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Elves are real creatures.  For the past 19 years, I have been able to communicate with them because I faithfully follow the development program, as taught on this website only (there are many imitators that teach it incorrectly).

All the information in this article comes directly from the elves.  They would like to communicate with many more people.

For details about development and how to begin a program, read Introduction To The Development Program and Introduction To Development.




1. The elves are a large group of small, human-shaped fine matter beings.  Trillions of them exist.  They inhabit the forests and other wooded and green areas of the earth and some live in outer space.

Elves cannot be seen by most people because their fine matter bodies are of a lower density than ours.

Other names.  Elves are also called fairies, gnomes, leprechauns or hobbits.  In the Wizard Of Oz story, they are called the munchkins. 

2. Elf or elfin is also a very high level of consciousness that exists on earth and on other planets, as well.

At this level of consciousness, one views all the creatures of the earth with awe and respect, is careful in all one does, and is gentle, kind, caring and intelligent.

3. Elf also refers to a kind of intelligence about the earth that is quite remarkable.  It is a kind of knowing or understanding that characterizes the elf beings and some human beings who live at this level of intelligence.




            Elves are one of the most important of the fine matter creatures on, around and inside the earth.  They are essential to protect, support and nourish all plant life on earth. Without them, the plant life on earth would have a difficult time surviving.

            Elves are involved with literally hundreds of projects.  Most have to do with keeping the planet clean and healthy.  They help control the climate, for example, and the “climate change” agenda is totally false for this reason.

            The elves also control moisture on the planet and much more.




Numbers.  Trillions of elves exist.  Many are not on earth.  However, millions are assigned to this planet.

Personality.  Elves are a high level of consciousness or soul development.  As a result, they are knowing, wise creatures with good judgment and a refined, artistic nature.

Relation to human beings.  Most elves are far more conscious than most human beings.  However, interestingly, some human beings on all planets have an elfin nature.

That is, there are human beings that live at the same advanced level of development and maturity as the elves.  You can often tell the human beings who have an elfin nature because they are gentle, sweet people.

They say humans are becoming a more advanced species.  This requires more Development and Maturity.

Anatomy and physiology.  Elves are about the size of an adult pinky finger or about 4 inches tall.  They are slender, delicate-looking creatures.

They weigh very little because their bodies are made of a very lightweight material called fine matter.

For details about this material, read Body Types.  Introducing the idea of fine matter bodies is one of the goals of this website.

Elf bodies look like miniature human bodies, with arms, legs, and a trunk.  They also have relatively large wings that extend from the area of their shoulder blades.

Their physiology is not quite the same as that of humans.  Their bodies are simpler and much tougher than those of human beings.  For example, they can tolerate very cold and very warm temperatures easily.

They eat a little, drink a little, and breathe a little air.  They also urinate and defecate a little, but not much. 

Elves have a propulsion unit in the center of the chest that allows them to fly around.  This is similar to the method souls use for flight.  They use their wings to help guide them in flight.

Biochemistry.  Elves have a higher iodine level than most human beings, a very important element for them.  Their bodies are also high in silicon and selenium, considered “spiritual minerals” in development science.  This just means that these elements can give anyone certain abilities and personality tendencies.

Everyone today needs more iodine from kelp and more silicon and selenium in cooked vegetables.  Pills do not provide the same nutrient compounds.

Structure.  Fine matter creatures do not have solid bones, as we do.  They have a spine, but it is a softer material.

Sexuality.  Elves are male or female, and they have tiny genital organs.  They reproduce sexually.  The females lay eggs and the males fertilize the eggs.

Elves are not particularly sexy creatures and they say human beings waste a lot of time and energy being sexy, dressing, combing the hair, putting on makeup and other superficial activitites.

Length of life.  Elves live very long lives, at least 1000 years or more.  This is due to their diets of only natural foods, and other factors in their lifestyles, anatomy and physiology.

Sickness among the elves.  Many elves are not healthy.  This is due to attacks upon them by the Rogues.  This affects the life and work of many elves.  All of humanity suffers as a result.

Social life.  Elves are social beings.  They are usually with their biological or entity twin.  This is another elf whose body contains the twin soul of the partner.  For details, read Twins.

Elves also live in groups of at least 20 or more.  This is for protection and for social and work reasons, as well.

Water and shade.  Water and some shade from the sun are very important for elves.  Although some live in the deserts, all of them love being around water, sitting underneath the cover of leaves or rocks, and hearing the sound of water falling through rocks and around plants.  Please remember this, as this is where you will often find elves.

Elves also love steam and the condensation that rises off the plants.  They also love the morning dew that collects on the leaves of plants in most locations.  They do not drink much of this water, but they like to wash themselves in it, and they insist it has special healing qualities for them.

Housing.  Elves live outside and at times, build shelters that they may make from natural materials such as leaves and grasses.  They may also take shelter in natural caves or hollowed out logs, or other places that are available where they live.

They tolerate heat and cold very well, so the home is not so much a place to stay warm.  It is more of a place to be most at peace and comfortable, two qualities elves enjoy.

Elves love small entrances and separate exits from their habitations that only they can fit through.

Communication.  Elves use the Ebre language.  This is an ancient version of Hebrew that is spoken throughout the cosmos.  It is a power language that will be taught on earth in the future.  The New Earth Newsletter has several posts about it from 2020.

Elves also often learn the language of the people in their area so they can communicate with them more easily.  Elves communicate with plants and animals by getting in touch with souls that live inside the plants or creatures.

Elves can speak to human beings.  Some people hear the whispers of elves and we encourage you to listen for their soft voices.  It can sound like mumbling or whispers.

An unusual quality of elves who are healthy is they can communicate with each other over long distances.  This is due to several tiny glands they have around their ears.  This ability allows them to stay in touch with one another over long distances, even between planets.

Music.  Elves enjoy soft, rather ethereal music.  One album they like is Dreamflight 2.  Playing this album will help attract elves to your home.

Leadership.  Leadership among the elves is mainly arranged according to the age of the elves.  For example, there is a senior council in many areas of the world and the wisdom of the older elves is shared with all the elves in their area.

The senior councils are in touch with each other around the world and beyond it.  In this way, everyone stays in touch.




1. Plants.  Elves take care of all the plants on a planet.  This is one of their major tasks.  Without the elves to oversee the plants, many would die.  The elves help the plants find water, find good soil to grow in, keep away predators, and more.

2. The planet. Certain elves help maintain the magnetic field of the earth in its proper strength and direction.  This is a very specialized job requiring special training and abilities.

Other elves defend the earth against certain invaders.  Still others protect the soil and fields of the earth against diseases and other hazards.

Others elves work with farmers and ranchers to assist them to feed their crops and their animal herds around the earth.  Still others do other jobs around the earth to keep the earth spinning correctly on its axis, and in its proper orbit.

You might wonder how tiny creatures can do all this.  However, healthy elves have many unusual abilities, and can wield a lot of power, even over a large planet such as the earth.

5. Other.  Elves sometimes have other functions, as well.  They can do healing work, assist people with their relationships, and more.

At this time, we are told that the elves are helping rehabilitate the earth to return it to being a highly spiritual planet and not a secular planet.  They say that today most people waste most of their time in silly pursuits.  Earth is intended to be mainly a spiritual planet and the elves are assisting in making this a reality.




Food and herbs.  Elves eat mostly plant foods, but they also need some animal protein, as do all human beings.  Please do not be a vegetarian!  It is bad for your health.

Elves also like certain herbs such as elecampane root, juniper berries, and greens such as Swiss chard and dandelion greens.

Lavender and pine essential oils.  Elves enjoy certain scents.  Among them are lavender and Scottish pine.  A few drops placed in an area may attract more elves.  The lavender needs to be high quality, however, or they will not come around.

These are high level scents that seem to remind elves of who they are and why they are here.  Human beings can also use these around their homes and offices.  Use very little, however, because they are somewhat yin and too much will unbalance the body.  Women can use one drop only on the body, but no more.

Other needs.  Elves often need some of the light of a red 250-watt “heat lamp”, and many elves need to breathe more oxygen or ozone to feel well.




We are told that elves want humanity to know about them, and to be open to believing in them, even if they cannot be seen by most people. 

In addition, they have much to share with us regarding how to live our lives in the greatest harmony with the earth and with the plants and the animals.  Here are some teachings one of their leaders wants to convey at this time:


1. We love you.  The elves are your friends and neighbors, wherever you are and whatever you do with your life.  You are never alone, and there is no real privacy from the elves.  We watch you move about and live your lives.  We definitely intervene at times to assist you.

Very rarely, an elf will be called upon to stop a human being who is intentionally harming others.  This is quite rare, however.  We carry weapons and we can give a person quite a shock if we desire to do so.

2. We are friendly and not too strange.  There are many stories about us on earth.  Many are wrong.  Most of them are not bad, but a few describe us as temperamental, fearful and awkward creatures.  This is when we are ill, which has been the case.  However, many elves are healthier now.  Healthy elves are very sleek, slender, agile and happy creatures.

3. We love the earth and all her inhabitants.  We are the original environmentalists, one might say.  We hate the desecration of the earth, which is mainly due to the dumping of atomic power plant waste products, and exploding atomic bombs inside the earth.  This must stop, as it is difficult to get rid of.

The use of gasoline, oil, coal, and natural gas are not a problem, by the way.  Please do not believe the nonsense about “climate change”.  This is just an attempt to impose world totalitarian government using the excuse that we must “save the earth”.  The fossil fuel technologies are not the cleanest ones, but they do not ruin the earth.

Having said this, the elves know that burning fossil fuels is completely unnecessary, costly and needlessly pollutes the earth.  We could run all the cars and machines and homes on etheric energy, which is everywhere, plentiful, and available at no cost.  This has been discovered or invented and will soon be coming to the earth.

The truth is that the climate on planet earth is under the control of elves.  Mankind’s activities do not affect it much at all, no matter what anyone claims.  We feel sorry for all the well-meaning people on earth who believe all the global warming nonsense and support environmental political parties.  Some are rascals who just want to scare and control you!

4. We know a lot about your planet.  You can access that knowledge, but you must ask repeatedly and sincerely.  This is the truth.  A few of your great scientists do this, and this is why they seem to know a lot.

We are working with Dr. Wilson at this moment.  He asks a lot of questions and wants the truth.  The truth is not always pleasant or politically correct, but is always interesting.

5. We love all of mankind, no matter what anyone says.  Some people think we only love those who love us, or those who love nature.  This is not so.  We love all people, even if they abuse the planet, as some do.

Please do not desecrate the planet.  Cultivate the land and do not use agricultural chemicals including superphosphate fertilizers.  Build homes in such a way that the natural ebb and flow of the land and the seas or rivers are preserved.  They all support millions of creatures who need homes, too.

6. America.  We love America with her culture of liberty and equal justice (not social justice, which is not justice at all).  America is not racist, as some teach.  In fact, it is one of the most non-racist societies on earth.

The American nation was not founded upon slavery, another lie taught in some schools today.  America inherited the slave system from the British and quickly began to undo and take apart this horror.

7. Environmental laws.  The elves do not like the trend in America to restrict land use with thousands of environmental protection laws and regulations.  Freedom or liberty is an absolute good, and must not be tampered with too much.  Please remember this when you think about passing more environmental and other laws.

In fact, get rid of many laws that just restrict freedom.  Please do this. 

Recent environmental laws enacted by the Obama administration in the United States (2008-2015) are horrible, intended to:

- steal the land away from the owners,

- ruin the industry in the United States,

- hurt the lives of the citizens in other ways.

They are unnecessary, malicious and vicious in an attempt to ruin the nation.  Please listen and please do not elect more like him and his Democratic party, which is really the Communist Party of the United States.

For more about the goals of the elves for the cleanup of planet earth, please read Healing The Earth on this website.






Elves are most easily seen by young girls, and less often by adult women.  This is important at this time in history when women are taking a larger role in societal affairs.  Women need to listen carefully, and the elves in their homes and their gardens will speak to them softly and beautifully.

Men can tune in, too, but women are a little more sensitive and may hear more easily.  The communication can be telepathic or elves may fly close to your ears and speak to you directly.

Elves help women in many ways: in their marriages, with their children, and with everything to do with women.  Elves are very aware that women suffer in most societies more than men because they are physically weaker, with less muscular coordination, usually, and for other reasons such as stupid laws and insane religions that persecute women for no good reason.

Women also relate to elves because elves are more feminine than most creatures on earth.  Little girls are the most tuned in to elves.  For this reason, in movies and books about elves, usually the heroine or contact with the elves is made by a little girl.  This is the case in such films as Fairy Tale – A True Story, The Wizard Of Oz, Peter Pan, Snow White, and some of the Santa Claus legends.




Many books exist about elves, and a number of them were made into films.  The accuracy of these varies a lot.  Among the most famous Hollywood descriptions of elves are:


1. Fairytale – A True Story.   This is a 1997 film that is very well done.  It is the true story of two British school-age girls who could see elves, and who photographed them.

The photos were examined by photographic experts and declared to be genuine.  The story generated quite a lot of controversy about 100 years ago.

We suggest renting this movie for a delightful entertainment experience.  The film has one scene in which a man with only one eye from World War I shows up that could be scary for very young children, so watch out for this about half way or longer through the film.

2. The Wizard Of Oz.  In this book and movie, the elves are called the munchkins.  The story is not too accurate, but is not totally incorrect.

3. The works of J.R. Tolkin.  Some of his fictional stories involve elves.

4. Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs.  In this fairy tale, the dwarfs are actually elves, who assist snow white.

5. The legend of Santa Claus.  Santa is assisted by rather large elves in making toys.  For more details about this interesting story, read Saint Nickolas of Myra And The Legend Of Santa Claus.

6. Peter Pan (the book and movie)

7. Other fairy tales and stories, mainly children’s stories.


Of these, the first is a fairly accurate rendition of the life of some elves.  The others are not as accurate, but can serve to introduce the world of the elves to children and adults alike.


Other articles on this website that discuss elves are Body Types On Earth and The Life Chart.



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