by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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All information in this article is for educational purposes only.  It is not for the diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure of any disease or health condition.


Table Of Contents



Many Unknown Concepts

All Must Work Together

Development Is Not All Theory-Based



Whole Systems Thinking

A Very Low-Toxicity Nutritional Approach



Ether-Powered Bodies

Yin and Yang

Metabolic Typing

Preferred Minerals

The Importance Of Souls

The Mineral System



The Stress Theory Of Disease


Entity Attachment

Biological Transmutation

The Hair Sodium/Potassium Ratio

Fractal Design And Holography

The Opportunistic Nature Of Most Infections And Parasitic Diseases



Hair Mineral Analysis



Food And Dietary-Based Programs

Cooked Food And Whole Food Programs

Mineral-based Nutritional Science

The Hydrating Quality Of Drinking Water

Open Water

Supplement Program Design



The Pulling Down Exercise

The Coffee Enema And Vaginal Coffee Implant

Red Heat Lamp Saunas




Following A “Straight And Narrow Path”

Retracing/Healing Reactions

Continuous Healing

The Placeholder Concept

Conserve Energy For Healing



Non-Toxic And Detoxifying

Move The Body Toward A More Yang State

Increase Etheric Energy



Most Herbs


Most Naturopathic Methods

Functional Medicine

Most Remedy Methods

Vigorous Exercise

Some Psychotherapies

Electrical Machines

Most Medical Drugs

Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy

Chelation Therapy

Intravenous Vitamin And Mineral Therapy



1. Yang

2. Spin Right

3. Down – Head To Feet.

4. Parasympathetic - Relax

5. Back And Forth Wobble

6. Impact

7. Up And Down Wobble





Development science may catch on slowly for a number of reasons.  It asks a lot, in terms of diet, lifestyle and doing the healing procedures.

However, another important reason is that development is based upon a number of largely unknown concepts of healing and physiology.  When most people read about these, the ideas sound new and unusual.  This causes many to question or even dismiss the entire science.


Many little known concepts.  This article introduces these little known concepts so that they can be understood and appreciated.  There are many of these ideas, so the article may sound rather arrogant and intellectual.

I am sorry if it seems that way.  However, many concepts need to be understood to really appreciate and understand development science.


All must work together.  Not only does development depend on each of the following ideas.  It also depends upon integrating them properly.

For example, one might want to recommend vigorous exercise because it will benefit the lower energy centers of the body.

However, it also uses up energy needed for healing, and disturbs the parasympathetic branch of the autonomic nervous system.  As a result, we cannot recommend it. 


Development is not all theory-based.  Development science is based on genetics because it involves a set of genetically-programmed changes that we wish to encourage to occur.  However, it is a research science.  This means we don’t know the entire complement of nutrients and procedures to accomplish the goal in the safest and fastest manner.

As a result, the science is empirical, to a degree.  This means that it is evolving as we observe which methods work best.    Please keep this in mind as you read this article.




Dr. Paul Eck, one of our mentors, read widely and based his system of mineral balancing on several basic ideas.  These include:

1. Whole system thinking.

2. A nutritional or very-low-toxicity approach to healing. 

Let us examine these two beliefs in more detail.




This is the belief that:

1. The human body is one whole system.  A system is a group of parts or elements, all of which are related to each other.

2. Many health conditions are simply manifestations of the system out of balance.  Fix the whole system, and most pathology disappears without a need for remedies.

Another way to express this is that most diseases are opportunistic.  That is, they only exist because the body is a welcome host for them.  If one makes the body system unwelcoming, or inhospitable terrain, most disappear on their own.

3. Therefore, the focus on health care should be to balance and strengthen the whole body system.


Systems. Systems thinking is relatively new on earth, and not used much in conventional medical care.  Current medical thinking often views the body and treats the body as a set of parts, not as one whole.

Doctors often talk about body systems, such as the digestive or cardiovascular system.  However, they do not talk about the body and brain as one whole system.

“Parts thinking” causes severe problems today in medical care.  For example, a doctor may recommend a remedy for pain such as Tylenol or acetaminophen.  However, because the drug only helps with one part of the whole system, it causes problems elsewhere in the body such as stomach ulcers or kidney failure.  (These can be serious problems with this medication.)

This approach is typical of today’s health care.  The effects upon other parts of the body are called “adverse effects” or “side effects”.  It is a fragmented approach, compared to whole system thinking.

By definition, whole system thinking does not cause side effects and is not about symptomatic remedies, which are “parts thinking”, not whole system thinking.

Systems follow specific laws that are part of what is called general systems theory.  This is a science designed to help one understand large, complex systems such as the planet’s ecology, and the human and animal bodies.

Systems theory was developed during the first half of the 20th century on earth.  Systems theory applied to the body is complex and not well understood.  This article introduces it in an overall way.  The other articles on this website mainly look at one or another aspect of the whole system in more detail.




This is the belief that one will get further with healing using foods, food supplements, and procedures that have the least toxicity.

This is also very different from current health care.  Conventional medical care today uses hundreds of quite toxic drugs, vaccines and procedures such as x-rays and CT scans.

Holistic and naturopathic care is better, but still employs remedies that are somewhat toxic such as herbs, homeopathic remedies, hormones, chelation drugs and others.

Development rejects most all of these methods as being 1) too toxic, and 2) not needed.  It is a rather radical perspective.  Instead, our belief is that if we understand enough about the body, we can heal it, and heal it better, without needing these methods.

NOTE. This is not the same as an all-natural approach to healing.  Many natural chemical compounds and products are somewhat toxic, or even very toxic.

This difference can be confusing.  For example, we do not use most herbs because they are somewhat toxic, as are products such as coconut oil, and most nuts and seeds.  Even fruit causes too many problems, we find, and for this reason is not recommended in development.


These are the two founding beliefs.  Dr. Eck, myself and others then went on to discover a number of poorly known concepts that combine to form the present healing science of development.  Let us now examine each of these ideas.




Ether-powered bodies.  This means that human, animal and plant bodies are actually dependent upon a supply of ether or etheric energy in order to function. Everyone is born with a supply of ether, and when it runs down, one becomes sick and dies.

Development is designed to help conserve the ether with which one is born.  In addition, the Pushing Down Exercise can bring in much more etheric energy to extend life. 

This is a critical concept in development.  It is based on Tibetan medicine and other traditional healing perspectives, where this concept is well-known.  However, it is not known in Western medical science at this time.  For more, please read Etheric Energy and other articles about ether on this site.


Yin and yang.  These words describe physical states of matter.  Yang is warm, compact and the molecules are moving faster.  Yin is cooler, often expanded, and the molecules are slower-moving. 

Yin and yang are Chinese words, which we use only because there are no equivalent words in English.  The concept of two complementary forces in the universe, from which comes all of the material universe, is a very ancient idea.  It is not only Oriental, but in fact is found in the beginning of the Book Of Genesis of the Old Testament of the Bible.

To paraphrase Genesis 1:4 – 1:27:  God created the light and the darkness, the heaven and the earth, the dry land and the seas, the sun and the moon, and finally male and female.  This is the exact same idea as yang and yin.

The idea of balancing two complementary forces is extremely important in development science.  We apply the concept to  foods and diet, supplementary nutrients, healing procedures, disease states, and healing methods.

This concept is unknown only because it is not used by most Western nutritionists or physicians.  However, it is a central concept in Macrobiotics, Acupuncture and Shiatsu Massage.  To read much more about it, please read Understanding Yang And Yin, Yin And Yang Healing, and Yin Disease on this site.


Metabolic typing.  This is the idea that bodies can be classified in certain ways that facilitate understanding their imbalances, and that facilitate their healing.

This is a very ancient idea, but one that is not used in modern conventional medical care, so it is not known by most people.

For example, acupuncture classifies bodies as yang or yin.  Ayurveda, a type of Indian medicine, has three metabolic types.  In the West, 4000 years ago, Hippocrates wrote about four metabolic types: sanguine, choleric, melancholic, and phlegmatic.  There are other examples in medical care, as well.

Development essentially uses the same two metabolic types as acupuncture.  We call them fast and slow oxidation, after the research of George Watson, PhD.  Also, we define them mathematically based upon a spectrographic analysis of a hair sample based on the research of Dr. Paul C. Eck.

Acupuncture was developed at a time when spectrographic analysis was not available.  So the assessment of the metabolic type was made based upon the patient’s pulse, appearance of the tongue, and other physical characteristics.  For much more on this topic, please read Metabolic Typing on this website.


Preferred minerals.   This is the idea that some metalloenzymes can function using more than one metal in their structure or as a catalyst.

One can view this as an adaptive mechanism.  If a preferred mineral is not available, the body may be able to survive by using a less preferred mineral to keep a metaolloenzyme functioning, to some degree. 

This is a somewhat more esoteric idea, although it is known in biochemistry.  A very eloquent description of it is on page 7 of The Trace Elements And Man by Henry Schroeder, MD.  I will quote just a small section of it:


“… gold will displace copper,…cadmium avidly displaces zinc, …strontium displaces calcium, …lithium displaces sodium …”


The reason the idea works is that certain elements share some properties.  For example, some atoms superficially “look” similar.  That is, they have the same number of electrons in their outer shell.  As a result, some can substitute for others in certain enzymes.

This is a very important principle in our bodies and in development science.  One could say that the goal of a development program is to substitute more preferred minerals in enzyme binding sites for less preferred minerals.  When this is accomplished, enzymes begin to work better, and healing occurs.  To read more about this fascinating principle, please read Preferred Minerals on this site.


The importance of souls.  This is a less well-known idea, but an important one in development.  Souls are the rulers of a person, and are the basic unit of consciousness.  Their reality is not accepted by modern science because souls cannot be seen with present microscopes.  However, the holy books of many cultures discuss them.

Development is designed to heal not only the bodies, but also the souls, who are also often in need of better health.  For more on this large topic, please read the articles on this site about souls, such as Soul Science.


The Mineral System.  This is the study of the interrelationships of the minerals.  It is a complex area of atomic and molecular physics.  It is not well-known or well understood in modern conventional or holistic medical care.  However, Dr. Eck studied it, and refined it so that it helps the programs work better.




The stress theory of disease.  This is the theory that all types of stress affect animal and human bodies in very specific ways.  It is pioneering work of the twentieth century Canadian doctor, Hans Selye, MD.

This is a very powerful concept as to how disease occurs in the body, and it is related to the metabolic types because certain changes occur at each stage of stress.  Dr. Selye called the process the General Adaptation Syndrome.

The work of Hans Selye is somewhat known in medical care.  Many doctors and others now talk about “stress”, “stressors”, “homeostasis” and other aspects of the stress theory of disease.

However, medical science does not measure the stages of stress, and does not use the concepts too much.  Hence, it remains poorly understood.  In contrast, the stress theory is central in development science.  To learn about it, please read Stress on this site.


Development.  This is the idea that human beings can heal and evolve the body beyond what most people achieve.  One can develop unusual abilities, for example, and can have a stronger, and longer-lasting body.

This is an ancient concept, but not one that is well-known, particularly in Western nations, because it does not often occur.

However, it does occur with development, and it does so regularly.  The reason is that the body becomes remineralized deeply, and balanced precisely, and made much more yang in macrobiotic terms.  The combination seems to cause development, in every case.  To read more about this, please read Introduction To Development and the other articles on development on this website.


Entity Attachment.  This idea is known by some people, as it is discussed in places such as the Holy Bible and in other texts.  However, it is not acknowledged nearly enough in the scientific world.

Entities, as the word is used here, means souls that have left bodies that lived on earth.  Some call them discarnate entities.  However, they can come from anywhere.

These are able to enter the human and animal bodies, especially in the brain, and often cause health problems.  Removing them is not easy when the physical bodies are ill, as are all of them. 

Development science is well aware of the problem of entities.  Keys to removing them are to Remineralize The Body and to make the body more Yang.  For more details, read Entity Attachment And Release on this site.


The Importance of Parasites, And How To Remove All Of Them.  Most people have parasitic infections!  This is our experience.  Here are some issues with parasites that make them a difficult area of pathology:

1. Most people have them.  One does not have to travel to an unclean area of the planets, for example, to contract the infection.  Today, food is shipped around the world daily.  Parasites can also easily live in some drinking water supplies, and elsewhere.

2. Most doctors are unaware of this, and don’t even consider testing for them.

3. Testing often misses them, even with elaborate stool tests, electronic machines, kinesiology and other methods.

4. If they are detected, getting rid of them all is not possible as long as the body is malnourished, very toxic, and out of balance.

Doctors don’t know how to deeply heal the bodies, so some parasites survive their toxic drugs or toxic herbs.  If, by chance, all the parasites are killed, reinfection often occurs because the terrain of the body is suitable for them.  

5. Meanwhile, the toxic drugs or herbs further damage the body.

 A non-toxic method that works better.  Development programs use a completely different, non-toxic approach that works far better.  For details, read Parasites.


Biological transmutation.  This is the idea that living organisms can change one mineral into another mineral.  Normally, transmutation of the elements only occurs in nuclear reactors or other containers at very high temperatures and pressures.

Biological transmutation is not understood by most people or by the medical profession.  In fact, however, one can prove its reality with simple experiments.

Development programs depend upon biological transmutation to assist healing the body at deep levels.  For details, read Biological Transmutation.


The sodium/potassium ratio. In development science, the hair sodium/potassium ratio is of vital importance.  It is a measure of inflammation, anger, electrical voltage, hormonal balance, a directional indicator and more.  We always seek to adjust the ratio to be 2.5 for human beings and about 0.5 for animals on every program.

This is another more esoteric concept, but very central in development and not discussed much by anyone else I have read.  A chapter on it is found in the book Biological Transmutations by Louis Kervran.  For more details about this topic, please read The Sodium/Potassium Ratio and other articles about this ratio on this site.


Fractal design and holography.  These are both somewhat esoteric ideas that were developed in the twentieth century on earth.  They are central to understanding development, but are not well known by the public and not used in conventional medical care.

Fractal is a method of design in which there is a repetition of a simple whole number pattern.  Fractal design is the way nature creates all bodies, including our own.   To see beautiful images of fractal design, type fractals into a search engine on the internet.

A hologram is a unique type of image in which the whole image is reflected in each part of the image.  Our bodies are holographic, and this is related to our fractal design. For example, every cell has the DNA of the entire body inside it.

These concepts are critical to understand how we interpret hair mineral tests, and to understand how certain procedures such as foot reflexology work.  For details, read Fractals.


The opportunistic nature of most, if not all infections and parasitic diseases.  This is the important idea that infections develop in bodies mainly because there is debris or bad quality tissue for the “bugs” to feed upon. 

In other words, viruses, bacteria and parasites do not “attack us”.  They simply look for an appropriate place to live.  They look for a good food supply, and perhaps other qualities, such as a weakened immune response, or other qualities, that allow them to survive and prosper.  This is no different from the behavior of any other living organism, including ourselves.

If we want to remain free of them, the answer is not to fill the body with remedies and drugs each time we are sick.  It is to change the terrain or quality of the body so that the “bugs” will prefer to go elsewhere and leave us alone.

This is a key concept in development science.  It is also a well known idea in organic agriculture, in traditional naturopathy, and in some other natural healing arts.

It is also well understood that sick and dead plant, animal or human bodies attract certain creatures that “clean up the mess”.  This is an essential part of the natural world.  Otherwise, dead bodies would hang around forever.




Hair tissue mineral analysis.  This is a mineral biopsy obtained by cutting a small sample of hair from the head.  It is sent to a specialized laboratory that uses a mass spectrometer and/or induction-coupled plasma to read the mineral content.

This test has been around for 85 years.  It is widely used for environmental monitoring of toxic metals, for example.  However, it is still not used much in conventional medical care.  For this reason, most people have never heard of it.

Thousands of studies use mineral testing.  When done properly, it is a very accurate, reliable and rather simple test.  However, several medical journal articles were published in the last 20 years that were very poorly done “hatchet jobs” that attempted to discredit it.

These received wide publicity in the media, and have influenced doctors for this reason.  If doctors actually understood how to use this test, they would not need many of their drugs and the entire structure of medical care would shift. 


1. The test must be run at a laboratory that does not wash the hair.  Otherwise, the readings are much less accurate.

2. The lab must be very careful as they perform the test, or it will not be accurate.  For all these reasons, most labs cannot be trusted to do the test properly at this time (2016).

For much more on this assessment method, please read Introduction To Hair Mineral Analysis and other articles on this site about this topic.


Vector interpretation of the hair mineral test.  Most doctors and most laboratory scientists interpret the hair mineral analysis in a manner similar to the way they interpret blood and urine tests.  Vector interpretation is very different.


1. The hair mineral readings must be graphed on a specific type of calibrated chart in order to visualize the 60 or more vector patterns.  An example of this chart is the one used by Analytical Research Labs, Phoenix, Arizona, USA.

2. Interpretation involves the method developed by Dr. Paul C. Eck.  It is not a standard method of interpretation.  It involves many of the poorly known concepts discussed in this article such as the stress theory of disease, metabolic types, yin and yang, and others.

For details, read Vectors and Hair Analysis Interpretation Methods on this site.




Food and diet-based healing.  In development science, diet is a primary healing modality.  This is different from many other nutrition plans that emphasize supplements, green drinks, juices, or other ways to nourish the body.

We use food because it is more yang, and contains many nutrients that cannot be obtained from food extracts or supplements.  For details, read Food For Daily Use, Food For Occasional Use and Forbidden Food.

Cooked food and whole-food nutrition.  Development also requires a whole-food diet, with no smoothies or shakes.  It also requires cooking most food.  This is not the same as many other dietary regimens.

Whole foods are emphasized because they are much more yang.  They also often contain more nutrition than extracts, powders or pills. 

Cooking is emphasized in order to extract many more minerals from vegetables and other foods.  Cooking breaks down tough vegetable and grain fibers that prevent human beings from absorbing the minerals and other nutrients contained in the food.

Cooking also increases the etheric energy of food, and makes food much more yang.  For more details, read  Smoothies and Raw Food on this site.


Mineral-based nutrition.  This means that replenishing and balancing the minerals in the body is the main focus of development.  This differs from a lot of nutritional science, which focuses on other nutrients.

The main reason for focusing on minerals is that mineral deficits are the primary nutritional problem of most people.  This is due to the green revolution in agriculture, and to food processing.

Development replenishes the alkaline reserve minerals with organically grown food where possible, cooking grains and vegetables in all instances and a diet very high in vegetables.  Also important are the use of unrefined sea salt, bone broth, mineralized spring or tap water for drinking, and kelp and other mineral supplements.

Also, everyone gets a powerful digestive aid, and no water is allowed with meals to assist digestion.  For much more on this subject, please read Remineralizing The Body and Minerals For Life on this site.


The hydrating ability of water.  One of the most important, if not the most important quality of a drinking water is its ability to hydrate the body.  Drinking water is not of much use without this quality.  The purity, mineral content or pH are somewhat less important.

Development pays a lot of attention to this quality.  However, I have not seen it discussed in most books on the subject of drinking water.  For much more on this subject, please read Hydration on this site.


Supplementation method.  The method of recommending nutritional supplements developed by Dr. Paul Eck is unique.  It always consists of a product to balance the oxidation rate and type, except in the case of four low macrominerals.  It also includes a product to balance the sodium/potassium ratio.

In addition, it always includes a digestive aid, a calcium and magnesium supplement, as well as a supplement of trimethylglycine, kelp, fish oil, and vitamin D. 

Very few other products are included, which confuses many holistic doctors.  The reasons are:

1. For development they are not needed.

2. All supplements are yin.  More of them is not better, for this reason. 

3. Some health products are slightly toxic, and will interfere with the program.

4. Supplements interact and can conflict with each other.


This is quite different from other supplement regimens.  Dr. Eck knew a tremendous amount about supplements and this type of unique regimen is very powerful.

A very important principle of development science is that if one is one an incorrect program, one can definitely feel much worse.  This is not usually true with what we call symptomatic supplementation.

For this reason, we advise all clients that if they are not feeling well, always submit a question to have a program review.


  For more details, Why Take Nutritional Supplements and Supplement Program Design.




The pulling down exercise. This is a mental exercise in which one visualizes subtle energy moving only in one direction through the body - from the head to the feet.

It is a simple exercise, yet very powerful for healing and especially for human development.  Its power depends upon little-known facts that:

1. Bodies are ether-powered, as discussed elsewhere in this article.

2. The human body is also polarized.  This means that energy must move through the body in the right direction.

3. This exercise moves a lot of ether through the body in the correct direction.


This exercise has been known on earth for millennia, but is only taught to monks and nuns in monasteries and convents around the world.  As a result, the idea is unknown to the public.  For much more about it, please read The Pulling Down Exercise on this site.


Coffee in an enema and vaginally. Today, liver toxicity from the food, air, water and contact is a serious problem.  Coffee enemas help greatly with these and other health conditions.

The concept of coffee enemas is known among some natural healers, but they are not used in conventional medical care.  As a result, most people are unfamiliar with the many benefits of coffee enemas.  To read much more about them, please read Coffee Enemas on this site.

Vaginal coffee implants.  Feedback from many women indicate that vaginal coffee implants are excellent to heal infections, to eliminate uterine fibroids and ovarian cysts, and to undo traumas in this area of the body.  This procedure is fairly unknown.  For more about it, please read Vaginal Coffee Implants.


Red heat lamp sauna therapy.  Saunas, or hot air baths, have been used on earth for at least 40,000 years for healing the body.  They are rarely used in conventional medicine, however.

Reddish ‘heat lamps’ are used to heat bathrooms and as brooder lamps for some animal species.  They emit a wide spectrum of frequencies, mainly in the red and yellow visible range and in the near infrared range, as well.

The lamps can be used alone, shined on the body.  They seem to provide light frequencies that are extremely healing.  They are even more effective when combined with an enclosure to form a red ‘heat lamp’ hot air bath or sauna.  This is a hot air bath that is powered or heated with three or four red heat lamps.

Although we have popularized this type of hot air bath for healing, others have written about lamp saunas and their great benefits.  One of these authors was John Harvey Kellogg, MD, who researched them and used them over 100 years ago.  This type of sauna is not used in conventional medical care, so the idea is quite unknown.  For more details, please read Sauna Therapy on this site.


Reflexology.  This healing procedure consists of firmly rubbing the bottom, top, toes and heel area of the feet, and perhaps also the hands.  Reflexes from these areas powerfully affect the entire body in extremely beneficial ways.  The procedure can be done at home by oneself or another, and the benefits are quite amazing.

Foot and hand reflexology are somewhat known to people on earth, although the method is not used in medical care so many people are not familiar with it.  To learn more, please read Reflexology on this site.




Following the “straight and narrow path”.  This means that development is a healing and development system that requires that a person follow a fairly strict diet and a healthful lifestyle.  This is different from most healing methods that do not insist upon the disciplines.  They just give one remedies when one becomes ill.

Following a healing path is much more preventive and health-producing in itself.  However, it is more work, mainly in the beginning when one is learning new habits.

The idea of embarking on a path to health and long life is not new, and not totally unknown.  However, it is not done much in conventional medical care, so most people find it unusual.  For more details, read The Path Concept and The Healing Path on this site.


Retracing and healing reactions.  This idea is not well known in conventional medical care.  This is because these rarely occur if one uses drug therapy, surgery or radiation.

However, the idea is well known in other healing arts.  For example, in homeopathy, the same idea is called aggravations.  In psychology, the same idea is called the catharsis.  In chiropractic, the same idea is called retracing.  Max Gerson, MD, author of A Cancer Therapy: Results Of 50 Cases, devoted a whole chapter to the same thing, which he called flare-ups.  William Koch, MD, in his book, The Survival Factor In Neoplastic And Viral Diseases, called the same phenomenon healing or purification reactions.  For more details, read Retracing.


Continuous Healing.  To most people, healing means getting rid of your symptoms.  Once that is done, you are healed and there is no need for more effort or therapy of any kind.

Development is quite different, in that we find a person can continue to become healthier and healthier with a development regimen.  What occurs is that more and more toxic metals and toxic chemical come out of the body.

As this occurs, one’s energy level continues to improve, and one gets sick less often, requires a little less sleep, and thinks more clearly.  It is related to the concept of the healing path.

Continuous healing, or healing beyond symptom removal, is not part of conventional medical care, so it is not well known.  However, a very similar idea is discussed in some books about wellness, such as High Level Wellness by Donald B. Ardell.  In the wellness concept, health is not just an absence of symptoms.  Health is defined as a high level of resistance to all disease.  Wellness authors do not know how to achieve this, as a rule, but they have the right idea.

Another book that discusses a similar idea is Man, The Unknown by Alexis Carrel, MD.  Dr. Carrel distinguishes between natural health - a high state of resistance to disease, and artificial health.  The medical profession only offers artificial health, he says.  This is the removal of symptoms using drugs, surgery and other methods.  However, people are seeking natural health.  This is a similar idea to healing beyond symptom removal.


The placeholder concept.  This is the idea that to heal the body deeply, one must give foods and supplements, at times, that may not be ideal.  However, they act as place holders to allow the body to heal deeply.

This concept applies to some of the vitamin and mineral supplements used in development, and perhaps some of the foods in the diet.  Later, the body removes and replaces the place holders when better materials are made available through better digestion or other reasons.

A good analogy is that of a scaffolding used when building large structures.  The scaffolding is often erected to allow the workers to work on the building.  It allows the delivery of building materials, and may even hold up certain parts of the structure until they can be secured properly.  Then the scaffolding is removed, as it is no longer needed.

Doctors use the same idea when they put a cast on a broken leg.  The cast is a place holder.  It holds the leg together until the body can repair the bone and other tissues.  Then the place holder is no longer needed and is removed.

However, the same idea is not used in nutritional science at this time, but it works.  To read more about it, please read Placeholders on this site.


Conserving energy for healing.  The concept here is that our bodies only have so much adaptive energy.  Conserving this energy for healing is absolutely necessary to effect healing in the body.  In fact, getting loads of rest and sleep are critical for success with a development program.

This idea is somewhat known in the medical profession.  However, today many doctors recommend a lot of exercise for weight loss and other reasons.  We find this is not needed, and it always wears out the body, which slows healing.  For more on this topic, please read Rest And Sleep and Exercise on this site.


Oxygenation.  Making sure the body is well-oxygenated is very important in development.  The idea is known, but most doctors don’t offer many ways to improve oxygenation.  We recommend installing an ionizer/ozonator air purifier in the home and maybe workplace, which will increase the oxygen content of the air all day and night.  For details, read Deep Breathing and Oxygen Therapies.


Circulation.  Excellent blood and lymph circulation is also important for health.  Development recommends lamp sauna therapy, mild exercise and turning off the sympathetic nervous system by various means to improve circulation.


Detoxification. This means that development emphasizes limiting exposure to ALL toxic substances, including heavy metals, chemicals and medical drugs.  It also means avoiding vaccines, x-rays, medical contrast media, as well as limiting cell phone and computer radiation.

Detoxification also means that a development program causes the deep release of all types of toxins from the body.  The most important ones, we find, are often toxic metals.  At times, release of chemicals occurs and is essential.  The program also releases many biological toxins such as parasites and bacteria, among others.  Other unusual toxins that one often must release are lies and deceptions, and other toxic thoughts and emotions.

Detoxification is gaining in popularity, but is still largely unknown to doctors and the public.  Also, the extent of the toxin problem is  not well known.  The truth is that today the people of earth live in a sea of toxins.  This is especially true of those living in America, Europe, Australia and parts of Asia.  To read more, please read Detoxification, Toxic Metals and Toxic Chemicals on this site.


Move the body toward a more yang state.  This is a very critical therapy idea in development.  The reason for it is that we find the bodies today are all too yin.  This is due to toxic metals and toxic chemicals, atomic radiation, and electromagnetic stress.

Moving the body toward a more yang state is the most powerful method of detoxification, helps remove “cold” infections such as parasites and others, gets rid of most “leaky gut” conditions, warms the body to promote better enzymatic activity.  It also improves circulation, balances the nervous system, gets rid of most depression and strengthens the tissues.

This is achieved mainly with the diet of mostly cooked food, and some animal protein daily.   The diet also avoids fruit, fruit juices, sugars, alcohol, drugs, most supplements, herbs and other yin products.  This is just as important as eating the right foods.  For details, read Yin And Yang Healing and other articles about the topic on this site. 


Increase etheric energy.  This has to do with the concept mentioned in the first group of unknown concepts – Ether-powered bodies.

It is essential to increase the ether content or ehteric energy content of the body.  We do this with:

1. A diet of high etheric energy foods.

2. Conserve the body’s etheric energy by reducing stress and disease in the body.

3. Bring in more environmental etheric energy through other means such as deep breathing and excellent drinking water.

4. Bring in new etheric energy with the pushing down exercse.

For much more on this important topic, please read Etheric Energy and other article on the ether on this site.




Most herbs.  These are often drugs that are somewhat toxic.  Also, most are contaminated with heavy metals on earth today.

Homeopathy.  This method has very yin effects on the body, unfortunately, even when symptoms or diseases go away.  Please avoid it for your safety.  The yin effects of homeopathy take years to appear in some cases.  However, when they do appear, they are difficult if not impossible to reverse.

Most naturopathy.  Naturopathy, as practiced today, has become mainly a remedy science.  As explained above, development is not a remedy science.  Also, most  naturopaths use herbs, homeopathy, hormone replacement therapy, chelation and other methods we do not like or need.

Functional medicine.  This is an expanded version of allopathic medical care involving many costly tests and nutritional remedies, along with chelation, hormone therapy and others.  Once again, it is mainly a remedy method.  We have no need for most of it, and it is a costly alternative.

Most remedies of any kind.  As explained in several sections above, development is not based on the use of remedies.  At times, we use them.  However, there is usually no need for them when the body is properly renourished and balanced.  This can seem very strange, however, because most healing is remedy-based.

Vigorous exercise.  We find this is:

1. Not needed.

2. Can wear out already-exhausted glands and joints.

3. Can be dangerous for some people.

Gentle exercise is sufficient with a development program.  Weight loss, for example, occurs easily without a vigorous exercise program.

Most psychotherapy.  Our experience is that most emotional and mental disorders have to do with nutrient deficiencies, toxic metal excess, and other biochemical imbalances. 

When these are corrected with a program involving diet, lifestyle, supplementation and healing procedures, most psychological disorders vanish.  At times, counseling and cognitive therapies are helpful, but these methods are often overused and not as successful if one does not correct the brain imbalances at deep levels.

Electrical machines.  Almost all of these are too yin to be used regularly with a development program.  I recommend avoiding them, and we don’t seem to need them.

Most medical drugs.  From the perspective of development, the current practice of medical care is killing many more people than it helps.  Overprescription of toxic drugs is one of the main reasons.

We find that very few drugs are needed if one lives and eats correctly.  Natural alternatives exist for most drugs.  This includes antibiotics, which are one of the most important drugs to avoid.  These cause liver toxicity and damage the intestinal flora, often for life.

Vaccines are another horror.  They are the direct cause for epidemic levels of autism, attention deficit disorder, seizures, and other serious problems of children.  I hope this truth will be revealed soon, as it is thoroughly suppressed at this time.

Bio-identical hormone therapy.  This is very unnatural because our bodies are supposed to produce hormones inside, when they are needed.  This therapy is always somewhat dangerous and can cause cancers.

Development can restore glandular function in most cases, unless the gland has been destroyed by surgery or some other method.  This truth is unknown and few believe it, even among natural and holistic doctors.

Chelation therapy. This is not that safe, nor is it the most effective method of removing toxic metals.  Although unknown, it is possible to remove toxic metals more deeply without chelation using a development program.

Intravenous vitamin and mineral therapy.  We have not found this method of administering nutrients to be needed.  Also, it tends to upset body chemistry because it bypasses the usual channels through which the body filters nutrients and foods.  It is thus much more invasive and not recommended.




This is a way of understanding many phenomena by viewing them in seven stages or seven levels.  The levels relate to the seven physical energy centers of a human being.  Each of the seven levels are also a type of motion of atoms and molecules that has certain effects upon bodies in space.

The specialness of sevens is somewhat known.  For example, musical notes are counted in sevens.  The days of the week are a seven system, and some people are familiar with the seven physical energy centers on the human body.

In accordance with this idea, development has seven aspects or attributes:


1. Inward motion.  It is important to make the body more yang.  This concept is not well known, and is explained in more detail later in this article.


2. Spin right.  This idea is known in the field of chemistry.  However, it is not often applied to healing programs.  The idea is that natural foods and natural products all spin to the right.  Synthetic or processed foods and products tend to be mixed, with both a left and a right spin.

Development is very much a natural healing method, that uses natural foods and other natural methods rather than medical drugs, or even herbs, which can have a variable spin.


3. Downward motion from head to feet.  This is an important polarity in the human body.  Every aspect of a development program helps move ether or subtle energy downward from the head to the feet.  This includes the diet, the supplements, the lifestyle and the healing procedures. 

The idea of polarity of a human, animal or plant body is not well known.  For more on this, please read Downward-Moving Energy And Healing on this site.


4. Relaxation or Parasympathetic.  In terms of motion, this is the recovery phase of a stress wave.   To learn about this, please read The Stress Wave on this website.

Making the body more parasympathetic is a primary goal of all development programs.  This is the only way to promote deep healing and regeneration of the body.  This concept is known in medical care, but in most cases, little effort is made to correct the sympathetic-parasympathetic balance in a person.  For more on this, please read The Autonomic Nervous System.


5. Back And Forth Wobble.  This is an unusual motion in the human and animal energy field, but an important one.  Certain foods and supplements used in development programs promote it, such as kelp, blue corn and cooked vegetables.  The concept is largely unknown in Western culture.


6. Impact.  This is another unusual motion in the human and animal energy field.  It correlates with the sixth energy center, which has to do with learning, knowledge, wisdom and the development of the will.  These are very important in development.  The concept has to do with the ascendancy of the brain and mind over the body.


7. Up And Down Wobble. This is another important movement of the human and animal energy field.  It correlates with the seventh energy center located at the crown of the head.  It has to do with one’s connection with the high self, God, or Holy Spirit.  This is an important aspect of development.


For more details, read Development And the 7 System and the other articles about the 7 system on this site.



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