You are here on earth to learn a few lessons and help others to live better lives.  So it is time to get on with your mission and your life.  Indeed, it is time to use your trauma as a springboard to move you ahead much faster than you otherwise would have done.

When viewed this way, rape or any other trauma can move a woman or man forward in wonderful ways.  She or he may:


- Let go of stupid, dangerous, or perhaps superficial and flirty behaviors. 

- Let go of false modesty and false humility, in favor of understanding true modesty and true humility.

- Learn to appreciate life more.

- Learn that you can live deeply and intensely, having survived the intense experience of rape.  Some who have experienced rape run from intensity, because it reminds them of their rape.  Others, however, realize that intensity is not all bad and there are great benefits to living a more intense life (not a stressful life.  They are different.). 

- Use the incident to assist others in some way.  It might be by teaching young women and girls how to behave and dress to avoid rape, or helping to teach parents how to protect their children properly.

It could just be to work to change the rape laws to make punishment more in line with the violence of the crime – in other words, make the punishment more severe.

- Learn to appreciate a good partner who will love you properly.  He might be a little boring, but that is far superior to the more handsome, exciting players and sexually aggressive ones who may have caused or contributed to a rape.

- Experiencing rape may undo some of what is called karmic debts, or injustices you have done to others in your distant past, which you often do not recall.  Development programs seem able to do the same thing, so they cause a little, but not a lot of suffering.  They may be called rape-equivalents, in this sense.

- A rape can be a type of foretaste or practice run for surrendering your life and your body to God, for offering up the ego self to the Real Self in the process that is sometimes called “being born again”.

- You may become so sensitive that it opens up a whole new and exciting world for you.

- Other positive outcomes are available to those who make a conscious decision to forgive, move on, and start life over in a better way.  See the last part of the article entitled Rape on this site for a slightly longer discussion of the benefits of rape.


Rape is an emptying process.  It depletes a person nutritionally, energetically, and in other ways.  When understood properly, you will see that emptying can be a good thing, as it empties out a lot of egocentric and superficial aspects of yourself.  Spiritual development requires that you be empty of self to you can be filled with the spirit of God or “slain in the Spirit”.

Rape can hasten this process along.  It can help a person to know that he or she can handle feeling empty inside, which is necessary to receive God or the Holy Spirit on a daily basis.  In fact, one must become comfortable with the empty feeling.  Some writers, such as J. Krishnamurti and some Christian writers express this as learning to “die every day” to the ego self, so that you can become alive in Christ or alive in Spirit.


Become closer to god.  This direction in your life will help anyone.  It may also prevent another rape because many rapists do not want to tangle with religious people, often, who are not afraid to report them and take action against them.  Here are just a few ways to do this.


A. Many Christian, Jewish and Buddhist organizations, among others, are willing and able to help those who have experienced rape. Some provide excellent spiritual counseling, for example, which can be better than regular counseling.  They may also help with medical services, employment, and even help single young women find a good mate.

B. Entering a convent or monastery.  This is a very protected and controlled environment that helps some who have been through a bad rape.  This can work well for some people. 

Problems with this solution are 1) it restricts your ability to function in society, hold a job, etc. and 2) convents and monasteries have strict rules that one must follow, 3) it can be hard to find a suitable place, and 4) this lifestyle is not suitable for everyone and worst, 5) many monasteries and convents are not safe today.

C. For guidance, always privately turn to God and to the Bible.  You do not need to join a particular church or group, although it may help.  Reading the Bible or other spiritual books on your own is very helpful for most people.

Warning: Do not join a women’s private “touching group”.  These are offered in some churches.  This is an odd practice in which some churches tell women who have experienced rape that they should undress together in a very private and safe place, and take turns touching each other’s private parts, mainly for fun and mutual pleasure.  The idea is that it is a kind of chummy, fun substitute for regular sex. 

This is a disgusting, satanic idea that heals nothing and spreads disease terribly, because the women often lick their finger and then touch another woman’s vaginal area with it.  Also, some women report that it is too much touching and homosexual sex, and very bad.  I would warn against this practice, although some women may enjoy it.




            Many clients say that they have only recovered because they have a sympathetic and understanding husband or partner.  The most important things for a partner to do are:

1. Listening.  Listen a lot to your partner, who will need to express what she feels without needing you to ‘fix it’, in most cases.  It is just a healing process that needs to proceed as fast as possible.

2. Hugs.  Many deep hugs are very, very needed and extremely helpful.

3. Sex?  Some who experience rape want more sex.  Many others, however, need to avoid sexual intercourse for a while, as it just reminds her of the rape.

This phase will pass, especially if she follows a complete development program as described in this article.  In the meantime, partners can still hug, touch and play gently.  We only recommend Down Sex and not ordinary or regular sex.

4. Massage.  Couples massage can be very helpful.  Anyone who experiences rape needs to be held and touched correctly by her partner.  Try to find materials describing how a couple can use massage to deepen their relationship.  Be careful of professional massage therapy, however.  Please read the article entitled Massage on this site.

5. Keep loving.  Of course, keep loving your partner who experienced rape no matter how many diseases and how damaged she has become.  Have her do the peroxide and ozone baths to get rid of diseases.  You may be surprised how well she can recover and be even healthier and happier than before the rape.

6. Safety issues.  Anyone who has experienced rape is usually terrified to go out alone, even to go to work alone.  Therefore, the two of you must adjust your lifestyles, dress and activities.  Your partner may no longer feel comfortable with certain friends, for example, or going certain places.

7. Study and practice.  Encourage and assist your partner to study this article and to follow her development program faithfully.




Some who experience rape benefit from support groups on social media.  Also, spending time online is usually safer than spending one’s time at discos, bars, gyms and other locations.

Problems with social media, however, are that your privacy is virtually always compromised and sexual predators use social media to find women to rape.  Therefore, we advise great caution in this area.  Never post photos of yourself, and never give out phone numbers, addresses, plans or activities that can be used to track you.

            For much more information about rape, effects of rape, rape prevention and rape self-defense, please read the companion article to this one, entitled Rape.



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