by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

March 2019, LD Wilson Consultants, Inc.


All information in this article is for educational purposes only.  It is not for the diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure of any disease or health condition.


            This article briefly describes the main products used in development programs.  They are divided into:

- Products used with most people


- Products used only when a body is in a four lows pattern


- Optional products


- Remedies Used Infrequently




            Megapan – This is a special formula used with bodies in slow oxidation.  It is used to nourish the body in this metabolic condition, to increase the oxidation rate and to move bodies in this state to a healthier stage of stress.


            Stress Pack – This is a special formula used with bodies in fast oxidation provided that  the sodium/potassium ratio is elevagted or ideal (2.5 for human beings and about 0.5 for most animals).  It is used to reduce the oxidation rate, nourish bodies in this metabolic condition and move them into a healthier stage of stress.


            SBF – This is a special formula for bodies in fast oxidation, provided that the sodium/potassium ratio is less than ideal.  It is used to reduce the oxidation rate, nourish bodies in this metabolic condition and move them into a healthier stage of stress.


            Limcomin – This is a special formula used to raise a low hair tissue sodium/potassium ratio.


            Endo-dren – This is a freeze-dried adrenal glandular formula used to help nourish the adrenal glands and to increase the oxidation rate and the sodium/potassium ratio.


            Thyro-complex – This is a freeze-dried thyroid and adrenal glandular formula used to enhance the oxidation rate and support thyroid and adrenal glandular activity.


            Zinc – This is used to supply a vital mineral and to reduce the sodium/potassium ratio.


            Paramin – This is a formula of calcium and magnesium to supply these minerals in a bioavailable form.  Everyone needs a supplement of these minerals today.


            TMG or Trimethylglycine – This is a potent donor of methyl groups.  We find everyone needs some to assist liver detoxification, brain activity, and much more.


            Kelp – this is a sea vegetable that supplies iodine, as well as many minerals and other nutrients.  Iodine deficiency is the rule today.  It is particularly important for breast health, thyroid activity, cancer prevention and much more.


            GB-3 – This is a powerful and more yang digestive aid that contains pancreatin and ox bile.  It is used to assist nutrient absorption, reduce high copper, destroy cancer cells, enhance bile flow and more.


            EPA-DHA – This is an extract of fish oil and extremely important to supply omega-3 fatty acids and balance the fatty acids in the body.  These have a powerful anti-inflammatory effect and are required for brain functioning, proper cell membrane, cancer prevention and more.


            Vitamin D – This supplement supplies 5000 iu of vitamin D.  This, we find, is about the correct daily dose for adults as an anti-inflammatory, for cancer prevention, for proper calcium metabolism, and much more.


            Lecithin  - This is a new addition to development programs (March 2019) used with some people.  We currently prefer sunflower oil-based lecithin and we are still figuring out which bodies require it.  However, it is particularly helpful to reduce symptoms of anxiety and irritability that can arise during development programs.




Taurine – given to those in a four lows pattern to help them get out of this metabolic pattern.


Lysine – given to some in a four lows pattern to help get out of the pattern.


Tarragon – sprinkled on food, dried tarragon from the supermarket can help a person get out of a four lows pattern.




These are extra products that are very helpful in some situations.  We usually do not recommend them when a body is in a four lows pattern because they are somewhat stimulating.

Renamide is a special glandular or protomorphogen formula to support detoxification through the kidneys and to remove toxic metals from the kidneys.

Endo-veggies is a dried, raw vegetable capsule to supply extra nutrients.

Selenium is a food-based selenium supplement.  Selenium is in the metabolic packs, but extra is sometimes helpful.

Garlic is a concentrated garlic extract formula that supplies many nutrients.




Colloidal Silver – a colloidal preparation of silver used as a natural antibiotic.  It is much less toxic than modern antibiotics and often as effective or more effective than antibiotic drugs.  Excellent brands are Arabesque (1-888-891-0286 in America) or Sovereign Silver (found in stores in America or on the internet).


Bee Propolis – A product made by bees used to sterilize the bee hive.  We use it as a natural antibiotic in a few cases.  There are many good brands available in the USA and elsewhere.


Vitamin A – 10,000 or 25,000 iu.  We use ideally natural-derived vitamin A as a natural antibiotic in some cases.  It is much safer and stronger than many modern antibiotics.  It is very good for certain healing reactions, some infections, and to strengthen mucus membranes.  It is found in some of the other products, but at times, extra is helpful and needed.


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