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A Most Fascinating And Useful Tool

Not Our Specialty

What Is Criminal Behavior?

Questions Raised By This Article



The Cult Diet/Program

The High Shell

The Three Amigos

The Cliffs

The Hard Driver

Hidden Manganese

The Checkmark or Keyhole

Chronic Trauma

High Beryllium

High Cobalt In A Younger Person

High Germanium

Double Criminal Patterns

The Walsh Prison Studies



High Cadmium, Lead, Nickel Or Copper

Spiritual Defensiveness


Low Zinc

High Selenium, Chromium, or Phosphorus

Patterns On The Second Four Minerals

Criminal Leader Pattern






1. Minerals And the Brain

2. Old And New Brain

3. The Three Levels Of Brain Functioning

4. The 7 Energy Centers And Criminality

1. Survival

2. Emotions

3. Power And Control

4. Attention

5. Work-related

6. Ideology

7. Playing God

5. Toxins And Criminality

Chemical Toxins

Toxic Metals

Medical and Recreational Drugs

Biological Toxins (viruses, bacteria)








            A fascinating and useful tool.  A wonderful and simple tool for law enforcement personnel, judges and others in the criminal justice system is the use of hair mineral testing to assess criminal tendencies.

This article discusses the major patterns we have observed on hair mineral tests of criminals, and the reasons they occur.  The information is based upon well-documented medical research into the connection between brain chemistry and behavior. Unfortunately, psychologists generally overlook this research.

Not our specialty.  We have not spent a lot of time studying criminal behavior, as we are doctors and not psychologists or criminologists.  We offer this article as an introduction to a large subject and leave it to others who work in the criminal justice field to pursue it.




When discussing criminality, the question arises, at times, as to what constitutes criminal behavior.  The following is from the website,  Criminal behavior has four aspects:


1. Violation of the legal codes, punishable by the state.

2. Violation of moral and religious laws, punishable by God or the Creator.

3. Violation of social norms or traditions, punishable by the community.

4. Imposing psychological stress upon another person.  This might include taunting, harassment, and energy vampirism or stealing energy from others.


Criminal behavior can involve an illegal act, or failing to act properly.  It may involve obvious violence, or it may be quite subtle.  It can be obvious and apparent, or it can be secretive and deceptive.

An important question arises.  What if the laws of a nation are bad, so that cheaters are rewarded and honest people are punished?  In this case, good, moral behavior may indeed become a crime, while immoral behavior may be perfectly legal.

The only way we can see to resolve this problem is to make moral behavior non-criminal, by definition.




If one changes the body chemistry, can this cause a change in behavior?

This is possible.  We know this from talking with clients who have followed a development program, which intentionally changes mineral patterns.  However, anything that changes body chemistry could alter behavior such as a religious experience, counseling or other methods.


            Should society pay more attention to diet, toxic metals in the environment and other such factors to reduce criminality?  We would say yes, without a question.  We also suggest screening all children and correcting their body chemistry with diet and supplementary nutrients to prevent criminal behavior.




To use this tool, one simply looks for certain patterns on a hair mineral test that is performed correctly.  While the test is not used too much in medical care, when performed and interpreted correctly it is a reliable and excellent test.  It is also inexpensive and testing is non-invasive.

We have worked with hair tissue mineral testing for 38 years.  We noticed that there exist mineral patterns that can predict or are associated with criminal behavior.  Before discussing them, here are principles that must be observed: 

General principles:

1. Criminality patterns on a tissue mineral test usually involve an important mineral level or ratio that is far out of balance.

            2. The patterns below must appear on an initial hair mineral test.  On a retest, one follows a nutritional balancing program, usually one is simply passing through an old pattern.  This is not associated with a criminal tendency.

3. For accuracy, the hair sample must NOT be washed at the laboratory.  Unfortunately, most laboratories wash the hair at the lab.

4. The hair must be sampled from the head, neck, and perhaps the underarms or chest.  Pubic hair samples are less accurate.






This pattern is due to consuming a special diet and using certain products.  We call it the cult or rape diet.  Some people with this pattern are criminals.

Criteria.  One or more of the following must be present.  When more are present, it increases the likelihood of the pattern.

1. Nickel level greater than 0.19 mg%.

2. Lead level greater than 0.06 mg%.

3. Aluminum greater than 0.4 mg%.

4. Mercury greater than 0.035 mg%.

5. Manganese greater than 0.04 mg%.

6. Iron greater than 2 mg%.


Meaning.  Some of these people are often criminal operatives.  They are  following orders to consume rooibos or red tea (nickel and lead), use antiperspirants (aluminum), eat the cult or rape diet (tunafish daily), and/or participate in rape parties (manganese).

Some with the pattern are partners of a criminal and are forced to eat or drink the toxins.

For more details.  Read The Cult or Rape Diet and Rape.




Criteria.  This pattern consists of:

1. A calcium shell with a calcium level above about 500 mg% in a woman or about 450 mg% in a man. 

2. The calcium/magnesium ratio and the sodium/potassium ratio may be excellent.

3. Other criminal indicators are often present such as elevated lead, mercury, cadmium, copper, iron and/or nickel.

4. The sodium/potassium ratio is always normal or elevated above 2.5.


Meaning.  A high calcium shell always indicates:

1. Trauma, such as rape or beatings.

2. Whipped, or exhausted.

3. Deep emotional suppression

4. Hiding ones true self

5. Very toxic body.

Our experience is these are often high-level, white collar criminals and this pattern is usually seen in women in high-level criminal positions.

For more details, read The Calcium Shell.




Criteria.  This pattern consists of high or toxic levels of three minerals:

1. Iron above 2 mg%  AND

2. Manganese above 0.04 mg%  AND

3. Aluminum above about 0.4 mg%.

The pattern may be present if only one or two of these are elevated, as well. (see below).


Iron. Elevated iron is associated with rage.  Iron often settles in the amygdala, a part of the brain associated with rage and anger.

Manganese.  Elevated manganese is associated with a non-emotional, cynical and psychopathic tendency. 

Many of those who shoot up schoolyards and related types of crimes have high hair manganese levels.

Manganese madness is a condition seen in manganese miners, welders, and others exposed to high levels of manganese.  It can cause criminal behavior.

Aluminum.  Elevated aluminum is associated with dementia and being “soft in the head”.

When minerals are found together on a tissue mineral test, it is called an alloy.  This one has to do with criminality and juvenile delinquency.

The irritants.  These particular minerals often are in an oxide form (iron oxide, manganese oxide, aluminum oxide).  They are very irritating to the body.  They irritate and stimulate the adrenal glands and the thyroid gland and seem to have an adaptive role to help keep a tired body going.

The amigos.  We sometimes also call them the ‘amigos’ because they are often found together on a tissue mineral test.

Delinquency.  Edward Gogek, MD, a psychiatrist, observed high levels of iron and manganese in all cases of a group of high school boys who were sent to a reform school for boys in Arizona.  All the boys were “troublemakers” in high schools throughout the United States.  They could be called common thugs.


1. Very high iron alone.  The iron level is greater than 6.5 mg%.  The manganese and aluminum may or may not be elevated.

2. High manganese alone.  This could be a person who is participating in the gasoline cult ritual, which raises the hair manganese level.  The person is not necessarily a criminal, but often is participating in criminal activity.

3. Two of the three amigos elevated.  This can also be a criminal pattern.

For more details, read the Amigos – Manganese, Iron and Aluminum.  Also see the chapter on Manganese in Toxic Metal Syndrome by Dr. H. Richard Casdorph and Dr. Morton Walker, Avery Publishing Group, New York, 1995.

Another excellent little book on diet and crime is Diet, Crime And Delinquency by Alexander Schauss, Parker House, 1981.




This pattern consists of:

1. At least a manganese level of less than 0.019 mg% (a poor eliminator pattern) and moreso if the manganese is less than 0.09 mg % (a very poor eliminator pattern).  These indicate manganese toxicity.  The lower the manganese level, the more pronounced the toxicity.

2. Other criteria that strengthen the pattern are:

a. A four lows pattern.  This inhibits manganese elimination even more.

b. A low sodium/potassium ratio.  This also inhibits manganese detoxification or elimination.

c. An iron level less than 0.7 mg%. This is a very poor eliminator with iron, and this often accompanies manganese problems.  Iron toxicity is associated with anger and rage.

d. Person’s occupation or hobby is welding.  Welders are exposed to manganese and iron fumes during welding.  This is the source of their toxic manganese.




The two cliff patterns are associated with extreme stress and a degree of “disconnect” with this world.  This may be associated with psychopathic or sociopathic behavior, though we have not researched it enough to say for sure.


THE THREE CLIFF.  Criteria.  This pattern consists of:

1. Very elevated levels of calcium, magnesium, and sodium  AND

2. A very low level of potassium. 



High calcium and magnesium. These indicate emotional suppression, hiding out and perhaps a calcium shell, although in this case the calcium level does not need to be at 165 mg%, the level required for a calcium shell.  These people are calm and often professionals such as attorneys, doctors and other white collar criminals.

High sodium.  A high sodium level indicates inflammation, volatility and a toxic yang condition.

Low potassium.  A low potassium indicates an imbalanced autonomic nervous system pattern called Sympathetic Dominance.  It means the person is overusing the fight-or-flight nervous system and pushes himself or herself.

Very high sodium/potassium ratio.  This is associated with extreme anger, hatred, acute stress and inflammation.

These people are generally sociopaths, meaning they look normal and happy, but are engaged in criminal activity.

They are calm and unemotional because they have an elevated calcium and magnesium, which suppresses emotion.  However, they have too much copper.  Hidden copper indicators include elevated calcium and low potassium.

They often have poor eliminators for iron, manganese and other toxic metals that are associated with some of the other criminal patterns including the three amigos and toxic pattern.



A double high ratio pattern with a low potassium level.  This is somewhat similar to a cliff pattern, but with an elevated calcium/magnesium ratio as well.  It is another extreme anger pattern.


ONE CLIFF.  This is a recently discovered (June 2018) possible criminal pattern.  It consists of a very high calcium level (at least 165 or so), and very low levels of magnesium, sodium and potassium.  The pattern always includes Spiritual Defensiveness pattern and may be the same as an L pattern.

For more details, read The Cliff Patterns.





1. The tissue levels of calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium are all elevated.

2. The calcium/magnesium ratio is greater than 12.

3. The sodium/potassium ratio is greater than 4 or 5.



High calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium.  This is a powerful inflammation pattern.  It is a toxic or weak yang in acupuncture terms.  It is also a slow metabolizer with secondary acute stress.  We call it a “slow under stress”.

High calcium/magnesium ratio and high sodium/potassium ratio.  This is double anger, double acute stress and double inflammation.

Putting these together, it is a pattern of extreme inflammation and extreme anger.

This pattern is called “the hard driver”.


More details. Read The Hard Driver on this website.





1. Calcium/magnesium ratio is above 10.

2. Sodium/potassium ratio is less than 2.

3. Often, the calcium and potassium levels are high, while the sodium and magnesium levels are low.



1. Stuck.  This is bowl pattern, with is associated with feeling emotionally and mentally stuck.

2. Trauma.  A sodium/potassium ratio less than 2 is associated with resentment, frustration and hostility.  A ratio less than 1 is always a trauma indicator.





1. A three high macromineral pattern.

2. A low sodium level

3. A calcium/magnesium ratio in the normal range

4. A sodium/potassium ratio less than 1. 



Three high macrominerals is an inflammation pattern.

A sodium/potassium ratio less than 1 often indicates trauma, and the pattern may be associated with resentment and hostility.





1. The tissue level of beryllium is above



Elevated beryllium is not common.  However, it is associated with violence and a murderous tendency.





Cobalt level above 0.001 mg%.



The most common reason for elevated cobalt is taking vitamin B12 in the form of shots or pills.  Most people who do this are older people.  The amount of B12 in a multiple vitamin usually will not raise the hair cobalt level.

A high level in a younger person (under 60) can mean that the cult has insisted upon a B12 supplement.  This does occur, at times.




I have not seen this pattern because ARL does not read germanium levels.  However, others have told me that it is associated with criminality.




  If more than one of the above patterns are present at the same time on a hair mineral analysis, it increases the chances that criminality is present.  Often the person is a higher level criminal or criminal leader.




William Walsh, PhD, did hair mineral testing on prisoners in a California State Prison.  He used Doctors Data Laboratory for hair testing, which is not as accurate because they wash the hair at the lab.  However, he identified two patterns that he described as:

1. Psychopathic.  The hair mineral pattern was one of fast oxidation with a low sodium/potassium ratio.  Fast oxidation is associated with paranoia, energy vampirism, aggression, hyperactivity, belligerence, and an indifference or insensitivity to others.

2. Episodic violence.  The hair mineral pattern was one of slow oxidation with elevated copper.  Slow oxidizers are more fatigued and introverted, and often depressed.  Some also have a calcium shell so they are out of touch, hiding and traumatized.  Copper toxicity tends to increase all the emotions. 

These prisoners were not inherently violent, but when provoked or stressed, they would commit crimes due to high copper, which accentuates emotions.




            These patterns may be associated with criminality.  However, they are found more commonly in the general population, or we have less experience with them so they are still being researched.


Four highs with a very high sodium/potassium ratio AND high toxic metals indicating a person is following the cult diet.  These can nickel, mercury, cadmium, aluminum, and manganese.  This pattern is new and still being researched. 

It is a “high vampire” pattern.  It is a vampire pattern (fast oxidizer with a good Na/K ratio) and it is high because all the macromineral values are elevated.


Criminal Leader Pattern = 2x calcium shell or higher AND a potassium level of 1 or 2 AND elevated manganese AND other elevated readings – usually iron, aluminum, nickel, mercury, cobalt and lead


            Four high double low pattern.  This may be a criminal pattern.




Any of these toxic metals can be associated with and perhaps lead to criminal behavior.  This is a rather common finding, however, so it is less useful than some of the others.

Copper.  Hair copper greater than about 5 or 6 mg% can indicate an emotional tendency.  Young women commit more crime during the week before their menstrual period.  Copper is highest at this time in a woman’s menstrual cycle and may have something to do with this fact.

Cadmium.  Cadmium is called the pseudo-masculine element or the “macho” element.  It hardens the body and it hardens the personality.  A hair level greater than about 0.1 mg% can indicate a psychopathic tendency, in some cases.

Nickel.  Hair nickel greater than about 0.19 mg% often indicates that the person is drinking rooibos tea, or the red tea as it is sometimes called.  This may or may not indicate criminal tendencies, as well.  Nickel toxicity is associated with a tendency to follow orders, depression, suicidal thoughts and it is a “child mineral” that can attach a person to others.

Lead.  This is associated with a lowered IQ, hyperactivity in children and adults, and some criminal tendency.


More details.  Please read Copper ToxicitY Syndrome, Cadmium, Nickel and Lead. 





1. A calcium/magnesium ratio greater than 13.5. 



This is called a spiritual defensiveness pattern.  It signifies that something in a person’s lifestyle is being defended, and yet is getting in the way of one’s health.  Usually, this is a relationship, a job or work, or an attitude or habit.

In some cases, it relates to criminal behavior that the person knows is wrong.


More details. 

Read Spiritual Defensiveness on this site.




            Energetic vampirism occurs when a person steals subtle energy from another person.  While it is not nice behavior, it is often not technically criminal.



1. Fast oxidation in an older child or an adult.  (Fast oxidation is the normal oxidation pattern in children between age 0 and age 3-10).



Energy vampires are able to steal subtle energy from others.  They tend to be selfish and somewhat aggressive.  This may or may not result in criminal behavior, as it can be very subtle.


Double And Triple vampires.

If the sodium/potassium ratio is greater than 3, it is a double vampire pattern.

If, in addition, the calcium/magnesium ratio also greater than 10, it is a triple vampire pattern.


More details.  Read Energy Vampirism on this website.





1. Zinc less than about 11 mg%.



Zinc is a sedative mineral, and is specifically needed for emotional stability.  Low zinc is associated with emotional instability.  It might indicate criminal behavior, especially if it is combined with high levels of copper, cadmium and perhaps lead and other toxic metals.


More details.

              Read Zinc on this website.





1. Visual patterns on the calibrated graph from ARL labs on the second four minerals such as:

1. Vampire pattern

2. Four high double high

3. Keyhole pattern.



The second four minerals on a calbrated chart from ARL repeat the tendencies of the first four minerals.  However, they are occurring at a deeper level.  This is less reliable, and we don’t have enough research to say more about it at this time (2016).




Criteria: Selenium above 0.12 mg%, chromium above 0.12 mg% or phosphorus above 16 mg%.


Meaning: The cult occasionally forces people to use Selsun Blue or other selenium-containing shampoo.  However, other people also use these shampoos, so this is a less reliable indicator of criminality.

The cult occasionally feeds a person chromium.  This is a somewhat more reliable indicator than selenium, but rarely chromium toxicity is from drinking well water or some other source.

The cult also occasionally forces a person to use a product that makes the hair shiny.  This will raise the hair phosphorus level.  This is also only a moderately reliable indicator, since some others also use this product.




Very slow oxidation rate (Ca/K > 200), with a Ca/Mg ratio above 25 and sympathetic dominance.  This pattern is new and still being researched.


Two of the three amigos at poor eliminator pattern (very low levels).  This is also newer and not as well researched yet.




This possible criminal pattern is not well-studied.  The pattern consists of a 2x or greater calcium shell, potassium level of 1 or 2 mg%, manganese level above 0.04 mg% and high levels of other toxic metals.




Anyone who works in the criminal justice system knows that all criminals do not think alike.  Here are some of the more common types of criminals, and how their hair mineral tests often appear:


Episodic or moody.  These people are often slow oxidizers and often have either an elevated hair copper level (greater than 2.5 mg%) or they have indicators for hidden copper.  For details about copper, read Copper Toxicity Syndrome.

Aggressive.  These people often have a hard driver pattern on their hair test.  This is a four highs pattern and a double high ratio pattern.

Stuck or out of options.  These people often have a bowl pattern or a keyhole pattern on a hair mineral test.

Angry.  A number of criminal types are angry.  They often have an elevated sodium/potassium ratio, perhaps ah elevated calcium/magnesium ratio with it, a four highs pattern, sympathetic dominance pattern, or elevated iron.

Psychopathic or no feelings.  These people are schizophrenic and perhaps brainwashed.  They may show high manganese, high cadmium or other high toxic metals.  Many are fast oxidizers who also lack awareness of the feelings and rights of others.

Sociopathic.  These people are similar to those above, except they are often slow oxidizers.  They dress well, speak well, hold responsible jobs or positions, and are often difficult to detect.

Oppositional/defiant.  These people break the law just to spite society and the police.  They may show a fast oxidizer pattern with a low sodium/potassium ratio.

Violent.  These people often have an elevated cadmium, and perhaps the three amigo pattern with elevated iron, manganese and aluminum.

Dull. These people often have an elevated lead level and do not think clearly.

Attention getters. These people may have elevated boron, a calcium shell or a sympathetic dominant pattern on a hair mineral test.

Vampires. These are people prey on others for energetic reasons.  They are often fast oxidizers with elevated sodium/potassium ratios and perhaps elevated calcium/magnesium ratios.

Toxic or ill. These people may have a four lows pattern or elevated toxic metals.

Crazy or insane. This is associated with elevated mercury.  It may be hidden on an initial hair test, or at times, the mercury level will be very low, indicating a poor eliminator pattern.  For details, read Poor Eliminators.

Power seekers.  These people are almost always fast oxidizers.






Deficiencies or excesses in the levels of common minerals can have profound effects upon the brain and nervous system.  This is well known in medical science, although assessment of the tissue minerals is often not performed upon criminals. 

We specialize in assessing mineral levels, ratios and patterns in human hair.  We believe that all three of these assessments are important for identifying criminal behavior.  Here are some examples:



1. Elevated hair levels of manganese, iron, lead and/or cadmium are associated with a psychopathic personality tendency.

2. Elevated hair copper is associated with out-of-control emotions, as is a low hair zinc level or a low zinc/copper ratio.

3. Elevated hair chromium can be associated with feeling out of the body, with others controlling the personality.  This can be associated with criminal behavior, in some cases.

4. Elevated calcium above about 165 mg% in a woman or 155 mg% in a man (a calcium shell pattern) is associated with trauma, numbness, lowered awareness, and psychological withdrawal.

5. Low levels of calcium and magnesium are associated with belligerence and aggressiveness.



1. A low sodium/potassium ratio is associated with feelings of frustration, resentment and hostility.  A ratio less than 1 is also associated with trauma.

2. An elevated sodium/potassium ratio is associated with anger and rage.

3. A low calcium/potassium ratio along with a high sodium/magnesium ratio is associated with fast oxidation, aggressiveness and at times paranoid behavior.



1. The bowl pattern = feeling stuck in one’s life.

2. Cliff pattern = extreme anger.


The large topic of how minerals relate to personality is covered in more depth in an article entitled Minerals And Personality on this website.




            Human beings have what is called an “old brain”, also called the animal brain or the emotional brain.  It is basically the brain stem or diencephalon.  This brain is associated with our emotions and with the oxidation rate. 

Its activity must be modified and softened by the activity of the “new brain”, also called the cortex or higher brain.  It is literally higher on the head, and sort of sits atop the old brain or diencephalon.  If this does not happen, then the animal brain can take precedence, leading to crime and violence.

            Copper is important to stimulate the activity of the old brain, while zinc is important, along with selenium and other minerals, to activate the cortex or new brain.  The balance of the minerals in the body therefore is very important to maintain the proper balance between these areas of our brains.  Elevated copper and low zinc, for example, is one common criminal pattern associated with extreme emotions, loss of emotional control, and episodic crime.




            Another understanding of brain chemistry and functioning that can help understand crime is to realize that our brains have three levels of functioning, and problems in each level can cause crime and violence:


1. The physical brain structure.  Problems here cause memory lapses, dementias, brain fog, poor cognition or faulty thinking.  This can cause some types of crime due to lack of understanding of the feelings of others, for example.


2. Animal responses.  This is the same as the “old brain” functions described above.  Problems here cause excessive emotions, lack of self-control when stressed, and desire for revenge, perhaps, or other desires to harm others whom one feels have harmed you.


3. The tuning system.  The higher brain of humans, especially, can tune to various ideas, and levels of functioning.  This is very valuable, but can go awry.  For example, one can tune into the realm of the dead, discarnate entities, and other strange voices and hallucinations.  This causes some schizophrenias that definitely can lead to criminal behavior.


These three types of brain functioning and disorders related to each of them are discussed in more depth in Nutritional Balancing And Hair Mineral Analysis (2010, 2014 and 2016 editions) by Dr. Wilson.




            Another way to understand some criminal tendencies is by understanding the seven physical energy centers in a human being or animal.  A brief description of this understanding is as follows:


1st Center (located in the perineum, between the vagina or scrotum and the anal area).  This center has to do with survival.  Aberrations include a feeling of paranoia, scarcity, unrealistic thoughts and/or lack of self-discipline that can lead to crime.  The person may commit crime just to survive, or it seems that way.


2nd Center (located about 1.5 inches below the belly button). 

This center is associated with sex and intimate relationships.  Aberrations in this center cause extreme sexual urges, sexual perversion, “doing it for love”, crimes of passion, and some types of vampirism.  This can result in beatings, rape, other violence and murder.


            3rd Center (located at the solar plexus area). 

This center has to do with control, power, beliefs, and “gut feelings”.  Crime coming from aberrations here have to do with maintaining or achieving power and control, improper beliefs about self and others, or improper interpretations of ‘gut feelings’ that are usually not moderated by higher emotions such as love and compassion.


            4th Center (located near the heart). 

This center has to do with social relationships, work relationships and other non-intimate relationships.  Aberrations here can cause co-dependent relationships, other poor-quality relationships, and an extreme need to be accepted, to gain attention, to gain approval of others or fame, perhaps.  Any of this can cause criminal tendencies in the effort to gain attention or approval, for example.


            5th Center (located in the throat area). 

This center has to do with work and other creative activities and expression.  Aberrations at this level can cause cheating in business, counterfeiting of projects, stealing, and related crimes.


            6th Center (located between the eyebrows). 

This center has to do with knowledge and expansion of a person’s sphere of influence.  Aberrations here can cause crimes motivated by egoism, false knowledge, some brain diseases, and ideological fixations such as communism or socialism, or any “ism”.

            Some of the common justifications for crime related to this center are:

a) Everyone cheats and lies a little, so I will, too.

b) Do unto others before they do unto you.

c) The ends justify the means.

d) I am superior, so I can lord it over others.

e) Life is total chaos, so it doesn’t matter.

f) No one really cares about me, so I will not care about them or their property.


            7th Center (located near the crown of the head).  This center has to do with one’s connection with the spiritual or unseen realm, guidance, God or the ‘high self’.  Aberrations here, usually a closed seventh center, is associated with false religions, megalomania, and a “God complex” leading to lack of caring for the feelings, property or body of others.  It can also make a person feel very lonely, paranoid, unstable and lacking a positive direction in one’s life.


            Summary: This scheme or understanding may help us understand crime more deeply, as follows:


1st center crime – done from desperation, to survive.

2nd center crime – crimes of passion and hatred.

3rd center crime – crime motivated by power, greed, energy vampirism, and the desire to be in control of self and others.  This center may be associated with crime due to immaturity and rebellion.

4th center crime – crime caused by social frustration, lack of love or acceptance, or co-dependency.  Psychopathology and sociopathology may be related to this center.

5th center crime – cheating, lying and stealing related to work situations or creativity blocks.  Crimes due to revenge may have to do with aberrations in this center.

6th center crime – crime justified by ideological, religious, or philosophical reasons.  Crime by brainwashed and hypnotized people, and by Mafia families has to do with this center.

7th center crime – egomania, narcissism, delusions of grandeur, religious fanatics, and lack of connection with the high self or with others.


            In addition, crime can occasionally be due to simple ignorance, incompetence, a cry for help for self or another, and perhaps incidents from a past time.  Crime due to chemical imbalances in the brain or body can, in theory, have to do with any or all of these levels.




Medical and recreational drugs.  Medical drugs can cause criminal behavior.  The best known example is that SSRI anti-depressants given to young people, in particular, are associated with homicide, suicide and other criminal acts.  This appears to occur because these drugs cause separation from reality and elation at the same time.

Recreational drugs can act by reducing inhibitions, by deranging one’s thoughts, by stimulating the emotions, or by other means.

Pesticides.  Exposure to some pesticides that are cholinesterase inhibitors can cause extreme agitation and irritation of the nervous system that, in turn, may lead to criminal behavior. 

Marijuana.  Other toxic chemicals, including street drugs and even marijuana, can cause criminal behavior in some people simply by detaching a person from normal means of inhibiting anti-social behavior, and often by other means, as well.

Food chemicals.  In some people, reactions to foods such as sugar, or to chemicals in foods can cause allergic reactions that can alter behavior.

Hypoglycemia from a deranged body chemistry or from eating sweets is known to cause mental confusion and sometimes violent behavior.  About 30 years ago, the mayor of San Francisco was killed by a man who escaped the death sentence by claiming “the twinkie defense”.  This meant that he was under the influence of sugar at the time he committed the murder.

Toxic metals.  All of the major toxic metals are neurotoxic.  This means they profoundly affect the brain and can cause aberrant behavior.  These include lead, mercury, cadmium, arsenic, aluminum, nickel and beryllium.

Biological Toxins.  It is possible, but not common, for a viral or bacterial infection to alter behavior.  The best known example is the violent effects of the rabies virus on dogs and other animals.




We have seen many cases in which a person who engaged in criminal behavior has changed and become an upstanding citizen as a result of a development program.

We theorize that reasons why this may occur are improved brain function, resolution of traumas, removal of toxic metals and perhaps a general increase in the energy level of the body.

Often, when this type of change occurs, a person will show a double right anchor pattern in their hair mineral test.  This signifies an important moral improvement in a person’s life.  For details, read Pivot And Anchor Patterns.


            Other articles about crime on this website are:

Delinquency and Nutritional Balancing



How People Are Influenced Mentally

Crime – A Political Perspective



1. Casdorph, H.R. and Walker, M.,Toxic Metal Syndrome, Avery Publishing Group, New York, 1995.

2. Schauss, A., Diet, Crime And Delinquency, Parker House, Berkeley, California, revised 1981.



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