by Lawrence Wilson

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I. Introduction


Not What It Appears To Be

Talking About The Joy or Development Patterns

Most Occur On Retests

Computerized Apps

Why Are Patterns Seen In The Hair?


II. The Joy Or Development Patterns

Achievement Patterns

Building Patterns

Improved Lifestyle Patterns

Better Energy Patterns

Out Of Trouble Patterns

Elimination Patterns

Organ Regeneration

Moving Into One’s Issues/Traumas

Finishing Up

Specific Brain Regeneration

Electrical Charge Patterns

Deep Healing

More Alive Patterns



Letting Go Of Fear

“Found My Calling” or Found My Life or More On The Golden Path or More On The Yellow Brick Road (see the Wizard of Oz article) or “I’m Not Just A Hunk Of Dying Flesh” or “Back To Life” or “Out Of The Gutter”

Activation or Spiritual Awakening Patterns

Coming Home Patterns

Turnaround or Insight Patterns

New Person Patterns


III. Combinations and More Extreme

Combinations Of Patterns



IV. Other Topics

The Souls Also Develop

The Organs And Body Areas Can Also Develop

The Oversouls And The Fathers Develop

Other Development – The Energy Centers, The Channel System or Meridians, And The Large Beings





            Definition.  The development or joy patterns are mineral patterns seen on hair tissue mineral analyses that indicate deep healing and progress with development.  To understand development, read Introduction To Development.

            This website offers two levels of programs that enable anyone to experience development fairly rapidly.  For details, read Introduction To The Development Program.

This article is more than it appears to be. This article seems to be about hair test interpretation. However, it is really much more.  It is about understanding development!  It is also about an excellent way to talk about development.

Viewing the patterns.  To see the patterns, the hair must not be washed at the laboratory.  Most labs wash the hair, unfortunately.

In addition, some are only visible when charted on a special page that has properly calibrated graphs such as that of Analytical Research Labs.

Helpers always need to tell clients about the client’s joy patterns.  This is a major way we know someone is developing, no matter what symptoms may be arising.  Also, learning the joy patterns is basic for understanding how to interpret a hair mineral test.

Most joy patterns are only seen on retests.  This is because the patterns usually require following a development program in order to occur. 

The exceptions.  1) A joy or development pattern could occur without a development program if a person’s stress level decreases significantly, such as leaving a very harmful relationship or job situation.

2) A few of the patterns below, such as a hill or a step down pattern, can be seen on an initial hair test.  A hill pattern and rarely a step down pattern can occur on the first test if a person is excited to begin the development program.

3) Any joy or development pattern can occur on an initial hair mineral test when a person follows the basic or ‘free’ development program on this website by themselves for a few months.

They can also occur in children or young women who are on one of the world-wide programs for children and young women (as of May 2021).

In these instances, the first mineral test reveals the effects of the basic program or the world-wide program during the past few months. This can include one or more joy or development patterns.

This can be very confusing.  For example, the levels of some toxic metals might be extremely elevated on a first hair mineral test.  One might think the person is very toxic, when, in fact, the test just indicates an elimination of toxic metals due to following the ‘free’ or basic development program for a few months. This is excellent and very positive.

In order to figure out this situation, one needs to know more about what the person has been doing for the past several months.  Often, this requires tuning into the souls.

Computerized test interpretation apps.  The above situation is one reason we do not like computerized apps to interpret hair mineral tests.

Another reason is that at times, a mineral ratio or level is due to contamination of the hair sample or some other factor that has nothing to do with a person’s biochemistry.

Another reason is that at times a pattern is obscured by another pattern.  This is called an overlay.  One pattern sits on top of another pattern, making it difficult to figure out what is going on.  This is one reason we ask the planning souls about the interpretation of the hair mineral test, something a computer cannot do.




The hair test is a mineral biopsy or cellular test.  The patterns are occurring at the cellular level, so this test reveals them.

One could use other tissues of the body as biopsy material, but using the hair is simple and non-invasive.  Cutting pieces of other tissues would be much more invasive and costly.

It is possible to use fingernails to find the patterns and this is not invasive.  However, at this time (May 2021) most labs don’t want to analyze fingernails.

Other tests.  Blood tests, urine tests, x-rays, and other scans are not cellular biopsies and perhaps that is the reason they do not reveal the patterns.

The head.  Another reason to use head hair or beard hair or even underarm hair is that it is near the head of a person.  The patterns, we believe, are in the energy field of a person and originate in the head.  The head hair picks up the field patterns better than any other testing method.






            The hill pattern.  This is a combination of a calcium/magnesium ratio less than 4 and a sodium/potassium ratio greater than 5 or 6.

This is an overcoming, a celebration and definitely a joy pattern.  Even better is a double hill (hill pattern on the first four and the second four minerals.).

            A double fast oxidizer hill is called ecstatic pattern.  For details, read The Hill Pattern.


Step down pattern.  This is when the first four macrominerals form a visual pattern that looks like steps moving downward to the right on an ARL hair mineral chart.

This pattern is also called Stepping In To Life.  It is a pattern that indicates that one is becoming more engaged with life.  For details, read Step Up/Step Down.


            The goalpost or doorway pattern.  This occurs when two mineral levels that are not next to each other are elevated above the other mineral levels.  This has the look of a set of goalposts on an American football field.

            It indicates reaching a goal and is a very positive pattern.  For details, read  The Goalpost Pattern.




Coming alive.  This is an increase in the level of one or more of the macrominerals AND the other macrominerals must remain the same.  None of the other macromineral levels can decline.

The more the mineral levels that increase, and the more they increase, the more powerful the pattern.  If the levels more than double, it is called an explosion.

Even better is a double coming alive.  This is coming alive on the first four and the second four minerals.


Phosphorus level up at least 2 mg%.  This pattern is called perking up.  It indicates an improvement in the rate of biosynthesis or protein synthesis.  If the phosphorus level rises 5 mg% or more, it is a new person pattern that is even better.


Rapid development pattern.  This is a phosphorus greater than 16 mg%.  This indicates rapid development, which is excellent.

Exception: some people use a hair product that makes the hair shiny.  It may contain a phosphorus compound that will raise the hair phosphorus level. 

If the phosphorus level is above 16 mg%, one needs tot ask if the person uses such as product.  The products are somewhat toxic and we do not recommend them.  At times, they are part of the cult diet program used by the Rogues to keep people weak and sick.


Zinc up at least 2 mg%, provided that the zinc was less than 13 mg% on the first test.  This pattern is less researched than some of the others.


Settling down.  This can be a building pattern.  However, it is listed under Elimination Patterns below.




            Improved calcium/magnesium ratio.  The calcium/magnesium ratio must move into the range of 5 to 9.5.  It indicates the person has made an improvement in his or her lifestyle.  For details, read The Calcium/Magnesium Ratio.




            Extreme slow oxidation to mild slow oxidation.  This is a more balanced oxidation rate, which improves energy production in mitochondria of the cell nuclei.  This is associated with improvement in adrenal and thyroid glandular activity.


            Extreme fast oxidation to mild fast oxidation.  This is also a more balanced oxidation rate.  It tends to improve energy efficiency because any imbalance in the oxidation rate is like running a car motor at the wrong speed or pedaling a bicycle at the wrong rate – it reduces energy efficiency.


            Any improvement in the sodium/potassium ratio.  This ratio should be between 2.5 to about 5.  The joy or development pattern occurs when this ratio changes from out of this range to into this range.  This is associated with improved energy production in the mitochondria of the cell nuclei, along with many other positive effects.


            Other patterns possibly associated with improved energy production are all the toxic metal elimination patterns below, out of four lows, perking up, zinc up, possibly all the out of trouble patterns, fewer burnout patterns, less sympathetic dominance, and leaving the bomb shelter.





A forward flip of the  sodium/potassium ratio.  This is when the sodium/potassium ratio changes from low to ideal (2.5) or a little above ideal.  For details, read The Sodium/Potassium Ratio and other articles about this ratio.


A forward flip of the oxidation rate.  This occurs when the oxidation rate changes from fast or mixed fast to slow or mixed slow.  For details, read The Oxidation Types.




No longer a baby or maturing pattern.  This pattern is often an increase in the level of potassium, nickel and/or aluminum.  At times, the potassium level does not rise, but the sodium/potassium level decreases a lot.

This is associated with an elimination of these minerals, which we call the child minerals.  Toxic potassium and nickel, and at times some compounds of copper, mercury and aluminum cause child-like attitudes and behavior.

This pattern can appear at any age.    For details, read The Child Minerals.


              Out of four lows.  This is when a new hair test indicates that one is no longer in a four lows pattern.  Another name for this pattern is The return to life. 

Variants.  Exploding Out Of Four Lows.  It occurs when one comes out of a four lows pattern on a retest AND the level of the macrominerals rises about 100% or more.  It is a combination of out of four lows and coming alive.  One could also have the above plus a hill pattern.  For details, read Four Lows.


Out of sympathetic dominance.  Sympathetic dominance is a common autonomic nervous system imbalance.  When the pattern is no longer present, it often means the nervous system is functioning better.  For details, read Sympathetic Dominance.


Out of a double low ratio pattern. Double low ratio is a double give-up or death pattern.  When a retest indicates that one has come out of this pattern, it is very good.  For details, read Double Low Ratio.


Out of the bowl or no longer feeling stuck or trapped.  This occurs when a bowl pattern that was present on the previous hair mineral test is no longer present on a retest.

The criteria for a bowl pattern is the calcium/magnesium ratio is greater than 9.5 and sodium/potassium ratio is less than 2.5.  Visually, connecting the tops of the mineral graphs on a properly calibrated chart has the appearance of a bowl.


Less toxic or out of the gutter.  This is a decrease in the levels of the toxic metals and/or the amigos (iron, manganese and aluminum). 


            Leaving the bomb shelter or out of the shell.  This occurs when a calcium shell disappears on a retest.  The calcium level changes from above 165 mg% in a woman or 155 mg% in a man to less than these values on a retest.  For details, read The Calcium Shell.


            Leaving the cult.  This is a rise in at least 3 of the following minerals on a retest: nickel, lead, aluminum, manganese or mercury.  In some people, this indicates that they have eliminated the effects of a rape or beating.  For details read The Cult Or Rape Diet and Rape.




Settling down.  This is a decrease in one or more of the macrominerals AND the other macrominerals must remain the same.  None of the macrominerals can increase.

This is a relaxation pattern that is very positive.  It often occurs because toxic metals were eliminated that were displacing the nutrient minerals upward.

Even better is an extreme settling pattern.  This is when at least two of the macrominerals decreases by 50% or more.

Another excellent pattern is a double settling down pattern.  This is a settling down pattern on both the first four and the second four minerals.


              Good or improved toxic metal readings.  This occurs when the levels of 3 or more toxic metals move into the good range on a retest.

When the toxic metals are elevated, it indicates too much is present.  When the level is too low, this is a poor eliminator, which is also an indicator of excess of the mineral due to impaired elimination.  For details, read Toxic Metals, Poor Eliminators, and Ideals, Ranges And Poor Eliminator Levels.


Any large elimination of one or more toxic metals.  This occurs when the level of one of the toxic metals.


An amigo dump. An increase in the three ‘amigos’, which are iron, manganese and aluminum.  This is an excellent and very powerful healing and development pattern.  For details, read The Amigos – Iron, Manganese and Aluminum.


Everything coming out or all out.  This is an increase in the level of most of the toxic metals and often the ‘amigos’ as well.  It indicate a large elmination of toxins.

This may not feel wonderful, at first, but it is an excellent pattern.


Organ regeneration: kidneys = elimination of mercury, cadmium, and nickel; liver = elimination of copper and other toxic metals; forward flips, and more.

Moving into your issues/traumas: moving into four lows (also called into the dog house or your boat is in dry dock), double low ratio pattern on the first four and/or the second four minerals, digging deeper pattern (lower four lows), lower Na/K ratio, worse oxidation rate or back flips. For example, double back flip is a powerful into your issues pattern.

Finishing up: out of spiritual defensiveness, out of the shell, and perhaps others.

Specifically brain regeneration: Anchors, pivots, amigo dump, out of sympathetic dominance, and all other toxic metal eliminations. This is because all the toxic metals are neurotoxic, meaning toxic to the nervous system.

Electrical charge improvement: More balanced Na/K ratio, Ca/Mg ratio, and improved oxidation rate. (Think of a putting a new battery in the car).

Deep healing: coming alive on the second four minerals. This is a deeper type of healing than the patterns above.

More alive patterns: coming alive on the first four minerals and/or the second four minerals. It may also be other patterns such as a forward flip of the Na/K ratio, amigo dump and others.

Maturing patterns: Elimination of the “child” minerals: toxic potassium, boron, aluminum and nickel. This can occur at age 6 months or at age 80. Other maturing patterns are out of victimhood, and insight or turnaround patterns (see below).

Happier patterns: coming alive, out of trouble patterns, out of the shell or bomb shelter, and perhaps others.

Letting go of fear: (especially for women), less of a shell, lower copper if it was elevated.


Found my calling, found my life, more on the golden path, more on the yellow brick road (see the Wizard of Oz article), “I’m not just a hunk of decaying flesh” or out of the gutter: lower copper or fewer hidden copper indicators, amigo dump, and usually a combination of some of the other development patterns listed n this post.

Activation patterns: amigo dump, out of victim pattern.

Coming Home patterns: settling down on the second four minerals

Turnaround or insight patterns: pivots and forward flips

New Person patterns: Phosphorus up 5 mg% or more, combination of coming alive and some other patterns.





These are two factors that are even more powerful types of joy or development patterns.




This occurs when a person has more than one joy or development pattern on a retest.  Examples are:


Death to life = double low ratio pattern changing to a hill.


New start in life = double low ratio to a step down pattern. 

Another new start pattern is a coming alive pattern AND a step down pattern AND a fast hill on the second four numbers.


Overjoyed = Bowl to a hill AND phosphorus up by 2 mg%.  This is a type of forward flip.


New person patterns.  This is a general term that means the same as the joy patterns.


Double forward flip in an adult.  This is when the sodium/potassium ratio improves and the oxidation rate changes from fast to slow.  Slow oxidation is normal for adults.




            If a joy pattern that was present on an earlier hair test persists on the retest, it usually indicates a continuing feeling of joy and happiness for some reason.  This is uncommon, but certainly possible.




            If a joy pattern appears on both the first four macrominerals and also on the second four minerals, it reinforces the pattern.  Technically, patterns can also appear on the third and later tetras of minerals.  For details, read Minerals And The 7 System.






            Spirituality is defined in several ways.  Developing oneself is a very practical, personal, measurable and fascinating way to define and experience becoming more spiritual.  For details, read Spirituality.




            The word religion, from the Latin, means to relink a person with the diety or God.  We believe that all the major religions of human history seek to cause a degree of development because this is the real way that one becomes closer to God or the divine. 




           In fact, development does not occur only at the level of the whole body.  The souls inside a person’s body are also developing and maturing to some degree at all times.

This occurs much faster if a person follows the development program for at least four reasons: 1) the person reads and talks about the program and the souls learn the program, and 2) nutrition improves and better food is available to the souls, 3) some of the procedures greatly benefit the souls, such as the pulling down procedure, foot reflexology, coffee enemas, peroxide implants and more, and 4) as a person improves their lifestyle, such as getting more rest, this also benefits the souls and helps them develop and mature faster.




This may sound unusual, but it is true.  Organs such as the liver, kidneys and even the breasts in a woman can develop as a unit.  Even anatomical areas of the body such as the feet or arms can go through a development process of their own.




We believe the energy centers of a person, the dantiens, and the channel system or meridian system also develop.




I am told that the oversouls and what are called the fathers also develop.  These are beings that direct our souls.  The fathers are the source of the spark that animates the souls.




I am told that the very large fine matter beings in space, some of which our solar system is a part, also develop.  For details, read Outer Space.

The idea is that development occurs at a number of levels in our bodies and beyond our bodies.  All of them help each other in very positive ways.




            Many of the development or joy patterns are identical to situations in the pulses in an advanced science of acupuncture that is not taught on earth at this time.

            This is rather amazing.  It also was and is a major breakthrough in understanding some of the hair mineral patterns above.

The names.  For convenience, for some of the patterns, we use the same names as those used in advanced acupuncture.

In fact, much of the science of development and hair analysis interpretation is similar or identical to acupuncture concepts.  Unfortunately, acupuncture is not presented as a development science today and it is not effective enough the way it is practiced today.  For more details, read Acupuncture And Modern Development Science.  




All of the development or joy patterns have to do with letting go of blemishes on the souls, also sometimes called karma in the Sanskrit language and the ancient Hebrew language.




Go to the Read All Articles page. Scroll down to Categories and go to Section III.  Keep scrolling down and you will see a section called Hair Mineral Analysis. (I could just give you the exact link but everyone needs to learn how to move easily through the Read All Articles page.)

The hair analysis patterns are arranged by Initial Patterns and Retest Patterns. The development patterns are almost all retest patterns. However, if you don’t find the pattern in the Retest Patterns section, it is in the Initial Patterns section. If there is a separate article about a pattern, it is underlined and in blue as a link.




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