by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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I. Introduction

II. Two Joining Exercises

III. Exercises That Strengthen The Energetic Joining

IV. Activities Once The Bodies Are Firmly Joined Energetically

V. More About In-Person Methods

VI. Cautions

VII. Other Topics



This article is about specific male-female blending exercises for healing, development and helping our planet. We strongly encourage everyone to do the practices in this article every day.

NOTE: This website is not sexy! However, the article is somewhat sexy and we cannot help it. We include this article on this website because the science of male-female blending is extremely powerful for healing, development and happiness. Also, it is much needed at this time.


1. Tan (pronounced like don) is an ancient Ebre word that means intertwining or joining. Tan is deep blending of male and the female bodily energies using specific techniques that radiates love and increases joy. The basic blending exercises are found in the articles Down Hugging and Down Sex.

Ebre is a very old language that I am told is spoken throughout the cosmos. This fascinating spiritual language is being re-introduced to the earth. Some of the words sound like Hebrew and the language is written much like Hebrew. However, many words are similar to words in American English. Tan, pronounced as don, is one of them.

2. Tan is an ancient and mysterious science of healing. The healing is profound. At this time, exactly how it works is a mystery but apparently male and female qualities or energies are powerful forces in the universe and blending them properly has amazing healing effects. For details, read the general article, Empathic Blending.

3. Tan is a sacred life path. This means that one keeps learning and deepening one's skills in this area. Eventually, one becomes a true master of the art of coupling.

4. An unusual form of service to the planet. Being part of a blending couple is a very powerful method of serving planet earth. There is a great need for this at this time.

5. A development method. Correct male-female blending causes rapid development. Development is an amazing series of genetic changes in the body that heal and extend life. It is known on earth, but not taught much in the Western world. For details, read Introduction To Development and Introduction To The Development Program.

Development also causes human beings to become much more spiritual creatures. For example, we recently learned (8/2023) that women can and live two quite different lives.

The first role is the familiar life of a householder and bearer of children. The second role is that of a helper to rejuvenate and heal the earth. She does this with the help of her husband.

The queen. To do this, the woman's body changes in beautiful ways. This occurs naturally with more advanced development. For details, read Queens.

6. Tan is a powerful spiritual practice. This means it will help any two people to become closer to God or the divine.


A word in English that is very similar to tan is the verb to don. It means to put on or to wrap oneself in something. It usually refers to something nice, such as “she donned her silk robe”.

Also, a don in the Spanish and Italian languages is a title that means a gentleman or a lord. For example, the main character in a fairly recent modern Broadway musical was Don Quijote de la Mancha.

The word tan is also related to the English words dance, dantien and donate.


Tan is not just a sexual technique. This is totally wrong and a shame.

Some people think that tan is about kundalini yoga. This is wrong and dangerous to some degree. We do not recommend kundalini yoga because it can awaken subtle energy centers before a person is ready for it.

Tan is also portrayed in some books as just a way to relax in relationships so that you will be happier and have more fun. While this is true to a degree, this is also not tan at all.


Tan requires:

1. A man and a woman. They can be of any age, height, weight, or race.

2. The bodies must be aligned head to head and feet to feet.

4. The partners can face each other or one can be in front of the other, both facing the same direction. It does not work if the bodies face away from each other. It works a little if the bodies are simply standing, sitting or lying down next to each other.

5. A sexual hookup is not required.


1. General healing. Tan blends the etheric bodies of the partners and assists with healing of the bodies.

2. Speeds up development. Tan has a positive effect upon development.

3. Bringing in souls. Practicing tan helps bring in souls to the bodies of the partners.

4. Maturing. Proper blending between a man and a woman helps mature both partners.

5. Tan couples absorb negative energies on our planet and transmute or change them into happier and more balanced energies. A tan couple can do this in ways that a single person alone cannot do.

6. Planetary development. Development, as defined above, occurs not only in human beings. The planet contains many creatures and even plants that also can and are developing. Tan couples assist this process.


To better understand tan, here are the different types of sexual connections that are possible between a man and a woman.

1. Mating. This is the simplest connection. It is the standard ordinary sexual act. It is also called up sex or yin sex. It moves subtle energy upward, which is not good. It also depletes sexual fluid.

2. Down sex or down hugging. This is a prolonged embrace. It is described in the articles, Down Sex and Down Hugging. It is more intimate and offers healing benefits. It is also better in that one can avoid or minimize the possibility of sexual fluid loss.

3. Tan. This set of exercises builds upon down sex or down hugging. It is the subject of the rest of this article. There are two steps:

1. Joining the bodies energetically.

2. Activities once the bodies are joined energetically.


This is done through visualization. The two people can be present together or they may be physically apart and the entire joining done long distance.

Visualizing a tan relationship is not as effective as doing it in person. Each method has advantages and dangers. This is explained in the section below about CAUTIONS.

There are two joining exercises. The first is done by the woman. The second is done by the man. The best situation is when the couple does both of them.


In this exercise, the woman visualizes entering the man’s body. The exercise may seem odd or strange, but it works.

The steps are:

1. Choose a man for the exercise. If one is with one's partner, this is your man. If one is only visualizing the relationship, the man could be your husband, boyfriend, or someone else who knows and likes you. It could be a woman’s father if she is not in a close relationship with a husband.

It could be her brother, or even a male child. It could even be a teacher or mentor if you are a student. He should be fairly healthy.

The woman need not tell the man what she is doing. This is not required, although it can be helpful in some instances, especially if the man is your partner.

Ideally, the man should be somewhat open-minded and relaxed. However, he need not know about the blending exercise.

If possible, he should open and “soften” the body, as though one is allowing the rays of the sun to enter freely. Another way to open the body is to intentionally “empty” the body, as though you are letting water out through the feet. This “makes room” for the blending to occur. He should relax as much as possible.

2. The Procedure. The woman lies down comfortably on her back.  She visualizes the man lying down on his back near her, or perhaps standing up near her if he is far away.  If he is next to her, it will be a little easier. 

Then close the eyes. Now gently imagine herself entering the man’s body, like climbing inside a hollow shell or “bear suit”, as it is called in another language. It is called that simply because men are hairier and bulkier, somewhat like a bear.

This must be done properly.  She enters through the penis, usually head first, and moves up through the pelvis to the abdomen and to the chest.

Keep going until your head is where the man’s head is.  Then slip your legs into his legs, preferably facing him.  This means that your left leg is where his right leg is and vice versa.  The exercise will also work if the woman is facing the same direction as the man, but it won’t work quite as well.

She also places her head right in front of his head, ready to sort of kiss him with lips touching lightly.  Her body should now be facing his, and lined up perfectly with his.

If your height is different from his, just adjust your height so that it is the same as his for the exercise to work best.

This is the basic exercise. Any woman can do this as often as she can and is willing to do so.  The man will be largely unaware of the process, and that is ok. A woman can learn how to walk around and eventually how to conduct all her activities in this state.

Other aspects.

1. Breathe with the man, if possible.

2. The woman will find it easier and more satisfying if she faces the man, in most cases.

3. It will also work better if she imagines his erect penis inside of her at all times when she does the exercise.  There are complex reasons for this.  This is not incest if the man happens to be your father, for example, or an uncle.  Nor is it adultery if the man happens to be a family friend who is married to someone else. It has to do with the etheric body only.

What will occur as a result of this exercise. If the man is open-minded and allows the process to occur, the woman will notice a warm, cozy feeling. Almost immediately, the woman will feel safer, more relaxed, energized in some cases, and generally much more loved and protected.

This is the benefit of this exercise for the woman. Over time, doing this repeatedly, the woman and man will also experience some healing.

The man. As the blending of the etheric bodies occurs, the man may feel nothing, or he may feel a fullness or a kind of completeness. He may also feel a little warmer.

Over time, as the etheric bodies blend more and more, both the man and the woman will experience healing that can be quite profound. Other benefits may occur as well, such as better communication, a better understanding of one another, more trust in one another, more openness in the relationship, and other possible healing benefits.

By repeating this exercise often, until it becomes habitual and the woman learns to spend the majority of her time “inside the bear skin” in this way, she will experience a deep relaxation and she will develop faster.


To do this joining exercise, it helps to understand how a manual transmission of a car works.

The automobile analogy. An automobile transmission connects the car motor with the wheels. It connects the power source with the rest of the car that moves around.

In tan science, the man is the power. He will join to the woman, who is like the wheels of the car. She is sometimes called the runner or the traveler.

1. Choosing the woman with whom to join. If tan is done in person, this is your partner. If a man is doing tan by visualization only, not in person, he needs to imagine a partner.

2. Body position. The man and the woman are hugging, either in person or visualizing a hug.

3. The steps:

IN. He now visualizes a number of points that are between the two bodies. Then he visualizes a vacuum at these points and this draws the two bodies much closer together. They may even overlap. This step is called in.

CUDDLE. Then he visualizes subtle energy spinning around to the right around both bodies. This pulls both bodies even closer together.

DOWN AND RELEASING THE CLUTCH. Then he visualizes a downward force on both bodies. When done correctly, the bodies will lock in together and he and she will feel this.

This is like releasing the clutch of a car with a manual transmission. The car locks into gear and the motor is joined to the wheels so the car can move.


Instead of the car analogy, some people use a cooking analogy. Here are the steps:

JOIN THE INGREDIENTS TOGETHER. One puts together ingredients in a mixing bowl to bake a cake. This is the same as IN above. The man pulls the bodies together.

STIR THE MIXTURE. One stirs together the ingredients to mix them thoroughly. This is the same as the CUDDLE step above.

POUR THE MIXTURE DOWN INTO THE CAKE PAN. This is the same as the DOWN step above.


The following help to further join together the bodies. They are:

- Move subtle energy downward, from the head to the feet. This is wonderful and causes rapid development, healing and much more.

- Join the energy centers. There are seven major subtle energy centers on the body.  Above these are many other subtle energy centers.

Visualize lining up the first energy center of both partners. When you feel this occurring, then line up the second energy center. When you feel this occurring, then line up the third energy center, and so on. Keep doing this for all seven of the energy centers that are on the body.

Then do the next set of energy centers (8 through 14). Then do even higher energy centers 15 through 21 and beyond. If you are sensitive, you will feel it when you and your partner’s centers line up together.

This exercise is easier if the partners do a back hug (one partner sitting or lying behind the other).  For details about the centers, read The Energy Centers.

- Spin your energy centers and that of your partner to the right. This requires a back hug, usually with the man sitting behind the woman. This way the energy centers will spin in the same direction.

Begin by spinning the seven main energy centers of the partners together very powerfully to the right.  The centers should look bright and of a vibrant color.

Then do the same for other, smaller energy centers such as in the breasts, shoulders, head, elbows, knees, feet, toes and more.

- Move subtle energy around the bodies from the left to the right.  This exercise is sometimes called the robe because you can imagine a robe around both people that is spinning to the right.  It is a very powerful healing exercise that is highly recommended when you do down sex or down hugging.

Visualize subtle energy moving around both bodies from the left to the right.  Imagine the energy moving as fast as you can.

- Visualize and spin the microcosmic orbit and the macrocosmic orbit of the partners together. The so-called orbits are pathways of subtle energy through the body. Both are in the shape of a bicycle chain.

The microcosmic orbit goes down the front of the body from the head.  It turns around at the pelvic area and then goes up the back all the way to the top of the head and starts over going down the front of the body.

The macrocosmic orbit also goes down the body from the head. However, it continues to the bottom of the feet. Then it turns around and goes up the back of the legs, and up the back to the top of the head.

Visualize subtle energy in these two orbits spinning forward very fast.

- Connect other parts of the bodies. Visualize various body parts of the partners lying close to one another.  Then imagine subtle energy swirling to the right around a body part such as the legs, arms, feet, neck and head.  The swirling energy joins the body part of the two people.

To do this exercise, one needs to decide with one’s partner which body part you will visualize spinning together.  You can just keep adding body parts.  This is a very powerful blending exercise.

- Visualize the three dantiens spinning together. The dantiens are three balls of subtle energy on all bodies. Each is about the size of a large grapefruit.

One is in the head, one is in the chest and one is in the abdomen. In most people, they spin slowly and are of a dull color.

Visualize them spinning in a forward direction, spinning very fast and very brightly.  For details, read The Dantiens.

Kissing. All of the above blending exercises will work a little better if the couple holds their mouths together. This is not necessary, but it is helpful.


- Do the light bulb broadcasting procedure together. To do this, the couple joins their light bulbs in the middle of their chest and sees how much light they can radiate together. For details, read Broadcasting.

- Traveling or journeying. The woman can receive an assignment that can involve traveling using the mind only.


In-person tan is more powerful than visualization. The basic in-person exercises are:

1. Down hugging. This is a prolonged hug. The couple moves subtle energy downward at the same time, from the head to the feet.

2. Down sex. This is a prolonged sexual embrace.

3. Down kissing. This is a prolonged kiss during which one moves energy downward at the same time.

How to do these procedures is found in separate articles, so I will not repeat the procedures here. For the procedures, read Down Sex, Down Hugging and Down Kissing.


Tan can also be done with a group of people. It generates a very excellent energy. One way is to have a number of couples sitting on chairs or on the floor with the man sitting behind the woman, (a back hug) or they can do front hugs. One person can act as a leader and direct the group as to which of the tan exercises above to do.



Any blending. Whenever one blends one's energy with another person, one always picks up some of the other person's energy. There is also an energetic exchange of nutrients, coffee used in enemas, and more.

If one's central channel is open, this occurs less.

With visualization. Visualizing is safer in that one is alone and not subject to injury from another person. However, a potentially serious problem is that one does not now with whom one is connected.

With in-person tan. This is safer in that one knows with whom one is in contact. However, in-person tan has the same risks as any intimate contact between two people. One could be raped, beaten, or even killed. So be sure to check on anyone with whom you have close contact.

Sexual fluid loss. Any sexual connection can cause sexual fluid loss and this is never helpful. One way to reduce this risk is to just do down hugging or down kissing.

If one does down sex, both partners, but particularly the man, need to learn to hold their sexual fluid. This is a matter of practice. Also, the ability to hold on to sexual fluid occurs naturally as one develops.

Sadness. As with any relationship, one partner may lose interest or decide to leave, causing disappointment, sadness or a broken heart.

A bloated ego. Having too much fun with tan could lead to arrogance. It is important to keep the spiritual aspect first in your mind at all times.



I am told that at this time there is a tremendous need for couples willing to do down hugging or down sex. It has to do with healing of our planet.

At this time, the earth is undergoing a cleansing from the horrors of the alien group called on this website The Rogues. The Bible calls them Satan. This word means full of oneself, similar to the English words sated and satiated.

The rogues exploit all women on earth and use women, in particular, to control the planet. They do this through rapes, beatings, poisoning and other tortures.

Please help get rid of them! One way to do this that is also extremely healing and enjoyable is to find a tan partner and do down hugging or down sex at least three times a week.

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