All information in this article is for educational purposes only.  It is not for the diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure of any disease or health condition.

A large group of developed people direct this website. Through it they wish to share information that is not well known on earth.

Themes of the website are:


- Love. Love is much more than a feeling or emotion. It is a radiance and an energy that emanates from the creator of our world. This understanding of love is not well known. A number of articles discuss the nature of love. Main article: Love As Radiance.

- Souls. Souls are real. They are tiny creatures that live inside all living beings and who animate all living brings. Main article: Soul Science.

- Biblical moral values. The website is not religious, in the sense that it does not promote any particular religion. However, the Old and New Testaments of the Bible teach a moral framework that is absolutely required for advanced civilization.

A group of articles discuss forgiveness, integrity, the Ten Commandments, the Golden Rule and more. Main articles: The Ten Commandments and The Golden Rule.

- Animal health and nutrition. The website has basic articles about the care and feeding of animals. Main article: Dogs.


- Development. This is the fulfillment of the complete genetic potential of a human being. Development strengthens the body, extends life, and leads to the unfolding of special abilities.

It requires excellent nutrition and very thorough detoxification of the body. It is an ancient science that is not taught much on earth. We are helping to bring it back to public attention. Main article: Introduction To Development.

- Newer medical research, particularly involving minerals and nutrition. At least half of the 1800 or so articles on this website have to do with physical and mental health conditions and their healing.

- The ether theory. This is a very simple, but important idea. The website has a series of articles about very basic physics. Main article: The Ether Theory.

- Fine matter beings and the biological concept of space. Outer space is not empty. It is filled with trillions of large and small creatures. Most people cannot see them because their bodies are made of a less dense form of matter called fine matter.

A few of these creatures that most people have heard of are souls, elves and angels. However, there are many more and they control the planet. Main articles: Bodies In Space and Outer Space.

- Food and agriculture. Cleaning up the food supply is extremely important at this time. Main article: Organic Agriculture.

- Other less well known sciences. These include the 7 system, yang and yin, biological transmutation, the understanding of the aura or energy field of the body, the energy centers, and more.


- The development program. This is a special healing program designed to produce rapid development, as the word is used on this website and as discussed above. The program has four components: diet, lifestyle, nutritional supplementation and healing and detoxification procedures. Main article: Introduction To The Development Program.

- Hair tissue mineral analysis. This mineral biopsy test is rarely taught to or used by most health professionals. However, when performed and interpreted correctly, it offers a tremendous amount of information. It is also the best way we have found to guide the balancing of body chemistry needed for rapid development. Main article: Introduction To Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis.

- Other less well known technologies. These include methods to produce energy without pollution, electric flying machines, and other technologies that have been invented here but are not allowed or otherwise not well known.


- Down sex and down hugging. These are quite amazing and powerful healing methods that need to be taught widely. Main articles: Down Sex and Down Hugging.

- Marriage of friends and other articles about friendship, marriage and relationships. Main article: A Marriage Of Friends.

- Articles about babies, children and parenting. Main article: The Baby Manual.

- Biographies. It is most helpful to learn about the life of wonderful people. The website has a series of short biographies that will inspire you. Main articles: Florence Nightingale and Booker T. Washington (needs fleshing out).


- Classical liberal political thought. This is the philosophy of the founders of of Western civilization and of the United States, in particular. It emphasizes the importance of the individual, individual rights, the rule of law, limited government, self-government, political liberty, shared sovereignty, and related topics.

These concepts are not taught nearly enough or well enough today. Main article: Western Civilization.

- Free market economics, also called laissez faire or capitalism. This is by far the most productive economic system on earth and needs to be taught much more. Main article: Austrian Economics And its Opposite – Dictatorship (Marxism, Socialism Or Communism).


- The rogues. This is the name we give to a very important group of beings that have a lot of influence over events on earth. The Bible calls them Satan, but contains few details about them. They do not like publicity, but it is needed. Main article: The Rogues.

- Rapes and Beatings. This is a particularly nasty part of the presence of the rogues. The rogues use women and rape to obtain something they call yin energy. Main articles: Rape, The Rape Planet, Beatings.

- Brainwashing and hypnosis. These are interesting topics related to the rogue presence. Main article: Brainwashing.

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