by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

© January 2018, L.D. Wilson Consultants, Inc.


All information in this article is for educational purposes only.  It is not for the diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure of any disease or health condition.




            1. Avoid whole food prenatal vitamins such as the following brands: Megafood, Standard Process, and New Chapter.  They are too low potency.


            2. If you are pregnant or might become pregnant, and you are on a four lows nutritional balancing program, add 1 Megapan tablet to your program to supply more folate and other nutrients.




            Most, if not all children today are born with significant levels of at least a dozen toxic metals in their bodies.  They are also ALL nutritional deficient, in our experience, even if the mother and father do their best to eat healthfully.

            These imbalances are the result of toxicity and deficiencies in the mothers, and they are due to poor quality prenatal care.  To read more about proper prenatal care, please read Prenatal Care on this website.

            We sometimes refer to today’s babies and children as burnout babies.  This sounds very negative, but it is quite accurate. 




            Most woman can have a baby that is much healthier than average.  We have been blessed to observe at least 100 of these children over the past 37 years.  They were either:

1. Born to mothers who follow a complete nutritional balancing program, or

2. The mother was not on a nutritional balancing program.  However, the child began a nutritional balancing program at age 2 to 5, or so.

I call these  superbabies and superchildren, because that is what they are.   This means:


1. Much better health!  The superchildren rarely get sick.  If they feel ill, it is usually retracing and it is over quickly without needing doctors and drugs.  This means many fewer doctor visits, and more time for fun and enjoyment with your child!

2. Faster and better physical development.       The super children are much stronger, better coordinated, less likely to have accidents and injuries, and less likely to break an arm or a wrist, for example.  They often easily outperform their peers in athletics.

3. Better emotionally.  The supers, as they like to be called, tend to be much more emotionally mature for their age.  This means better behavior, better stress-handling, calmer and more self-assured and poised.

4. Smarter.  This can cause them to become bored in school, in fact.  Some of them test several grade levels ahead of their peers.


            This is the promise and the reality of our experience when young women and mothers are willing to embark on a nutritional balancing program for themselves.  It is best to begin a program before becoming pregnant, as it takes a few years to really upgrade one’s health.  However, it is helpful to begin a program when you become pregnant, as well.




For maximum safety and health of yourself and your unborn child, if you can afford it, send in a hair sample to one of the helpers listed on the Helper Referral Page.  Other programs do not offer the same benefits.
            The way you look or even feel is not a good enough guide to your real health.  Toxic metals, toxic chemicals and hidden infections are lurking in most everyone today. 

The “side effects” are that you will be stronger, smarter, better looking, and often happier.




              When I began offering nutritional balancing programs 37 years ago, I did not know if the programs were safe for pregnancy. So far, however, our experience with at least 200 pregnancies indicates that a nutritional balancing program without sauna therapy is safe during pregnancy.

            Concerns.  We are often asked if toxic metals from a pregnant mother’s body that are eliminated due to her nutritional balancing program will find their way into the baby and cause problems.  This does not appear to occur.

In fact, the opposite occurs.  Placing the mother on a nutritional balancing program greatly assists the baby to be born with fewer toxic metals.

            We are also asked if a healing reaction in the mother could negatively impact the baby.  We have not seen this occur.

            We have also been asked if a nutritional balancing program provides all the nutrients a pregnant woman requires.  The answer is yes, except in a few cases discussed below.  In fact, a nutritional balancing program supplies many more nutrients than taking a regular pre-natal vitamin and following a standard diet.

            Although we have never seen a problem, we continue to research and study pregnant women on programs to make sure they are safe.




1. Avoid the use of near infrared lamp saunas, although using one for five to ten minutes daily on your back only is probably okay.  The reason for this warning is because the fetus might be sensitive to the infrared rays.  I have never seen any damage of this kind, but safety is best.


2. If you are on a four lows program and pregnant, you must add one Megapan tablet to your program.

This is because a four lows nutritional balancing program does not contain any folate.

You will get a lot of folate if you eat plenty of cooked vegetables, but a supplement is for safety.  This is not an issue if one is already taking a pre-natal vitamin, which all contain folic acid.  It is important if you are not taking a pre-natal multivitamin.

(We do not recommend most medically-prescribed pre-natal vitamin-mineral pills.  They usually are not designed for one’s metabolic type so they will unbalance the body chemistry.  They also do not contain enough of some nutrients, and they may contain cheap or less effective forms of some nutrients such as iron that are irritating.)


3. If you are pregnant and taking SBF on a nutritional balancing program, you must add a folate supplement to your program.  This is because SBF does not supply added folate, and this nutrient helps prevent birth defects.


4. Iron.  Most nutritional balancing programs do not contain supplementary iron.  We find it is not needed in many cases of pregnancy if one eats red meat twice or three times weekly, and eats dark green cooked vegetables (not salads) several times weekly.

However, later in a pregnancy, some women will need an iron supplement as the baby will take on a three-year supply of iron from the mother.  In this case, we suggest adding 3 or 4 desiccated liver tablets or a chelated iron supplement to the program.  The liver tablets will unbalance the body chemistry the least. 

Standard iron tablets prescribed by doctors can be irritating to the digestive system and not recommended.




We do not suggest getting pregnant if you are over age 40 or if you are in a four lows pattern on a hair test.  These factors just complicate pregnancy, and increase the chances of mishaps, complications and birth defects that are avoidable.




              Miscarriages.  This is a serious concern for some women.  For much more on this important subject, please read the article entitled Miscarriages And Their Prevention on this website.


Morning Sickness.  This is very common today.  The symptom is nausea, which can last all day and can be so extreme that a pregnant woman begins to lose weight and become malnourished because she cannot hold down enough food to even keep up her weight.  This is extremely damaging for both mother and child.

Coffee enemas are wonderful for morning sickness, and will give the woman several hours, at least, of freedom from nausea so she can eat.  It is fine to repeat the enemas daily, or twice daily, if needed.


Pre-eclampsia and eclampsia.  So far, these do not occur if a woman follows a nutritional balancing program.


Weight gain.  The baby may be smaller, but not premature, if a woman follows a nutritional balancing program.  This makes labor and delivery much easier, faster, and safer.

The reason the baby may be smaller is that the baby is more yang in macrobiotic terminology.  Yang means more compact.


Gestational diabetes.  This does not occur, so far, if a woman follows a proper nutrition program.



(This is taken from the Prenatal Care article on this website)


              Fitness and Lifestyle.  Birth is a physical process.  Do some gentle exercise daily such as walking.  Vigorous exercise is neither needed nor helpful in almost all cases.  Learn how to relax if this is difficult for you.  Get plenty of rest and sleep, and make the decision to love yourself more every day.  Do your best to make your home and work environments safe, quiet, happy and low-stress.


              Drugs.  Forego alcohol and recreational drugs.  Alcohol not only kills brain cells and destroys your peace of mind.  It depletes zinc and magnesium, two minerals often in short supply and critical for a healthy young baby.


              Medications. Avoid over-the-counter or prescription medications unless absolutely needed.  According to a 2009 report entitled Death By Medicine, modern drug medical care is now the leading cause of death in America.  Always try natural remedies first.  During pregnancy, or even if you remotely believe you are pregnant, be very careful with any drugs, and even herbs, even if prescribed by a doctor or naturopath.   They may not realize that it is not safe for mothers carrying developing children in their wombs.


              Toxic Chemicals.  Carefully throw away all toxic cleaning chemicals, insecticides, pesticides, toxic paints, and other poisons in your home and work space.  There are safe alternatives for most of these.  As much as possible, surround yourself with natural materials, use natural-fiber clothing, and make sure homes and work areas are well-ventilated.


              Loose sexual behavior at any time. Being loose is a killer of your health.  Young men and women who do this always pick up sexually transmitted infections, no matter how much you deny it. 

Most STDs cannot be treated with medical methods or natural methods.  They just stay there, growing slowly until they reach the brain and vital organs and sap your strength and that of your children.  Babies can pick them up as they pass through the birth canal.

This is the truth about STDs, and we are sorry that doctors, parents and others either don’t know the truth, or don’t care enough to warn you.

            If you are wise, do not have steady boyfriends or girlfriends in high school and even in college.  Dating is not important in high school or college (Some will think we are crazy for saying this, but it is true.)  Group activities are much better and much, much safer.  For more on these topics, read Dating, STDs and Promiscuity.


Do you have a good marriage? Look at your relationship carefully.  Is it stable?  Some people falsely think that having a baby will fix a bad marriage.  It rarely does, in our experience. 

              So ask yourself honestly, before having a child, whether this the man or the woman, perhaps, you want to be the parent of your child?  If not, begin counseling or make another choice now, rather than get stuck later with a child and a partner who is immature or otherwise non-supportive. 

This is very important.  Do not allow romance or even feeling sorry for a partner to blind you.  Once again, having children usually does not fix a bad relationship.

            Also, religious and spiritual values become much more important when a child is involved.  Now is the time to think about the values you and your partner will teach your child. 

Be sure the two of you are “on the same page” with some important things in life, such as your spiritual values, parenting style, whether to vaccinate the child, how to feed your child nutritiously, the use of medical drugs, and whether you will home school the child, send the child to a private school or another school.  All of these are good to think about right now, not when you are pregnant or later.  Start researching these issues now.  This website can help a lot.


            Are you financially able to have a child?  Having a baby means you will not or should not work as much.  You should stay home with the baby for at least three or four years. 

Also, if you are wise, plant to home school your child.  Schools are not safe or benign environments, in almost all cases.  Plan ahead, if possible, and save some money.  Having a child is always a little bit risky, as things can go wrong that cost money to fix.  So plan things, rather than allow them to happen haphazardly.


            Are you willing to socially support another family member and is at least one parent willing to stay home with a child?  Babies need a lot of love.  Dropping them off at daycare centers, even if it is “free”, is not ideal.  Daycare centers often spread disease, for example. 


            Where to have your baby, birthing practices, and more are discussed in a companion article entitled Childbirth on this website.




            The author recently spoke to a mother whose child received the DPT vaccine at age one.  Soon after, the child contracted pertussis or whooping cough from the vaccine.

Afterwards, his development regressed, and he is now autistic with persistent developmental disability or PDD.  This is a very common and sad story.

              You will not get the truth about vaccines from a licensed doctor because if they tell the truth, the doctor will lose his or her medical license.

The truth is, vaccines are not responsible for the decline of major diseases.  Many of them don’t work at all.  Most important, they are very dangerous. 

Vaccines are especially dangerous for babies.  Longer-term effects of vaccines are also unclear and difficult to trace. 

            The structure of vaccines is such that there is no question that illness could be triggered later by the use of vaccines.  Many vaccines are preserved with mercury and aluminum, two very toxic elements. 

            Read the article on this website on Vaccination.  Become well-informed on this issue.  Read the dark side of the story, not just what the health department and doctors tell you.  They are often simply wrong, and some doctors are in denial on the vaccine issue.

A few excellent books include Murder by Injection and The Poisoned Needle.  Health food stores often have books regarding the dangers of vaccines.  Books are also available from the National Health Federation, PO Box 688, Monrovia, CA 91017.




            The new way of living, particularly for women, is to take care of your body when you are young so you will have healthy children.  It would save the nations trillions of dollars, extreme heartache and disappointment, and improve the human race immeasurably.  You can live the new paradigm now!

            In fact, did you know that young women used to take much better care of their bodies than they do today.  Women were discouraged from smoking, drinking alcohol, and using any type of drugs, including medical drugs unless absolutely needed.  They were told not to stay up late, not to use toxic makeup, and to care for their bodies as though they are great treasures, which they are. 

As a result, their children were much healthier than they are today.  For example, the birth defect rate has doubled since 1950 in the United States and most of Europe.  This is directly due to consuming poor quality food and water, and living toxic lifestyles.

            Today, everything is backwards.  Girls and young women are actually encouraged in college and even high school to stay up late to get the best grades.  They often eat the worst junk food, and even use drugs, at times, because they are now “liberated”. 

Many have sex with their boyfriends, and use birth control pills or patches or IUDs.  These are killers of one’s health!  This is not liberation, it is death.

            If you are wise, young ladies, do not listen to the so-called “women’s liberation movement”.  They falsely teach that women can and should do all the stupid and dangerous things that the boys do.  Thanks to this false teaching, young women today get raped much more, are sick much more, more depressed, get many more sexually transmitted diseases, and overall are a mess.

              Real women’s liberation is to free oneself from all of society’s bad habits, instead of copying men’s bad habits.

Until this shift occurs, wise young women will have to take the initiative.  Be different from your friends!  Maybe you will start a trend.




              Avoid “light” diets.  This means vegetarian food, salads and fruit.  This is not good food, no matter what others tell you.  Read Vegetarian Diets, Fruit-eating, and Raw Foods on this website for details.  Instead, eat animal protein daily, carrot juice as your sweet, and plenty of cooked, not raw vegetables.


            Food to avoid. Do your best to resist the temptations of soda pop, Kool Aid and sugary foods or drinks of any kind.  Don’t cook with sugar, honey, maple syrup and don’t add it to things you eat. 

Also stay away from anything made with white flour such as most breads, pastries and most pasta.  Other refined foods to strictly avoid include candy, cookies, ice cream, candy bars including health food bars, processed cheeses found in most restaurants, processed meats like bologna and salami, Pop Tarts, most cold cereals.  This stuff (hard to call it food) is barely more nutritious than its cardboard packaging!



              Most people do not eat nearly enough cooked vegetables.  This is the biggest mistake we see.  For details about diet, read Food For Daily Use.


            Body care and other products to avoid.  Stay away from all toxic body care and skin care products.  These include most nail polish, most perfumes, most hair spray, all hair dyes, smelly shampoos and soaps, anti-perspirants (use a plain deodorant or some hydrogen peroxide or lavender soap, perhaps).  Also, do not use toxic substances like pesticides and solvents at home or anywhere.  Always wash your hands quickly and thoroughly after you are out with people, before you eat, and if you get your hands dirty.

            Also, do not smoke anything, and do not hang around smoky places like some bars, and some restaurants.  Also avoid swimming in pools, and definitely stay away from hot tubs, all of which are contaminated and can easily give you serious infections and compromise your ability to have a healthy child.  Wear natural fiber clothing, and not synthetics as much as possible.

            Do not trust the media and magazines to inform you about toxins in your food, water, and body care products.  They usually just want to make money, and are not at all concerned with your health.  Even if they say they are, I would not trust most sources on this important subject.


            Toxic lifestyles to avoid. These include staying up late (10 PM is getting late), and not sleeping enough.  Most teens and young women need 9 or 10 hours of sleep every single night.


            Girl’s sports. Competitive sports are not so good for almost all girls and young teens, even if it feels good to win, go on sports trips, and get trophies like the boys.  It is often a stupid waste of time and energy that needlessly exposes young women to rape, and more junk food.  It often wears them out physically and emotionally, when they should be at home or with good friends, perhaps at the library studying, or just relaxing peacefully.

              Swimming in pools, by the way, is one of the worst ways that sports exposes women to infections.  ALL OF THEM ARE CONTAMINATED TO A DEGREE, BECAUSE THEY ARE PUBLIC POOLS.  They are all contaminated with chemicals used to “sanitize” the water, which don’t work that well, and they are contaminated with viruses, bacteria, and even some parasites that are not killed by the chlorine, bromine, silver, copper and other horrors that are put in the water.  In addition, when you spend any amount of time in water you will pick up all the toxic metals and hundreds of toxic chemicals that already are in tap water today.

            So don’t feel you must join a team or go out for a sport.  It is not necessary.  It is better for boys, but not as necessary for girls.




            Women also need to learn not to trust the media and their doctors and public health officials when it comes to health information.  These “authorities” sadly do not deserve their positions.  They are often stupid or ignorant, and often bribed or at least tempted in various ways to go along with drug company propaganda, physician-caused propaganda and other corrupt activities. 

            Women must learn the truth about vaccines, medical drugs, recreational drugs including marijuana or cannabis, alcohol use, birth control pills and patches and IUDs, loose sex, and more if they wish to have healthy children.  




            Even if you feel and look wonderful, it is very important to address subtle nutritional imbalances that most young people have, often from birth or childhood.  Otherwise they are passed right onto your unborn children while they are in the womb.  This is where nutritional balancing is excellent.

            Screening for these imbalances is inexpensive using a properly performed and properly interpreted hair mineral analysis.  Once you receive your analysis and nutritional program, it can take several months to several years to improve your body chemistry using a nutritional balancing program.  This will slowly remove layers of imbalances, including all heavy metals and toxic chemicals, and a dozen or more chronic infections.  This is far safer and more profound than just taking medical, holistic, homeopathic, herbal or naturopathic remedies, which I find to be far less effective.




            One of the most important problems with current prenatal care is that usually a woman does not know she is pregnant until she misses a period, several weeks after conception.  By this time, the pregnancy is well underway.  It is far too late to begin prenatal care.  The first 8-12 weeks of pregnancy or first trimester are critical for a baby’s development and growth.  All the organs and tissues are formed in the first 8-12 weeks.




            Dr. Weston Price, DDS, toured the world about a century ago, seeking the most healthy people he could find.  When he found healthy tribes of people, he studied their ways of eating and living.  All the healthy groups were very concerned about having healthy children. 

            He found that in several of the healthy groups, the young girls were given a special diet in order that they would have the best possible chance for healthy babies.  The diet was started as soon as a girl reached puberty.  This just makes sense, and it is basically what I am advocating in this article.



            More and more health conditions today are blamed on faulty genes.  This fatalistic idea is not only depressing, but in many cases incorrect.  The fact is, nutrients are needed to activate genes.  Dr. Paul Eck said this over and over again, and it is correct. 

If the proper nutrition were present, many if not most birth defect would not occur.  Folic acid and zinc are just two among many vitamins and minerals that can, in fact, prevent birth defects.  This is well known in medical science, but is basically ignored by doctors who tell young women they can eat what they want and live unhealthy or stressful lifestyles that deplete their zinc.

            Toxic metals interfere with nutrients and are highly associated with genetic defects.  Published research proves that toxic metals such as cadmium, copper, mercury and others pass through the placenta, affecting the health of the baby. Textbooks on toxic metals refer to babies as "sinks" for toxic metals.  Genetic research is wonderful, but it will never replace improving the health of the parents in order to produce healthy offspring.




            Sadly, public health authorities and most doctors do not understand the critical relationship between superior nutrition and having healthy children.  One reason is they are not familiar with tools such as tissue mineral analysis that can detect imbalances at the cellular level that can be corrected before pregnancy and birth complications arise.

            Very often one’s dietary intake of calcium, magnesium, selenium and zinc often don’t even meet the minimum government standards, which are barely enough to keep one alive!  The problem begins with inferior quality food.  Hybrid crops bred for production, color and flavor, but not nutrition, are grown on depleted soil and laced with pesticides and herbicides.  Calcium, in particular, is very important for young women.  However, there are few good sources.  Pasteurized and homogenized dairy products are not good sources.  One must look to certified raw dairy products and sources such as cooked vegetables and 10-12 ounces of preferably fresh carrot juice daily to supply enough.


            Eating habits. Poor eating habits such as eating in the car or eating on the run can ruin even the best nutritional diet.  Eat sitting down, quietly, and chew your food thoroughly.  Do not eat in noisy, dirty or unsafe enviroments.  Doing these things stops the stomach acid from flowing properly and you won’t digest as well.  Often, you will get gas, bloating and a full feeling because you are not following healthy eating habits.  Animals know this and stop eating if they are anxious or upset.  Do the same as your cat or dog.  Only eat when relaxed, sitting down comfortably, quietly, and preferably with good company or just by yourself, but in a safe and peaceful place.




            The “medical drug culture” contributes to many birth defects and problems of pregnancy and birth.  A recent article in the New England Journal of Medicine found that common prescription and over-the-counter medications increased birth defects in 8000 infants by 120 to 240%.

            Did you know that many prescription medications antagonize or deplete nutrients?  Folic acid antagonists include tripmethoprim, triampterine, carbamazepine, phenytoin, penobarbitol (Dilantin) and primidone.  Antibiotics often kill the beneficial bacteria that produce folic acid, a vitamin necessary to avoid birth defects. 

            Other problem medications include Aspirin, barbituates, over-the-counter cough medicines containing dextromethorphan, Celebrex, cholestyramine (Questran), Cimetadine, Colistipol, corticosteroids, ethosuximide, hydrochlorthiazide, indomethacin, methotrexate, methsuximide, nizatidine, non-steroidal anti-inflammatories, birth control pills, ranitidine bismuth citrate, ranitidine hydrochloride, and valproic acid.   The best idea, by far, is to avoid all over-the-counter and all prescription medicines unless absolutely needed for a definite physical disease.

            Also, avoid most skin care products and cosmetics unless they contain only completely natural ingredients.  Common products such as hair dyes, nail polish, lipsticks and others often contain toxic chemicals that can harm a baby as it grows inside the womb.  It is not that the product contains such poisonous substances, although some do, but it is the combination of products used for months or several years that is the problem.  There are no long-term studies on these products, and they would be impossible to run studies of combinations of all the products young women, and some men, use on their bodies today.  All we know is that more and more children are being born defective and prone to many ailments that did not formerly occur.  Poisons tend to accumulate in the body, so why take chances.




            When a person doesn’t ingest enough essential nutrients, the body absorbs more toxic metals from the environment.  Low zinc, manganese and vitamin C intake, for example, can cause an increase in copper. High copper is associated with problems of pregnancy such as morning sickness, pre-eclampsia, eclampsia and post-partum depression.  It also passes through the placenta and is associated with birth defects, ear infections and learning and developmental problems in children.

            Toxic metals include mercury used in dental fillings and as a preservative in vaccines and flu shots.  Cadmium is found in cigarette smoke, tap water and junk foods.  Lead is found in paints, dyes, and many other places.  All these are highly toxic to the unborn, and pass easily through the placenta from mother to child.

          Toxic chemicals are also found in household chemicals, cleaners, paints, tap water, building materials, even synthetic clothing and synthetic carpets.  Reducing your toxic load when you become pregnant is good, but rather late.  It takes many months or years to remove all the toxic chemicals from your body.  Sauna therapy, however, is one way to greatly speed up the process. 

            For example, cadmium found in cigarette smoke has a half-life of 27 years.  This means it takes 27 years for half of it to leave the body.  The time can be shortened with a nutritional balancing program.  However, the best time to start cleaning these out of your body is now.




            Tissue mineral testing can detect other imbalances that are important to correct before becoming pregnant.  These include low thyroid and adrenal glandular activity, an impaired immune response, sugar and carbohydrate intolerance, hidden infections and impaired digestion.  Start fixing these now for a good pregnancy.

            Correcting these imbalances through diet, supplements and lifestyle changes can make pregnancy much safer and more pleasant.  It can also ease the birthing process and give a baby a much healthier start in life.  




            The current medical prenatal care is a sad joke.  The idea that you can have a healthy baby just by eating a “decent” or “balanced” diet, whatever that means, and taking a random prenatal vitamin tablet is wrong and quite stupid, in fact.  It is no wonder birth defects have doubled in the past 60 years with this kind of insanity. 

              Modern medical prenatal care also starts years too late because it takes time to improve your health and balance your body chemistry.  Also, even if doctors, including holistic ones, want to improve your health, very few know how to measure health accurately, and how to improve it radically and drastically.




            1. Healthy children depend mainly on the health of the mother, and to some degree on the health of the father.  This fact is well known among animal breeders.  It is the truth.  It means that if the mother is poorly nourished or toxic, the baby will be the same.  This opens the baby up to genetic defects, autism, ADD, ADHD, delayed development, infections and more.


            2. Almost everyone today is toxic and depleted.  This is true even if you eat a good diet and you feel well.  My experience is that basically all young mothers-to-be are malnourished and toxic today.  This is due to a poor quality food supply, improper diet, stress, poor eating habits, use of medical drugs and other reasons.  For more on this critical topic, read the article entitled Most Everyone Is Toxic.


            3. Get started with prenatal care now, even if you are a teenager reading this article.  You  will not become healthy, by my standards, in a month or even in a year or more.  It takes time to build up one’s body chemistry, to balance the body and remove two dozen toxic metals.  Do not, I repeat, do not use chelation to do this, by the way.  We find that it always depletes some vital minerals.  This applies to both natural chelators as well as drugs, in all forms and methods of applying the chelators.


            4. All toxins are bad for your health, bar none.  Therefore, an important principle to improve your health and reduce toxicity is to do your best to avoid all toxic substances that you may breathe, touch, eat, or drink. 




              Upgrade your diet.  It is worth it.  Begin by eliminating all products made with bleached white flour, white sugar, and corn syrup.  This alone is a big step for many people.  Get rid of all junk like processed meats, processed cheeses, candy, cookies, most ice cream, pastries, donuts, most bagels, and most processed and packaged foods.


              Eat mostly fresh food, not canned or frozen.  Some frozen peas and frozen green beans are okay, however. 


              Eat 70% of your diet as cooked vegetables.  This means a lot of them.  Eat these at least twice a day or even three times a day.


              Eat all organically grown food to reduce your pesticide load and increase your nutrition.  Organically grown food was  shown in a 1993 study in the Journal of Applied Nutrition (45:1, pp. 35-39) to contain an average of more than twice the mineral content of regular supermarket food.  More and more markets are selling organic foods.


              Stay away from all vegetarian, vegan, and semi-vegetarian diets.  These simply will not nourish you well enough.  A recent study showed five times greater likelihood of the birth defect hypospadias in women who followed a vegetarian diet during pregnancy.  Eat animal flesh daily, and animal protein twice daily.  Eggs, soft-cooked only, are also very good.


              Try to eat a little RAW dairy products daily (up to 4 ounces daily only).  Pasteurized dairy is not as good.  However, stay far away from raw food diets. Cook most food except some raw cheese or yogurt or milk, for the best absorption of nutrients.    


              Reduce or eliminate caffeine.  One cup of tea or even a small cup of regular coffee are okay, though not great.  Strictly avoid cappuccinos, lattes and expressos, which are too strong and irritate the digestive system.

            An exception to the above is that the daily coffee enema, or even two coffee enemas, do not appear to have negative effects.  In fact, they assist detoxification through the liver and colon in wonderful ways that cannot be accomplished any other way that I am aware of.


              Eliminate all wheat and spelt from your diet.  These are very hybridized foods that are irritating to the intestines, even 100% organic whole wheat.  Other whole grains are okay.  Blue corn is wonderful.


              If possible, drink only 10-12 ounces of carrot juice daily, with a few greens in it if you like.  Do not become a “juicer” and drink more.  It is much too yin and sugary.


              Avoid fruit and have no fruit juices.  It is all too sugary and yin.  This is very important.


              Take nutritional supplements.  At the very least, use kelp, sea salt and perhaps nutritional yeast or rice polishings, and take a quality multiple vitamin-mineral.  However, this is really not nearly enough today.

              We have two types of supplement recommendations.  They are  the generic supplement regimen and the individualized supplement regimen: 


I. The Generic Supplement regimen must include:


1. Paramin 1-1-1 (which means 1 three times daily with meals). (This is a very good quality calcium/magnesium supplement).

2. GB-3 1-1-1. (pancreatin and ox bile for digestion and liver detoxification).

3. EPA-DHA 300 1-1-1. (fish oil with 900 mg omega-3 fatty acids).  Do not use krill oil, borage oil, primrose oil or others, which are somewhat toxic.

4. Vitamin D3, 5000 iu daily.

5. Kelp, about 4000 mg daily.   This must be from Nature’s Way kelp capsules, or Endomet kelp or Frontier Herbs kelp granules or powder only.  Other brands are more toxic for some reason.

6. A multi-vitamin.  For Pregnancy, everyone needs a multivitamin tablet to serve as a pre-natal vitamin.  We suggest Megapan from Endomet Labs, at least one per day, in most cases.  Note that it does not contain iron.  While some pregnant women need extra iron, many do not and the iron is slightly toxic if one does not need it. 


              II.  The individualized supplement program:

              This requires contacting any of the Approved Practitioners listed on this website.  He or she will have you fill out some forms and send in a hair sample.  This will allow us to set up a complete nutritional balancing program for you.  This is the best pre-natal care I know of, and will include about 8 to 10 nutritional supplements and a diet tailored to your particular needs.



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