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            Definition.  Development or joy patterns are mineral patterns that indicate deep healing and progress with Development.  The same idea is used in acupuncture and some other ancient healing sciences, where they are called joy patterns.

Helpers always need to look for and tell clients about the clientÕs joy patterns.  This is a major way we know someone is healing at deep levels, no matter what symptoms may be arising.  Also, learning the joy patterns is basic for understanding how to interpret a hair mineral test.


Most joy patterns are only seen on retests.  A few of the patterns below, such as a hill or a step down pattern, can be seen on an initial hair test.  However, most of the patterns are seen only on retests when one compares the previous hair test with the new one.




            The hill pattern.  This is a combination of a calcium/magnesium ratio less than 4 and a sodium/potassium ratio greater than 5 or 6.

This is an overcoming, a celebration and definitely a joy pattern.  Even better is a double hill (hill pattern on the first four and the second four minerals.).

            Variant: A double hill (hill on the first four numbers and hill on the second four minerals) is even better.  A double fast oxidizer hill is called ecstatic pattern.  For details, read The Hill Pattern.


Coming alive.  This is a rise in one or more of the macrominerals AND the other macrominerals must remain the same.  None of the other macromineral levels can decline.

The more the mineral levels that increase, and the more they increase, the more powerful the pattern.  If the levels more than double, it is called an explosion.

Even better is a double coming alive.  This is coming alive on the first four and the second four minerals.


Settling down.  This is a decrease in one or more of the macrominerals AND the other macrominerals must remain the same.  None of the macrominerals can increase.

This is a relax pattern that is very positive.  Even better is an extreme settling pattern.  This is when at least two of the macrominerals decreases by 50% or more.


              Seven or more anchors.  Anchor patterns occur when the previous and the present mineral levels do not change much.  This is a newer pattern and is excellent, provided a person is following the development program. 

If a person is not following a program, similar numbers on a previous and current mineral test may simply be a no change pattern.


              Out of four lows.  This is when a new hair test indicates that one is no longer in a four lows pattern.  Another name for this pattern is The return to life. 

Often even better is a variant called Exploding Out Of Four Lows.  It occurs when one comes out of a four lows pattern on a retest AND the level of the macrominerals rises about 100% or more.  For details, read Four Lows.

A variant on this pattern is called working through four lows.  This occurs on a retest when one is still in four lows, but the oxidation rate slows.  Often, the calcium level rises.


Eliminating toxic metals.  This is present on a retest when the level of one or more of the toxic metals increases.  The more it increases, the better.

A variant is an amigo dump.   This occurs when the level of iron, manganese, and/or aluminum increases on a retest.  For details, read The Amigos – Iron, Manganese and Aluminum. 

Another variant that is excellent is everything coming out pattern.  This is when the levels of most of the toxic metal and amigos rise on a retest.  This indicates a large elimination of toxins.  This may not feel wonderful, at first, but it is an excellent pattern.


Step down pattern.  This is when the first four macrominerals form a visual pattern that looks like steps moving downward to the right on an ARL hair mineral chart.

This pattern is also called Stepping Into Life.  It is a pattern that indicates that one is becoming more engaged with life.  For details, read Step Up/Step Down.


Phosphorus level up at least 2 mg%.

This pattern is called perking up.  It indicates an improvement in the rate of biosynthesis or protein synthesis.  If the phosphorus level rises 5 mg% or more, it is a new person pattern.


Zinc up at least 2 mg%, provided that the zinc was less than 13 mg% on the first test.  This pattern is less researched than some of the others.


            Improved calcium/magnesium ratio.  The calcium/magnesium ratio must move into the range of 5 to 9.5.  It indicates the person has made an improvement in his or her lifestyle.  For details, read The Calcium/Magnesium Ratio.


            Leaving the bomb shelter.  This occurs when a calcium shell disappears on a retest.  The calcium level changes from above 165 mg% in a woman or above 155 mg% in a man to less than these values on a retest.  For details, read The Calcium Shell.


            Leaving the cult.  This is a rise in at least 3 of the following minerals on a retest: nickel, lead, aluminum, manganese or mercury.  It is an important health recovery pattern.  For details read The Cult Or Rape Diet.


The sodium/potassium ratio changes from low to ideal (2.5) or a little above ideal.  This is also called a forward flip of the sodium/potassium ratio.  For details, read The Sodium/Potassium Ratio and other articles about this ratio.


No longer a baby.  This pattern is a significant rise in potassium or nickel, in most cases.  This indicates an elimination of these minerals, which we call the child minerals.  Toxic potassium and nickel, and at times some compounds of copper, mercury and aluminum cause child-like attitudes and behavior.

This pattern is helpful for children, especially, although the pattern can appear at any age.    For details, read Child Minerals.




The following patterns are very good, and may be considered joy patterns.  However, they are not as positive as the ones above.



              Good or improved toxic metal readings.  This occurs when the levels of 3 or more toxic metals move into the good range on a retest.

When the toxic metals are elevated, it indicates too much is present.  When the level is too low, this is a poor eliminator, which is also an indicator of excess of the mineral due to impaired elimination.  For details, read Toxic Metals, Poor Eliminators, and Ideals, Ranges And Poor Eliminator Levels.


Coming out of a double low ratio pattern. Double low ratio is a double give-up or death pattern.  When a retest indicates that one has come out of this pattern, it is very good.  For details, read Double Low Ratio.



            Triangle patterns.  These occur when connecting the tops of the ARL graphs of the first four macrminerals creates a triangle pattern.  These patterns are still being researched.




            If a person has more than one joy pattern on an initial hair test or on a retest, the joy tends to be even greater.  Examples are:


Death to life = double low ratio pattern changing to a hill.


New start in life = double low ratio to a step down pattern. 

Another new start pattern is a coming alive pattern AND a step down pattern AND a fast hill on the second four numbers.


Overjoyed = Bowl to a hill AND phosphorus up by 2 mg%.  This is a type of forward flip.


New person patterns.  This is a general term that means the same as the joy patterns.


Double forward flip in an adult.  This is when the sodium/potassium ratio improves and the oxidation rate changes from fast to slow.  Slow oxidation is normal for adults.




            If a joy pattern that was present on an earlier hair test persists on the retest, it usually indicates a continuing feeling of joy and happiness for some reason.  This is uncommon, but certainly possible.




            If a joy pattern appears on both the first four macrominerals and also on the second four minerals, it reinforces the pattern.  Technically, patterns can also appear on the third and later tetras of minerals.  For details, read Minerals And The 7 System.


            To read a much longer and more complete article about development patterns, read Development As Revealed On Hair Mineral Analyses.



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